Tuesday evening before Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse
Wednesday morning after this, another part. July 16-17th 2019.


Salut Dear Ones, all of you,

Here Ashtar, to convey this message to you in this period of this wonderful part of evolution.
Our awareness as Light Beings of this event, for example what has just taken place with the Moon, beautiful Selene, is different from yours.
But what we do notice, we have a way of making your light quotient ‘x-ray’ that, as it were, records, represents your being, experiences and perceives everything, each on its own level, with everything that is going on on earth.
In summary, more and more of you are (again) connected with this universal, say, courses and presence of the planets, stars, moons, asteroids of several kinds, belts and nebulae and even comets and up to the solar system and Galaxy. Let’s say more with just the feet on Earth and the rest lifted up to be more under and with this of the universe and also with and with us.
We would not call the King his cousin!!! I am here with a group of the Command of the Universal Flying Transport Objects, which includes a fair amount of diversity. We think you understand that a starship can simply “hang” in the atmosphere of the Universe.
We are here with the starship “Bethlehem”, an older ship but a good one. We have placed it, consciously, in a position between the Moon and Saturn, which is its course for a period until July 22, upcoming very close to the Earth and the relationship with the Kuiper belt and the dwarf planets, moons and more.
With our words we love to make you understand that this is a special “lign-up” situation, with a stretch of consequences. We suggest that you try to imagine this with the images available to you on Earth and perhaps in a state of higher consciousness and presence, but that is different. The special thing is that the Moon is getting its own Moons, they have great universal relationships with the moons in the so-called Kuiper Belt.
We think you understand that this has to do with the renewal of the Earth and the situation in the Universe and contributes to the formation of the New Golden Galaxy.
We, on this beautiful starship, have looked at it, have seen it from all directions, East, North, West, South far into the Universe. We want to invite you to step into the words, because they symbolize the event and its birthplace and the seeds that germinate as a result.
Imaging has a value that should not be underestimated.
We love to inform you that the ALL has to do with the Light of the Great Source and that is the relationship with the chosen title for this message.
“LIGHT WILL LEAD” And provide some further information about how it leads you.

As many of you are aware or are becoming aware, the Earth is climbing the way back up at a certain pace, from these depths of the lower dimensions and from the created illusions, back to reality.
You are in a divided state, you are in the most fragmented state of creation, but dear people on Earth, even to and into this state, the guiding Light has come to you and stayed with it all the while waiting for the moments , or step by step, that you would turn, direct to the higher and listen to your inner, to to SEE and to HEAR your Soul, that is the one that has been urging you all the time to go back.
And still does this, the soul knows what it is like to come back into the radiant Light with all its beautiful qualities.

The spirit of your soul. From spectator to action as a companion on the journey of life.
Every dedication to living this way makes it shine brighter.
Caring from the inside, protective, guiding, inspiring, working with the intuitive spirit, the little voice inside. Follow this it belongs to the light connection and is making the one after the other wonderful discovery and experience. The harmony of your soul is experienced as a person in your body.
The soul has a searchlight that flows in two directions, inward for the illumination of the physical heart and mind and outward to illuminate the path to liberate humanity, the light indicates the upward spiraling pathway that is the start and for some it was through the closest part of the relevant dimensions.

The downward force gives way to the upward force, which means a shift in gravity.
A shift in this earth power. We assume that you understand that this is a balancing and co-operation with the rotation of the Earth around the axis.

This rotation of the Earth is slowly changing, this is because planetary magnetism is declining.

This at the same time causes vibrations or frequencies to increase.
This also means constant changes.
All matter is a bit magnetic, the magnetism of the Earth itself was discovered not so long ago.
What is the best-known treasure that shows magnetism is iron ore, from which the metal iron is extracted, in the earth’s crust this iron ore is the most common of all metals.
Iron can form compounds, the most well-known examples being carbon, oxygen and water.
We assume that you know that warmth, labor, technology, organization are needed to get the pure form out. Coal and iron are a well-known combination.
Of course, research has been done over time and new findings have emerged.
The invention of electricity has contributed to the making of magnets, this has been developed to a certain high-quality level in the present, Now.
For example, think about the cards you are doing all kinds of things with.
But the test or the demonstration of the magnetic field, you put a magnet under a paper and above that you scatter iron filings, this is showing the magnetic field, the force, but also the plat of the lines involved.
But dear ones, this channel message has no intention of elaborating on this.

What does have a meaning is the following. Connecting with oxygen, iron can absorb and release oxygen, in other words, the breath inhaler among the metals, the mighty means of making this happen is the Light. Another property as a possibility is to bind heavy, mineral poisons to it as iron and thus render them harmless. And iron dissolves easily in water, which means that it contributes to less pollution of the waters. Through the water, all waters that come into contact with this ore, there is healing in the water and has a healing effect in certain places and more extensive, in larger waters a cleansing effect.
The absorption of oxygen takes place under the influence of sunlight, for example at sea and gives this off to the deeper layers of seawater, then it becomes lighter again, rises, one can call this a form of iron cycle, circuit of doing so. Iron also contributes to the respiration of this in the Flora; under the influence of iron, leaf greenery can develop. It gives the Flora the ability to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
We assume that a bell is going to ring with you now, how important this is for all life on Earth. In the Fauna, iron also plays a role through the blood that gets this red formation and also for air breathing. In humanity it is in the blood, the hemoglobin is the substance through which the power of the iron initially appears and it is the only actual metal that contains the human body. Iron makes it possible for oxygen to be absorbed in / via the lungs and to be released later.
Like all other metals it has a cosmic origin, metals of the seven main planets are according to higher cosmic insights, etheric instances of the planets concerned, for iron this is the planet Mars.
The iron in the blood of the people was placed on the Earth not ethereally but as a material quality.
This means no radiation from outer side. Due to a certain “struggle” at a certain time and that was a long time ago, led by Archangel Michael, this healing condition has been added to Earth, salvation for humanity. Also taking an important place in the incarnation process, think of breathing.
There is a relationship with Christ through his blood, his solar power, through what has taken place at Gogoltha. Incarnation means that mind and soul are connected to the physical body and can be active in this way. Archangel Michael also provides iron replenishment, this happens during Michael’s time, this is around the end of September, then he ensures a fine meteor shower of iron particles.
Dear people think shaping iron, Light is released, the sparks when forging among others.
So, the circulation of the blood (hemoglobin) is a Light contributor so that the I AM can be in it.
In the soul the I AM is spreading its light. You are Light Carriers.

Let’s bring in another influence via this channeling. The intention is not to bring it in detail according to earthly counts and principles, but more to convey better understanding.
This is about the influence of one larger zodiac sign era to another. From Pisces to Aquarius.
Here too Light is connected, the Light that comes from the worlds behind the stars of the signs, but also from the images. Both are ascending characters.
You may feel the relationship with the upward movement of the Earth. First, we suggest that you look up in the large internet database or perhaps other documentation to see how these two constellations are displayed on the Celestial Atlas. The older ones can be more helpful in this case.
Then see how this is overlapping. And often Pisces with Aquarius are depicted together.
And that there is a Northern and Southern Fish. And Aquarius has many more stars, Light.
For some understanding qua time, the fishing age has been around since the birth of Christ.
We want to emphasize that these so-called fixed stars are also on the move and give stretch to calculations and era. Every sign has certain characteristics;
With Pisces there is a tendency of a lack of restraint in all sorts of areas, that this can lead to a shortcoming that speaks for itself, and appropriating what others still have, also in all sorts of ways, a kind of decent word for it is villainies.
Mine and thine is not in the Pisces dictionary, this has to do with the always-flowing nature of Pisces.
Just think of all the movements of goods such as trade or exchange, say during the last 500, 600 years which has turned into what is now about and ongoing.
The virtue is that Pisces have a good nose to improve the situation there is too much or too little of something. Positive is that it has a certain empowering effect. Duality is all the trouble.
The appearance dominating over the inner. The Divine intended concept of giving and taking has become shadows. That influences the life bringing.
Aquarius, which as a sign represents the human being most, the strength in this lies within, not in the control of the materiality of the Earth.
The key to the revelation of the Higher Realms, through its knowledge of the origin, the nature of Aquarius works like lighten up for and in existence. Acting therefore consists of being of service, the helping hand, compassion. Basically, embracing all of the other through this conscious inner.
Everything related to battle, struggle and the like does not belong to its nature. Helping the other has the intended norms and values, the good side is to help the other on his / her way, the other side is serving self-satisfaction. The feeling through the inner of Higher Truths, through this form of consciousness, can lead to wanting to contribute by going too far with helping and healing practices, that has to do that one does not yet fully understand the Higher. Deepen from the inner, this is part of the path of Ascension, as being the human being intended by the Creator, to put it back into practice or even more.
Every person is an environment for the other. Humanity is a source of creation.
The Aquarius is a carrier, carries a jug, some images show two jars.
That this giver pours that is clear, we wish to articulate it for Now as water given by the Aquarius a stream that brings blessings for germinating of seed Woman, as blessings for harvesting of Ear.
Matthew 26:26. For the second jug we would like to refer to brother METATRON who recently spoke about clouds as a medium, mediators. The elements Water and Air, in the ethereal area.

Reminder: first the great emptiness came, then the Light came.
All wonderful and good things and love are present in the Light, but the Light shines brightly through the Darkness. It is both part of Creation.
It is not the first time that you have split off facets, view it from eternal life, and realize the uniqueness and previous reunions with these many facets of your Divinity.
That is the real you, that beautiful, radiant light being. This journey in this solar system has brought you to the limit. Not all fragments or facets have the same light or gloss quotation or Creator Light, so it is from minuses and pluses, even very large pluses.
The more harmony and balance there are in your body systems the better, in collaboration with yourself and others, how you are serving others on Earth and in the Universe and your relationship with the Holy Elements. The Four Elements are Sacred Elements that everything is made of.
From every core, to all sorts of nature and beings, forms of existence, to the smallest, the world of star matter. The ether is sometimes called the fifth element, one can see it or feel it as the connecting element.

And no matter how small the eternal spark may have become, for the Creator has kept it alive so that the Ray Light could never be completely forgotten, when you see it again, it will teach you about the Greater Light. Nothing can escape the radiation and magnetic influence of the pure Creator Light and that Now after Now already for a while, permeating into the solar system of your Universe.
You get more and more access to more light, love and wisdom.
You integrate it and radiate what makes your center overflow.
You are a child of the Light; the more love you absorb and radiate the more love you attract.

Remember: Breathe in Light and Love Out.
It is the way of reconnection with the Beings of Light in the beautiful shining harmony of the Love of the Supreme Creator for all his creations.
The line, the focus on, the bondage with this of the Light is unlimited, because it is the line of bondage with the Light of the World.
Each of us is the Light of the World by uniting the spirit in this Light, we declare the Kingdom of God together and as One.

It is quite a program and you are busy with purifying or big cleaning up and this is how new areas in your brain are activated, this also means learning to think in a new way.
The information, the so-called telepathic communication, or the transmission through human channels or channeling, these are series of light packets.
They come from an invisible source for you and come in through the activated higher dimensional parts of the brain of the recipient.
The more open the more can be received. Light messages. The next step is that in addition to the light packets there will also come holographic images of great importance and patterns of sacred geometry in your consciousness, the training involves learning to decipher this.
Light language activates via electromagnetic levels the various levels of consciousness.
You must be in harmony with vibration frequencies to access and take in.
The higher frequencies of Light, thoughts and sound vibrate through the bloodstream (iron), cells of tissue, organs, bones, muscles and DNA.
Your chakras help with this, they are what you call a kind of batteries that act on electromagnetism, they are also called vortices.
Breathing is related or in relationship, due to the physical work of man with thought, which is a complicated process to explain easily, but exercises give birth to new or new art of thinking, so breathing more with your growing consciousness certainly has effect and consequence on your disturbed ways of thinking.

The Light has no alternative.
The path of Light is beneficial.
The reality is enlightened and your home is in the midst of the stars.
The new earth or the rebirth of the Earth is that the Earth becomes a Light Star.
The Light that also works for the new horizon leads you out of this illusionary darkness.

All three of us are aboard the “Bethlehem,” Christ, Prophet Samuel and I Ashtar, and the loving presence of the others in the group.
We have gone through this and discussed how to do this so full of help for you who are so brave in embodiment on Earth. You have now been able to take in.
There is an afterword from Prophet Samuel: It is a Dutch saying, but….
There is a dilemma (actually literally good advice is expensive), don’t think about the energy money, but the eternal duration that always offers advice and light.
And from Christ: For many of you there is so much calamity, so much sorrow, so much to process.
There is still appearing apparent equality of the opposing.
With this my words, HOLD ON!!! I am with and near and next you as Light of the World. Together.

In name of all present here. Amen!

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