First Message Trail of Bestowal of Mother Earth

The trail of the bestowal of Mother Earth.

Journal in items of various dates, a total of 5 items,

August – September 2019

Here my Salute and meeting from my heart, our hearts, from us.


First message. Beloveds, from the very first moment of channeling we have been informing these dear ones that it was going to change.

From the day of July 18, 2019 (on Earth) we have been giving some pointers (and for now) to study, some to work out, some for later, nudges to read this or that, to listen to or to watch or to come together, from within, through meditation, either just in silence at home or in the appropriate pyramid at a higher level or very spontaneously because the heart center is beautifully opened. The setup has been made clear to them, the first four weeks until next Full Moon, do it as mentioned above, then we will make the “posts” for the purpose. To explain this, the series of posts / messages represent what is intended to be conveyed according to the title of the Journal until completion. Then the next journal. In a way, it is more day-to-day closer collaboration, and it certainly is as it always is in the Higher Dimensional Realms.

It is part of the changing Matrix, so changing Matrix, and the weaving work of all the energies involved, in this nuanced, but still bouncing through the 3D followers and quite confusing and troubling for some and more enlightening for some others, joyful, more healing and above all clearing mixture and the in between, of this happening. It is done to make it normal (again) all day long, we are always there and it can be done all the time.

Many are already involved in this, in this telepathic community intercourse or the light language community intercourse, some for a number of years, those know this, use it. As mentioned, before it is (not yet) for public general publications. But change has been set in motion also for this, but also for the current media, why this is also changing, because the Matrix changes through the painstaking progression of your telepathic abilities and these influences are tremendous, We suppose that you will understand that the more this becomes more general, as now communication still takes place in part by means of the voice, sign language, and the use of digital equipment and other means of telecommunication, art, a card or a written letter or note, etc., that the aim is to become like in the Higher Realms, there is also equipment but that is different. So, day by day for the intriguing, manipulating of any kind of such media for whatever reason, also twisting or making up news or messages or any media without truth, change is in move. For the New is for communication with “light”, enlightening, meaning everything with or from no truth appears without light, this can be a bit tricky to distinguish at first, but just like learning to walk, talk and so on, this will develop and manifest through the experiences of the energy patterns.

And we are there too!!! And increasingly clear!!!


We are there with you, the heart connections that flow joyfully, kindly and lovingly. As said before, ask, invite, call, through the voice of your heart.

And we are here where we are awaiting, again and still for your response!

With all LOVE from our Being!


Christ, prophet Samuel and me, Ashtar.


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