Allusion – Master Lanto

Beginning of September 2021


On the longest day of this year 2021, that was a Monday, that turned out to be a distinct day, right when waking up, actually almost unable to wake up.

Laborious, I really don’t want anything.

Getting up late meant going to bed late, just before midnight.

That absolutely nothing did not quite work either, it turned out that there was indeed work to be done. Spiritual, channel work, preparations.

What initially resulted, in the course of 30 days, in the message Perspectivism.

What was different here, on the longest day, numbers were passed,
a series 3 – 6 – 9 and 12. What was clearly understood is that it was an allusion.

No further explanation was forthcoming.


Thoughts were involved.

At first the thoughts were of months, later moons, full moons, new moons or together? 21 June start of the summer season, seasons?

Later, oh yes, Tesla, the 369 method.

But here was mentioned twelve, which is actually a three and together it is 21, is also three.


Then letting it go, it will come. There were other things that required a lot of energy. Among others, twice Full Moon in Aquarius, the day out of time, the new solar year, the Lion’s Gate, with New Moon in Leo, three channeling messages and the personal.


Week 35, Monday, the penultimate day of August, was prompted to read more about numbers. See below.


Bedrock, an online magazine, article about Tesla’s 369 method.

And a video about this via You Tube from – Engineering Made Easy.

Short article on Arithmancy or Numerology.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle F. Javane and D. Bunker

Secret Teaching III – H.P. Blavatsky

The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers, David Wells

The Grail Mystery and the Seven Liberal Arts – Frans Lutters

Books from Maya’s, about tones. (Numbers) – Prime numbers

Wisdom from Ancient China – Gillian Stokes, I TJING

Initiation Rites, Myths and Legends of the Ancient Mysteries. J. Kruisheer

Vruchtbare Aarde Dutch Magazine – Nutrition for the Soul nr. 4/03

About Chartres riddle of the Labyrinth, the three rose windows.

Rudolf Steiner- Economy

Neale Donald Walsh – Conversations with God.


Next; 1 week later, the first Monday in September, the sixth, I had finished reading and started writing.

After reading many meters, numbers, letters and other punctuation marks, the following, in any number from 1 to 9, some add 0, in Divine, in and profound Creator mode, in it is ‘incorporated’ a ‘scroll’ of bases, foundations, keys, building blocks, intentions, possibilities, fundamental essences, truths, for many and many mystical ways according to exactness.

And indestructible, and calculating with it, multiplying and all that, that’s come about by doing in the realms of experience.

The natural (as a whole) numbers that is the essence, processed into symbols, you can also call it signatures or both, carriers with a great meaning.


Note from Neale Donald Walsch, book I, “An Unusual Conversation with God.”

A thing cannot exist without its opposite, except in the world of the Absolute.
However, the Realm of the Absolute was not sufficient for you or Me.
I existed there, in eternity and you are from there too. In the Absolute there are no experiences, only knowledge. Knowledge is a Divine State, but the greatest joy is to Be. And to Be is attainable only through experience. Evolution therefore proceeds: the knowing, the experiencing, to Be. It is the Holy Trinity, the Trinity that is God. In other words, that which raises up; that which has risen; that which is. This is called the three-solely reality, God’s signature.
The Divine Model. The three-in-one is to be found in every domain of the sublime. Everything is there One and evolving from one thing to another, the circle of life that never ends. No escaping concerning what is called time and space. The other side is that this three-solely cannot be found in any superficial relationship of life. In superficial relationships there is no space ‘in between’, there are no intermediate solutions. Superficial relationships or general relationships are always pairs, in the Higher Realms it is always triplets without exception. Examples of pairs; left-right, big-small, slow-fast, the greatest pair of all time male-female.


Kind request is made for clarification.

I am open to who or what is intended to communicate.

Meester Lanto

Greetings dear ones on Earth, here Master Lanto in sufficiency of Radiation, from the second ray.

Given that it concerns the entire globe and inhabitants of the Earth and the spheres belonging to it, I have once again offered myself as a representative of many on this side to mainly maintain East and West and of course not without North and West, in an emission for all concerned and some things to explain.


Differences or differentiation is essential for the relative.

Such as symbols and signs.

When our Creator created the Cosmic Wheel from the Absolute, as a Creator One end up in a deliberate, gigantic, magnificent, wonderful, specific and special, mystical, sincere and loving being very busy.

From Oneness in a Non-Oneness. A lot was set in motion.

From One to… you on Earth have gotten used to counting, numbers.

The primal nature figures symbolize, represent an aspect of the Oneness, in perfection from the Absolute. Understanding is a mystical, profound route through spiralization, which absolutely includes the infinity sign, the Absolute meaning is the part that is impossible to express in words.


As can be understood, the numbers passed are a series.

And of significance to this extraordinary event on beloved Earth and All that is involved. It represents the logic used on Earth. But extraordinarily directed by that from the origin of the Absolute, the Cosmic Wheel is to be steered, directions, brimming with innumerable patterns of choice in a set of innumerable circumstances and that is always and ever in motion.

In – Out, On – Off. That’s what it’s about. The primal forest of the Elysium.


What is being seen, heard, sensed by numbers of you now living on Earth?

Sometimes in the very early hours of the morning, sometimes in the moments of the evening sun, sometimes in very small moments, looking into the Sunlight or the Light of the Moon and/or the Stars, the Cloud Language, the language of Nature.

In typical weather conditions or those very special moments of silence.

A trance moment, a flash moment, a meditation moment.

That is a momentary presence of the face of the New Earth.


Dear, dear people on Earth, what is IN Life on Earth?

And what is taken out and what is done with it?

The Greatness, the scalar offers a great breeding ground. (Matrix)


I have been asked to use the following:

Dichotomy – division into two equal parts.

Duality – duality in being dual.

Like between the spokes a wheel, the Wheel, there is interspace. Intervals.

The necessary interspace from one to the other. That’s three. (Also)


The individual and the individuality. The intertidal region of man.

Is resemblance understandable?

None activity of the Soul comes about without choice.

The soul can go where the Soul wills.

The soul creates, but the human mind reacts.


The consciousness soul is phase three of the soul’s development.

Is a new phase in a turbulent time.

That does not mean that the other two phases no longer have any influence or effect. The ultimate intent is union and complete harmony, which is 9, 3×3.

Tuning in to where it comes from, the jungle with its resonance which is meant to reverberate in the relative realms. There is a certain force according to this figure, sign, in degree from the Celestial Arc in conjunction with the Earth solar system. Just say the numbers, from 1 to 9 and then you want to continue, persevere, to hold on, all together intense, this intention can be felt, this is the beating of cosmic wave rhythms, which can reverberate as already indicated and of the breeding ground for use.


Omen, Omens, are auguries from Nature in Its Totality.

Man has been given all kinds of things for being human to interpret these omens. This is somewhat urbanized in certain areas on Earth.

This has been heavily influenced by materialization over the last hundred years on Earth, technologies and before that by feudal systems, regimes and schemes and other deliberate systems, by directed will and intentions.

What is used in the present on various fronts to support this, the technology of the appropriate answer.


We would like to suggest that you as a human being of humanity, dear ones, there is a nice word for that, you start to reminiscing, from the inside.

The Inner Treasury. We have also experienced, we are as you are, that the dark night of the Soul has produced some aftermath for the facets of the Inner Treasury. That too is a part of current life developments. The Six is needed for that, for the natural rhythms of the Cosmos, balance between that beautiful inside and the environment(s) and interpreting omens and/or the social inter-Cosmic contact with Nature and to Be Human. Cosmic flow.


Doing unusual things is part of creating the New World for planet Earth. Following mass, crowds is not progress.


Certainly, of interest to survey this period from an astronomical vantage point and the phenomena involved with the Earth and some beyond.

The New Moon in Virgo, which has a close relationship with Demeter and her daughter Persephone or Kore. We are not talking here about abstract Nature.

We speak of what lives in the rays of the Stars and of the Moon.

This special daughter of Demeter is a weaver, has woven cloth from everything there is, for and by her mother, a representative of the World All stands behind her. And Zeus as Father, Supreme God, associated with Jupiter, the largest planet of the system belonging to Earth, which certainly exerts a mighty co-influence. An ethereal dress of love, a beautiful part of the scalar breeding ground. You have nourishment from Nature on Gaia through this.


Like the seasons, all kinds of seasons are now revealing themselves on Earth, spread over the Earth, that hasn’t always been the case. The Mythology belongs to the route of the Cosmic Wheel. There have come, arise some variations in the course of the route on Earth. Daughter Kore or Persephone has been there through Hades or Pluto where you gave name to, as underworld. It is not intended to further elucidate this Mythology here.

It is about restoring communication with Nature, the Goddess of Nature and that is the one who does the weaving for this. It is meant to indicate that there are several worlds involved in Earth and already involved according to Creation. 4×3 is 12 and that will be three again. Why 4? The four elements, the four cardinal directions, the four rivers of Eden, the four streams from the cow Audhumla udder, the four-sided pyramid, the four sacred animals Lion, Eagle, Taurus and Man, the squares of a cube, among others, these are some examples. Keys for living in harmony are handed by this of Creation, in a constant, as Stars to the Firmament.


This myth can be seen as a shift of power, of influences that have caused changes on the Earth. Power shift means revolution, chaotic upheaval for revision and renewal of governance for the planet. One of the issues that urgently needs to be reviewed and rectified is feedback. The lack of it or the concealment, that is, not to say or show it openly. To withdraw something from something for certain reasons and put it in the dark.


This twilight, hinting indicates ‘mighty total loss’.

It has two sides, especially for this high-level evolutionary event.

The superficially powerful side and the exalted, powerful side.

Now, because of this combination, there is Interspace, Interval.

The place where equal duality, the encounters, experiences, challenges with the side of the dual, do the strike up.

To accomplish the outcome for the Highest Good or Well-being of All.


Beloveds, this interspace may possibly be seen as filled with splinters.

We expect that you can see that there is a loss of old norms and values.

That is a fact to take into account and certainly as an inhabitant of Earth who is committed to a better, better vision for life on Earth in the continuation.

Does scheduling apply? Much is based on choices. Is the Higher Plan, or planning, radically opposed to what is being planned on Earth?

Yes, because that’s where the roots come from. We would like to refer again to reminiscing. That is a wide, extensive area. The History of Life through the Cosmic Wheel. You, beloved ones are God’s children as human children on Earth as co-movers, doers, through knowing, experiencing and to Be.

Our allusion is partly based on stimulating your visions, visions through the inner, personal keys, codes of insight.

Put feasibility in sight and add nutrition in abundance.

It’s about maintaining inner peace and calm in the chaotic eddies of this curious storm. Respect others and be tolerant. But hold in hands the threads of the Light and the weaving of the Light (3). As probably clear, the tide is turning, the circle is floating around (6), let yourself drift for something new, try it!

This period also has as ‘content’ rejuvenation (12).

Legions on this side, the Other side, are eager to assist and already assisting, continually bestowing streams are created and sprayed as spiritual rain for the route. So far.


You beloved, walking in life back to Home.

Would it turn out right?

Something, can hardly wait…

What can be saved for long-term reminiscing?

Dancing on the lines of the Great Plan?

Build a renewed life plan around it and through it.

New world for many, many years, rolling and not ending soon.

Go for the walk, the walk of life, through a New Life Park on Earth, with gates to Heavenly parks and avenues!!!


Sacred greetings and Light Being blessings from the Universe.


I am Master Lanto.


Compiled on Monday and Tuesday, September 6th and 7th 2021.
Posted on the website: September 8, 2021
For website edited by Anja with support from Michael.

And you never do it alone and for that:


Gratitude in great measure surrounded by Love.


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