ASHTAR – Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Greetings from our hearts.





Salute beloved ones on Earth! Here am I Ashtar from the starship ‘Bethlehem’, which is in fact also an -in between station-. Once again it is our wish of love to continue to assist you with all the ongoing processes and underlying processes and events still with a nature of all kinds.

For the record, because I am the administrator Here in this place, this channel has a contribution of Lord Jesus and Samuel, prophet, priest and judge.

Via me Ashtar, it has been transmitted telepathically to this channel, representing it.

It is because we want to continue to help you, beloved, with the consciousness, because there is something involved, entangled.
It can only be further developed on the WAY from its life of awareness-thinking in the present, the act the préséance of the Self with exactness from there.
The channel message has required a number of moments of preparation and compilation and now the composition into a whole, on this morning of the Full Moon day, February ’19.

Over lighted by Us from Our standpoint, point of residence in the Universe.


Words are symbols, we use them because it is still an important way to communicate with you, dear ones as inhabitants of the Earth.

Again, for the good order, this channel channels together with her partner, this takes place in English, because partner is of English origin.

Now words are used to explain and convey, and this is quite contradictory, as opposed to how it really is, TRUE needs no explanation, but that the WAY is TRUE because WILL comes from the First Ray of the Supreme Creator and reminder, advice or idea, to use it first. Repeat this for your Self and think of Our God, turn to His Name for the assistance on the Way of True WILL.


The contrast experiences. The seeing is with the physical frame very focused on the external.

Vision, seeing, contemplation, consequences> looking, opinions, wondering, judgment, decisions.

But it is becoming aware and contrast is that it actually should also be able to see inner vision.

The latter is plainly plain, actually very ordinary, open and honest.

The relativity of the visible world of daily life gives you almost a rock-solid feeling of this ‘reality’.

The I-feeling plays a role here, this you carry with you and this is shifted in a way by means of allocation to the ‘reality’ that is not real and this has weakened the connection with the True I Consciousness, shifted aside or can be said covered with veils or layers. It is interaction of the I Am in every person on every level and the entire world.

Your explorers feeling is of paramount importance here.
The search with and to a broader view, it is for the Great Plan.

Many follow the Great Advice to go in with a certain regularity and to enter into the interaction, to experience contrasts, to see, to compare, to think over, etc., to see the Creation and in this case especially beautiful planet Earth, to investigate the value of the reality.

It is a finding of the Light that through this beautiful planet’s BEING body, you as human beings also have it, and the soul as an element, the sacred elements as cornerstones, that this APPEARS through everything to recognize the value of reality. The Light is fully permeated by the Radiating One, filled with His Love, devotion and faithfulness, as Lord of the Earth.



We expect that with the help of all communication from us, your Family Light Brotherhood under the guidance of the Command, with many departments and the Radiating One as Head, the Lord of the Earth, clarity is seeping inwards about what the function representations of life, the soul, all forms of consciousness are and that nothing of a material nature has anything to do with value of reality.

Reality has a TOTAL. An evolution route.

Because knowledge, the True Knowledge, never changes, it does not need correction.

Through the knowledge of the Universal Laws, the true knowledge of it, our existence exists at this Higher Level of vibrations.


The Universe and the subs contain charges and these charges attract and repel, all patterns and assemblies of these monads, atoms, molecules, vibrations, frequencies, elements, and more loads and presences, of all sizes, contain energies that respond to them and responding or communicating higher-dimensional and working together.

Magnetic fields propagate with the speed of Light and there is always a relationship with the infinity sign. The Universal laws involved are constantly connected and influenced by the Cosmic Timer!

It is a rather complex spectacle, a contemplation play, the life display of reality. With more supreme awareness it will be more reasoning and with more ease and grace to enter the re-entry and to join again.

To give and receive, Everything to Everything or ALL to ALL. It also belongs to you!


This WAY is for each of you and everyone is needed, you have made this choice for this mission and the role. It has a significant reason to bring the fragments together again, there are ‘in between stations’ on which you have placed them.

Please imagine this, see how these spark fragments come back to the unique, own being and how it radiates, according to the Radiating One Example of the Son, what means return, it is the WAY of return and imagine how this combined Radiant Light, the planet Earth lights up and illuminates and reunites with the original as a return but on a renewed WAY and Light body.

The more you do this, the better. Imagine this wonderful collaboration with so many of us in the Higher Worlds, Home Situations, imagine how special this is and yes there is an audience of Higher Beings of Light. Maybe you can already listen to them, how they applaud and feel their appreciation, because by THIS they also share!


LOVE is a stream of many streams, roads, but actually One.

The English version is: COUNTENANCE LOVE instead of fear.

Countenance, approve Love, tacitly, blindly, support and encourage It, tolerates the appearance with calm, peace of mind, with delight and benevolence.

Lift the covers, slide them aside, use all the nice meaning of Countenance to see the face of what is underneath. When many of you lift it up, do the lifting up, then you light up what is beneath it.

You will meet Redemption, a state of substitution.


But also, you, dear ones on Earth, have been feeling for a while to cope with, becoming aware and realizing chaos, so Our advice, see the vision of the New Creation of the Earth in the beautiful Light body, make the great awakening higher in level, restored.

And as Anja asked: “Without dust”? She does not like dusting so much. (smile)

Is this not a wonderful desire as need to be so aware and awaken in this and to continue life in that higher state. Clean!

You will remain inhabitants of two worlds, while returning the Earth to Heaven, for the Earth is the mirror of the Heavens.


From a different angle, your dear people on Earth, you are the “Via’s Naturalis” through it takes place. Listen to the Voice of Life itself, it resounds in your beautiful inner room.

It is a beautiful plan and already very well on the way in performing.

You all have chosen for a role in the Plan.

The more you become more awake, that is to say with conscious perceptions of thought in the present, the more you step on the WAY of the TRUE WILL, one could say a step-by-step plan to clear truth value, reality value, then you will again go into this intense attachment, to feel it, from the inside to see the infinity.


The messages from and through me, Ashtar travel all around the world, this takes some Earth time, hence a reminder of a question from the previous message (22-01-2019), the inbox is open:

“What do you expect to meet, see and experience again, in response to the given as help in reasoning”?

And there are already reactions, and grateful for your co-operation and cooperation!


In the name of The Light of the World! Amen!


Salute for ALL of you, beloved of the Radiating One and all of us of the Fleet of this Galaxy, Home Worlds and of me, Ashtar and Prophet Samuel. Love!


Received as a whole: Tuesday February 19th 2019.

Placed on website: 19 February 2019.

Edited for website by Anja


THANKS to you, Dear ALL!


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