The Railing – Father Earth


Message via channeling with Father Earth – July 26th 2021.

Father Earth:

Hello dear Human Children of the Earth!
Hello dear children of the Universe!
Warm regards and Love from me to you!

What an adventure, again divided into all kinds of adventures of all kind of natures, divided into and among individualities.
The Selves that are there. The Selves that are One.

How is Earth? Very varied.
If you would look at it like, for example, via the ‘grid’ system, there is something in every box, it is a kind of view, see through and also in what shapes the ‘grid’ in itself. Actually, responding in a way automatically according to duality.
The responsiveness of each energy in itself and the total.
It reacts to each other and at this time of the year, where specific transitions take place, there is regularity and rhythm equalization on a larger ‘grid’ scale.
What if, what we call “self-evident,” in large, revealing, stabilizing, emotionally quite pressure-appealing, in fact, inhalations and exhalations, in the layers of the processes has its continuation, is so noticeably different.
It is more intense, the planet Earth, dear Gaia, is getting closer and closer to the Firmament and because this is so wide and also sums it all up, a.o. it all comes from that which is complex, which in terms of orderly 1,2,3 is not just appropriate, fitting in your earthly waterways.

Great captains are at the helm, in loving cooperation.
Every sun has a representative captain.
What matters to this part of the Universe, there is this system of the Seven planets in relation to the Pleiades, the zodiacal signs, that of the Star World.
If you could have this captain’s overview and there is no denying here that there are some incarnations on Earth who can, then that wheel for operating, steering would feel like a mighty sizzle of all the transactions so desperately needed to take place. That is the mighty and beautiful interplay, the active cooperation of those who together are the captain’s group for this and carry it out. All cardinal directions, elements, sounds, calculations, colors, workings of the Planetary and Star world, intensity of the movements are involved.
It is a spectacular interplay, because in addition to captains, there are those who raise their sails, a considerable number. Cosmic winds and waters for all that has been created there for this special, beautiful planet Earth, diversity of realms and population of humanity.
Beautiful children of our Creator.
The many variations of children, creatures of our Creator.
Added to this is the warmth, all encompassing, and everything substantial as is present on Earth, but also from other firmament bodies that inhabit this part of the Universe and much further away and…yet very close.

Fatherhood also ends up in the sails, just as much as Motherhood.
Sometimes, depending on the position, the wind of Fatherhood blows a little more specifically in the sails than of Motherhood.
So those who raise the sails have a considerable service to render to all of us.

Many are already cooperating, unconsciously and consciously.
I, in the role of Father Earth would like to say, luckily a lot is already passed on and undertaken through many possibilities. Every tiny percentage of the power of God has true power. Hooray for that.

This sweet Mother Being planet Earth has the macrocosm in her soul and heart. This forms the heartbeat of the planet powered by the wind, with warmth and all the aqueous of Being a water planet in relation to the substantial. Ooh and what about me, Father Earth, I am the helmsman of the axis in conjunction and the whole with the cosmos. And keep an eye out for all the souls involved. (Via the sails) We encompass Motherhood and Fatherhood together with all the love for why we are and do for what there is.

I take the liberty of speaking of planetary spheres.
The main planets, from Earth. The sphere of The Moon, the sphere of Mercury, the sphere of Venus, the sphere of the Sun, the sphere of Mars, the sphere of Jupiter and the sphere of Saturn. These have original intentional influences for when humans and other creations on Earth have a lifespan. The possibility has been created to repeat lifetimes. These spheres are as a whole of vibrating circulations of energies, with typical properties and functions of character. Earth, dear Gaia, has been vibrating with this and coexisting with its circulating inhabitants for so long. What I want to offer with this, the essence lies in living together and the necessary repetition, for the whole of everything that belongs together.
The chains of immateriality and relatedness and the chains of materiality and what has come forth from them. Concatenations.

One thing leads to another. And then it comes again or not again….
We are busy with that now, with each other and for each other.
What to do. There is definitely some standing and going on.

You are busy with it, many at least, taking the necessary steps, even small steps. We as Mother and Father Earth experience it as swells, with waves and circulations, babbling. We see the obstacles.
The whole system involved is sentient in nature.
In other words, you never do it alone. Even if it seems so.
Shreds or glimpses of Light continue to activate. It comes from all directions, but above all from your Self. This hustle and bustle are quite overwhelming and pervasive, each at his or her own level of consciousness.
Every level of consciousness is always and ever subject to change.
With which I would like to indicate that this has an explicit presence in all happenings during this period.

Here’s a proposal; make an overview for yourself as you see it and formulate this present variability in it. That raises questions. Perhaps it is preferable to make an analysis first, there is enough data from all sides.
A form of railing to hold on to in order to continue as long as necessary.

This means that the planet ‘ship’ Earth is on its way to other places of different existence and consciousness level. I can imagine that you would like to hold on, with one hand or both. It is a beautiful, but occasionally turbulent course, sailing back to a safer harbor in the Universe.

Imagination of the safe harbor is an ultimate power, with optimal functioning.
Feel embraced by the planetary spheres involved and their primal intentions for all goodness and outcome.
It will show you how to put the right wind in the sails for what is desperately better across a broad spectrum for health, peace, togetherness, prosperity, benevolence for global world order and maintenance for Earth and you as fellow inhabitants.

Love to All and blessings for your faith, daring and courage! And love!
Thank you in advance for all that you continue to love to contribute to this event through life on Earth.

Father Earth



Received: Monday, July 26th, 2021. 

Posted on the website: July 27, 2021
For website edited by Anja with support from Michael.
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Thanks, so many thanks, as much as love is everywhere!


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