ASHTAR – Sunday January 20th and Monday Januari 21, 2019.

Greetings from our hearts.



First of all, I would like to say that I am filled and others with gratitude for the love and commitment with which you, messengers, have prepared for this message.

Now it is my turn to convey the channel message, it has to do with my capacity as the competent authority of the Fleet of Starship in this Universe.

As you know, many of you, with these chained events of awakening and the blossoming of the Self Consciousness and the Soul and the Heart Center, you meet all kinds of things, what do I stand for, as and with my human being and the senses, the outside world perceiving, but also with what is happening in the inner world.

Through that inside there is a great deal to meet, to experience and it is very natural that many reactions of all kinds come to life.

We see and know how utterly confusing this can be, but on the other hand what about all the ooh ‘s and ah’ s and wow ‘s, of what many of you are, with a more’ awake ‘all – in -one Soul being, who are more aware of what we call ‘real’ life?

Is not it beautiful and a relief that it is more coming clear, bright and close with all the dearness?

It is my intention with what I bring to you with words and commitment from my being as Ashtar that also makes your imagination more awake with objectivity to reason it out.

And I am supported from here by all here of the Star Fleet and Galactic family, also from the Home Worlds and also beloved Sananda belongs to it, because weareheading through your ‘air’ ‘space’ earth areas’. The impulses of Sananda come from the Love Source to let you understand more and more from reasoning, His Oneness, The Oneness.

Here we go:

I will start with a very simple example.

When you bump your toe or your elbow or any other physical part, that can cause pain and even injury. This is not the case in the Higher Realms.

Another example: our beloved brother Archangel Michael has given you a very beautiful meditation so you can go to the Pyramid of Light and you can lie down on the crystal table. We have taken care of your thoughts and some went on about but that’s hard, you know, au … and when you did it, it was not hard at all, it was soft, a bit like silicone and enveloping, calm, nice and warm, soft and nice, caring and helpful among others.

The following example comes from the beloved Hathors. Hathors contributed to the book via Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene. About the part where Virginia starts to ask about how they, the Hathors look like in their existence. > There is a unique personality, they can choose to take on a form in a physical form as known on Earth through Hathor temple images, it is a matter of concentration and merging of the awareness from the heart center, but beyond that, they can, like we all, yes, you too, are mostly radiant light beings.

And the last example is about how beloved brother Michael, archangel, did his explanation about the dragon myth. It is in the book, published in English with the title “Your Sacred Quest”.

> Long, very long ago, you were very beautiful, but also very large, very agile beings, radiant, colorful, deformable, representing the colors, virtues and attributes of the Creator according to the Diamond state. Floating, doing all kinds of experiments and with all that radiance, colors, iridescent and lively and form expression you left traces that were later described as being ‘dragons’.


We suppose that this is to reasoning.


What becomes visible through matter? How many of you have the thought, everything?

We know that there are countless questions ….

This is meant to let you step out of the ex-act. To in-act.

And again, we assume that you are already busy with your thinking, now!

So, I, Ashtar and also you, I am the captain on my ship, you are captain on your ship, the ever-moving life-light being.

But now more in the material world, you have the rudder, wheel, helm in your power, ability to move it and a lot of moving in the ex-act world-earth way, all just according to that in your physical life-system, all inclusive.

And here I am now, Ashtar, I’m making a telepathic channeling request to you to invite you to start to turn that wheel from that earthly course.

Every other direction is good, larboard, starboard, slow or faster up, all degrees are good, you are the ones who determine it, it is your freedom but keep objectivity, the wheel is in the heart center! It is a dare to let it go!

Take your time……..

But we continue ……

I have asked Anja to take over a certain article from a magazine about 80 years ago.

With the question whether you want to read it, it contains content for the continuation.

Take your time…..


(For the Readers in the English language, the origin is in old Dutch language)

Dreams of Humanity


We always try to wrench ourselves from the tight limits of our ability!


With our two feet we are stuck to the ground, but our head rises to the blue sky, and the look of our eyes, the gaze of our spirit above all, sees around in all existence, and then

we want to be able to move throughour whole existence – we cannot accept that there are piles and beds. We want to break out, we want to rise over there!


That is the great dream of humanity.


We did not keep walking, we started running, because we wanted the distances faster.

Running is the oldest sport, but it did not satisfy, because it did not go fast enough.

Animals ran faster. And the man climbed the horse, the elephant, the dromedary, and the camel.

The man allowed himself to be carried and pulled and enjoyed that he could move as fast as an animal, as a horse, or a pair of horses, but could walk.

Then the technique gave us trumps, to win the speed of the animal.

We went cycling, we drive a car, and whoever drives the fastest, he is the hero.

The snow and the ice did not bother us – the skis and the skate also help us move forward at faster speed than the feet on warmer ground can carry us!

We have not stopped on the banks of the rivers and seas – jealous of the stupid fish we have made vessels and learned to swim.

We made diver’s suits and submarines, because we do not want to limit the water, no restriction by depth!

We were not satisfied as long as our feet were stuck to the ground.

Did we not see the sparrows skip and fly away, did we not see the herons and the swallows make their course! We could jump in the ancient times – a few meters high, no further – and we did not came loose, spacious, we could not go throughthe air, to a foreign country, to a more cheerful region, to our girl or to the boyfriend.


“If I was a bird, if I had two wings, I flew to you!”


If you want to fly, you must have wings, Icarus thought, and he made wings, and flew with his father Daedalus to Sicily, to escape the hostile king of Crete.

Had those pilots been satisfied with this success, and had they spent the rest of their days on a book about their invention, with drawings, who knows we might have wings to be able to escape hostile powers now, either indoors or outdoors?

But Icarus was seized by a whirl of happiness, because he was up, flying – he wanted higher and higher, … .. and came too close to the sun, so that the glue of his wings was released and he collapsed. The first victim, if the legend does not fib, of the bird’s dream of humanity.


Later we found safer means of moving through the airspace: we were carried by the hot air balloon, the plane and the airship. We climb into the stratosphere and we work hard on rocket machines, which have to take us to the moon and to the famous planet Mars.

The time comes, as our dreams predict, that our champions step out of their spaceship at the first moon station, and in a safe costume, go to the floor of the moon bottom, to make films and to write books …… And then the cafes and the ice cream trucks follow soon, and we will all going to look once ……!

However, Icarus would say: you let yourself carry IN the air, people! You do not fly!

No …. We do not fly yet. But that will be! Our dreams and our attempts never cease.

We only have to overcome some difficulties, solve some problems.

The problem of the bird’s wing for example – our hands and feet are barely big enough for swimming, we cannot fly with them. And making wings of a sufficient light and resilient material, wings that we can move, as a bird does its own, we cannot do that yet. We also do not yet know how we will sufficiently counteract gravity.

We do know that you do not need any feathers to fly. Insects and bats also have no feathers. We do know, however, that the air pockets of the birds are not indispensable to the flight:

Bats and some excellent flying birds also have no air pockets.

Hot air in hollow bones is not an indispensable condition: they do not have a swallow and a snipe either.

Maybe you look up about this, but the heaviness of the human body is no objection to flying! Gravity does not have to be lifted! If a bird was not heavier than air, and a fish not heavier than the water, then these animals could not fly or swim, then they drew, irresistibly stuck to the surface.

In relation to the mass a bird is not lighter than a land animal!

We cannot fly onlybecause we cannot use our weight and our strength on properly constructed flight organs! Can we make it, then we are there.


Thus, we are already dreaming up above the shortage of our limbs – above the lack of webbed feet, fins, wings; and we also dream out of the shortage of our senses.

We already found resources, to look further and hear: glasses, telescope, and soon the television; the horn of the deaf and the radio.

But we dream of greater things, of miracles.

Humankind has always dreamed of that. It has the feeling that there is an unknown connection between all things, including the most distant, and that it must be possible to make that connection tangible.

Old sorcerers thought they could see distant mysteries by scattering grains of sand, to be able to come into spiritual contact with absentees.

And besides the mana and taboo of the Australian natives we find faith in the evil eye and the use of mascot and amulet, the practice of hypnosis and telepathy among other peoples from other civilizations.


How far will it bring us! Are they childish follies, or is it the premonition of humanity of possibilities that can ever be realized!

Nobody can say it. But so many inventions have already been made, which once seemed to be foolish fantasies … who knows, to what triumphs the dreams of humanity will still lead!


Article from: Panorama no. 4, 31 January 1935. A weekly of 12.5 ct.

By: E. van Brandenborgh.



Caption with photos from left to right:

So we go on vacation, if science succeeds, to provide man with suitable wings!

Will we ever strive through space in a sort of featheryard, swimming in the air!

“The Moon – all get out!” The spaceship has taken them to this dead landscape without air and water, of which they now make film recordings.

Are you surprised? It is quite current in a certain way.

And how far are we Here in the Now? Let us meddle with, the UFOs.

Well, you have been busy with it and are still working on it and what an exploration is going on from Mars to the Moon and Asteroids and Planetoids, black holes and supernovas etc.

We are conscious of everything, we are aware, we have to make room for it.

Like on Earth: “Here the Command Center of the Space Federation to all units, there comes an” object “from planet earth, then follow the specifications and coordinates”.

Here in the Higher Realms, everything goes with Oneness Communication and Perception, and that can go very quickly.

About UFOs a lot of material is available through your Earthly ways and a lot is about what is ‘real’?

You on the Earth came to the development of and through technical possibilities via the computer, computer programs, screens, but also other equipment and the scope, the broadcasting, transfer of all sorts, also simulation and photo and film material editing and recording.

Dear family on Earth think of the giver!

And you use it in many ways. That is why the title is chosen from this channeling and already as a reminder, we have just invited you to turn the wheel of theex-act earthly ways, as the very young learn to live on Earth.

There are Heavenly Forces, Laws and Secrets.

Let us continue with the elements, the base, Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

And it all comes from the Source of the One.

The cosmic Fire is a very extraordinary, beyond your ability to reason it, we want to say excuses for it, but it still is, but it will improve, a supreme power, a genius, a being, one can say, the first-born.

And to deal with it, to make it manageable on the Earth, that was a remarkable achievement.

Fire was first, developing the second element of air with warmth and light,

And then water and sound and finally Earth and Life.

It needs an addition, involved were cosmic Spirits of Time and it was not done in a decade or a century.

One might say from one came the other and that is so!

The Supreme One and very high bright light spirits, the Creator and the Co-creators, they became inventors, discoverers, artists, composers, constructors, etc. It came from a deep core need from within. Weaving and Life. Life and Weaving.

And you live on Earth, are, see, experience in a beautiful creation and this is also in a beautiful creation. We expect you to understand, remember, that one does not function without the other. A great, huge, moving, loving family.

From the base there were other elements, star dust, substances and subsequent creation after creation and countless combinations.

And so also the beautiful oceans, forests, mountains, fields and nature on Earth and humanity did not came just all-in suddenly.

Anja was asked by us to make a few very simple examples, with Earth materials. Paper, watercolor, charcoal, brush and then her essence, her hands, her intention and creative powers. White contains all colors. Done on white paper, as white as it can be on Earth.



Those with charcoal: The Light meets the primeval material, represented here by the charcoal and with some action (from both sides), life arises, movement and the beginning of design.



Those with water color: start with cobalt blue, later magenta, diluted with water, to give an impression, as said in a simple way, of weaving and what happens when a second color is added. The technique is called veiling.

In a Divine way this also happened for the whole of Creation and yes, it is much more complex, but once there was a start.

Here in the Now many cosmic census and Earth “time” later, you meet with your senses, the physical and the social Spiritual, of the all-in essence/being, already very much on the Earth itself but also in the Universe. Thoughts do not only contain energy, which in itself is a very wide area, but also to transform forces.


The Supreme Creator, The Genius, there came a ray, the Golden Ray, the First Ray,

it represented / represents the masculine, all sparks of Creation, power, will, dynamics with persistent insatiable desire and outward energy.

Then came the second ray, the Silver represented / representing the feminine, nurturing, creative, intuitive, receptive, compassionate, the specular, but directed to within. When these two rays came together ‘later’, it became diamond.

Yes, this is the highest form of loving. Diamond began to create countless sparks that can radiate (resembles comet) but with the same essence and also these rays united/unite like Father and Mother, with life force energy.

Can you try to imagine how many HOW MANY beings, children of the Supreme there are, all together? But also, can you imagine that all those beings did not all become a being with a form, like humans, for example, that many remained light beings or became a star-being or an angel of the first hierarchy or other hierarchies or a being of the Fire or a being of some element or of the other kingdoms of nature as known to us?


Take your time…….


The jumps I make are great, apologies for this, but we believe in this, to convey it to you.


Indeed, we travel through the universe and the sub-universes and also in the Omniverse.

Let us stay close to the home of the planet Earth. There (counts ago) comes this need to travel, it was all expanding and expanding, other home worlds and places were created and so were changing distances, challenge after challenge.

Invitations to create moving differently.

Can you imagine HOW MUCH this has to do with the outwardly directed energy, will and power and dynamics of the First Ray and the feminine side as mentioned before and the first born Cosmic Fire and the immense Love that is involved?

And how wonderfully wonderful, full of Spirit, beautiful, loving all this is?

That how the ships came into being, broadly outlined, of course with developments and improvements?


I take you on a short trip along the 7 planets to indicate about the metal (known as on Earth) which they represent. Saturn is the outermost planet, which has a relationship with lead. Jupiter more to Earth, with tin. Then Mars comes the neighbor of the Earth, as an outer planet, that is iron. The moon that revolves around the Earth, that is silver, the Moon is the mirror of the universe. To the inner planets, neighbor Venus, copper and Mercury, the closest to the Sun, mercury and the Sun itself, the gold. The Sun and the planets are beings like the Earth.

But also, the aforementioned metals that are beings, they also have the Core essence.

There is obviously more ‘cosmic matter’, element material, I want you, we would like to give you the advice to search on the internet, it is on the internet, THE PERIODIC LAW after Crookes.

We consider this a nice aid example, look at how he used the word ‘valency’  and symbols of the Platonic solids.

Beautiful styles of existence and life, and you have given them beautiful names.

We use the elemental beings for all kinds of ‘constructions’, functions and travel energy, among others.

With the power of the will, strength in itself, connection (s), intention, thoughts, eternal wisdom and knowledge and service based on Love.

Now the explanation about ‘Valency’, it comes from the Latin word Valentia, but represents for us: “dignity, spiritual social feeling (color, emotion, movement), validity, correctness, regularity, the resultant of force fields, it represents the total of all possible connections, with the imagining to enter into connections and the manifestation “.


That is how we deal with it, with very much. Also, the ships of the Starfleet, the Beings.

Valency as the value of the Gold!

Everything has to do with it in the Higher Dimensions with the involved patterns of vibration and frequency, there are various levels.


This way we can cross the earth areas and the Universe and we have done some ‘showing’ and ‘testing’.

Accordingly, His Wisdom and Opinion, we do not want to hurt you, beloved ones on Earth in any form whatsoever. We are aware of your communication, reaction in all kinds of ways about our “Galactic” (we ARE family) UFOs and other talk. In large consultation, we had and have great considerations. One of the issues is to lower the Fleet Beings and us, your family, (the Etheric), but it can be done.


We now ask you the question; What do you expect to meet, see and experience again, as a result of this given in this message as an aid in reasoning?

You will contribute with your loving positive thoughts!

They will be noticed and take part in the next consultations.


And yes, it is possible for us, to show, to leave behind a light, in motion, in the Earth’s skies. That is like a firework, it means here is the Light Force Speed Signal!

We travel with the speed, the dynamics of light, the cosmic fire and yes with the elements, as we use them with everything based on Love and Valency!


The latter for this message, also meant to be helpful to you for reasoning.

The beloved prophet Elijah was taken to the Heavenly Home with a Divine carriage with horses of Cosmic Fire!


In the name of the Son! Amen!

Salute for ALL of you, beloved, of us all of the Fleet of this Galaxy, Home Worlds and me, Ashtar, competent as commander! Love!

Received: Sunday 20 January and Monday 21 January 2019.

Posted on website: 22 January 2019.

For website edited by: Anja


THANKS to your Dear All!



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