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Channel message received from Ashtar on the morning of Sunday 23rd of September 2018.

It started out first with a channel meditation with our team. As a kind of preparation, before Ashtar came in, we spoke about what it is like when we sleep or do a profound meditation, how different distances are between beings, people and our family in Higher Realms. In those situations everything is much closer together, then by them another name is given in the explanation about distances.

Team speaks about ‘bridges’ of energy, about a continuous, a continuum. And this is not expressed in dimensions e.d.

There are passages with diversity, accesses, passageways, something like mountain passes, but also all kinds of platforms, canals, halls, kind of corridors and what we call squares and everything is mobile.

Ashtar is joining, with his beautiful loving presence. Greetings!

Ashtar: What you were talking about and with expressions as known on Earth, about our ‘landscape’, to continue.”Matter” (English), matter, substance, content, quantity, importance, reason, is involved, but at Higher-dimensional level it is not so called. Basic expression energy.

It is a bit like simsalabim, but not for everything, for some interests / matters / as needed, there is consistency, faithfulness, purpose-consciousness and purpose orientation.

Examples are the fixed stars, the solar system, the elements where the Earth and the  involved realms are made of.

All that is composed for the duration of the Earth, but also for the Universe, the division of the Universe where this planet is located.

That is natural and true, reality and security.

Basic Expressions Energy has many chemical / chemical elements, ‘different’ than water, air, earth, warmth / fire.

What is the same, in a way, is ethereal.
The ether, the finest material, the celestial space is filled with it, the Higher lives in it, it is thin, l I g h t, there is something in between.

I am not going to explain you all the names. That is Earthly and does not really matter.
Here it is expressed in light language, connected with alchemy, geometry and
a certain logistics of numbers, the most high form of this already and there are sacred parts.

Every child of God knows about this in Higher Dimensional levels and according to the accessible levels.Contained in strict rules and laws to explain it with these words.

Actually it is more like discipline, knowing how it is allowed to serve with it.

Of course there are experimental stays in the Higher Realms for developments, innovation, not to explain now.

I am also here to speak about the fact that there is a road map here in the Higher Realms as well as your maps. And it is not as it is shown to you through the images taken by devices on Earth with Earthly material, done with physical eyes and affairs.

In a way, this is a lifeless way to show it to you on Earth. But among you there are those who know better or better to say that they know it is different, who have memories of this.

Some have also kept it away from you, to keep you as what is used with the term “dummies”. This has been done intentionally.

We have watched and kept an eye on it, made the notes, and it was necessary to intervene in certain circumstances.

That has already been communicated about in other messages.

But there is indeed a system of directions for the Galactic landscapes.

As this tide of 2018 makes clicks and ticks, as the wheels of a clock, this has brought forward major changes. And they have not all appeared yet, in operation.

To explain it with simple words, there is a meaning and importance and a route involved and it has to do with EVERYTHING.

For a large part for this universe in all its departments, there are also some of the other parts of the Creation involved.

ALL life is precious and highly loved by the Supreme Creator.

And as many of you know and understand, there is never waste.

Eternity has to do with recycling. You have reminded yourself of this on the Earth and apply it now and again and more and more, because that is how the situation is for the moment and as a basis in this period of the time calculation it is fundamental.

We also monitor this. And indeed, where necessary, we offer our helping hands. And also with other undesirable issues.

Meditations, prayers, questions and expressions of distress are listened to!

There are divisions for this, duties taken by your family, as Higher Beings, Galactic Beings, and some of your loved ones who have also been human beings on earth.

In fact, there are many ‘services’ according to the many, large varieties.

Many are involved in “project Earth”, more than you can imagine, up to the Very Highest.

The universe as it can be in form of communication continuously receives your actions, thoughts, spoken words and, as already said, meditations, prayers, questions and utterances, everything.

I remind you again of the boomerang effect.

But the voice of mankind is growing towards unity for the highest good, it has also become very clear and it is still expanding that for certain issues on the Earth and humanity there is no longer a need for repetition.

For humans as individuals, but also for the world as a whole. Such as sunsets, water disasters, terrible wars, abuses, nonsensical behavior, extraordinary reactions of the planet, among others. It ended up in a dark cycle. And Now there are the actions from your lives on Earth to get out of this created cycle and associated systems. The decisions were made and with growing large scale on Earth and support from the Higher, the Highest.

Although in essence this all belongs together.

As an explanation with an example, think of a pattern to make a sweater, a sweater, its attributes, numbers of stitches, dimensions and material in colors and quality.

Clauses from the Supreme Order are adapted for this purpose and therefore with regard to creation for life, which means that the e.e.a. can no longer be used or reused.

And this has to do with this 2018 annual route of the Earth.

What to clicks from the Great Sun Clock and the other Sun Clocks with the radiating of this Light and what the ticking on the firmament brings about.A Divinely controlled constellation for the Evolutionary Plan of Planet Earth.
Divine on a large scale.

L i g h t, Cl e a r, P u r e via filtration and already for a long time to the Earth. Clauses, Reasons, Securities, Effects are brought to you, have already arrived. REACH, TAKE IT!It is there for the larger general and the individual as unique God children. And it is HERE with us too, the higher realms and hierarchies, divisions and our whereabouts.


To see this happen together and to experience further.

Get out of your lower dimensional wardrobe, redeem this and look at the ‘lighter’ wardrobe that you can wear for and in the Higher life forms. It is there for you, think of shopping through your imagination if that can / may help! (Smiles)

Tell your neighbors what you are going to do today:
“I am going to shop today for a 5D wardrobe”.
The wardrobe meant for everyone that is available in 5D.

Dear ones, in a way it is unprecedented, but it is not.
Enter through your heart center what has just been passed on, listen and think about it and consider. Recognize that it represents the GOOD.

Your inner vision will show you and know how it shines in its purity and feel honest power returning through your hearts!
And feel the penetration to the other parts of your body as a whole. It likes to express itself and it will represent all that GOOD. Share it when you are capable of good will, even good thoughts will help. They are precious things beloved ones!

And we know that you want to know and hear this: It’s Free!
No tax levies and such money-picking arrangements.

It comes from a Great Love. The One of Eternity.


Use my star symbol, you know how to find it, a touch through thoughts will help! The ether contributes to all the wonders!


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