The Path of Remembering

ASHTAR – Thursday, March 21, 2019


Greetings from our hearts.






Greetings dear beloved Ones on Earth! Here I am Ashtar!

Myths and especially mythical characters were there in older days.

These mythical characters they never age that comes from the essence with which they were filled to convey and that has happened it has been transmitted into the hearts and consciousness of humanity.

This essence has the highest essence to evoke memories, the memories of all that was when we were all together in the Higher Realms before the “missions” to Earth, the Earth world of matter. This is still continuing these mythical essence influences; it has a cycle but with a duration until this evolutionary event is accomplished and fulfilled.


The circle of Holy Ground of Atonement without end, filled with peace and joy and at the center is the Lord Jesus. Inside it is for anyone who or whatever God has created.

Peace and joy as magnetic from the power of God for reunification, no one will be left out in non-reality and what is unkind there. The doctrine is Atonement and Peace and not of anything as insanity and to make innocence shine again.


The establishments from earlier centuries have become confused, this characterizes the journey to (re) discover, to adjust and to apply, transform new ways into new forms of Life.

This has to do with essence and with this, with this essence we want to emphasize the deeper laws of life, memories of it, INsight.

The macro cosmos lives the answer, senses the confusion of the solution.

It is not one-sidedness, it has sense-atmosphere and this is a challenge to overcome and to Overcome and all- versatility to achieve.
The sphere of the senses has the polarity higher senses and lower senses.
The virtues and qualities of the senses from both sides play an important role, a major role on this journey to seek and find the conscious connection with this Great Environment and they bring back concepts.


We also want to emphasize the importance of integrating from the concentration from the Sanctuary of your heart, there is the beginning, in the Point of Being, for a new beginning.

There is the beginning for unfolding, notice, become aware of this energetic flow, it is a very refined one. Your radiation makes it spread throughout the world.

Note the speed of the Sun as Sky inhabiting being for the change to Spring, NOW, for the Northern Hemisphere, the speed is increasing and the polarity in the Southern Hemisphere to Fall, the speed is decreasing and how everything responds to this.

Moment after moment, feel the high quality and preciousness of the Given!

From what you can and may use as it is given and with your Free Will.

Radiance and attraction, you are all a strength, shining, spreading, and this journey of the people, your Beloved, filled with actions and deeds is capable of attracting the miracles from the Great Source for the further and further and much faster transformation to and for the New Earth.


Do not want any more illusions, you ARE STARTED and well on your way, with your journey full of searching for other worlds. Search and ask for the infallible power beyond your own and at the same time recognize what you are looking for to remember.

Your eyes as they see physically are not the only things that everything has seen before.

A question came from a reader through Anja about elections and what to choose?

This channel message was recorded in Holland and elections were again on the agenda.


Dear ones, elections are a topic of every day, choice after choice in many moments in the life of your days and even in nights.

Politics is based on older energies coming from areas or rather states around the Mediterranean. Based on ideas and thoughts for arranging, controlling, governing, organizing, improving life in the States.

And who does it come from …?

One could state, calculated dexterity for the achievement of a particular goal or goals, which can be characterized by dexterity and circumspection to achieve this.

This has expanded enormously, affecting everyone in the world every day.

You don’t have to look far for an example.

There are more than 60 types of politics; here are a few “names”; trade politics, national politics, open door politics, ostrich politics.


Here in the Higher Realms, this “political” as on Earth is not necessary.

It is Oneness and choices are based on Love.

We know it. Those who have been to Earth are informers for us and for future generations, this is still true.

But everything is documented by Beloved Family of Angels who have taken on the task of doing this, they also monitor and arrange this registration in the Akashic Chronicles.

These registers are insightful to us and always.

But we can say that elections, making choices is one of the challenges to direct for further spiritual growth.

We would like to present the following to you for what is to come in this area, but also for the many other choices.

Many of these ideas, thoughts, proposals, assumptions, parties are from others than most of you generally know personally. Media today makes it more social and public, informative; marketing is used but also disclosure.

We ask you to examine within yourself how you respond to the resonance emitted by those involved, the person involved. We tip you; resonance is constant movement in great diversity. It is also a teaching, is it based on light and positive energies does it feel lovingly like in Higher Dimensions (memory) or do you notice the opposite or do you notice confusion? Diversity is there! Communicate with your internal I Am presence and soul and its intuition and listen and become aware of and base your choice, election on Light, Love and positive resonances, radiations, interactions, communication. Communication from the Heart.

Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity for new turns.



Due to the development of technologies and their use, research has been going on for some time in the Universe and, unlike before because of the made progression.

Many people are involved, from inventing, to developing, financing, producing, working with it, registering, following, et cetera.

Many perceptions are of speculative nature based on the current states of consciousness and thought patterns, the current nature of people and the material used.

The permissible to be able to do this, allowed to do this, has a well-intended breeding ground of Higher Source, it has to do with the level of Being on Earth and Being Human with all the other kingdoms of nature and Us in the Higher, that the necessary steps take place to assist evolution, transformation in that way. Discover, register and remember!

This in itself is for the NOW as your Beloved can incorporate, accept and adopt in physical Being and seeing. An exciting and narrative way, exploratory way for the Tour but also for the nudges from the truth for the memories.

We know, observe how you enjoy it, feel the wider and appreciate it and can also have peace with it.

This will continue for a period of time this perceiving in this way, but what on the other hand, say as polarity, also develops is inner perception and remembering.

It is our wish and wishes also yours that this will proceed in an amiable way instead of contradiction. And that this physical report does the lightning THROUGH by the inner remembering perceptions and, in this way, will contribute to the path of remembering and to the authenticity. On the inner path thereby image (s) can occur, glimpse (s) of which the meaning is, that it comes from the Higher and eternity and makes more conviction grow, move.

The original meaning matters.

And to let money and fear-based “grip” on Life go.

Effortless for the New Forms, without smallness, with willingness.


– You forgot to remember again.

– Forgiveness is not a loss but salvation.

– Every thought starts and ends in silence.

– From underneath the blanket, GO!


Another tip: listen to the song One World Love played by the Seekers!
For the New Earth.
(It is on You Tube from the concert of their 25th anniversary)


We support you with all possible ways to continue and sustain, but above all there is the triple power of the Lord Jesus, Love, Faith and Commitment.


Happy Spring!

Joyful Autumn!

Salute for ALL you, dear ones of Sananda and all of us from the Fleet of this Galaxy, Home Worlds and from me, Ashtar and Prophet Samuel with all due respect, as a wingman. Love!

Received: Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Posted on website: 22 March 2019.

For website edited by: Anja


THANKS to everyone and Love!

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