The Meeting Place

ASHTAR and Archangel MICHAEL- 22th of March, Sunday, 2020

Jesus Christ – Tuesday morning, March 24th 2020

Anja Tjelpa

The Meeting Place


Hello, Salute, Dear Beloved Ones, Masters,

Here we are once more as a duo to use the language of words via telepathy as means of communication.

The words chosen by us are charged with Love and Light of All in One.

The start is to make you understand that letters-numbers-words can be used for a certain outcome, – we suppose we don’t have to remind you how that becomes done on planet Earth-, but our intention if for the Highest Outcome of GOOD voor All, what also means the total cosmos, because that is what made planet Earth and all the inhabitants.

Archangel Michael:

As you are now becoming conscious of, the mutation process has arrived in a boisterous stream of energies. Impressions appeared to be multi spread by…..and perceived, taken in by….., it belongs to choosing, individual, en mass, and numbers in between. When you take this in, perceive it as means to hurt and to activate the side of fear, it will do so.

But it can also be as, I want to take it anew in consideration, release, restructure, reprogram en I want to be happy, based on the side of Love and Light. Love and Light is nutrition.

We have the overview of the anamnesis, the inheritance of former behavior and what still becomes supplied with supplements from these two streams of Light and Darkness. You as Humanity, are facing great changes, it is coming from the inner nature of all kinds of areas, it is losing the improper worth or it is releasing it.


Cosmic influences; some explanation concerning breathing and lung system.

All life on planet Earth is following the rhythm of the cycles from Sun and Moon. From the Sun are coming two phases of breathing:

Daily cycle (approximately day and night)

Annual cycle (approximately like seasons, the solstices of summer and winter)

From the Moon and planets, with words, the moon rise and the moon set, this has a magnetic influence on all life on planet Earth. The positions of the planets are involved in terms of reinforcements, especially in combination with the star constellations of the Zodiac, the so-called Fire Signs.

The inbreath taken care of by the Cosmos is supplying pure oxygen.

The outbreath arranged by Earth is the arranging of carbon to permeate with, the breathing on Earth is connected with this.

Carbon, the carrier of all the processes in nature that has to do with giving shape or form, stature.

One can also see this as two streams, there is more involved, but for now, for the moment just like this.

The system of the lungs is in coherence with the relation of Mankind to the universal Life. Iron is the mediator. It is the organ system for the outer(air)rhythm. The inner lung functions become performed like cosmic strengths of plants, however this should not come together and that is what the rhythm of the breathing is for. The lung system has several functions, another function is the centering in the human being, of what has resonance with/to the vitalizing zone above the planet Earth.

The lung system is a protein organism and has most certainly to do with developments, also of all kinds of awareness, also form Self.

Everything till the smallest details, nano, super minuscule, micro reality, has a sound signature, this is a necessity of all Life.

Within the human cells are proteins for signaling, taking care of communication, that is sound signature. It is a complex process; it causes reactions and it can become disturbed. Signal transduction might have effect in that way and causing unexpected connections. The shape of a protein is determinative for interactions with other molecules.

This is a shortened explanation of the breathings that are taken place in the cosmos and how and what for is the lung system.


Your body elemental is more than willingly to assist to return to good health and joyful vitality.
Call upon or talk to your healing sounds of the Creation.

And to listen to music, to play or and to sing it, has relation with it.

Or you can make the choice for having support by one of those who came for this to the planet Earth. Internet is very patient and made for it.

But of origin you have your intrumentarium within.


I am very pleased to bring forward in this way: The Rise of the Guardians.

Performers of Divine Legal Agreement with deeds, with dignity and flexibility.

It is possible to enter. It needs your inner intention, for example:

I choose to be, I am part of, I want to do deeds, I can trust this or I wish to align with it, I have the possibility,
I am creating….

Dear beloved Ones, be specific, make and be sure that it is in harmony with all of the to Be and involved with the Highest Choice for GOOD, to have GOOD, to do and to be.

Sounds signatures have rippling, heaving, waving, lipsy strengths for vibrations, combined with Light (=Love) and colours, it are energies for and from the Creation.


Till you have lift up consciousness above the vibrations of the mass or the collective consciousness on Earth, you will, beloved Ones on planet Earth are affected with this and all what it created.

The change of this with faith and trust from Heart, expanded, is getting more strength from the ones on a certain path of Lightworkers, Guardians and that is ongoing now. They have worked and still do on the Etheric Web of planet Earth, the Gold-Silver Etheric Web, a raster fully tuned on Light and Love of Higher Realms, it is settled and becomes maintained and it is working.

It is created via all the stars of this part of the Universal Firmament, even the ones of the stars you cannot see everywhere or not at all.

Nothing that comes from Earth and elsewhere can harm this in any way, the Commando takes care of that.

Beautiful Web, a.o. with sound signature, you might call it buzzing like bees and so, but it has sincere Hertz and decibels.

Dear Ones, be aware of or become aware of, there is a Plan to save.

Changes that you have little or no knowledge of, but it is in current.


The Commando and all involved have several tasks and services.

I have asked Anja, to look up in dictionaries the word WORLD.

A summary below.

WORLD: system of all things, Universe everything, orderly, organic, whole, the cosmos, planet Earth with all the land/waters/mountains and inhabitants, a huge celestial body, huge combinations of all kinds of divisions, dimensions, departments, reals, domains, spheres, existences, creatures, creation, Oneness.
The word has even more meanings. It means it can be experienced, taking care of, maintained, to cherish, to nurture, to embrace and to love and to discover, What a place for meeting!

So, we are ‘busy’ too with life and proceedings, but in a different way as Souls in another lighter, more differentiated embodiment and another composition of structure of the to Be of a Being.
For instance, what we are not experiencing is the threefold conscious and the clearing and cleaning of the subconscious mind, which is literal the storage of what you take in or record as Humans. In this period there is a whole lot of shaking and also of this storage place and the connections, let’s call it hereby, the showing of the fragments of the dark side which becomes stimulates by fragments of the Light side, it is working like a kind of stabilizer.

Beloved Ones, see in mind, in this World and discover and recognize the Meeting Place, or perhaps the question comes up, is there more than one?

That is what we are preparing, another task of the Commando.

We are coming more closer and closer to each other.


Ashtar and Michael: First some beckon.

⭐️Develop world home domestic economy

⭐️ Floriography

⭐️ Mirroring of the reality of Love

⭐️ The other realms also have discomfort

⭐️ Recover the Greens of Nature, See It, for instance edible wall

⭐️ The stream of the Inner Spark with Star(s) meeting

⭐️ What to give up and what don’t

⭐️ Your thinking can accomplish miracles


Beloved Ones, we know that the work systems, supplying your jobs are in great changes.
We like to propose you ponder this, consider and to create possibilities for replacements based on Nature level and Love.

There is already a lot well on way. There is a whole world to improve, to feed, to maintain, to take care of in all directions and we of the side of the Universe are able to give you impulses with abundantly possibilities.

Search and go to your Meeting Place with us, ask and do a consult.

Our hearts are beating full anticipation, over radiated with and by Love.

We are singing songs, melodies of and full of Praise for you, for your Good and Loving full stakes, actions, ideas, taking care, help, for every pebble you contribute and for the to Be what you are performing on planet Earth.

Maybe you already woke up one morning with, what did I hear with my sleep land hearing or in a state of meditation?

It means we are so with you and not just for the singing, we love to Be it, also with channelings and al that kind of communications.

We are all in the same Wheel, positions and states of Being can differ, we are in that Wheel.

With our constant stream of Love, Blessings and Support for you, Beloved Ones,

Michael and Ashtar


Jesus Christ

Everyone has entered the darkness, yet no one has entered it alone.

I am there with the help of the Heavens within me.

Ready to lead anyone out of darkness at all times.

We are only concerned with welcoming the truth.

Mine hand in yours ⭐️


Explanation of the messages received:
The message from Ashtar and Archangel Michael was on Sunday March 22, 2020
Yesterday we worked it out for the internet and wanted to post it, but it came to a halt, received, not yet.
This morning, March 24, 2020, this message came from the Lord Jesus.
And it was put together according to the impulse and further processed for the internet.

Posted on website: March 24th, 2020
For website edited by: Anja, with support of Michael

And with
Thanks, so many thanks, as much there is love all around!


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