Due to the pace of the many rapid changes observed, observed from our side and the fast-growing communication to and via higher level with each other, (your beloved ones) in a fantastic reunion, we bring this again below. (bis)


What is it?

For you, dear ones on Earth, in whatever level, period of consciousness you are in. Including the conscious, unconscious and subconscious.


This beautiful planet Earth has started working out some time ago through crystallization of the fourth and fifth dimensions. From the three dimensional.

Within what is termed seclusion, many more separate entities have come into existence. Light and colors and the Dark and Shadows, which are also tinted.


The present man is appointed to create love, balance, peace and harmony, to represent light in what is indicated as: you or your own (part), I am Light and Love part of the Universe – the body, mind, soul and thoughts, in every place on the Earth. Everything starts to vibrate at higher speed and the only way to absorb this energy (absorb, suck in, take in, figuratively engage fully) so to deal with it without too many devastating results is conscious vigilance and concerted effort.

Chaos, however, is necessary for the input of truth and purity.


Council: Bring love and power together and create leylines or meridians of Light and energy towards each other, so that power flows back and forth (flow) and radiates from each other, to both sides Up Down.

Visualize these streams and rays of Light and energies > visions, thoughts, thinking, and watch this grow, build, connect, become stronger, spread widely, do and have.

See this network of Love and Light build up to stabilize the Earth and its inhabitants, residents.

There is the Christ energy that works like a cradle of a child and this radiant vibration will be strengthened and sustained and perfected by this emerging network. It will lead you with tenderness and grace into the next stages and the corresponding parts of the dimensions involved.


Much has to do with tenfold; as much and extensively is given in gifts, tools and the respective energies, this tithe, so to speak, makes for another tithe and so on. There “should” be a certain allotment of interaction with what might be called “surplus or overproduction” individually and as groups and such.
This mainly happens in the region of the work pyramids and relatives.
And can be used through the exercise below.


Essence: ask and all will be given, handed over.

Council: Is asking an art?

Art can be seen as a craft, skill, then you are very handy with it through learning/school and experiences far and wide.


But everyone has direct lines of communication, possibilities with for example Higher Self, Angels, Master, Elemental beings, Soul family, in other words guidance and counsel, the Councils can come and go in various ways, possibly with necessary changes, but… in the multitude of all counselors is safety!


With the following advice: continue to pay attention to details and the work of the present life that the whole world of Earth is concerned with as a principle.

And the next advice: train your Self that the intent and truth is understood from a higher vantage point.


Happening in the physical: although not visible with physical eyes, a new energy center/point is under construction, it is a wonderful guided “building” in the heart and throat area, as it were in between, the area of the thymus, that is a special gland. A junction to start living and working from Soul level.


The consciousness of the fourth dimensional, which has lower and higher dimensional layers, (as others) you climb or take steps through unfolding consciousness into the higher fourth dimensional, has to do with uniting the emotional and mental part of man being, in a certain order, a unity, to arrive at the next, that which is referred to as the fifth dimension (lower and higher layers) where consciousness is again experienced and unfolded differently, more using the vibration and energies of Enlightenment and Christ consciousness, a new consciousness for this part of the Universe.


The Council for clarification: It is Here and Now.

EXERCISE, the exercise takes few minutes and can be done twice a day;

Principle: Attention, considerable concentration, raise it above the head, two fists, and feel the pulsation, of the Christ energy and how it can increase in power and has and makes undulating movements, rhythmically.

Allow this, feel it, and then how this envelops and envelops you as well.

Thoughts, focus on this energy and it is beautiful, golden white Light (very nice light-yellow color) and twinkling.

The energy enters through the crown chakra and thus descends into, principal points of interest are the third eye, the glands in the head and all the cells of the brain. This is a form of growing, filling up and there follows a sense of it being full, then you can let it flow further into the throat chakra, the whole area there, thymus gland is there, and let this finer energy be generated and activated there. There is wisdom of Light and Love in this energy and, as it were, a teaching to live with.

With discernment (of energies) this energy can be transmitted, clear and bright. The flow continues to the heart area, it is also healing and purifying, like washing clean all kinds of unpleasantness, making room for the ever-pulsating Love of Christ which will now be present within (or already after training, on repetition/maintenance). Feel again that in the heart area the fullness is there. Remember that the chakra system is armory, which is now being built and where no negative energy can enter, as long as this with necessary concentration and this can be achieved and maintained into high habit, keeps the fullness fixed and lively.

Feel how this continues to the center of the Solar Plexus, also cleansing, balancing, one can see this as a memory area and all the unpleasant is worked out, at one’s own pace. Continue, let this energy go down even further, flowing, purifying and activating the rest and then to the tips of fingers and feet, toes into action and let it flow, pass it on to the Earth.

To assist the planet in this special transition in evolution, movement towards truth. In this way you not only experience it as Self cleansing, unfolding, enlightenment and redemption, but you contribute to the greater whole.

As indicated above, this can be used as ‘tithes’.


These are snapshots and each time a fragment opens or opens even further and so on.

Most importantly, it has to do with the four lower systems, physical, mental, emotional and astral.

Council: it is possible that an attempt falters, due to circumstances.

Because it’s basically a battle.

Ask for enlightenment and follow beliefs, then one will not be led astray.

The right conditions are there and they are getting closer and closer.


Essence exercise:

It is full of blessings for attracting Christ energy as well as Divine energy from Source.

Both helpful for reaching the higher Being which a human being actually is.

Spiritual growth from units to Unity.

Necessary expansion of consciousness.

There is more than being a physical human being and ego.

The physical body can only follow the path of the directional Lightbody.

As already mentioned, it opens up what has been closed and communication possibilities, contacts of the counselors (advisors, consultants, Educators), are clarified, more and more applicable and what is assumed and performed, -through work in progress on Earth- becomes more and more noticeable.

Devotion and benevolence are helpful characteristics which, through the absorbed radiations and rainy particles full of Love, descending on Earth, remain active and become stronger.

On behalf of the Counselors of the Counsels for all concerned

we here love you dearly, before that with this wording this account,

Blessings with a lot of Light, Warmth and Love.



Via Anja Tjelpa written March 3rd, 2022.

 Posted on the website March, 2022.
For website edited by Anja, widely supported by Michael.

And you never do it alone and for that:
Gratitude in great measure surrounded bij Love.

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