Second Message Trail of bestowed Mother Earth

The trial of the bestowal of Mother Earth.

Journal in items of various dates, a total of 5 items,

August – September 2019


Here my Salute and meeting from my heart, our hearts, from us.

Second message. Beloveds. To continue the messages along the lines of the New Beginning, as already said, in a different way, “time” is going to be taken and used. Elaborated in steps or items, we know that somewhere in you “know” you have foreseen this. In this second post, I would like to confirm that the title is correct. Our explanation is through this, let’s call it the News through Christ, Prophet Samuel and me, Ashtar.

The following is about reminding you of a fact.

Once and quite some time ago, there was this “empty” Universe to be filled and filled later, much later. Yes, this Universe, very often it is spoken of with “subs”. Sub exists as a Latin word, and because this is in the Dutch language, it means under. (Not only in the Dutch language, by the way)

One can imagine the Universe as a structure, manner of construction and composition, arrangement of the parts. Because there is “sub” it means that some is higher or further than the other. This also means that the implementation started from and through the Higher. And through the cosmic days with extension of the co-workers, co-creators it has been created further and further, until the Now as it is Now. Cosmic days are of a duration far beyond your understanding of time and related schedules and the ways you have come to think. But as life has moved on in this Universe and all that has to do with it -Here in the Now- and because it is full spectrum Light, understanding, knowledge, memory and attitude and Love is changing, changing into real life, much is changing with it in degrees, into Higher states of consciousness and truths. Each level has its own domains of truths, acting and reacting to each other like a kind of harmonica. Before I continue, I would like to explain once more that among you people on Earth, there are levels of all being able to perceive and understand through remembering, most of it in our wording is for the general purpose. Nowadays where expectations to meet and greet us again and what is it really like there now, they are high, curious about how refined ethereal family members are and how we can be for upcoming encounters with regard to level to level possibilities and also the other that is there in the still invisible, this was not there from the beginning.

All that of the Star Fleet, Starships, Spaceships, Platforms, Space Stations and Residences such as Cities of Light, but also others, the planets and their family like moons, suns, rings, asteroids, asteroids, nebulae and the like as you can see it Now, especially physically, it is all created into existence, the simplest way of explaining is, and you will obtain the truths, -in due time, exactly on ‘time’ Here in the Now-, one thing led to another.

In the near future it is going to happen that you can start to see this again, please consider the dimensional domains, then the thought may arise upon observation that this is the pre-run, example for the Earth future is or so it could have been on Earth. The Good Light side!

Do we have this density in the Higher dimensional, no, but what we do have or experience is the awareness of it, you are as human beings messengers, transmitters of the experiences.  Earth experiences experts.

We, by this is meant those who are not Earth experience experts, have also made discoveries for the creation of the other, to research, use, live with, communicate, collaborate and live together.

So, a friendly thing to tell is to cheer up and make you laugh, the proposal is, think about it for a while or for a long time, to what extent have you already contributed to this? The many who Are here in the Higher now, completing their Earth mission over great variations during Earth lifetimes and now “busy” here maintaining and innovating, with communication with you on Earth, all of this also includes improvements and preparations as you have begun the return. We have often reminded you and explained how and why, you have forgotten who you are and remembering is part of this return.

With all the loveliness that we have, express and represent and with all the Oneness that we Are, here and there with you, each with its uniqueness, we are quite busy with that in our way. Partly experiencing through your way.


But once when the Sun, Moon and Earth were separated as intended, came in creative thinking, the first impetus and purpose for space travel other than with the symbolic wings. Just say another system for making use of the beautiful abundance of this Universe.

Actually, space matter which were once thoughts, forming into ……

I can assure you that this has been a huge undertaking, with great adventures, organizing, designing, executing and then executing it with the necessary boards, councils, rules, etc. That was when I joined, Ashtar, from that beginning. I too have undergone training, education, upbringing in this Universe and in other Universes. Every being does this, as humans have done and do before going to Earth, for example, but highly timely in this regard.

This community as servants of the Universal Fleet is made up of many loved ones, like a great family Unity. It has great important purpose, consequently is the gratification of that level. Do I have that Spark, the God cell core, codes like you? Yes! But it was and is not a wish of mine to be a being as a human being, it is a personal choice that has to do with what is meant for me to be and Being Now as position for this Universe and contemplated deeply and sincerely with the Supreme. That is how you know me as Ashtar, dear ones!


We are there with you, the heart connections that flow joyfully, kindly and lovingly. As said before, ask, invite, call, through the voice of your heart.

And we are here where we are awaiting, again and still for your response!

With all LOVE from our Being!


Christ, prophet Samuel and me, Ashtar.


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