Violets – Impression in painting expression


An other assignment from the training with Emerald Foundation.
Paint in the method on “moist paper” the process from seed till full-fledged plant/flower.

I chose for violets, for me it are beautiful plants, especially the lovely flowers. And, there is an and, they are easy to breed. I also could have chosen Marigolds or Californian Poppy; they all had been good for the assignment.

The whole process is painted with colour impressions of the influences out of the cosmos and also earthly natural influences and how it looks when it flourish.

It is not a “one day thing” , it is something that takes weeks.

To explain the process somewhat;
How do I paint seeds in the earth, underground and how do I paint ethereal influences, they were there, they are always there and it had to be seen in the paintings.
You are making choices for the several situations in all of these stages.

This series is the result.

As a result, I deepened into the violets themselves and I looked upon the necessary documentation and wrote a really nice story about it for the assignment. By doing this, it made me realise there is more than just the flower (plant), there are healing qualities and specialties.

What I did not know or realise at that time making, doing all this, it resulted in another study after this amazing study with the Emerald Foundation, about phytotherapy and I have experienced it as a miraculous follow-up to all of it.

And, again, before I got this assignment, long before it actually, I had chosen for violets for this assignment. I already did things with the flowers of the violets, I dried them and used them to put with a little poem, or another little artwork with dried flowers or combined them.

Material: paper for wet-in-wet painting and watercolor paint artists quality
Size: (all of them the same) 30×25 cm


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