Ophelia about Usefulness

Ophelia about Usefulness

Channel message from Sunday morning, July 8th 2018.

After the preparation we went in contact with the accompanying Team.

We: Hello dear beloved Team, good morning, Love and Blessings.

There are always questions back and forth, so now again.

We are much more aware of changes and realized just in the preparation, for example with comparison with the period in which we started this communication channel contact.

As a matter of speaking, it is as if you are sitting on our lap.

We feel much more “presences” and they feel good, as it should be for our understanding and memory.

We have opened ourselves to everything that is/are the right thing, things to do.

Team: Love and Blessings. Hello. And indeed, this is all going on, as you indicate. It is the desire of all of us to make you understand and to let you feel, how close we are, how we wish to make your true knowledge aware and more of our love and cooperation. We are aware of your situation (s) on Earth, we see that you and others are still struggling, now and then, say up and down with various earthly issues.

Note of us: We would like to share that they, the Team are really very close. Therefore we have specially made this note.

Team; the team went on with the following.

We mean to say how you “think” in and with distances! That is old news!

There is so much open, opened, reopened and permanently to stay that way. And yes there is drought, also in the Netherlands; we have received your conversation about the ongoing heat and the drought that it brings.

We: Somewhere this brings up thoughts of worry.

Team: But it is a water planet. And there is Divine Board.

There are many here known to you and unprecedented, here in the higher dimensions that contribute.
We know how all too indulgent you are on familiar names of us here; it is a form of some kind of security.
“Handhold” for you on Earth.
We assume that you now understand that this is part of the Divine Evolutionary plan.

We: Yes, we do so indeed. Many people trust on and repose on, for instance Jesus Christ or God Himself and other well-known dear beloved from religious cultures, known names and concepts from personalities of age. We have the conviction to leave it that way, according to our awareness it feels good for their inner contribution.

But others you wish to introduce are very welcome!

Team: It is a pleasure. We have a “guest”, as you call it, a lady, this lady has already been introduced somewhat by us in previous contact with you. Her name is Ophelia. The name is known on Earth, in the writer artwork of Shakespeare, “Hamlet” this is a character. But this lovely lady and we sense that you sense her too, is from the energy source called Ophelism, it means usefulness.

We: Very welcome lady Ophelia! Love and blessings.
What a beautiful origin and very useful for here on Earth.

Ophelia: Beloved, I did a little training to be able to do this channelling.
Because it is all changing so rapidly and you are growing so beautiful and flower in crystallising light.

We: We don’t see it yet like that, but in meditative state it becomes more and more clear.

Ophelia: I will try to tell you as clearly as possible about the (component) source I am connected to, that is my life. You understand about the very real Great Source. (We confirm) This Source is constructed or rather to speak about filled with all kinds of sources based on Love. So Ophelism is one of the units. Please try to imagine all kinds of light orbs together. Or, to help, such as the spawn of frogs or the eggs litter of a turtle or seeds in women and men involved in reproduction in procedure. This to help you imagine. There are more of these kinds of sources.
I suppose this is easy to understand.

We: Indeed, we think so too.

Ophelia: I am not an angel, but a light being and with others I represent this source and provide services for it. The following is less easy to explain, but a number of light beings are in a unity in the Oneness, the task is as chosen (a given as a form of birthright) to be in for it and to be of it and to help with “everything” this is allocated by the Great Source, to the Source of Ophelism, the Source of usefulness.

There is a reason why I am conveying this to you, because usefulness is so necessary, it is a kind of magic. And here in the Great Source and in the Source of Ophelism, it is at its extreme as the greatest, beyond your physical understanding. But you, as human beings, during your life’s journey on planet Earth, were (and are) very “handy” to create things of matter on Earth, even from the beginning, a long time ago, to make “usable, operable, useful” things for on Earth. There are plenty of examples, I do not go into that and some were very inventive, but it had and has this support Source. As a kind of source as you know it on earth, where water is taken off.

We: Like with a bucket and the crank of a water well, they still there these constructions, some modernized. But you speak about an explanation example.

Ophelia: (Smile) Why I am here and also to share what I convey is this. Ophelism Source is energized and with a protective factor.
You will certainly begin to notice this in the forward going on Here in the Now, for it is so necessary to make the choices for the most usefulness on Earth and certainly also for “novelties” in various fields and also to face to see what is there and how can you as people use this with improvements in many applications, some of a temporary nature and for the highest good for living in togetherness and with mother planet Earth, the beautiful caring Gaia.

We: Beautiful! Sounds and feels very good!

Ophelia: It is meant for everyone and everything, small, big and everything in between. Some will notice this as the nudges and some will see things, perceive in a very different way and will start thinking why have I, have not we noticed this before and have not done this before.
Some will get the experience of, Ooh there is a “light” to me, or the penny has dropped (typical Dutch expression), it is meant in all kinds of areas. Perhaps you will use the word “handy” for it, but what is involved, we really need it, has this utility and how and what, with regard to shared use. And some came / are still coming to Earth with “luminous” knowledge mediated by the Light to bring to existence the utmost utility from the aforementioned Source for the Earth.
Of course it has to do with approaching, coming closer to the threshold of the fifth dimension.
Please dear people on Earth, think of as “thick” fluid, because solid matter will change in due time.

Another point, I’m going to ask you, please think about this Energy matter that is available for it, use this with usefulness. It also means less damaging effects of the causes created. For us that is also an offensive coming from the Earth to stimulate the action, the transfer. We love to do it and to be so helpful with this beautiful Divine Governed Plan.
I love it and all of this Source unit to give you the lovingly remembering useful advance and continue to give.
And that you take this “advice given” through channelling take to heart and I’m sure it will work out great if you do this.

We: We got a little quiet and impressed of this. And we want to take the liberty to speak for all, this message has a certain range, to say on behalf of all who are receiving this any way, thank you very much Lady Ophelia, warm thanks and also to all of the Great Source with Love and Blessings.

Ophelia: Also thanks for you! We are here in a growing, pretty exciting pending of all your reactions, every attempt, so to speak.

Team: For us this is also a loving pleasure to do and to assist you in channelling and to introduce and share “others” to you. As always, everyone can speak to us, those who are known, but also others.

Finally, there is a remark, reminder or help to all those who step into higher conversation. In interaction, always approach a “being” with thoughts, intention of Light and Good Will, go deep within yourself, then you will know whether this is a “good” intelligence from the cosmos or not. Direct your Light in this way on the being, it will flee or remove itself when it has a negative or dark nature.

We: Beloved, thank you very much! Light, love and blessings.

Team: As always also from us here. Keep paying attention, we are now stayers, we will not leave, think of us as “neighboring”, so to speak.

We: Hurray, joy!



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