Third message Trail Mother Earth

The Trail of the Bestowal of Mother Earth.

Journal in items of various dates, a total of 5 items,

August – September 2019

Here my Salute and meeting from my heart, our hearts, from us.

Third message. Beloveds, when I stepped into the position as the being Ashtar, to fulfill this position, timeless as it is for me and many others, humanity, dear ones as humans on Earth, was already in a certain state / form there on Earth.

We know you appreciate a point of reference; we chose to use one according to the Bible, it was some time after Adam and Eve were led away from the Tree of Life.

Life periods on Earth continued and humanity gradually split from the natural source of nourishment and experience what Earth had to offer to sustain you as human beings.

At the same time, it can be looked at as a twist, but a huge, hitherto clear, plain connection to the Higher parts of Self and Source and us as a family,

including star beings, elemental beings, nature beings, and those of the Angelic Realm got into ignoring, to a great extent, not all at once, phases.

All those Angels who took up the task and still do, to be messengers from the Creator’s Front and who fulfill these services, with many tasks, with all their Angelic hearts for these transition periods, and especially this one, but mainly to continue to pass on the thoughts, the thinking of the God Spirit, in the way understandable for you on Earth, fair and acceptable, because that was and is of great importance, but this became dense, hard-headed, that is different from being covered with veils, this has to do with forgetting for the Earthly mission. But this density could not break the connection, minimize it yes, but not like tearing something apart. As you all have experienced and still do in a way, condensed is condensed, very little luminous, clear and candid a.o.

This has happened in the beginning of Earth as a parent planet, it was experienced to actually live with and on Earth and the communities as humans on Earth that are constantly expanding.

Spheres of color and moods were still of great influence in these days, not everything could and cannot be ignored, it colored certain periods for the development of cultures. And it went on and on, as said before, one thing led to another. There turned out to be a lot to discover and explore on Earth.

To carry on, to survive and improve, from a certain point of view, it can be seen as an attempt of partly awakening memory of what was left behind to bring it into existence on Earth.

Full of polarity and duality and relative experiences.

This channel journal in steps does not intend to detail the broad history, enough has already been given about the truths, up to you to continue the quest to find or rediscover or to simply remember because you have searched the answers through from within, which can then become recognizable via Earth documentation materials (partly), in the 21st century of a more extensive nature. As stated, before, dimensions, higher domains all have their own truths. And like Above, so Below, but synchronicity has come to be hindered by density and consequences of the lower dimensions.

In other words, the influences of the experiences of interacting, reacting and interactions. Here are a few invitations now, the indication is, from your heart area.


Number 1: to depict (form) the two images below, see above. Think of it as at the same time.

Part a is, a picture (number 1) of those or that in the Universe, with subs, in developing, et cetera of other Universal transport, with natural nourishment.

Part b is, a picture (number 2) of what happened on Earth with the discovery, use, et cetera of what was there for life with nourishment from the Earth.


Number 2, is image number 3: to depict an image of being born and passing through death, because this is also interaction.


Number 3, is image number 4: the being together with the Stars in the firmament of this Universe, with the Suns, Moons, Planets and their family, as a large family.


With the following, thanks to the brothers / sisters of the Federation of Light:

Bring your focus of true thought into your heart area.

Breathe in and out appropriately for the situation and sense your existence within and keep the focus in place in the heart area. Take your time.

Feel the energies, they are tangible in that heart area, also there and go from there to the Stars, Sun (s) and so on or choose one or …

And with your highest, deepest, most meaningful intention say:





Loved ones,

Do you already sense the Angels, flapping with the symbolic wings, waiting with passion and excitement?

Do you feel how big and beautiful your family is of the Stars and other inhabitants of the Universe like planets, Suns and Moons …?


Until the next journal post!

We are there with you, the heart connections that flow cheerfully, gently and lovingly.

As said before, ask, invite, call, through the voice of your heart.

And we are here where we are awaiting, again and still for your response!


With all LOVE from our Being!


Christ, prophet Samuel and me, Ashtar.

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