Ode to the Pivot

ODE to the PIVOT


It is becoming increasingly clear that we are turning, constantly in motion as electromagnetic Divine beings.


We become more aware that there is more than planet Earth.

So, we started to follow Maya Wisdom and follow this every day and according to that, cycles in the round are endless.

Among others, from Holy Sun to Holy Sun.

NOW, here on Earth, we came back on the White Mirror Life Path on February 20th, Etznab also called mirror of the Self.

The middle path of the Tzolkin.

That made me wake up at night, between midnight and 6 o’clock in the morning, somewhere in the midst and made me read books in the middle of the night, listen to music, and spun me in the round and mirrors on all sides. Considering everything and clearing away in my soul and being.


Earlier in the autumn of last year, I started a work of art, no I should do it like that and it had to be so with those colors, et cetera.

That took a while before it was finished, which only succeeded in February this year.

I made a picture of it, the idea was in the horizontal.

All equal parts cut from acrylic-dyed paper and with fabric and yarn back together to form a whole.

I lay awake at night and also thought about the art work, that is not good, it must be upright, of course Anja, the movement is vertical, I have to turn.


And one of those books involved re-reading the Hathor material.

And indeed, a chapter on the Pivot point, the metaphor of the Pivot point, makes it easier for us to understand and handle all those movements, all that is going on and on.

I am a center of a pivot point, there are invisible, multidimensional forces constant on all levels and with various goals, around me, around the center, moving.

The shape, the course is the infinity sign, above, below, front and back.

Then you realize that invisible bustle and also from a higher point of view, every living being has this, we all do this.


I heard in my mind the song played by the Byrds, Turn Turn Turn, there are beautiful real things written and sung.

(Turn Turn Turn, written in the late fifties by Pete Seeger inspired by text from Ecclesiastes, performed by various artists)

Very often after that still played through You Tube, which we encountered as an aid.


Pivot point is a spindle, with a balance point.

The Hathors mentioned the seesaw and the joystick, with the metaphor.

And our pivot, the Divine Spark, has gone down a path to this beautiful planet Earth, from the Silent Point, to and in the Earth, created with duality and polarity.

And with that there are crossings and all those forces have now accelerated and are still doing this.

This influences our pivot point. N A T U R A L L Y this has an intention.

Our eternal Spark is assigned as human being with the emotional and sense nature and those parts are like a sort of barometer that touches the pivot point and sets it in motion. Everything that every person on earth experiences, does, meets, reacts, all human actions, all those interactions around the Pivot point.

For the growth of the Soul. Our own consciousness.

The old has been done with Mystery schools and Temple initiations and very difficult things to become initiated.


This is the New, the Earth is the Holy Temple made through Sacred Elements, with everything that happens there, that are the initiations.

And initiations are the mirrors for the Soul.

My being is also a temple, a sanctuary.

Everyone has their own life experiences and thoughts about this, but it does show and with a considerable number of reflections, that not everything and everyone comes in all glory and hallelujah, just like that.

But it does turn! And for everyone. That pivot point is really essence responsive to all that and that goes on and on, turn, turn, turn.

And the more this Light Point turns, the more it will radiate and spread, share.

Providing the reflections of higher qualities.


And further when you realize, acknowledge and accept what it all entails and that our thoughts, the mind, the power of imagination, our emotional world, created the reality on this Earth, revolving around all those vibrations, the patterns, frequencies, ‘broadcast and attract’ and this goes ‘just’ on, from the radiant power of our Sacred Heart temple surrounded by the beautiful human being.

Then in this 1-2-3 year it is high time for the realization that everything is a great gift and reflections for Higher quality and our contribution through what we “produce as output and attract what is input” that this is extremely essential. Input has to do with integrating, recognizing and acknowledging levels and healing what is no longer a contribution and healing for what can no longer be for the highest good of all of us, even to the Universe.


On regular base we channel with our Team.

So also, the last Sunday of February. We missed the Team, they were gone for a while, they were back again. We asked for an explanation.

Where it comes down to is that they also have a Pivot point in the Higher Realms and also have their initiations, also because of us Turning.

In that channeling we also asked the question, how is the Now with the Earth?

Pause … it was considered how to indicate this and it was explained as with a Top 100, (for example like music) and the place given to the Earth was number 40.

We listened and accepted, but then during those nocturnal waking hours, something started to work, also because of the Hathor material, Virginia asks a question about the time frame.

And the Hathors express their expectation about the primary harmonic wave, and a so-called climax as 2000-2020.

Then the thinking started about 2020 and the relationship with 40. Half of 40 is twenty, but also two and two are four and there are two zeros, let’s say circles. And Earth, humanity and the other realms are made of the 4 Holy Elements. That brought a courage empowerment.


But also, a neighbor gave a beautiful card with text from Kahlil Gibran, from the book PROPHET.

With text about learning to pray.

One should not only pray in desperation and need; the wish is expressed to also pray about what is good and with joy, about if one is GOOD in Earth life.

About praying with words that God does not listen to words unless the words are uttered by God through us.

And about learning the prayer about what is on Earth, such as forests, mountains, the waters and such. That can be found in our own heart.

And now I come to the night, because in the Silence of Night, it is tacitly said:

“Our God, who is our winged self,

It is Your will in us that works.

It is Your desire in us that craves.

It is Your urge in us that our nights, which are Your Own,

want to change in days that are also Yours.

Nothing we can ask You for You know our needs before they arise in us:

You are our need; and by giving us more of Yourself, You give us everything. ”


And in this meditative night situation, I saw Mother and Father Earth praying for the altar in their Pivot point.


Besides all these wonderful occurrences I am, we fell in love with the whole heart and pivot when reading in “Course in Miracles”, English version,

on the AscenDANCE of God. The Dance of Ascension from God.

That makes us turn and turn and dance, turn . point . turn . point . it is for opening of The Door, to open it further for this Golden Chance for accelerating evolution, a cleared and cleansed Earth and again close to Heaven and return to Oneness and full of joy!




Written by Anja on the last day of the White Mirror life path,

March 4th2019.

With this Ode to Pivot Point this is a contribution via the digital communication path.

Posted: March 6th 2019.


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