Greetings from our hearts.


Good morning for you, because that is it for you, from me Ashtar, governor of Universal Traffic and the Command of the Star Fleet and good morning, greetings to all the beloved ones who know that they are familiar with the Command and the many, many others.
Also, a greeting with love from Jesus Christ and Prophet Samuel and from all those of being together on our last, recently ended expedition to Saturn and regional areas on / with 1 of the beautiful Star Ships.
Let’s start with that.

The last time we communicated with Anja, on Good Friday, we were in the Mars region.
Another reason than the one mentioned in that message is or was that an expedition was prepared, ready to depart for Saturn and surrounding regional areas.
For all those on Earth who encounter this message, when you hear the sound of a nice little bell in your Sanctuary of the Heart, you were among those who were “guest travelers” on the trip.
On your way of remembering, some of you have learned again to use the ability to “travel” in your original form of Lightness the core spark, it is now in the Sanctuary of the Higher Heart, in other words, the more rapid way to move in a desired form, to greet and meet and to be, to interact, in this case with us on this journey to Saturn and adjacent areas. During sleep time or during the correct state of Spirit via meditation.
It was intended and planned that some of you would travel with this company.
I am talking about a well-planned schedule and organization that all those invited and involved would be able to do this.
And we had a very nice “time” with this being together and this special trip and in a way research.
We have asked Anja to collect some information and photos as known by you on Earth to support the purpose and intention of this journey, hereby. Take your time.

The planet is most distant from the Earth when the planet is in conjunction with the Sun. In any case much larger than the earth, the earth fits in a large number of times. Saturn, however, weighs much less than Earth because of its density, but it is the heaviest planet of the others. The planet rotates quickly on its axis.
The orbit around the sun is around 30 years according to Earth time calculation.
The planet has the greatest number of moons of all, so far.
There are beautiful rings around the planet, researchers call it the most beautiful rings of all planets.
It is called an outer planet or overhead sun planet.
The movements of the planets go counterclockwise.
Saturn is a “loyal” planet to its own course; the Sun is the conductor!
And radiates more warmth than what is received by the Sun.
It is the last planet that must be passed on the road to the fixed stars.
Saturn was called Chronos by the Greeks. Chronos the God of TIME, who rules old age.
The beginning and end of time as you think about it on Earth, the passage of time.
Metal: Lead
Organ: Spleen, connected to the heat organism.
Element: Earth
Holy Mayan Suns: Cib, Akbal.
All planets are closely linked to fate, the life destiny of every person, but also of every other being that lives in or on Earth. Saturn has had a lot to do with the structure of the Earth, is still connected to it, like the Moon and the Sun. In this context we are talking about a very ancient period of Creation.
Saturn has to do with the structure of the human skeleton.
Rudolf Steiner: Saturn is the lasting memory, has to do with the past, of our planet system.


Beautiful Pearl Planet Earth is now in Higher Dimension, the Inner Earth any way 100% and much of the lower of the surface part belongs to the past.
This has an effect on the Universe, the beautiful planets constellation and why this expedition to Saturn, because this beautiful planetBEING was primarily involved in the creation of the Earth, along with the Sun and Moon and the Great Source and other high beings.
The position is at a certain extreme edge, border, the first photo was chosen for that.
When you look at it, straight ahead, it is on the photo at the far right.
We know that you understand that this can also be viewed from other positions.
The other photo shows what is around it like planets, an asteroid and asteroid belt.
That is for the New Galaxy.
We wish to remind you that you look at it with your physical eyes and the level of consciousness you have on Earth. It is our wish to talk about it in this way.
We had a somewhat crisscross route regarding visiting and exploring through the regions around Saturn and Saturn itself, part of the Universal landscape.
There was more than 1 reason, but the one we want to clarify is about the following.
It is about the beautiful ring constellation around Saturn. Hereby an attempt with words to explain that splendor, beauty, wonder as it is. This is top beauty of orbs in being around a planet consisting of very small particles of all kinds of minerals, of which also known on Earth and alchemical, with elements, geometric composition, constantly moving very fast.
(Minerals are high creatures such as olivine, obsidian, many types of jasper and quartz, kunzite, bornite pure crystal and others not known by you)
We expect those who “know” these rings also from the trip, that they remember this beautiful, very special attractive presence.
But in addition to this composition, presence as its planet being, the rings make beautiful tones, sound compositions!
They produce upper tones. We were there to listen to it, to look at it, but also to investigate, the change (s) because what is taking place on Earth and the love you give the Earth, balance and harmony are grandly recovering.
According to the Plan the intention is that these upper tones on Earth will be heard, they have powerful healing powers, this process progression has arrived in an intensive action.
To serve the greater healing processes on Earth, in particular human health, and of course there are effects involved for areas in Higher Dimensions.
This is what we wish to call the first “Bridge” we cite with this message, the Saturn Ring Tone Bridge!

The second bridge is about creating a Bridge of Light by balancing, equalizing and harmonizing with love from Heart Center to send/ pass on these energies around the Earth that is horizontal, and this it offers to ‘others’ there will be those ready to accept.
The following is to raise these frequency patterns which are the effect of this from the mass consciousness, and to open entrances, portals for it and that is in a vertical position, a way to create a bridge of Light through which beautiful, there waiting creations in the Higher Realms can be established on Earth.

Next one. The bridge involved in the process of the return to Home, the Inbreathe of the Creator, it has the same basis as the previous one, but it is brought into the ether, which is huge and complex, but it builds and opens the bridge called the Rainbow Bridge which carries out all that is necessary that has to do with the 12 Rays of this Milky Way Galaxy.

Now a more complex Bridge composition.
Peace is the bridge for everyone to cross, you will all do this, to leave the world as you know it present day. But the start is within this world when you begin to perceive it differently.
One could say repeating, refreshing observations for the bridge, the road on the bridge and beyond. Peace is the answer to much such as, all the hectic, inanity during the Earth journey, conflicts of every kind, vain pursuits and striving with no meaning whatsoever.
Peace is meant to feel like a gentle embrace, surrounding the heart center, but also the other parts of your being, bringing comfort and love.
The bringer of Peace is Faith, it is the call for Truth, for entering and making lovingly, there is preparation for this loveliness.
The trail of this bridge, truth, follows faith and peace and is there the conductor for completing the process of the loveliness started through this.
A goal for living and learning on Earth is Faith. The subject forever and ever is Truth.
The involvement of the Light is the calmness, tranquility which is pure peace. It is the gift for vision, foresight, insight, view, is meant to “see” from within.
For the true, certain Light is in it and within it is the power of God.

Another Bridge is from the Great Cosmic Clock of the Creator. The one from the Tzolkin, this in itself is a bridge and the Holy Suns, Maya.
This is a short explanation, but also an invitation to investigate for and by yourSelf.
There is a Sun called Cimi – the Bridge between Worlds.
It is about death in which you do not die, that you surrender to the ongoing development of new life, not giving up, to allow integration of what is new. Also, about regaining your inner freedom through surrender. By feeling certainty and safety. You are a beautiful part of the cosmos, of the Inspiring Light. Live now! Life force cannot die, it is a change of form.

The Kingdom of God is freedom, equality of all from Will. It cannot be learned through any form of tyranny, dominance, anger, deception, and what we have mentioned before.
Finally, a Bridge is built over this gap of shadow land, the Bridge of Freedom.
Free from to lock in, lock up and block. Your true, sure, secure love identification.
Freedom is Creation! It is love! Earth is a Kingdom of God.

Next one. We have made the decision to pay attention, to deal with, to assist with the following topic. Many on Earth have communicated about this with us, including Anja and her partner. Disagree.
And we, as we are, also see this as a Bridge, we bring this as observers with the intention of Love for the solution. The pyramid is used as an explanation.
We are very aware of this, unlike you, but we certainly are.
Much has already been circulated about this subject via the internet and media.
We have heard, received from you, a report that is as concise and clear, as we wish:

It drips down from dominance over people from the top of the so-called pyramid, power over, those who don’t want to give it up, this drips down, affects other people. It has been made a “product” to maintain ownership and leadership, speculating with those who know little about these things, the innocent, even the slaves. Creating an economic stunt to save what … ..? There are even products already made and for sale to protect you against it. They think they own the Earth.
It is not according to God’s plan. Whatever right or whatever does they have to do this. Some call it progresses, it is true, we will get over it again, as before with nuclear conditions, harmful explosions with poisoning, other radiations and various other inventions put into use during the last 100 years.
It comes from the army organization/ industry and they are done with the use in that area, done and there is already new that they again use for their own various purposes.
Many report that there must already be a newer technique, otherwise this would not happen.
Satellites also belong to more from higher up in the air, that must be made, maintained, keep them going, also economic involvement, making money for it?
And other games on Earth. And that, for explanation, lower down in the pyramid who want to work, have an income, ambition, participate, belong, prestige issues, position issues. Employment opportunities. What is forced or competed? One wants to be something, to leave something behind of oneself, I’ve been here on Earth, as a sort of need, one thinks it’s indelible.
Health issues.

It all happens on Earth in that kind of world.
The first thing that we wish to mention is the reflection, the boomerang effect, today here in the high speed now, this will certainly show effects for the necessary results.
One could see it as, there is a dark spider web, involved are the maker (s) and those who get caught in it, in whatever way and for whatever reason.
This spider web no longer has all those attachments as before, but some are still there.
Because you too, those who are Awake, bring in so much Light and move on and use it, so much more Light for Bridges. Because you too, those who are Awake, bring in so much Light and move on and use it, so much more Light for Bridges. So, this can be seen as a two existing situation, both doing the “thing” with the interactions.
Each of you going to Earth and being there to gain life experiences have agreed to this life and your own part / role / game / position with its great diversity.
There are changes at every level for all levels and beings.
Positivity is always wise to do.
So, to place this 5G on and in a positive point as an experience with awakened consciousness, it is meaningful for all Those, at least, involved with 5G and any newcomers.
For the spider web side, it is also an opportunity for them to really wake up.
The influences of the Light of Love, Peace, Harmony and Balance, Faith that we have spoken of in this message and your energy patterns of resistance from those on the Light side and there are also half / half (with all due respect) have to do with this confrontation.
It is quite a spectacle and also our contributions and getting closer together means that it will, has to do with Will, lead to the GOOD outcome. Changes!
Whatever has been passed through communication with us is that some wished they had adopted technology for their mission to make a leap over 5G and make something completely healthy and new and work well. Bridge between terrestrial communication technology and higher communication such as telepathy. Here is a kind of invitation challenge to those who have taken this on for their mission for this life, those who know much or everything about Earth communication technology beyond 5G. We appeal to you on behalf of many, to bring it here in the Now on the World Earth, we are there to support you, ask! We have Faith that you will do the right thing and find the bridge for it!
So appeal to your true “inside”, you know when it is about you, try to use your Divine memory and power of imagination. Be enthusiastic and, on the other hand, be practical, be brave but not reckless, remain confident because you “dig” into a kind of unknown, and when you recognize, you try to manifest visions and gifts (or other important things) about this. When the choice or choices are of the highest moral nature, there is high Divine Love.
Stand in Life, vertically. Image imagination, express it, experience it fully and share it.
Do your highest possible!

To support with some remarks:
Bridges are not yours but for you.
What has no effect has no existence.
It is not only for you alone, as individually with your consciousness soul of awareness it is also for the Higher Groups.
Think with Source Light before you continue.

It is our wish to bring the following to your attention, it has already received media attention, this is a repeat encouragement.

Thomas Rau. Statements by Thomas: “We must facilitate responsibility, instead of power and property,” “sustainability is only limiting ecological damage.”
To watch via a broadcast of Tegenlicht from the VPRO: Einde van Bezit (2015)
Https:// There is a website and a book in Dutch too, look on internet via Material Matters.

And what we have noticed is that, to speak generally, you are ready to believe or to believe in….
Perhaps it is nice and helpful to listen to a song that reflects this
Michael Kiwanuka, I’m getting ready, it is on You Tube.

It is quite a message, we are aware of it, take your TIME or Now moments.
With love, power and compassion from Jesus, Prophet Samuel, and from all your comrades, buddies, friends and loved ones from the Ashtar Command and from me, Ashtar.

Received: Saturday morning May 18, 2019.
Posted on website: 18 May 2019.
For website edited by: Anja

Sources photo’s:,, Wetenschap in beeld.
Sources Saturnus: Anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner, Wikipedia, Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, Theosofienet.

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