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Study, spirituality, for the blog of the website tjelpanja-art-spiritual I have made two sections of this.

I have made the choice to place beautiful watercolor paintings by Liane Collot d’Herbois with permission.

Light, Darkness … colours.

That is because of study and spirituality and Life Itself.


The river of Life flows, unceasingly.

Of course, there is connection between the two, as with everything.

Through reading, studying, effort, learning and experiential learning, the following words have been met about the Child of the Sun, but it complemented so beautifully the encounters and experiences through art, through painting, as met through the art education.

The river that flows along for all kinds of art, the crisscross nature, the woven nature as its essence, the surrounding everything and the Basis.


Something came about there, I can do something with this, I can act with it. What surrounds us on Earth involves dimensions and the history of coexistence on planet Gaia. More recent decades have been involved in that with different consciousness and especially that of most recent experiences, that does and has impulses for action.

Committed acting.

There is something about Life on Earth that, according to experience, the majority of the population of all realms is in need of change and planet Earth itself.

Reduction for … which many of us, together on beautiful Earth, feel less comfortable with. To germinate something.

Viewed from our microcosmic Presence as humanity’s human beings on Gaia, there is that all-encompassing relationship with the macrocosmic, the Universal, all that is Life, as created, as Life Itself.

There is, according to our experience, just as much about it as on Earth. But on Earth there is another dimensionality and illusion.

Writing this, the thought arose that there are fellow human beings who seriously question this, or are otherwise ‘awake’ about it.

With these simple words, but they come from the Source:

“There is more between Heaven and Earth”.

And we have to deal, to serve with that, to live with. From both sides.


Let’s start from Being Human, to comprehend and accept total interaction, as far as understandable.


What are the observations based on?

What is being performed, presented and handled as sort of this is the totality of worldview? Individual or collective?

So many points of view and possibilities. And what has been proven there or to be proved or does not have to be demonstrated at all or not at all ‘yet’ because it has to do with the Plan of Creation?

Truth… still many question marks???

There has read about ordering experiences, what is the essence to perceive or in which? The ever-flowing river…


It has been read that there is freedom in creating.

That has created things in the sight, hearing, feel, taste, smell and experience.


As indicated, the Child of the Sun came upon the Path, as from the River that always flows.

To encourage, inspire and act for the very best as Being together on Earth, on Gaia!

With all the Love of which and through which the All is made.

It can be done!


From the Child of the Sun, that went to Light the ROSE GLOW in the Darkness

There was heavy darkness everywhere.

Very delicately, a bluish glow shone.

It was the Mother tightly wrapped in veils.

A slight waving, the robe was gently pushed aside, revealing the warm red robe.

She embraced the baby in her lap with a heartfelt look.

There it lifted a leg, twinkling with the lustiest gold glitter.

Then it thrashed for a moment, reaching for the sparks.

Two bulging fists pushed the sleep out of its eyes and suddenly it sat up straight, peering gravely into the darkness.

The Mother also looked forward now.

“Oh, Mother, whose black garment is it?”

“My child, that garment is the darkness that covers a very large land.”

“Oh Mother, what is there in that land?”

“My child, there are many gloomy creatures living there.”

“Then why isn’t the darkness here?”

“My darling, because this is where the little child lives.”

“Isn’t it ghastly in that dark land?”

“My child, it is terrible to have to live there.”

“Oh, mother, and yet so many creatures live there!

Mother, I want to enter that dark land, then the Light will come there too.”

“Oh, my dear child, don’t do that, the angry animals will kill you.”

The child now stood in silence in the damsel’s lap, peering mournfully into the distance.

The gold sparkles didn’t want to sparkle straight anymore, the glow of light slowly started to fade.

Finally, it spoke again.

“Oh, Mother, I think it’s so awful here now. I can no longer be happy in the Light, when the others live in the dark.

I want to go and play with them anyway; they won’t be mad at me.”

“My child, if you really want me to, I must let you go.

But you have to think very carefully about two things, then you can go freely.

-Always receive as a gift from God any pain you cannot avoid-

– Never shrink back, no matter how angry and furious the creatures may be, but be very kind and try to play with all –

My little child, will you do this?”

“My Mother, I will certainly do it.”

Then the child shouted for joy and the gold sparkled, oh so glad.

Spry it flipped down and skipped playfully in the darkness.

But no sooner had it penetrated a little deeper into the dull black night than each time it saw poisonous twinkle, which came closer and glowed with a venomous green glow.

Gloomy fairytale figures float around in faded frayed robes.

They stretched out their arms menacingly and snatched wildly at the little child with spindly claws, but again and again they had to give way to the glad twinkle of the gold.

And everywhere, where the child now went, it drew a shining trail.

Soon angry beasts also came crawling, scrawny spiders with menacing jaws, and creeping scorpions with their spines felled, and all wanted to kill the little child.

But behold, it skipped a little and even danced over them, but it did not make himself bitten.

Then it went faster and faster in winding paths, which crisscrossed each other again and again and it seemed to those monsters a strict exercise, for all kept their quills pointed, and so they followed him slowly as orderly company.

But in truth it was one frenzied patrol, around which the baby jumped so frantically.

It happened so fast that it sometimes seemed like a sliding line of light, encircling the gang like a gold ring.

Then it attacked!

It danced forward and back again, each time grabbing an enemy to pat its sting with one little finger.

Then he laid it down gently.

Finally, all those animals were disarmed and put away in a big pile.

At each of those deeds, the play of light around the little child contracted a little, until finally it formed an armor woven from flowing gold. And it still danced on and on.

At last, it stood still, as if to reflect seriously.

But then he started laughing and clapping his hands for joy.

That made that pile pop and pop that it looked like the fireworks were igniting. How those scorpions now exploded and each released from a flame, a stark white dove.

How those spiders jumped to and fro in a flash of light and make flutter many white butterflies.

The butterflies and the doves they were even faster than the little baby. They flapped their wings loudly and whirled wildly about their master. But there all those animals were inspired by fierce fighting spirit. They marched against the black of darkness and beat and flapped so fiercely that it rolled together and gave way to that white army. The little child had only laughed loudly at first. Now it was bustling again, it heated up here and it was chasing there and so a space sprang up from the darkness, full of radiant light.


But hear that mad roar in the distance!

Are they struggling behemoths that make the bottom tremble and wave like that? Behold — doesn’t a threatening arm reach up there, and that mighty arch, isn’t that a laboriously wringing back?

The noise and the rumbling come closer and closer.

Oh, that swell is becoming untenable!

All the winged animals were knocked back and crowded above the little child. One was already tumbling to the bottom and only with difficulty did it rise again. Dead silence!

At the edge of the light space a dark figure arose.

It was the black centaur, who came stamping, furious with all that Light in his realm. A moment of rest…

Would he really be astonished and forget all envy?

But no… hear that dull murmur now and see him exorcising the darkness with wondrous arm gestures.

Oh, how it tossed and clouded mightily and the circle of light rippled with wild swirls. Sometimes the animals still wanted to make a fluttering defense, but barely struck by the fumes, they collapsed broken. And the little baby?

It stood there very quietly and it looked serious, but it shone even more in the darkness.

One dove could still fly and hovered above him.

One butterfly could still flutter, but still it descended on its master, to protect his forehead very faithfully with broad wings.

Now the centaur wanted to leap forward and kill that child with one blow, but he stood as though shackled. Then his wrath flared up, he strained his back and shot. But behold, the arrow hovered silently as it flew, and arrived like a sweet toy.

The little child caught it with a jump and held it up triumphantly.

And behold, how could it be otherwise, the thing started to swell silently, it unfolded multiple leaves and above it a graceful white bud and it unfurled many white, convex leaves.

Thus, it became a radiant rose.


Now it was the turn of the little child.

It didn’t aim much, yet it hit well, because it hit its enemy squarely on the nose. That pure rose glow on his dark skin, it struck him like burning sorrow. Screaming loudly, he reared up wildly in anger.

And the little child?

It danced again and it clapped its hands and then it also wanted to rear and rage and just fell flat on its nose.

And behold, when it rose again, it had grown a little bit bigger.

The archer now shot arrow after arrow and received them again like roses. Each time it made the little boy grow a little and finally, when all the arrows had faded, he stood there like a mighty hero.

Then the raging one seized his giant bow and threw to crush his foe.

But the bow, narrowly slipping from his hand, ricocheted and shattered into thousands of splinters.

The whole room was suddenly filled with fragrance and a shower of red roses rustled down in blessing.

The mighty one faltered, and in the midst of a mountain of flowers he collapsed, dead tired. The gold hero strode quietly forward, paused for a moment, and laid his hand on the shoulder of the vanquished one. He only said, “Brother, now you must go with me.”

There resounded a terrible blow, the wild man was as if swallowed.

Then there stood a silent figure in a white robe.

His demeanor was humbly, his dress very simple, but on his shoulder was bright flash like a magic diamond.

There resided the most glorious light cloth, transparent as precious crystal. The three of them entered the gold trail and sought the way to Mother. When the little child left, the Mother had lowered her cloak half shut. Silently resigned, she had peered into the distance with her hands clasped in her lap. First, she saw a wandering star, which shone more and more and glowed in the night.

But when a mighty golden glow shone yonder, a white dove had come and cast a red rose into the lap.

Then she saw her son. Her garment shone with blue splendor again, and starlight blossomed in her eyes.

The dove dribbled busily over her shoulders and bent and cooed back and forth. The rose in her hand had blossomed into lofty splendor.

Now they stood there, her son erected high, the monk with the head hidden deep.

The hero spoke: “Mother, I have brought my brother.”

She only said, “My son, thou hast done well.”


The child had long since been spinning and sending many a glittering gleam around. Now it got up and jumped plop into her lap.

She put her arm around him and handed him the rose.

It now sat very straight and perky, holding the rose far forward.

The monk looked up for a moment and looked deeply into her eyes.

Then he bowed more, knelt down, and touched the hem of her robe.

There a shiver ran through him, for he felt her hand resting lovingly on his deeply bowed head. Thus, they stayed together for a long time.


When the son looked earnestly back in the dark, there was no more ghost and no more threat, but here and there a line of gold glittered, where he had gone as a child. – The great work was done –

Very quietly a pink dusk appeared, breathing softly and waving back and fro. The darkness shone into a pure purple glow and soon the whole room was filled with a wonderful play of many colours.


☀️ Such were the deeds of the Child of the Sun, when in the dark, it began to light the rose glow.


Images: Liane Collot d’Herbois
Image 28 from the Nature motifs series Roses Paintings.
Image 15 from Nature motifs, Swiss landscape.
They are images painted in a watercolor manner.
With special thanks to the Emerald Foundation, The Hague, for permission to post free of charge.


From: Image and Word
A series of stories and humorous poems, by
F.H. Julius
Publisher: Vrij Geestesleven Zeist 1969.
(This publisher no longer exists)


Study of Light and Darkness Emerald Foundation and this written word, words transferred from Frits Julius and other study have brought me the inspiration, motivation and purpose with mediation by loved ones from Higher Realities to convey this on the website, with Visuals, to and for the way of life and population such as today on beautiful, sweet and mother planet Earth and all the Love it has to do with, as Knowing, Experiencing and Being.


Posted on the website June 17, 2022. Blog Study, is a choice.

For website edited by Anja, widely supported by Michael.


Anja Tjelpa written Juni 2022.


And you never do it alone and for that:
Gratitude in great measure surrounded by Love.


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