Aquarius Acquaintance in a different Beautiful Garments


Monday, Januari 27th 2020 – Anja Tjelpa


Aquarius Acquaintance in a Different Beautiful Garment
Welcome with a loving greeting from the heart of our being!

A number of stories begin with Once upon a Time, as preterit.
We love to start this communication in present tense, there is once…..
In the loop, the circuit of the ecliptic in Heavens is entering and it will be there for quite a present tense, Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the Zodiac.
It happens with a gentle but imposing move in moments also with great guidance of the Moon among and under the Stars and Planets in this part of the Universe.
Now, in these last days of January 2020, entering the month energy in a year as on Earth, this Zodiac sign, with a crescent Moon.
A Moon empowered, it means with might and special force from Great Source Strength via a ray which lightens up en brightens the Moon Sea and with pure natural enforcing enforcement the Aquarius, the Giver of Water, a sign with more than 100 stars. Aquarius, as a water pot, to pour out, to sparkle Natural Source Water via the gates as a great gift for ALL what is thirsty on planet Earth.

We have to explain to you, that Water coming from such a High Watering Beautiful Star Being Pot, it also pours, with the course of the water to Earth, on what is in this Spray Rays in the Universe too.
And we do have some expectations dear Ones in human embodiment, you’ll have curiosity to the renewing of the Garments!

So, we like to continue this ‘there is once’ history in a metaphorical way.
Creator made Creation and Creation made (and still do) many creatures and some, twelve became the symbolic creature for the Zodiac. Also, Aquarius, expressed in Star language.
And, also as a similitude of the Creator, like with humans.
Representing and again also, the Element Air, but with a distribution function of the Element Water, with Love and Light.
In relation with each other as water vapor.
Is not this a beautiful and wise way for travelling and accompanying (as a part) for the journeys of the Divine Souls, for All with a Soul and what is with other Spirit.

Next is about making, to do the inner acquaintance. We invited as a channel, Anja, this very early morning. She did a kind of wake up but was still in a certain state, to come to a meeting place in Higher Grounds, for a meeting with us.
She did take it on, with her Higher Self and guides to help.
Adjusting to Higher levels and we did some adjusting too, it comes from several sides.
There we were, being Being, sparkling, streaming in Higher Life with the involved energies and wearing garments.
Ours of lighter fabrics and Anja’s a bit more with from Earth.
Last one means when you see it, it is heavier, slower. Garments is filled with the Being it represents, like a body, a shape, a reflecting kind of picture, with an individual Soul star, Divine Child.
We reflect as Light as butterflies but to make us more understandable with a kind of picture of angel types, as you do picture on Earth. For clarification it is an option

We had some preparing conversation and we talked to her of an introduction there.
All went well sofar. So, we created some existence for it there, for your understanding, space to enter, to be.
Anja gave us permission to tell it with her experience/words.

In this nice, light place, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael stepped aside each to a side and there appeared a Being.
Tall, much taller than the Archangels.
It was like, ooh what is this, not unkind but…? What is that?
I am asking is this meant? They expected this, so then I felt it settled, nicely, so it could go on. I met a tall Being, nice of shape, with a male impression, like human, but not detailed, but the posture, this posture filled or made of a streaming Light, like the veins in human bodies. Head, arms, legs, corps, by the way no eyes and so. And of the most beautiful color blue I have ever seen
Shining and firmly streaming, that gives shades of that blue.
The more it became IT, it became more loving full, kind. Representing something very good, special.

To start I could only look, become aware, that took quite a while. Then it sensed, there is a click, you make it with each other, and then started the communication. The words which represent the communication will follow later in the message. Now both Archangels will explain, in their words what it is about.
And yes, I did wake up of it safely and utterly with another kind of fulfilling.

Archangels Metatron and Michael:
For all of you who meet this, this beautiful, loving Creature (with all respect) represent in this way Aquarius. Similitude from the Creator for Its Being, showing in this way Love, Light and Elements in Zodiac Sign, with some other components, for later explanation. It is so Aquarius is not doing this not yet daily and did some practicing otherwise, for what he is going to do.
So, this explaining one of the starts with new garments.
And it is meant as a start for many of you, we mean as much as possible.
Via your inner world, that is the meeting place. We can imagine you want assistance and you can ask US, many are available, also your Higher Self, your Guides, Higher Fragments, even your Soul or combinations.
Call three times the name(s) in mind of out loud.
Turn off your inner chatterbox of thoughts and habit way of thinking.
Put your ego under your thumb as a matter of speaking, two if necessary.
That creates existence, range for undertaking it with more awareness in consciousness, for meetings.
If you please it, of course.
It is of interest for what is coming up and keeps on coming, as said already for quite a present tense.
It is also a take your time issue.
It is there, on the path for the right time and also place, for you, each of you.
And the Giver of Water is actually a many-colored Being, the Blue in shades and so are a beginning, it comes from behind the Light. We consider this is something to look forward to and to do, to be with!

Water is a beautiful lovingly Creation.
Look at all the shapes of it on planet Earth, everywhere.
I ‘am delighted to be the Giver for this part of the evolution.
Look at the keepers of the Water on Earth, Cetaceans!
Do you ever listen to Water?
Forever what is possible and there are several manners.
And when you just can look and not hear, it represents the Silence of Love, or it is with both.
For sure IT represents delight and support the streaming of emotions, now with the shift and different beauty of the garments, way up!
What about the Kiss of Water!
It is coming from Me for You!
What about the sense and be with this Overflow of Love?
To dance with raindrops and cherish drops of dew?
And see in this a kind of representing of your inner world?
And hear melodies like never before!
And to start shining in Water, to start shining with waves of all kind!
All coming from Water and Air!
What about all this beautiful inner moments and movements you want to bring to the outer for a New World on Earth?
For that kind of perceiving?
I guess you don’t want to do without it and want to ‘sing’ ‘live’ along, all along present tense?
To go to the ceiling of the Inner to see and meet Aquarius Constellation?
Reaching out and your heart want to BE, for it loves and want to BE.
Sacred love of a Starry place to share.
Share Mansions – New Earth – Love – Peace.
All people sharing with the Overflow of Aquarius?
Can you hear the tunes of Water for it?
With the whistling and fluting of the Air?
Do you know how much Love there is for you on Earth?
It is coming free from a kind of hiding place.
Speak out my Name as a help.
This is for the Ever Know!

Hug from Me Aquarius, Giver!
It is portable and energy efficient!
To make it all happier!
Looking forward for your hugs, they are for FREE!
And welcome, Love to meet you! (Again)

Archangels Metatron and Michael:
We only add, we join this with the same intentions!
Are not we here and there to PROOVE it can be done!
And to unify Creation!
LOVE and Amen.

Received: Monday, with crescent Moon, January 27th 2020
Posted on website: 28th January 2020
For website edited by: Anja

And with
Thanks, so many thanks, as much there is love all around!

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