Light and Darkness – I

We are people here on Earth and wake up in the morning, one morning:
Groping in the bed the warmth of yourself and the earthly materials around you.
The qualities of the warmth that come from the Earth, are, have a wide quality and are reaching us.
Our will is slowly diving in this happening in the morning.
About the meeting with the world of the Darkness, the spiritual Darkness, the flowing through, and the qualities of the darkness that are experiences of warmth.
These experiences of warmth are opening our senses on Earth to enter the world on Earth.
During nighttime there is a building up gift for this.
The eyes are meeting the Light of that day, the moment in the Now.
How is this Light today, Here in the Now.
To see, to hear and other observations that is what the senses are for.
Our physical eyes also see the world of the Light.
Cosmic Light comes to man, so we are opening the world in ourselves.
Here is a polarity:
Cosmic Light is Antipathy
Warmth of Mother Earth is Sympathy
This is streaming through our senses, experiences, meetings and qualities of life on Earth.
Man is connected with both, with Light and Darkness.
As it were two doors, one can say, man in the middle of it.
The human being always surrounded with these two polarities of the Creation,
The Light and The Darkness.
THE Greatest of Creation.
Light and Darkness are opening doors/shutters/windows, how you want to call it what we have been given as human being to experience here on Earth.
Note: Our senses are doors, openings to the Spiritual world.
But in principle, senses are a boundary; they can become inactive if nothing is done with it.
Other aspects are involved with this very great happening, for instance movement and balance.
The Light is awakening the thinking and to see is connected with it.
With this the I (ego) is making its entrance.
We are thinking when we are awake and observe.
The unconscious also plays a role this has to do with distance “close to – far away” >
Light, back and forth. That is moving, moving is feeling, sensing, you eyes are opening and a bit more and a bit further and even further…..
There are cosmic doors and this is one of them, Here in the Now on return, people were forgotten to move like that. But ….. also here is a but, to much moving is not good.
If you read this correctly, acknowledge, the will is there to do this, then you will feel the relationship of all this.
Space surrounding us is not there to lose our selves in it; we have orientation in the Cosmic moving via Light and Darkness.
The human being on Earth is realizing ….. so much.
To grope has meetings, there is always warmth, next is maybe a bit difficult but even cold is a process of warmth, the warmth penetrates everything and is also resolving limits.
Your own warmth from your physical body but also around you, the warmth of everything around you. The warmth is weaving in everything and all on Earth. (Also)
The warmth is working from the Darkness. The Darkness is the giver of impulses for warmth.
It is stimulating the will, action and doing it.
The beginning of all this movement comes through the encounters with the Light ….
That is persistent   … that is Creation from the Supreme.
It is a kind of a form of imagination, actually we have this all of ourselves, but because of the journey to and the being on Earth something got forgotten or damaged by the opposing, that our human base is (and not only human) the interaction of Light and Darkness.
This continues in the event that we can perceive colours.
Colours are real.
Colours are free, they are moving, all the time, here we see them in substance, but spiritual seen as separate from substance.
This world of Light and Darkness is always moving and eternal and creates this constantly.
I add a word to this: COLOURMACROCOSMOS
Every human being has his/her own colourmicrocosmos, in other words, his/her position, his/her connection with the Light and the Darkness.
A little further in the mind, mankind contributes to create this.
Actually it is what we would call, to play; there is a Great Central Source/Sun, The Light, there is front, behind, aside, downwards and also how colours are coming into existence is related to that.
Our multidimensional being comes from that, it responds thereon; actually it is “veritable” life.
Light and Darkness is involved with come and go and it has to do with balance.
It are very movable processes. This here Earth and everything on it and in it, is composed from elements, Warmth (Fire), Water, Earth, Ait but also from ethereal.
That is also interacting it reacts to each other and to Light and Darkness in all the qualities and as it is necessary for Life.
I am going to try to explain that ALL these meetings bring about great variety, every element has its relations/workings/meetings/results/levels with Light and Darkness and as well over and on the planet Earth and all the different areas that are there.
Rising warmth has Light qualities and for instance here in the Netherlands quite different than in Indonesia or……. The planet is not flat but formed as a nearly round “object”.
With many aspects of influences from the Great Central Source/Sun.
Light creates experience.
Lemniscates are involved; it is the kind of eight form and movement from macro cosmos to micro cosmos in countless ways and levels.
And beyond, every nature realm, every element, every stardust has its specific type of warmth, qualities of warmth, this is coming from the Darkness.
But talking about Oneness, it all needs each other.
What we do not perceive with our physical eyes is the subtlety of this AL.
Our physicality is limited there, covered, it has veils, created because humanity is accessing by entering a present life on Earth, the lower dimensions of 3D/4D, one might say in principle it is protection.
However higher in dimensions it will be different and it is different.
And a very nice expression, I think, we have a transparent person with us, the Lightbody.
Earth is also breathing in a quality of the warmth.
Breathing is a rhythm, I think this is clear; it is a natural rhythm and Greatest Created.
Air is a creation of the Darkness and the meeting, the operating is due to ….. Light.
Air is the most social element on planet Earth.
And what it also means it that the natural rhythm of Light and Darkness continues, as well make the Creation of this progress.
Then we come to the subject of continuation, which is spiral action.
Transitions, passages from one element to the other are meetings, elements are like a kind of work of weaving. Like we are making on Earth a carpet, textile and so on.
And there is a meeting place, high spiritual, there is a lot taking place concerning these actions of weaving. For us difficult to be aware of as incarnated human beings being awake or becoming awake on Earth.
But everything is related, it is ONENESS, interaction, teamwork, interweaving.
Planets, spheres, Zodiac, universes, the Great Source and all these beautiful stars and all these beings created by the Creator, wherever they may exist Here in the Now.
The Spiritual workings of Light and Darkness flow through the colours.
Meetings of this are in the whole of man (also), results > movements.
The forming, forming qualities come from the Light.
The moving from the Darkness, but the Darkness itself does not move, the Light is needed for it.
About knowing and understanding that has to do with That World.
More and growing and increasing awareness brings you into greater, “higher” activity.
Our soul plays an important role in this, the soul has enormous fluctuating soul qualities, the soul has spiritual doors and it has to do with the Sympathy of Darkness and the Antipathy of Light.
The soul can make gestures through awareness, with Light and Darkness meant as objective.
The elements, universe(s), sub-universe(s) and the higher realm and all involved with that are living in, with the influences of Light and Darkness.
These primeval conditions, from this polarity Light and Darkness that needs each other, man as created has this in itself.
This way the rhythms of various kinds are created and with various intentions.
It are spiritual spatiality’s, but different from what we call space.
Moving around the Light in encounters with Darkness.
It is very impressing when you take this in consciously.
Point > Circle/Line > movement
And it can work reversely, inside out, another front and back, up and down, yes that is possible too. And there are strengths in qualities and quantities increasing and decreasing.
And it is never the same everywhere, we see and sense that, we can perceive all around us.


    • Two images are included as an illustration;

    At the top is a Light and Darkness charcoal work of therapy art, as it is educated with
    Emerald Foundation. This is a very silent and quiet meeting, with Light source about just from the middle. Please note, it is a part of a larger wholeness.
    At the bottom is a digital photo, which I find appropriate to indicate the situation of a larger whole in a different way. This meeting shows more action, the Light is sharper, Darkness responding and it shows spiral movement, which is always there.
    Written and posted: December 2017.
    Anja Tjelpa

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