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To all readers and everyone, hello!

December the 23th 2019 INTRO

This is a message about communication with ones we are communicating with and it started in these moments you are waking up, but not really fully awake yet. We heard Samuel, and he asked us the following:

“This is an invitation to imagine a number of words, the goal is twelve, take your time, double word is okay, but not too much, six words for each on your own, I will approach you after a few days of your time and then we will continue and for Anja you’ll sense, receive impulses and stimulus for making a seal”.

We are not surprised with these kinds of invitations and questions anymore, but it has to do with wondering in a nice way, so we communicated that is was okay and stepped into more awakened life of that day. And it is happening in English because it is Michael’s native language and he does not understand Dutch so very well yet.


December the 29th 2019

On this Sunday, Samuel in the subsequent contact. Good morning and love and blessings.
We respond likewise. First Samuel, we do a little intro about our experiences, about the special Light influences, workings, that they are really touching us. We feel and sense it more than admitting to it. In combination with other energies and circumstances too. But these frequencies of Light are so special, the power, the intention, the Divineness are really making us again ready for more trust and believe. It is changing!And the so specific go rounds, the types of whirling, it concerns all and everything. So, we sit here in a certain place in the living room, with nice sight and influence of the outside, a very special spot, knowing, realizing, we have a purpose there/here, and it is now making our hearts work different, influencing the inner. We are One, we are sure many will have it too, and it feels good, thank you God for that and oh yes, so very much needed.

Samuel: Thank you both. Now we will start with this list of the words you have imagined.

We: We are ready, we are keen to learn where it is for.

Samuel: I am asking you to name each in turn your word(s), preferable one, but if not is fine and I am asking Michael to start. We: Right!

First: Turn

Second: Favourite

Third: Highest Ground

Fourth: How many

Fifth: Loop

Sixth: Draw

Seventh: Catatonic

Eighth: Globe

Ninth: Power Star

Tenth: Defoliate (some explanation with this one, is from Anja and she kept on repeating it,
I mean this word)

Eleventh: Crossing/Junction

Twelfth: Outcome


Samuel: Thank you both again. This is it for this day. We give it some Universal feedback and next Sunday we will continue.

Love from me and us.

We: Love from us to all of you and everywhere.


January 5th 2020


Samuel: Good morning beloved ones, love and blessings, I have some guests for this, from our large One family.

We: We notice you are not alone, to explain it, we know you, we, are never alone, but alone, as front person for the channeling.

Can we ask, who are our guests?

Samuel: Sure. They prefer no names, but they are our brothers, sisters, keepers from the cosmic libraries, living and supporting on certain dimensional levels and they are very joyful, they love all and love to be with it and support, actually they already did.

We: Welcome to you all, we love you too and we joy to start!


Samuel: We will handle it in the order as given.


Turn: A turn needs a cause to move around on or on an axis, to give a rotary, a motion to.
Needs a cause to go, an aim point, a look, for instance in a different direction, to another standpoint, to express it, to invert, to reverse, to renew, to refresh, to send – to return, to change form, shape, nature, condition, state of being, position, dimension, level, attitude, colours, tones, point(s), Light. To apply, or devote or serve (or all together) another purpose, aim, object, target, scope, meaning etc. To cause to become…..another turn, to all the TRANS, it means into another state or place. Or just make the round to repeat, but there is always a miniscule difference of any kind, in/with matter also in the densest matter or density or the other side, the most refined substance. There is always effect, result, to create chances for the choices, to explore and to experience the Creation.


Favourite: has to do with favour, a certain kind of affection, approval, attraction, feeling good with, goodwill, preferred, above beloved.


Highest Ground:

Highest, the most HIGH is HOME. There are songs, writings about Higher Ground, here is Higher about leveling, that is an elevation, that are elevations, risings to Higher.

Ground: Surface of any kind of state of matter (form of density) on Earth or as in Higher or the Highest. Very basically meant. You, you as humans might want to choose the word region, tract of land, estate, land, base or foundation, substratum.

Change the point of word view: it turns in origin, reason, motive, cause, to instruct thoroughly (in) the elementary principles of.

! Is does not mean beautiful Earth is the lowest Ground, it has to do with the height of where of what of the Creation is in!

How many:

How, in what way or manner. The means, extent, degree, proportion, condition, name, number, happening, the to be, to do.

Many: Content, numerous, a great number, multitude, majority.


Loop: There is a turn and turn point, folding or doubling, maneuver of energy, vibration line, course or journey of a planet or any heavenly body that is created to move.
On Earth, more earthed there are also loops in circuits of transport, knit work, needle work, weaving, use of all kinds of rope material and all fabrics, products that can make a loop.

Even the human body. Let us not forget the boomerang!

For on Earth as memoires of the loops in the Multitude of the Ground Majority.


The Great Source is a Loop and also Life itself.


Draw: There is a verb and a noun, an object word.

The most importance one concerning the verb is to exercise attraction for the magnetism and action of breathing, where a certain tense comes with, so to tense is involved and gravity.
To drag and to pull are substitute words. It is also meant for all kind of other things one can draw (it are all moves), for some is there a noun connected with. Some actions deal with a certain move or strength, might be in combination with tension, stretch. Some deal with bringing over convictions or asks for attention. Also, one can come and go. And for some humans it is very attractive, the draw of all kinds of lottery and it involves other money actions.


Catatonic: Gr.: Tonos – L. Tonus

A stretching tension, in a degree or a condition. Used also in medicine.

Music: a whole key, the mode. General indication for tones and the stages of the tones.


Globe: ball, sphere, round or spherical body, vessel, heavenly bodies, anything of a globular or nearly globular shape, an orb born as an emblem (symbolic figure) of sovereignty. Earth.


Power Star:

Power, explanation as Higher(st) Ground; an ability to do or act, it can be on several levels and states of mind or consciousness. A potential capacity, related with strength, force, ability, it is involved with electricity.

Star: Celestial being with what humans call a body on a fixed point or a turning point.
Some distant, some more near.

Beautiful creations where you can look at from Earth, with your physical eyes as the closest to what it is in that way. The other way is via within.

Tools have been created over time; they draw it even closer.

And for the combination of the words: for what is beyond the stars.


Defoliate: to deprive of leaves.

It is a nature process on planet Earth via several circumstances, the most common ones are in autumn and with finishing flowering, seasonal processes.

We asked Anja to explain her tenacity of this word?

Anja: It has to do with seeing inwardly a tree, imagining as a symbol, a mirrored tree, with water involved as mirror, with lots of leaves hindering visibility.

So, one by one, and sometimes with a few more, the leaves came of and one could see more clearly what is behind it. And also, in the mirrored vision version. For me it also means nothing can be hidden no more or not any longer. And the true base stands tall. It felt like a God meant thing.



We start with junction. The act of joining or the state of being joined, it is a combination, a point of place of union, for instance in your human bodies several joints, main joints and others. Visible and non-visible body parts of the human being, junctions in the courses of the blood, lymph, body fluid, meridians, elements and the surrounding energies. Meeting place, places.


Crossing, comes from cross. There we come at a meeting place. Life.

With a middle thing. Between….The lay over each other created the cross.

One can say, one is crossing over something, lets place this on the positive side, and in the existence of duality is the opposite, to thwart or balk.

But crosses are taking place on several levels in the dimensions.

Then we face it as the symbol of Christianity. The One who came to Earth and the One who has undergone the Event of Gogoltha. The Son of God and he did overcome the world with supreme meaning.

The Savior. And about the crossing of the matter, the material involved (all energies of course), He did come and did do it, and let’s explain it from the start of the era’s from where you on Earth started again with zero and the arc to 2000 and now 2020 (it is a big jump) as numbers and the involved energies, it is very nice. Two represents also a new chapter and zero hides mystery.

Maybe you wonder, they (we, Samuel and guests) stray a bit, but there is balance in it, that is important it represents the cross, for the next chapter.

It has to do with a beautiful zodiac sign, a fixed constellation ‘Crux’ – Southern Cross.

It is very near to Centaurus and it will become more to see on the northern half of Earth because of all the turns, draws and crossings.

It will return to its true meaning. And it will contribute again in its true glory.


Outcome: effect, consequence, resultant, emission, upshot.


Samuel: First thanks for the helping ones as guests of the family.

We: Yes, thank you and you too Samuel.

But Samuel, there is a question, is there an image of the Cosmic Library where we are dealing with, we understand that it is on several levels?


Samuel: Look at the Seal.

We: It is a Ground is not it?

Samuel: Yes. You have to dive, like swim for and to beyond!

We: Ooh you mean in that way.  Pause. It’s with a kind of tick-tack.

Inwardly you can hear this recurring sound, very soft, it is like that moments are marked.


Samuel: Now I have a next request. What is your recap of this WORDS and the words that were given as meaning?

Next Pause.

Using the pause, Anja about making the Seal:

I wrote this explanation already before the January 5th 2020.

I started on the 2nd day in the new year and it took a week, several hours a day. I was swung back and forth by impulses, sizes, shapes, colors and material. Forced to patience with the gluing of little gold glitter of glass material, the painting of the little fields in a circle.  To make 20 balls like a kind of suns fitting in the circle. And finally, to fill the middle, it was meant to make a kind of depth in it. After all these hours for this seal creation, this is the closets I was able to do in the now. And making a digital photo is always something.


We with the recap:

Life seems to be not without turns with several possibilities and meanings.
The creation is really meant as experience to share.

Favourite is for us on the side of Love. Highest Ground and even Higher Grounds feel like really pure solid representing the Higher Goals, we believe there is more than one, somewhere is this Ground needed as base.

How, we keep on wondering about that, also because there are so many possibilities.
We realize that we are here on Earth with so many because it is needed for a certain majority. Loop, just like that we start to love this word and somehow things, what is needed can be done in a quick Loop.

And when we consider the word draw, we get a kind of tired, it feels representing countless efforts, actions, deeds and lots and lots of work.

Maybe therefor is next Catatonic, because this stretching tension looks to be really needed too, for a kind of release and a scala of connections what has to do with tones, sounds from the Highest Ground, it seems nothing lives without music. Globe. Anja, I speak now for myself, I always loved orbs and still do. Michael as a planet, as planets they seem magic balls.

So, we do both love stars, all of them, we love to walk underneath a starry sky and look upward and even talk to them. And somewhere we know and then remember little of the behind, it is amazing beautiful.

For the leaves to fall, we prefer it can be done just on this imaginary tree, because already to many trees suffered on the planet and still do.

We are very impressed by the explanation of the junction and especially the cross. It is as if there is a huge Divine streaming connected with it and a very important meeting point, guided by a very beautiful Light. It also gives us the thought that revealing has to do with the stars, the fixed stars system and magnetism as draw is playing a very important role.

The outcome has to do with humanity and the missions and serving in lifetimes on Earth, it has to do with the realization there is this responding, interacting with unconditional Love and we are One.

This is the primary one, we guess there might follow second recap or more.


Samuel: Thank you! And also, grateful thanks from the guests.

We have asked you to put it on the internet, so people will become invited to read.
When you are one of the readers and you have come this far, I like to invite you to make your own recap and take this given with you for a while as long as needed. We are your listeners, all of us in the Universe, even if you whisper or have just one single word as an answer or a lot.

And we listen also to your wondering(s), we are looking very much forward, it is all contributing.


With all love and unbelievably a lot from me Samuel and the Oneness.


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Love and Gratitude for all.


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