Greetings from our hearts.





Salut to all the dear everybody’s as humans who are meeting this message.


School, terrain, this Universe.

School; direction, mindset, style, followers, school in itself, the building, learning school, training, specialization, auditorium, classroom, study, group, school of fish (unit)> to form schools, teaching, practicing, coach, educate, prepare, give lessons, lecture one.


Once was the time that the journey for this spectacular SCHOOL journey began.

Even without spaceships, the U.F.O.’s. The void, as there is now a New one for the Golden Galaxy. Fresh, new-laid, clean, brand new vibration field = Love to create this Universe, in which we are now as a School. We have the desire to stimulate you, it is profound subject matter, to begin with, some of you have probably already done this, remembering how the Love and Unity worked together and the challenge began, what became the Golden Promise for Now. After a very long time it has become the way the Now is present and irresistibly moving forward, with all the people present.


Let us communicate a bit about “spaceships,” about what has been named “Mother Ships.”

They were not created in the early beginnings, they were created when everything was based on a comprehensible, naturally beautiful, with various realms functioning planet Earth. A higher dimensional projection copy of what was then on the Planet, like an E-don lap. Everything there present with all the present attendance. Through the sustained long period of time, some were adapted, but like planet Earth is actually present as Jewel.

These motherships are more discus than globe, somewhat square, round and with the structure of the symbolic geometric pattern of the pyramid, there are floors that look like pyramids ‘stairs’ from the outside. Inside a beautiful large crystal center as a core with constant golden sparks, like a fountain, which is also the distribution center of High Energy with enormous quality of the Power of Love for life in and around.
We propose to use your profound memory to make a picture for yourself of what beauties these “Womb Motherships” are. And a certain home for many loved ones and also for fragments of your Higher Self. Partially representing the Light of the Highest World with this luminous glow, but also portraying the circle of Love, what became or is the mission of this Universe and the Earth, LOVE. And it’s your right. Not created by influences of lower dimensions and illusions, Light has no alternative, Light is WITHIN and does not oppose the Will of the Creator.

An example of inward-directed Love, projected outward, a constant stream of being aware in the glory of Oneness and harmony, and thus taking in and transmitting radiation.


Remember and educate your Self in understanding that the Sun, the Moon and the main planets together with the elements are deeply involved with to shape human, it took a while but a given moment people have become the way they are now.

These influences are still optimally active now, maintaining your force field as a human being with all the subtle enclosures.

You would not have been breathing without the seclusion of the sun, which took place long ago, as you can now see it physically, it is not without reason called “the Breath of God.”

Similarly, the Moon has not separated itself for no reason, because of this there is being a man and being a woman. And after that came day and night.

These three mentioned concerns, among other things, these separations and the coming into existence of the main planets has brought about much more and Today, of course, optimum Genius was involved in this wonderful process in this Universe, with Pearl Earth.

Understanding is the ability to integrate, available at the level that you are ready for.


The 12 Galactic rays are like life keys, basically a different set from the Zodiac, keys to open, see the beautiful planet as a beautiful Universal building with constructions to open with keys to move and live freely, use the technique of inner steadfastness to get there.

Your share is needed, of everyone, do not think that it is not so, there is much as a residue to help with, in you, you and you and your part it lies in it, everything, without that the parts are not completely something as a whole, nor is the whole complete without you and you and you and your part.


A reminder of the Golden opportunity to release all energies that you have burdened, aggravated, characterized, seriously influenced and dragged along, the gate has been opened to the Light and Love stream of energies to clear this away once and for all.

Perhaps you think, thoughts can really scratch your mind, how can I let this go, whatever that may be.
We propose here the field of study “motivation”. For investigating where it is present, there will be easy to find and very well-hidden ones, with the subsidiary subjects

forgiveness and peace. In the execution and subsequent progress, the experience of “how do I feel without this”! To feel there is flow, radiation, vibration without this, the power of Love, with the accompanying melody of bliss, noticing what is beyond all grievance, Miracles.


School for the lessons of life chosen by yourself,  with your self-chosen Monad for exploitation in this Universe, memories of the previous encoded in the etheric body, in the countless cells of your body, with the miniscule DNA coding as memories of the oldest wisdom about the development of you as a human being for unifying so important in this life with Spirit in balance and harmony, reminder that you are Spirit.

This belongs to truth; the completion of the education is that the Self is completed.

Everything is accomplished through Life. Life has to do with Spirit.

Back to living in harmony atmospheres.


Do not look for things that have no meaning, that is, binding yourself to rules, laws that make no sense, because it is not found that way.

Forgiveness is the only thing that stands for truth of the world’s illusions, sees the insignificance and looks right through the thousands of ways and forms in which it can manifest itself and don’t become deceived.

Overseer of what is not real, opening the door to truth, true forgiveness.

You, awake to place choices and to practice and keep remembering, how could this be otherwise!

The place of forgiveness is between illusions and truth, between the world as you still largely “see, know” and what is beyond. A bridge as powerful as Love, so with the help of all the waves of energy, also in diversity, you are brought to the truth through the infinity gate.

The way back is the gift to Freedom. Take breaks and reflect, meditate and become INtens aware of the feeling of freedom, happiness and calm clarity.

And so you make the steps to this and beyond, across, through the progression to truth, the journey of life you make for everyone, the truth moves you forward this is unity with the Creator. Home is with our Creator.


You function generatively for each other, and in this changing NOW also jointly promoting the incoming loving, helpful energies and light and all the help and love from us in Higher Dimensions. To function as a beacon for transmitting the higher vibrations of many frequencies. This has a magnetizing effect and creates access for others and they will contribute. This is collective generative unity formation it will uncover memories of what you have brought for the New Planet Earth, with humanity, your role, you are fulfilling a blessed mission through the unfolding and use of gifts, powers and abilities in the manner where they belong, education to high points.

Reminder to your Pillar of Light, to use your power of imagination that it is there, no matter in what capacity it is today, light rays, energies are projected with it, recognize and acknowledge that these projections have other qualities, virtues that have to do with unconditional , fully! of Love and Unity.

And this goes beyond the Earth, but also in the Earth. This foundation is needed, securely mounted to travel the schooling path as it is beautifully reflected from higher realities.


This Universe, how far away and recently it may have been made, is genius of the Genius, the plan is unchangeable and ongoing, see the open door of this Plan of the Supreme Creator, the warmth of the cosmic fire and the sound and melodies of welcome.

The item to be treated is and remains forgiven and “thou” shall be forgiven.

Give all to AL, as it will be given it will be received. This is a passage through all the spun complexity, like a web, salvation for disappearance.

And when you understand “salvation” less well, ask our Creator.


Reminder to the necessary repeat many times for maximum benefit.

Similarly, for mind schooling wanting to think of miracles, we know you are not used to this, but training, as for example for a marathon, that you make yourself fully aware of power of thoughts to avoid wrong creation.


The subject matter is also about your will and the one of the Creator, consider this as a symphony in harmony with chords from Heavenly harmony spheres.

It will bring you that this cannot be out of tune and out of rhythm and regularity.

Get into the beat and ascenDance to the melodies.


And education leads to an increase in level, thinking comes from the Great Source as Light and when this is increased in the ‘right way and motivation’ by this act, the ‘time’ is ripe for manifestation, the seeds will show itself with ease and grace and a simplism that will surprise you.

Dear people, watch what you tell yourself, also realize and acknowledge the complexity of escaping the grip, the pace on Earth is going up, Earth is going up one octave, and because more reactions are occurring, feelings can accumulate.

We hereby wish to remind you of your own interpretation, with the effect of reflection, mirroring, it enables you to react energetically and to look at what is really behind it, also stored and the memory pattern involved. view free will for the choices to be made.


Hereby I transfer the channel communication to Prophet Samuel for a while.

Dear Ones on Earth, greetings from the heart, from me Samuel.

Once upon a time there was the time that I did an incarnation on Earth, it is a story in the Bible.
I was there to be present and serve the Lord and learn to listen to the Lord and assist in the progress of Israel, thereby assisting in the creation of the first King of Israel, beloved Saul. We are both with a considerable legion in the Higher Realms, first line care providers, to assist you with what we can do, for fulfilling your duties and returning to the higher octaves. The way out is, ask!

Thou, you too, are being heard and helped. Provided with memo label, time is important.

But there is another reason, this is about the New Earth and the new Golden Galaxy.

To listen to each other through communication via the inner and to hand over words, gestures, indications, perhaps assignments to you telepathically.

From our vision and experts with experiences, to help with the flow and reflection of well-implemented solutions. To help you increase the beautiful energy that is transported by a beautiful system to the Watt percentage required for what can be seen as the first necessary, the octave increase.
And an invitation to continue with SCHOOL or to participate, get up and join in! From me and us, the legions of family helping ones,

Light, Peace, Joy, Knowledge, support for SCHOOL and so much love.

I am Samuel, prophet.



Thank you, brother Samuel and all the others!


We go a little further.

The question which Anja asked us with her learning path is:

“What is the definition of the Now?”

Only the Now exists, there is no “when”, “before” or “after”.

An infinite moment of ALWAYS in Where you ALWAYS experience your Self.

Constantly changing, but there is a Regularity of repetition, this is one of the mysteries.

The Now is a substantial, high-quality gift from the Creator that is constantly being offered.


We are aware that there are still among you who want and say that illusion is true.

Beloved ones, these are not the facts and this is for those ones difficult to realize.

Take one step, as one of you steps into schooling from somewhere in your Being, there is nothing to be afraid of.

You are going to see what it really is! It is a miracle and again it is your right.


We found the following recent event on Earth very beautiful, how the 89-year-old Colin Trackery and comrades won British Got Talent, with the song “Love Changes Everything”.

Here the link to the You Tube as an invitation.

Dear people on the Pearl Planet Earth, there is still so much mystery paved on the way of return to be schooled by you.

Soon a wonderful help will be involved, as part of the Great Sun and cosmic clock, the Holy Sun, number 14, called “Ix”, which after the day out of time, that is July 25th, the new cycle of 13 years, let’s say will manage,  “White Magician” (shaman) is the translation of “Ix”, a Sun of the North and what we want to indicate as the main task is detailing, sowing, and manifesting and to reveal.

So, dear people, you can also use this to school you, there are beautiful, dear people on Earth to help you with that. And as Anja said: Magician of the white do your magic!

White is Light.


– Light reflects Life, light and life belong together, go together as a different aspect of Creation, within. Light makes “seeing and vision” possible under all circumstances, physically with eyes open or closed. –


In the name of the Light of the World! Amen!


Salute for ALL you, beloved ones, of Christ and all of us from the Fleet of this Galaxy, Home Worlds and from me, Ashtar and Prophet Samuel. Love!

Received: Saturday morning May 18, 2019.

Posted on website: 18 May 2019.

For website edited by: Anja




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