ORB art (views) from ORB influences

Let me start with this, I love to call this “orb (s)” and that is the English summarizing word for it and it is about: something globular, spherical, sphere or globe or body, a range or influence from the spheres, an area cosmic working, connection with a greater wholeness,
something that has to do with circles, the forming of circles, orbits, kind of wheels and what we call gears, a cycle or turnover or circulation, indicating of the orbits, moving around in space, revolve and rotate, also the involved processes, possibility to fill and balling, establishing, enclosing or surrounding, enveloping or surround with circles.

When I started to use art more seriously again (from 2001), mainly with pencils, colour pencils and ink and also for these art work for ‘Orbs’, I had strong impulses to do this all. It did not leave me, it is still there.

In this part of the portfolio, what I present here now, this is a part of that kind of artwork. What I present here has the most ‘orbs’.
It also has to do with colours and there are influences to use certain colours, in the beginning I was focussed on ‘blues’, sometimes with few violet and than it is changing, to other colours, other processes, movements, reflections/catches from the cosmos.

About the sizes of the work: the largest size is about 70×30 cm, without the frame.
Much is on A4 en A3, on that format.
Material: colour pencils (old ones too), I still have them from way back, also the ink, when you look at this blue on some of the pictures, that is ink, my father filled his fountain pen with it, but I also used more new materials.

The ones with pastels, there are four of them (to date march 2017) so this means they are more recent, oblong and no big size (50x20cm) I have not measured them.
That is different work on the same base.

All is done on paper.

Two of them are in a frame, because I did one time an exposition, in fact I made the art fitting in the frame, I bought it because I liked it, also more recently.

You, who are looking at it, you can see how I coloured it, you can she the movements with the pencils, I do not mind it, for me it is in a way naturally, that how it is, it is movement, colour is movement. Colour is not fixed.

There is one picture without orbs, deliberately added, because of the colour connection and it is related to the orbs as a sequel.


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