VIGOROSO – Archangel Sandalphon


Archangel Sandalphon – New Moon period
Around May 30, 2022
Via Anja Tjelpa

Greetings dear family on Earth and others everywhere present,


As a representative, as an archangel, to create, produce and make audible the ‘sounding’, ‘a’ sound, tone, music, actually to maintain its entire archives for use and manifestation, hereby converted into verbal helpfulness to assist the so special moments.

The amount of sound moments, sound signatures for the important transition period of the Earth and total habitation, at all levels, is huge and cannot be expressed in numbers or percentages.

Rediscovering and even recreating the intended balance for planet Earth and habitation, of which you, as humans, are a part, and the ecology or the natural cohesion and the Universal natural laws, among others, have high priority.


My intention is that the words sound like music to your ears, they have a certain melody assigned to them and sounds are keys to the intercellular.


The “directing” elements are fire and air, but the entire cosmic orchestra consists of all the elements and the non-element, the Absolute.

The cosmos is a constant symphony, with diversity of harmonies, melodies, tunes and hums, of which silence is also a diversity.


The gift of the musical is ubiquitous in each of you, in some a bit different in composition than in others, every human being has it, in fact, it has been made with it in totality, down to the soul, down to its essence, artistically and mystically. The inner sounding board, a primeval well for sound spheres and signatures of all that lives and surrounds. Sound is a highly exalted means of communication. Means that the Supreme most refined element is base, from which Fire sprout. It is there eternally and everlastingly as seed (atoms).


A repetition of ‘everything is energy’ and every energy has a ‘certain’ frequency, there is truth in that dear all.

Then you come to polarity, the presence of two opposite poles (properties, emotions, inclinations, characters, etc.) something that works against each other or thereby assists each other, in favor of construction and dismantling.

What has turned out on Earth in striking (to all sides) empirical scenes.


It’s about, as said, there is high priority, to save the skin of the Earth.

With these words we mean to explain, so it is your skin and life.

The skin is the largest organ and extremely involved in nutrition, influences from all sides. What without skin or too much affected skin?

From what and for what skin is made, no distinction is involved, it has to do with design and execution, intentions, purposeful connection.


Inspiration in this way to encourage you to continue to take good care of each other and especially the planet, to achieve longer-term “goals” for healthier blooms, further growth and flourish, and removal of infestations.

Generational succession, I am also closely involved as an archangel.


Generation Succession currently has a different sounding board than the older ones. It does flow over or it does melt together, sound transmission.

It has been like this for a while and continues to evolve through the level of cosmic life force sent to Earth through the Solar System and its relatives, with all respect and love for all Heavenly Beings.

I can explain it as the composition of the Milky Way galaxy, how it works like a clock mechanism, a counter for…

That is also sound, it ticks constantly, with tones. And this clock mechanism also strikes, numbering, gradations apply, announcements for the so necessary changes offered.


As Archangel mead of Glory and Prayer, with some explanation of this.

Glory in relation to the mega Love Frequency. And prayer:

All Prayers, the Praying from planet Earth becomes transmitted through many loved ones of Being together, who are, so to say, at work in the Heavenly Sphere Choirs, and they make of your prayer energies, an anthology to hear and look at, and make it like strings of flowers, convey it to Us here in the higher realms and to the Supreme Recipient.

This is a back-and-forth communication relationship.

“You never do it alone” is truth.


I can elaborate on all the ‘musical’ possibilities that are used for the exhortations and impulses, they are legion and diverse and even abundant, even in symbols, images in your mind or tunes in your head or resonance in the inner primal soundboard. Everywhere and somewhere, that is the still point, place, residence of the Sacred Heart, full of what is available for unfolding. The Sacred Heart site is untouchable by influences.

This abundance is to provide you with ‘insights’ and what to respond to and how or what or what and how. That is an opening from the Cosmic Heart which radiates the Love Vibrations everywhere. We hope that this also makes you realize more and more how close IT is to each other.

And the meaning of effects. Emotional value.


To clothe your ears with filters of Love, so that words flow naturally through sound on the inner scales, for insight and action. For passage with passes (possibly dance steps) that can be done by you. It doesn’t matter tempo or size; the essence is to keep going.

There is a platform for transformation of wrong thought(s) or clearing of all kinds and origins … where does it come from, negative influences etc., it works through ‘imagination’. Make an inner image of this platform, in the positive thought place of your Self and send to the platform for which it is present and use the appropriate words.

For example, please make it neutral light substance again.

Touch with Violet Fire as an extra, is possible.


Then I come to the ‘preamble’ of this message.


Is POWER from element Fire, representing as a soloist how best to do theperformance for Al.

Expression of Power from the Universal Constitution, V sign power.

It’s robust energy, solidly grounded, but worth the twist and struggle, aided by the sound world, it makes stronger in standing up and standing for what Will is to carry on.

Our help is available, words, prayers, thoughts are heard and images are seen and the musical is listened to and answered through such as the given explanation.


With musical love and greetings to all, far and wide,



Posted on the website May 31, 2022.
For website edited by Anja, widely supported by Michael.
Anja Tjelpa written May 30, 2022.
Picture Anja Tjelpa.

And you never do it alone and for that:
Gratitude in great measure surrounded by Love.


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