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How much is happening and which represents a multitude of experiences everywhere on/in the World of planet Earth.

What a representation of this dear planet, which in all its honesty, awareness and tremendous sense of responsibility contributes to what is happening throughout the total Milky way, as a form of collective of the diversity brought together through Creation on and in its being.

It does us a lot of good to assist you and that the connection and information transfer is improving strongly.

Below as an invitation, we would like to bring it to your attention again.


Energies are also moving up the ladder of evolution, getting higher and higher and the workings are more pervasive and deeper.

Higher Light Energies, are reaching we might say, much easier, with greater ease and through the grace of the Creator, via the outer part of the Earth, the Essence core, crystals (mineral) Essence core of the Earth.

And everything and everyone on and in the planet is involved.

Just think of something for yourself, something that exists on Earth, everything is touched and indeed just like with the Earth down to the crystal nature (mineral) Being core.

This causes extraordinary life experiences that trigger a whole range of different histories. A large amount has already been experienced, certainly in the past 100 years, and the effects are expanding more and more.

Noticeable in all kinds of escalating situations, exciting experiences, again for everything and everyone, the repair, renovation period for life on Earth, primal base Love. Awareness is a process of many levels; the soul is optimally engaged in life’s work. We would like to indicate everyone for themselves, but still for everyone. The way of the Light is open, has been clarified by the higher light workings and relatives that assist this.


As to note, the viewing and prestige by you on Earth, there are fellow souls, co-habitation, who make different choices and take different steps, they have free choice, in the total enlighten plan, for those it is Here and Now in a different progression in terms of time concept. Those are accompanied, protected, they are not alone, as just indicated, for them it is elsewhere.

That is a broad word which indicates that there is a lot of living space full of love and countless possibilities.


All kinds of realms come into appearance, some of which clearly indicate separateness and others collectively, uniting, being together.

Refractions take place, as of the surf in waters.

Diversity in manifestations. Enriched by energies, colored rich.

The Sun and the Moon also speak a word, in connection with the planets and that of the Star World, represented in the Milky Way.

Which in turn are represented by the Greater System, which encompasses everything.


Everything there is as life is a totality and it has will, this will is there to be enjoyed on all sides. Opposite sides. There would be no Light without Darkness and vice versa. It’s not static. When one of those indulgences comes to the surface, the opposite comes in striving, wanting to assert itself.

When several ‘outrages’ come to the surface and this is certainly the case with all-sidedness, that is quite a hassle. We propose to represent it as a color wheel, standard, well-known color wheel, with that of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Flexible with free lines and interpretation. It’s like a form of osmosis. Each color, the essence of the color, has a characteristic and can enter into relationships, lively, playful, or with action as a goal.

As it were, they call to each other, sound, it gets into motion.

Only if it is simultaneous operation of both parties, (here assuming two), there arises ‘peace’, harmony and similar effect, effect of the same nature and/or composition.


In the same way thoughts have a circle, a full energetic circle.

(Operation and energy) And in the circle as a kind of flying or flowing there is gathering of the like and this returns with speed (think of the increased tempo) and strengthens again. We repeat the concept of boomerang here. And it has memory and creative ability. If we explain it with use of voice or use of sound, so there is a lot of varied shouting from the omnidirectional.

Be aware and more aware of what you are taking in and what you are transmitting or convey. Discernment.


Continue to maintain your chakra system, for those who are ready, expanding to 12 is taken place. (Some are already on this road)

You can apply meditation maintenance, cleansing and expansion through the pure Christ light substance. And feel and see and clean everything.

Like a kind of X-ray. For example, use as if your soul, your eternal Light, in a beautiful light cell, orb, goes through the entire chakra system of being human, this can also be done from below, in relation to the core of Mother Earth, to the top, the core of the Milky Way. Then you again reach the pillar of light, the pillar of power, for the ascent to the Higher. You can continue your stay on Earth with this, it gives access to your birthright as a Divine child and the eternal bond, the bond of love with Father/Mother God.


Everything happens for a reason.

Everything bears fruit and seeds.

Everything is of great importance.


The impulses of the higher vibrations cause the dissolution of the present ‘reality of illusionary nature’, part by part and in a repeating pattern.


Be open to what appears as ‘new’, there is so much to achieve from the chaos that processes the sounds and passes it on for the ‘changed’ as it is possible on Earth. It comes from within! The more far-reaching path of development is via feeling and willing, what turns to that inside, resides there.

A state of Being of the Soul is required in terms of consciousness, of the existence of what is beyond in the physical world on Earth and whatever you as a human have in the spiritual realities, within.

The beautiful pillar of Light with both feet on Earth ground and from the Heart Solar Center touching the Higher with the hands can be very helpful.


It is about more than the task of Earth and Humanity, the circle of life encompasses many natures, which has been ‘sincerely consciously’ composed by those who have created this for Earth. Nature in itself is not a blind force and recognizes the ‘laws’.


Many are already active building reality in the fifth dimension.

The beginning of this is from the crystal nature (mineral) essence core, the deepest core, being in the human being.

From there, the influences reach relatives, loved ones close by and then even further. And when that then harmonizes with those of the Family of Light in the same realms, the like seeks out (color calling), has higher attraction and connection power and combines into one power that gets stronger and stronger. So, there is a flexible transmission area of Divine value.


Think of the wonder how all this came into existence, the many phases.

Acknowledge God’s life in all, the life of The All-encompassing.


Think of the wonder that is still there, for example the ratio earth – tree – human, this can NOT exist without each other on Earth.


Think of …. For you to fill in!


Think about making it come true!


Think of being true in observation, to have high in your banner.

In other words, whoever speaks the truth and does not deceive. Stop lying.


Think of the wonder that you are as a child of God, as a human being and that which is your Light. Unconsciously (the pure), dear you on Earth, something good comes out.


On behalf of all the Counselors of the Counsels, together strong and share what matters most.

Our love is all around you and around you.

Blessings with a lot of Light, Warmth and Love.

And pronounce your blessings with all the love from within!



Via Anja Tjelpa written March 18th 2022

Posted on the website March 20, 2022, first Passion Sunday.
For website edited by Anja, widely supported by Michael.


There are four Passion Sundays, Passion (very great love for) the meaningful path that Christ has walked and undergone on Earth.

Sunday 20 March is the first and then three more, the fourth or last is called Palm Sunday. The following Sunday is Easter Sunday or first Easter day.

After that, an Easter season starts and the Ascension follows 39 days later, followed by Pentecost (the Holy Spirit is spread), on the 7th Sunday after Easter Sunday.

And you never do it alone and for that:

Gratitude in Great Measure surrounded by Love.

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