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Sunday, July 7th 2019 – Metatron

It started after we indicated that we are deeply tired.

In alignment with what we felt about what is happening today.

The universe feeling like sinister, spooky.

It all feels very specific, different. Realizing that there has just been a solar eclipse and full moon on its way with a partial lunar eclipse taking place, almost simultaneously.

According to Maya, we are closing a solar year and a cycle of 13 years. And everything, the operation of the sun, moon, stars, planets and even the Milky Way itself feels different.

And then what else is shifting and changing in the systems and relationships and attitudes that are going on on planet Earth.

Radical, sometimes rapidly energetic movements on many levels, probably all.

Suddenly we became aware of a more observable, stronger current from the Earth.

And in the way of channeling we have asked if we can ask questions about this, is there a loved one in the opportunity to do this?

For the record, here are the questions:

What is it that makes us articulate as even spooky, bringing insecurity?

Are you also so involved in the Higher Realms what the Maya call Tzolkin and the working of it?

Is there an explanation of the current coming from the surface of the Earth?


Even more concentration and waiting.

After a while we became aware that a presence was approaching.

I immediately felt more relaxed and we both became aware of a deep awe for this dear one.

Love and beauty in pure, serene light, goodness, wisdom and special in presence.

We first have just been silent for a while with this meeting and greeting, the interaction is less easy to put into words.

For example, I barely felt my feet, we felt very light, literally and figuratively, and we felt that every fiber of your body becomes touched.

Then the spoken communication started.

I am in extremis to come down, as you know this is accompanied by lowering my normal energy presence. I am METATRON. We here in the angelic realms, which I represent at the highest level, have also heard your dialogue and questions.

In these periods in the midst of this greatest cosmic event, it is very important to communicate with those of you who are clearly available here and now.

The question about the Tzolkin, it doesn’t tick like a material clock, it has cosmic ways and now let’s call it “to lead time, conduction.” And yes, we too live with it and it is not only for this universe, but for some others too.

The Grand Central Sun has a different “time tick table”. But there is certainly the connection.

There is dependence on the levels and the spiral of the Omniversal web.

Try to imagine an Orb and in it discs that move in eclipses, from a point (dot) to the largest eclipse and in between and also in circles. Important here, as you call it, numbers, names, tones and colors, high energetic might and powers, virtues and wisdom

Fundamental and symbolic phenomena, images like an Orb, filled and they have the sides of wind directions, north, east, south, west and can turn as you see for example on a compass.
You are made after images. (kind of replica)

Yes, dear ones, everything is significant and is certainly of very high importance for this event.

So, the answer is, we use this Sun Clock in our own way and know how you deal with it now, when everything else comes according to the real meaningful appearances, more will be revealed about this through Maya, we know what has been lost.


About the other questions. Every shift has an effect and when there is more than one, you can realize that this has more effect. And indeed, the upcoming situation of the moon has to do with it.

The more you wake up and wake up, cleanse, clean up, heal, improve and you do so in increasing numbers, that has an effect on the Universe, some more than others, it has to do with of what and how you as human beings come about.

I refer to the seven main planets, the signs of the zodiac, the Sun signs, the Starry sky, the elements, the cooperation of the higher beings for this, your own input, and for some where you originally came from, who you really are and the mission involved. It’s all teamwork.

And now for apply how awake and how initiating. And so, it is expanding among humanity, as it is meant to be and so is it here. We take the liberty to ask another question? METATRON: Is fine.

Are you confused? METATRON, no beloved, we do not have what you have as mental, emotional bodies and ego, our memory is different, our senses.

In light kingdoms it is like being of light, it is more as it should be or as it is meant pure to be.

Another question from us: you had more training? METATRON: smile …

Yes, that is a beautiful word from Earth, it has to do with memory seeds in your Godcel core or the eternal spark, the active facets, Adamantine particles.

Yes, that is what you can regard as what has been left behind when descending.

The more you integrate as possible, that will work again to help you remember and your behavior will change.

Another note from us: at the start of this communication and you still feel quite like One?

METATRON, part of the plan, to educate you again how united feels and functions.
The unknown makes what you feel as spooky, different and so on. But it’s very real. It is part of the revelations on the path of return. When you need help or have questions, ask! Many are available because you are there on Earth with many. Some explanation is, because as you “see” us, it is for us to adapt to lower levels, the higher you go on the path, the more clear, purer, colored, to hear, the more moveable we can become to behold.

It is coming out; a bigger beginning always has a starting phase. And as you show and understand, we are very happy about this.

And the way we can be happy goes beyond your imagination right now, but we use it to please you.

We: I think we sense that too. METATRON indeed, dear ones, that is for you part of the mix of confusion and such, this garland of pleasures with joy from us through it. We know it has an effect on every cell in your bodies. You will begin to feel and absorb more love, especially clouds are medium, mediators.
And about the other feeling that comes from the Earth, the Mother and Father. This means that openings have been made in the protective band around the Inner Earth.

That they can now also give and take in this way, as we do.

Vertically upward revolving goodies through the aforementioned openings, some are very narrow and close to each other, others are wider, larger and wider apart and variations, this is the tapestry for the areas concerned, there is still a distinction, such as we assume that you understand that there are still differences. This is because of your loving intentions given to the Earth, but also because the Christ energy has been empowered to such an extent to enclose and protect the bond of Inner Earth and to guide the event.
No negativity can enter from the surface of the earth.

It is quite a balancing act, also from our point of view in the universe to assist. Perhaps, I can say this, for those of you from already certain levels, as these channelers already indicated, you can sense this and learn to distinguish. And the earthquake of July 6, which is another cleanup, still has to do with Atlantis and Lemuria. The plate or plateau work of both continents, border area, far below the surface.

What comes up through the openings through the inner tube feels friendly, has loving content.

It is related to the upcoming lunar event, the last for a while, before this lunar eclipse phenomenon occurs again, and what will happen in the meantime.

There is a request to all those who meet this message.

Close your eyes, go inside and use your inner gaze and imagine this happening from the upside from Inner Earth, remembering the distance involved and start where you are. Deep and intense imagination makes visible.

I am METATRON and on behalf of many I wish you all the best with whatever you are now enveloping from that side of Earth. We ARE (there) and fellow participants at a higher level but for the same ongoing important event.

Reminder: ask! Keep asking! Reminder two: answers are not tied to time like on Earth.

It can happen very quickly, just wait, wait a little longer.

LOVE from all to all. Joy!



Received: Sunday July 7th 2019.
Posted on website: July 8th 2019.
For website edited by Anja

With great gratitude and love to Metatron and the so many of the Angelic Realms.

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