ASHTAR – Friday, Full Moon Day April 19th 2019

Greetings from our hearts.


Here I am, Ashtar, as Governor of the total Fleet of Starships and other Spacecraft of this Universe.

Welcoming and greeting you from my true Divine Cosmic Heart!

From our side we view this Full Moon event that returns in cycles, beloved Christ, prophet Samuel and I, Ashtar, but many others are here in our company on this Universal Platform, it is a kind of port for the space ships of all kinds, in an area between Earth and Mars, a consciously chosen position to attend and observe this event this time, dated by you as Good Friday, April 19, 2019.

To see the Pearl of this Universe, also a reminder for you, of what kind of a special planet you may have your human lives on.

We would like to invite you for a little imagination. Relax, give yourself comfort, silence and be aware of thoughts. Imagine the primordial mush that once was, perhaps the memory of a well-stocked soup may be helpful with this, and this mush began to stir itself through forces of Light and Darkness from the Supreme, powerful forces and beings, you may be one of them, making this planet what it is Now.

Imagine the planet with the poles North and South and the equator as the center and see the outermost layer as two shell halves and there opened is within the most beautiful, very richly varied, full of life Pearl. I, Ashtar, assure you that this is so! This Pearl with shell travels, actually shape courses, well planned by the way, in this Universe, maybe you imagine this as a Starship!

Abundant beauty within the shell halves, what happened to the shell?
That is quite a history to tell all of that, but what is meant is only the GOOD for continuation, the GOOD has innate power to survive, renew, to serve the Divine Plan, also with what has happened on the Earth and is still ongoing.

But, dear ones, also remember, this Universe has salvage, storage of not yet manifested potential and recycled potential, and for Earth time is involved in the intended purpose.
Be brave enough to see it!

The Universe and involved cosmos is well acquainted with “seeds, all kind of sizes” and let’s say, basic, ground potential, maybe this is for you, for some, ooh … or is this so and when we use words as a program, schedule, you might get ideas or thoughts about it resembling like pc planning.
But that is not the case, it is your soul that carries and contains this for you!
The Soul responds to enlightenment, the Cosmic Fire and recognizes and acknowledge all that is the total of Creation.
All these “seeds, all kind of sizes” and cycles and courses correspond to each other, to all the Universes, yes there is Omniversal Communication. And it is in the improvement phase of telepathic communication.


This word is a conscious choice.

Con> has to do with sound, music, tones and is widely, used in combination on Earth.
Sis> Please.
Tent> “temporary” stay of Light material for outside Earth and light material for Earth.
It is movable as a construction.

Also: – – Principle fixed, consonant, coherent, consistent, constant, compatible, throbbing, not susceptible to derivation in connection with contradictions, harmonious, sustainable, uniform in opinion and behavior, solid. –

What must come as an important part of this plan is that you, dear ones, raise honestly the honesty that takes into account all the facts and that is not sticking to facts that easily build a theory of throwing dust into the eyes.

There are many “things” and much different from others, comparing one another and seeking coherence is an extension of being aware of nature as intended by our Creator.

Facts are the basis for thinking with reason and what thereby supports your beloved family on Earth is Sunlight and Sun Heat, that is Universal Mind, the building power, intention, also for the “seeds, of all kind” nourished by this beautiful Sunlight and Warmth.

And to continue for a moment about “things,” all the “things” happening in the world at every level that you, as human beings, have a Divine Universal considered GOODWANTING-intended intention to attract to you, this is double amplified and accelerated.

We have made the choice not to name these “things” by name, intentionally opted for this word “things”, it has to do with feeding the involved negative patterns, etc.

But we assure you that we observe, know and notice everything, and we make our permitted contributions as one togetherness with theconsistency of this Universe and beyond, here in the Higher Realms, to assist and one manner is to have all the good, true, good intentions of you, Brothers and Sisters, with your prayers, communication frankness with us, meditations, shared feelings, which contain positivity , to give all this EMPOWER.

And also, your smiles, smiling, are saviors, in a way it has echo effects from Earth in / to the vibrations and this has a function, it is also very healing!

Higher vibrations cause you to reveal, expose and take in step by step truth and acknowledge, remember that Higher Spirit is involved, this can be very individual but it contributes to coming together to Unity.

The Truth IS there! Also, the search or path to it. Inside. The path has hidden places, but not the Mansion of the Creator.
The power of God is with the Holy Spirit.
Jesus brought it to Earth for humanity, Great Help!
Easter and the other related events are a reminder of that.
The Holy Spirit is WHOLE and all Spiritual Communication!
You do your mission tasks, also the more colossal ones!

You don’t do them alone, the Holy Spirit can also be asked for that, you can do it!

It’s all about opening doors, portals, compartments, far away mysteries, all that is tucked away as secrets, in the dark corners, to reveal it, heal and at your request the Holy Spirit will bring Light into it.

And Now what the Love of God Now reveals and brings to the Earth world.
To feel it memorized within you, Now.

God and the Radiating One make you understand what dazzles you in the Earth World.

But your physical eyes must see it.

The Love of the Father and the Son is therefore coming to you to actually see and experience this world as anew.

Easter is almost there, two more nights of sleep and there is a lot involved for you to welcome.

Dear ones on Earth, feel these days, starting with this Good Friday and notice how it is filled with the show of joy, also in the ways that you are and are already together and all the ways in which this Easter is there for you.

It is also about that after so many purifying, restorative, and healing events, this Earth World and the True Earth Being is working together, the Shining is about forgiveness and peace and it is gently offered.

Very helpful in this on this Friday is CIB, 1 of the Holy Mayan Suns, cosmic warrior, with his cosmic evolutionary information. This Sun is an expressionist symbolizing continuation of life, which also means the steps forward Here in the Now, there is no death, representing sources for rebirth but also for renewal of life. It is really the Sun sign that indicates that new things are on the way. CIB is a cosmic natural talent for improving communication between dimensions. God wants His voice to be heard!

And CIB is supervised on this day by
, Uc is 7.
This is the call, raise, for understanding and the direct connection and individual relationship from very close with Source. (There is more involved through Maya but this is what we wish to emphasize)

Again, emphasizing that this day, this Good Friday and for many days thereafter, is special and that it has great influences to move you in or to it and to feel the intention and honesty and love and it will give you very good long-lasting vibrations.

But also feel the solidarity, consistent of the Full Moon with the sign Libra of the zodiac.

So, dear ones, look forward and on the way to harvesting the seeds!

Replacing and healing ancient and thought patterns from tradition, this will turn you back into a pillar of Light, a Light Being and the cross that you carry will become an illuminated cross, that will radiate front and back from your heart center and solar power center, that is the column from which you can harvest or reap fruit benefits.

For those who want to unite with the threefold motto below:

Ex Deo Noscimur – From God we are born
In Christo Morimur – In Christ we die
Per Spiritum Sanctum Revivicimus – In/per the Holy Spirit we are reborn (revived)


Salute to ALL of you, dear ones of the Radiating One and all of us from the Fleet of this Galaxy, Home Worlds and from me, Ashtar and Prophet Samuel. Love!

Received: Friday morning April 19, 2019.
Posted on website: April 19, 2019.
For website edited by: Anja


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