‘IT MUST COME OUT’ channeling with GOD

SUNDAY July 21, 2019 – Channeling with God. IT MUST COME OUT

The first thing that was noticed was a very typical day.
It was indicated, pushed (with nudges) to hold all the noted messages, this has been done since July 23, 2017, again in the hands, especially the first eleven, because they were with God and one with God and Jesus, these are not worked out for publication.
Anja feels very much in the waiting mode, looking forward to the cycle change of 13 years, according to Maya. Partner is different, but responds according to suggestions.
We started reading messages about Epstein and related messages, all via the Wakkere Mensen website. And on the internet to LaVey, Ron Hubbard, Scientology organization and Michael Aquino and even through an old You Tube view (sometime in the 1980s), Oprah Winfrey has Michael Aquino and his partner in her program on his faith (church of Satan) alongside his work as a soldier in the US Army. What we “normally” do not simply choose to read.
You know it is on Earth, there is a choice, do you want to know / see this or not, or a little bit.
We have already looked at it or read about it through all kinds of possibilities book, newspaper, internet, film, TV. It’s pretty close to just explain.
We became serious to explain it with this word and realized for the umpteenth time what an event in existence on Earth is going on that has exceeded permissible possibilities.
Then came the sentence: IT MUST COME OUT! That is how the channeling started.

God has observed how His children make idols, such as happened by the return to Israel from Egypt, there was also a certain idol worshiped at a certain time.
When you look or search on the internet or other publications you can find information about it.
And then you can realize that this is happening on your planet Earth Here in the Now.
And many are involved, have to do with power and money, idolatry for both of these to preserve and get more, crime, in other words the use of forces against the laws of the Universe and the Creation itself. It’s already arranged that it comes out. No escape possible. God, that is I is Love and Light there is no alternative.
Hereby I, God, want to make it clear to you that alternatives are not a goal of Divine origin, that is why this is already “empowered” the entire process of enlightenment.
Think of it as a stage light, a spotlight from the Great Source, it has placed them all in this light. And they also think, also think that they can escape, not again, then another spotlight comes and possibly another, that is still concerning. They are not able to follow the true path of enlightenment by the idols, therefore they do not like spiraling up because their idols are not there, they are attached to the Earth, some parts of the Earth. God, I keep communicating this way, has closed the door where that has come from in relativity. It does not belong to the actual world building of this Universe and of My Home. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, this has reached My ears time after time after time.
So, way too much. God wants you to know and understand that they have entered into misunderstandings.
They of the misunderstandings also belong to Creation. The line of birth on Earth with disturbances as opposed to the true on Earth.
In a way it has to do with their way of realizing with a kind of awareness that on Earth it is “still” an illusionary world where these things can be done.
Now, God realizes that those who are different and have now embarked on a chosen mission and I feel the questions and have already heard about permission to go to Earth, why did they get that?
Question: are they “so” before they go back to Earth? Or what?
God, I’m going to explain it as simply as possible, that means it’s more complicated, there is a phase after what you experience as dying on Earth, and that is quite a decent cleansing process before you can go back to eternity, the seeds of the afterlife, there is an ego monad, among other things kind of game with life atoms, maybe you would call it a chess game.
Then we make the remark with all courtesies: God, we have the feeling, idea, that you want us to understand that “they” can embody again to be “that”? God, I speak to them before they go back, do not return to your evil ways and deeds, I speak to them about trust and repentance and gave them permission for the new incarnation and take the right exit to the path of return to Me and Higher dimensions.
The second they breathed in on Earth, as early as it could be, they felt the idols again and everything that has to do with it. I hereby make the remark that there have been exceptions and still, there were and are those who have listened and remembered.
We ask a question: “It has been said that we did it ALL as human beings?
God, beloved, well there is that possibility in the relative and especially the lower dimensions, but not all of humanity, of the people who are and have been on Earth, and certainly here in the now at this event, have been involved from at the beginning, some yes, they have been involved from the beginning, some came later and later and sometimes from other Universes, especially concerning this event.
Some experience just like Me, God from the beginning, from the higher spheres, as members of one of the unities of certain soul groups, generation groups, as Angels, as kinship, family, special relationships, among other things, which are also missions and real life.
Some come from the roots of the opposite, the fallen, some are Angels or Galactic beings.
When GOOD and BAD came into existence, it has to do with the story of Adam and Eve, this had a relationship with giving birth to reproduction.
The people who developed through being human on Earth developed a kind of behavior in all, through everything that happened. And that is still there in a way.
When you decide to take on a mission again on Earth or any other choice, this is for the Now lowering to lower dimensions, the lowest, this was expected, but not clear how and so and what would cause cause and effect.
As it is now for the New Earth, but that is an opposite event, back upward. Let’s talk about the fact that you can choose your parents, the bloodline or generation era for the incarnation.
It is true, I know you think and perhaps pronounce, it could have been prevented. Of course, there is this possibility and yes, I can cleanse the Earth, just like that, but where and when or how are my children learning, the schooling and to remember.
There is a law that you cannot escape, you must experience what you have created ….. I suppose this requires no further explanation.
Again, with simple words, it can upset you, it doesn’t have that intention, I want you to feel the situation with all your senses inside and the physical and your very best consciousness. THIS is now happening Here Now on Earth and most certainly with effect for it, and this Universe. Which is completely helping the side of the Light.
I have opened the source for the helping, guiding, and healing Light, and many are helpful to do this thorough, very thorough cleansing.
God and yes, dear ones, cause has effect and some of you, I tell you please, to remember why you are on Earth and bear, endure the consequences, the experience and undergoing of them, from both sides, from the side of the said law , and from or through the tasks of your missions.
But I and all your loved ones have not given you impossible missions or assignments. The “time” is near that I am going to intervene more noticeably, the preliminary stage started a long time ago.
Exile and Court of Justice, for those involved who have opted for a dark nature, as stated at the beginning of this post. Court means guidance by Higher Related Beings.
This has already been carefully thought through and worked out because it is according to My thoughts, of My Light that has no alternative of any kind.
Those involved in this as the Dark Ones, all of them, must experience this law, you must experience what you have created, and even with this accelerated effect, I suppose I do not need to explain that further when you have your true memory customs, experiences and imagination, how that will be and is already going on.
It does not mean that this is all happening on Earth, because there is this fact that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, but in part, yes.
You will be witnesses, I want to point out to you that you do not have to, you have the choice, it is your free will, it is like yes or no, and everything in between.
Because it will be that way. Some of you will be quiet and peaceful, perhaps unconsciously,
waiting, knowing that somewhere forward in the Now it will be better, because I know as your Creator that you have come to Earth as observers, let’s say the silence of a certain innocent side, because there is, and in their way they serve this event in a grand way, there is a certain weight attached to this group that is needed for balance of forgiveness.
There will be a claim for justice and punishment, peace is needed with it!
The goal is great cleansing, as I want to express this to you, otherwise the planet will be harder to raise. The “space” as an imitation of what you call time, what I call real life given for continuation, can no longer be taken up by the creations of the dark ones.
If you could have heard My fist on the table, to explain it to you in words, it is different in My real reality, but I have done it with all My Love and also for All.
I had to prevent multiple dramas, several have already happened at various levels and also to prevent to get into or stay in deeper decay.
But I want to praise all those who have had the necessary experiences and have conveyed them through the ways available and this goes on and on, it won’t stop. How you have ‘painted’ all of these diverse, different experiences in your human ways, they were not all with darker colors and tones, there was balance in one way, there were with bright light colors and tones. And the associated experiences. God, I am, perceives everything as an observer.
How the Light grew and is still growing to triumph and it will be like that. I speak sincerely, I Do, I Am, It is that you understand these words, the path is there, enlightened path of revelations, but it can remain somewhat bumpy, with dark pits, colors.
God’s comment: “Darkness can be fought with darkness by using the Sword of Light.”
The following is meant as Great Support, you get used to (trials) and challenges, the bumpy road, the mountains and the valleys, I expect you to understand that that is not just done and was done and what will still come through the revelations. You are all on Earth who choose to stay, I expect you understand -Live in Live out- that there is a forward to the New Dawn of Earth, well on its way!
That is your choice! You have the right to express your goodness and well-intended continuation for New Earth. The original concept is visible as it was intended to be, some adjustments were necessary.
Look through the inside, the Light will also lead to remember. But if you experience fear in any form that you can, hold onto That Light, hold it with your physical hands, embrace it, I know you cannot actually see it physically, but with imagination you can, if you do this from within you inner heart center with your utmost upright intentions, you can touch the real world and help it to come true and appear. You all have this right, no opposite of the good can handle this, we will continue to encourage them to choose differently! In fact, the world has already surpassed, remember the One who did this and support it with your love from every belief or conviction.
That will help! As you, as a reader, observer, will probably now understand, this is a message for guidance for what is to come and happen, according to My schedule for this special event on and with Earth in this Universe and so many other creatures involved, creations in this Universe and even beyond. I am your Creator and I do not forget; I only perceive with Love. Let your Self no longer charm and seduce, free your Self from everything that is called “evil”, you are in the realm of relativity, you are determiners, those who qualify.
Remember, dear ones, to know that it already exists and is already done and experienced, this is the more difficult part, the memory of what and who caused it.
I AM HERE AND NOW, too! Like in you! In Love and Oneness. Amen.

Received: Sunday morning July 21, 2019.
Posted on website: July 22, 2019.
For website edited by: Anja

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