Fourth Message Trail Mother Earth

The Trail of the Bestowal of Mother Earth.

Journal in items of various dates, a total of 5 items,

August – September 2019

Here my Salute and meeting from my heart, our hearts, from us.

Fourth message. Beloveds, what a way to be and go on the path, isn’t it?

In this Universe and the possibilities with and for planet Earth!

The offspring of the Supreme (WR) having this, having choices, living with this Universe created, based on relativity, which is actually the greatest gift to ALL, between the two points Alpha and Omega, the system according to the Divine Plan, based on empiricism for ALL, also for the Parents of the Offspring (WR).

An impressive structure of one system, leading to another system.


Have you chosen to do one of the imaginations or two or all of them?

It has to do with allowing to prove and the natural emotions are involved.

Simply reading it also works, the words are symbols and are coded.

We would like to make it clear to you that it can be repeated, your true inner child will indicate to you when it is enough.

We know that each of you who are doing this and have already done so are sharing the experiences with US, in your OWN SELF way.

It’s all right, you are doing it through the experiences as children of the God Parents.


Now there is a big leap or a very big step towards other issues; the effects of the causes.


We are fans of all the writing / channelings of God done by Himself / Herself.

And one of the worldwide known is the books Conversations with God through Neal Donald Walsh, translated into many languages and millions of copies in circulation. For these effects we would like to refer to chapter 9 of Book 2, invitation to (re) read, please be aware that this is our choice for this journal, it is part of a greater part of how God expresses himself about the mess on Earth.

A chapter that (partly) indicates how one leads to the other.

We want to indicate this as basic bridge (s) probably more than one, but with connections to one, for the continuation of the New Beginning.

The explanation concerns a huge and vulnerable topic. Education and Knowledge. Parents – Children – Education. God has spoken many wise words for these books and in this chapter. A.o. CONSCIOUSNESS HONESTY RESPONSIBILITY.

Three cornerstones, concepts for this. To germinate it through the natural in the child (inner depth knowledge).

Be careful and careful about what is entered into the memory storage space.

About the passing on of what has always been passing on, it has had some changes through the ravages of time, let’s use the word modernization, but has done so over many, many years and for a long time.

Make choices and you experience and know by now how many times a day you do this and of which “numbers” are far from the cornerstone of “accountability”.

Change has to do with accepting accountability.

And not the finger pointing, but she, he, they…


Let’s look at it as through accounting, debit, credit, memorial posts.

What is being faced, then, to change accountability, with awareness and honesty from what is called the comfort zone through the cash flow energy?

But the hurray is genuinely applicable, you are well on your way to development and many of the loved ones as humanity are involved, as mentioned, the New Beginning is Here.

This is an indication of what to choose where to start further with restructuring, how to use the energies, including those that had incorrect qualifications and have been transformed into neutral light substance.

The fabric of empiricism is of great value. It shows, everyone can view, oversee, experience this, whether the fabric provides the values that serve well for All and Everyone.


Now we would like to invite you for another imagination.

This one is numbered 5. Number 4 already had the choice to focus on one of the beings such as Star or Moon et cetera, number 5 concerns an image to be made within, to wear as an embodiment as a garment, the beautiful outfit of this Mother Pearl Planet Earth on which you live. Like you wear clothes.

You can choose to use the kind of meditation from previous message.

It can also be a silent imagination, without words, perhaps with few thoughts. Just that. And don’t let weight play a role in clothing.

There is one more journal post about it: The Trail of the Bestowal of Mother Earth, see you then!

We are there with you, the heart connections that flow cheerfully, gently and lovingly.

As said before, ask, invite, call, through the voice of your heart.

And we are here where we are awaiting, again and still for your response!

With all LOVE from our Being!

Christ, prophet Samuel and me, Ashtar.


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