Fifth Message Track Mother Earth

The Trail of Bestowal of Mother Earth.


Journal in items of various dates, a total of 5 items,

August – September 2019


Here my Salute and meeting from my heart, our hearts, from us.


Fifth message. Beloveds souls, you have left your Higher Homeland, out of Light only, away from safety, comfort, beauty, the circle of Life there.

To another circle, we think the infinity sign (resembling a sign of 8) is a nice symbol as a reference point for changing circles.

From the Great Source to an Omniverse with many new circles and now many are involved in the most recent Universe, this Universe where there are so many in this circle and where many are in the Globe of the Earth.

Circles can be in patterns, one next to the other (s), God created and still does, perfect Geometry and Symmetry for it

To and Into the Void – Darkness, can you imagine how all those Lights, Beings of Light, entered this? It lit up in quite a short space of a cosmic day.

Can you imagine how filled this Universe is now?

Here in moment after moment?

The combination of Light and what you see as Dark in the Universe?

It’s still ongoing, isn’t it?


WE are always creating, we here, you there and the “LINES” of birth and death for humans (still) to go down and up.

Can you sense now that these “LINES” have never been broken?

And maintained by the Oneness that WE are!

And that many are preparing, as done by you, to follow you, succeed you, to IT on Earth, we don’t want to repeat too much, it has been stated several times.


This world of Earth is made with this. With one thought, then the other, others, some overlapping. Making adjustments to the circumstances which always appear to be able to change, to regulate, arrange, adjust / set, fix, correcting, adjusting, estimating, determining, harmonizing < and so it does to you. We would like to remind you that there is a collective consciousness and an individual consciousness that contributes to the creations of what is being experienced and what your relationship is with it, that is an individual decision.


“Do you like what you have made”?

“Have you wondered what the world really is like”?

“What the world will look like through Happy Eyes”?

“And is this the world you really want to see”?

“Do you sense that you are dealing with, have to handle with the use of shadows of your true power”?

“That everything has to do with the level of Love”?

“That separation created levels that supported great human behavior and causes for what you call unpleasantness and evil”?

“Have you tried on the clothes of Earth planetary being”?


It is now, it is in the now moments to continue to revise, release and restructure a renewed reality, the one of what it looks like through the happiest eyes, this will work as soon as peace of mind is experienced which works through to the heart area and to let go of all thinking and any associated images, to give no more support and strength to all this, which does not serve the new version of the beautiful planet Earth.

You have already adopted and put into use so much of the collection of tools and methods provided by us and passed on to each other, it has strengthened you and will continue to continue with all the right of this, becoming more and more powerful.


This in the repetition, explanation of perception.

Which involves imagination and perception > observation, and can follow through an image (s), concept, (in) sight, realization, vision, to become aware.

And it has focus, direction that gives what it means, just turn slowly around focus on the focus through the four cardinal directions and become aware of the different perceptions, you are almost like the needle of the compass, you can also try turning fast … so you can also change focus on other people, fellow family on Earth, perhaps observing the mirror what they express in order to come to and acknowledge yourself, ooh it is in me too, and sensing the movement to step out of judgment to healthy discernment.

And to feel in / with the experience how the trace of peace and faith is connected with this. So, now the New has made its entrance, by seeing the empirical weaving work with flourishing consciousness, in, within, and the outward manifests the values. You may now sense that this is a real partnership based on the foundation of God’s plan. How these changes through energies through ideas / thoughts, words, actions in the empirical weaving have come about gradually in this relative and more recently, to come into being at a faster pace to contribute to manifesting the New following the trail of the relative empirical weaving, Matrix.


And in / with the experience, how this track originated and the course of the bestowal of Mother Earth?

Isn’t this actually in one breath, fantastic!


We wish to give you stimulation for what is to come! And invite you again.

David Kipping has been chosen. There is a YouTube video. Link below.

And asked Anja to translate the last part of the video.


Published August 2, 2019.

Translation of the last part of the video.


Let me close by adding a personal note.

This project was a making for me for 13 years and that’s a time frame long enough that it was in great danger of never coming to fruition.

I bet many of you may have a connection with that feeling, to have had an idea or dream of your childhood, that little by little, was dismantled piece by piece through the advice of others and relegated to the virgin land of lost, lost ambitions. And you tell yourself that someday you’re gonna come back to it, someday you pick it up again and dust the dream, but it slips away week after week, month after month, year after year.

I am so privileged, so privileged to have had the international space in terms of job security and the financial freedom to take a risk like this.

I could afford to have the necessary bread on the table, besides work, to work on this project and it means a lot to me to finish what I started all those years ago, but I have to say I am very sorry I didn’t do this before I should have been a better role model for you guys. See, if you guys have a dream or a passion it doesn’t matter what I’ve been doing, don’t wait a decade and a half to pursue it, for the striven, I’m sorry, I mean you may not even have that much time left.

I know it sounds cheap and clichéd but in the context of the story I feel like I have to say that if you have something you want to do, this is it guys, it should have a sense of urgency, this is your / your moment and this is your / your time. So, I also don’t know if this thing will go with the telescope but I’m sure glad I finished the darned thing and if you like this kind stay tuned as there’s a lot more in the pipeline so make sure to tune in to the Cool Worlds channel and that you are joining us for that journey, so when you have come this far let me thank you very much for your precious time, but do yourself a favor and turn YouTube off a bit and the algorithms will hate me for saying so, but give yourself a license to think about one of the crazy ideas in the back of your head, one of these wild ideas from your childhood and maybe pick it up, dust it down and see where it takes you, until the next video stay thoughtfully thoughtful and curious.



We hope you enjoy it and add the following, to open all the compartments, keep open of your human being and we know that we have stimulated you and still do, to clear this of all that no longer serves your Highest Prosperity and others. Now look in the compartments for the dream, dreams, ideas, the one (s) saved. Now to watch and develop the New Ideas of Light that are flashing in your mind. To contribute, to work out for life on Earth in the most brilliant way, through Mother Earth’s Trail of Bestowal. Always to give and serve to and in the Light as it should be. For now, the last request to propose anything; imagine how in true power you can clear up, clear up so much of what you don’t want, because the true shines through with more watts.

We are so close, supportive, waiting for the real meeting and greeting, communication and the work still to be done in true cooperation again.

We spread our longing love to you!
Together with our basis Love to make you feel our love more!

For life on Earth with Happy Eyes!


Christ, prophet Samuel and me, Ashtar.


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