Greetings from our hearts.

Greetings Dear Ones, as a family in Oneness on Earth and all of you,
We know that a lot is happening with what is mentioned, communication with the Higher Regions, loved ones who are inspired, who receive nudges, promptings for writing, speaking, singing, working out, communicating, also via websites, You Tube, alternative and ‘normal’ media, workshops, lectures, groups of people gathering for different types of meditation or spiritual work, healings, people who communicate with animals, plants, elements, stars, suns, moons and planets, in other words all possibilities are exploited.

The other side, to put it that way, takes care of their interests and uses this, do their choices with the use of the possibilities.

Then appear, as the rays and expressions of the sun, moon and stars, the choices, many choices that can be chosen, what to do with or how… ..and what do I choose to follow or not ………
We wish to tell you as a kind of reviews, review of the most recent issues on Earth, all responses reach us, arrive at us in this Universe and this part of the Universe, your Universe.

Re-actions in multiplicity. When we take the angle of the Light side and the Dark Side, we assume that you probably understand that there is one in between. Everything comes, goes on thought transport, through Life, happening and experiencing in these three “sections”. (WR)
Do we sort this out? Yes.

To make this understandable, every thought is energy and super-fast, more than you can imagine now, if this thought event (it is communication), with very simple words, it is quite a reflection of confusion, making messy, cramming up, messy clutter, with accompanying of noise of all kinds and fuss and laden with emotions and modest announcements and prayers and compassion, in addition to the ‘ordinary’ whatever belongs to it and everything also has its own key/mode, color (s) .
And quite a few spectacles for this Now.
We would like to invite you, to imagine what this is like, it is not perhaps or perchance, but as it is!
To explain the sorting (handling, arranging), there are here, your relatives, loved ones who take care of this, from Arcturians, Angels and others from B to those from Zuben, quite an impressive organization / system, very busy with this and with the preparations for the last months of your Earth year 2019 and the coming year, a leap year, 2020.
It has to do with MATCH.

  • To peer with
  • Match up with, pro or against
  • Imitation
  • Compare, opposing, let’s say A versus B
  • Play out
  • Fitting, adjusting
  • Harmonizing, with according, variegate, related to diversity
  • Links
  • The measuring of forces, kind of check
  • What could be called the MATCH (The BIG ONE) as a play, performance
  • To create suitable together: also, with sounds, colors and Light
  • Matching occasions
  • Many issues require a solution through MATCH
  • Exalted, refined, to be equal to, the image of
  • To find this equal, the MATCH
  • And the MATCH for a “happy” “joyful” socializing population on Earth
  • And continuing with the Life and all other involved Life

Can you imagine that we say, now and then, but with a smile and humor and great loving care, oof and oofy (and oofy means rich).
This is it for true what we want to convey for the moment in the Now.

The underlying thing is that we have the confidence and belief in you that you feel and accept, the stimulation to Go On, On and On and On!

We are so close and helping so much!
With everything that you are capable of in the present, the present!
And now we are constructing a kind of bridge, constructing it through communication, to convey a certain support of:
We speak to you as One, you will be aware of us as One Light, but we are many that you are more familiar with, all kinds of loved ones from the Higher Regions, or whatever your most dear relationships are, including Higher Selves.

We understand and know and feel at optimum level. You know it “somewhere,” the memory is on the return, it, as one family.
But, as it still exists on Earth now, for some of you, beloved as humans, this it still preferred.
And in some situations, there is one, one beloved one who is this above all others.
But it is in change from all directions that the energies are involved that make this conclusive and resounding from East through North, to West and South and vice versa, the Great Clock has all kinds of directions. This word-channel communication is for support, and it comes from all kinds of “directions” for a longer period already, known and unknown, through councils, federations, brotherhood, personal loved ones and friends, angels, from those of Inner Earth, from the Earth itself, the four elements, nature beings of all kinds, of female or male nature or both, or from what you call Masters, special Teachers acquainted, well known, cohans, the Son of God, the Creator himself.
Through various messages, notices, there is variation, through the language of communication of the Higher Regions, transformed for the languages on Earth.
All on the way to a higher level to what will appear as “standard”.

How long will this take?

That depends on how you deal with it in what is being offered and absorbed as the higher energies of Love and Light on the levels of oneness.
So many changes, those who read this or perhaps have it read aloud and heard, have just read / heard from Ashtar about how the MATCH is going on, but what we want to add is that at the same time, many changes are taking place in the Universe in all its scope and size and departments.
Preparing, getting ready, carrying out because the beautiful planet Earth and the many realms involved are returning to the innate state of birthright to Be.
Shifts thereby everywhere, shifts, revelations and expansion, actually better manifestation. It is an all is happening together, idea, distribution, creation created from Source, an ever started energy circulation system. We know that you sense the part of the Universe in which the Earth resides, but also that which is further away.

It is an undertaking with the intention of being gentle, calming and reassuring.

We know how you might respond, because much is the opposite.

But many protectors, guards, supervisors watch over you, as mentioned above from which regions this can come and the expanding communication.

We fulfill this meaningful feeling and awareness from our “lights”, the core of our true light hearts, with all love. We have just spoken of One Light, there is more and more for you to perceive through senses from both sides, as this more and more enters the revelations, more opens, you will see in this One Light, more Lights within, smaller, that is the uniqueness of each. We want you to point out, in the beginning of seeing this true Licht again, you might experience more than One Light. That is just because of the return stage.
It will set you up again, again, to remember more and the easier it becomes to “travel” from within.
It is actually from what you call an easy chair, easy to move in all directions, even turning upside down and turning around. You will be absolutely surprised!
Don’t hide the Source and keep true high!

The greatest Love, guard for all of you.
Salute to ALL of you, beloved of all who are so dear in every way whatsoever for you.
In the name of all One present here. Amen!
Received: Sunday morning October 13, 2019, with the Sun greeting and guiding us with some very bright rays, and spots in between the varied cloud appearance, which is a story landscape in itself.

Placed on website: Tuesday, October 15th, 2019.
For website edited by: Anja

Thank you so much, all of you, dear beloved Ones!
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