Nice to Be Merlin


Merlin – Anja Tjelpa

It is Nice to be Merlin!

Content: Two previous channelings, a part is about channeling and a message from Merlin anni currentis, February 7th.

There is diving in archives, notes have been made in various ways and kept, also by us.

Ours are written with pen or pencil on paper.

And Now asked, by very beloved Merlin, to work out some of what we did with him and then he, Merlin, will provide some to add.


The first one is the one from Sunday, the 5th of November 2017.

This was a day after a full Moon, called the Hunting Moon.

There was firm working of energies and we had a bit discomfort in feeling good with that, we had to adjust and integrate a lot.


We have a certain kind of place in the living room, where we like to be for channeling contact en communications with the Ones in higher regions.


So, we settle, it takes some moments and opened up for communication.

The first words we received were: “I’ll talk to you”.

We: Who is this? Are you sent by God? We sensed a broad smile…

And we continue with, you smile very great for such a High Dimensional Being!

Next we understand is: Expectations?

We: Writing all this already and communicating with each other and doing so we start to feel this approaching as specific energy coming nearer.

We both have big wondering eyes and mind.

Next words: So here I am.

We: We have to say this now, as a kind of in between, now we do smile with rereading and working it out, that was not so then when it started.

(Then) We communicating again with each other, we both agreed it sense male energy.

Next: Why? Does it matter?

We: No, we answered. We think you are Merlin and this moment you feel very connected with Mother Earth and we see/sense something we give the name of an Earth Vapor, present there like is told with the story of Aladdin and the Magic lamp. It is seen, observed, perceived via inner eye, kept on wondering and looking and then it becomes confirmed, this is Merlin.

We see him holding his hands in this vapor. It is quite a surprise and we start to feel loving pleasantly honored.

And we spoke to Merlin about all the channeling sessions we did so far, none has been the same.

Merlin: There is a great power in just believing from your heart.

I am to say to you, you are both doing so, at least in these circumstances.

You both have been on Camelot, both not so well remembering, but you know the place very well and also me Merlin.

You know the Earthly story?

We: Dear Merlin, not detailed, a bit from a book, a bit from movies, a bit from our true memory.

Anja: Now we are so close there are some returning memories and already before in the ongoing processes on Earth, there were some memory flurries of Camelot. Told Michael about it, we still now and then talk about it, with attempt to remember. Pleasant beauty of a place, great magic.

Michael: I have memories of garden like surroundings, huge ones in their magic, very imposing beautiful. Let’s say residences instead of Castle, Home.

We: But we do understand this might still be a Light city, somewhere, somehow. Archangel Michael talked about it in his messages, Camelot is an etheric City from way back. That’s why we mentioned that it still might be so, all Light cities are etheric, maybe now in a renewed etheric magic garment, we like to use the word, upgraded.

Merlin: Broad smile again. We: A really wonderful smile. You feel male, dressed in what we call long garb, but not with the stars, moons and suns on it and it is very etheric matter. It seems you love this long hair and long-haired beard?

Merlin: I can change any second, minute in everything I want.

We: Are you like the Immortal apostle John where has been written about?

Merlin: Yes, but there is difference in doing service. I am serving more the Creator and all of the Creator in Higher Dimensional existences and for a part in this Universe and the parts of it, some happens with and for Earth, and in and for other Milky ways and Galaxies and also what is beyond.

Merlin: Why do you think I came on this day to you both?

We: We are openminded, we don’t consider it silly, we really do believe you are there existing in etheric life and wonder if you were ever on Earth?

Wondering about fiction of non-fiction and illusionary world?

Merlin: I am confirming I have been incarnated as a true magician.

We: Is that human or not?

Merlin: Like already said, I can become anything, also on Earth, there were that kind of possibilities.

We: When we hear you say these things, we strongly have to think of God, like you are His Brother?

Merlin: Yes/No. I am as God created me and indeed, I got a lot of specials of God’s possibilities. But it is not like the Son, Christ, as He did the arising from the dead and as He did the great Work with the Holy Spirit.

But there are great options.

We: But we also got the idea you have a lot under your protection?

Merlin: It is so, love to explain but that takes a great amount of your Earthly time, but I can show you an image as a part of it? We: Okay, very nice.

Merlin: Concentrate as much as you can (it is from inside) and await…..

What we did perceive: After minutes, we see Merlin in what we know as magician clothes, he has a great ball, globe (looks like white opal with sparkles of several colours and a kind of transparency) between the fingertips of his index fingers and he is able to turn this ball, spinning around, slow but also very fast and shows he can look in it. That is it.

We: Very beautiful, thank you. And we think you showed this image as with as we are on Earth to understand as a symbol? And we thought we heard you say letters and words?

Merlin: Image, in a way true, but believe it, in Higher Reals the truth is in it.

Words and so, true, force of thoughts in combination with very secret, sacred, you would say, magic sentences, but that is the simplest explanation, because it is much more complicated.

We: Understandable, we love to say that everything has its momentum to reveal and have great trust and believe in what is happening and also because of what you just ‘showed’, make us remember, realizing, and again, that we have a multidimensional existence,  and we are here on Earth with this veiled memory and knowing somewhere, we are able to do stuff like that and we also believe we are in some of our fragmentated being supporting in a still unknown way or maybe vague for some of us or where or what it is.

By saying this and writing it, we sensed more presences!

Merlin: There are here so many who love you, the Ones that are on Earth.

I invited a few.

We: We got in the ooh…feeling very touched

Then we landed in the non-word’s language and less mattered presences.

Merlin asked to put for the now in our words what was there.

We: We were just there, feeling very protected not to get in the feelings of homesick. There were many Ones there of all kind, we could not even count them. Aware of an enormous loving good comradeship, making you feel yourself inner very touched and incredible grateful. And dear beloved Ones who ever may read this, they are really there, many, many, many and we hear say it is not magic. Some are waving, and we see and sense smiles and all kinds of shining and sparkling. And then it seems to be done.

Words came: This is it.

We: May we invite you to come again?

Merlin and many: Yes! But dear hearts, we are living in the Now.

But just, as said many times before, just ask.

We: This is why we now put this experience in words for internet.

We reached to them with our hands and hearts, please try to imagine how tender and gentle higher is. It was as uneasy to stop as to say goodbye to, what is so loved by us on Earth. We said of course many thanks and love and blessings.


The second is the one from Saturday, the 11th of August 2018.

Changes for the, I do not remember any longer, for what umpteenth time.

Now it is the Saturday of a Solar eclipse, a partial one, here in Holland we cannot perceive it. We said to each other, we support to get done whatever needs to be done to better the world. Love and Blessings for you and ourselves and All involved till the Highest. That’s how we stepped in. Fly!

We invite, ask for channeling because we are in a way out of a certain scheme.

Team is there: There is someone who likes or is pleased to come in for you.

Merlin. This time we have to adjust for that because of the energy levels of his presence and we have to explain it is different from the one from November 5th, 2017. (this will be explained later)

The greetings. We communicate a bit about the channeling, which is posted as from 5th of November 2017. There were in this channeling a lot of questions, some involved for us personally. What follows is a summary of the essence.

Merlin spoke about he is in the Higher’s an alchemy teacher, also.

Alchemy ‘school’ is, there are several, in the Universe, in the Omniverse, on several places, like the Cosmic Libraries.

He was very pleased with a question of us about Light and Darkness.

He gave some explanation; Light is the great Transformer, but it needs spiritual substances to transform and that is Darkness. And this kind of Light and Darkness if of the Highest Level. That Darkness is Love as much as the Light is. One can name it super minuscule fragments always moving, interacting, merging, moving, All, Everlasting, Unstoppable. It is a Holy Sacred form of Alchemy.

He spoke about Dragonflies associated with this. It is a kind of ‘insect animal’ that serves nice as example to explain how beautiful this works, shapes, construction, colours, nature, speed, shine. They have versatile functions on Earth and so to say in the Heavens. Merlin choose not to talk about it specified, but mentioned one thing, that’s about their crystallinity and how we should look, study it, because us on Earth are on our way to that kind of embodiment. And other insects have also this kind of mineral, precious mineral based expressions as animal insects on planet Earth, for the same reason. His words: “ You are becoming listeners with original ears for the cosmic languages, it will take due periods, it is like starting a very significant book, let’s say, spiritual pupils alchemy book Part I and every page is a Now Moment and is a veil, like you turn the page of a book, with a spreading function, to open, to return the deepest wisdom, the highest truth, huge peace, the most noble of Love. It has to do with the -Opal Ball- I showed you, despite certain transparency one can see in it, allover visibility, no place to hide anything at all”.

He continues: “There lies so much awaiting in the original plans for Earth to become manifested and some is already settled in, there are stages, is on track with intro, on track to the middle part, on track to burst into truth forever. Please dear ones, keep doing what you started, where you came for to earth and that’s is for everyone”.

For the close of the channeling we touched with hands and love from hearts, hugging and say many times thank you.


February 7th 2020 About Channeling:

It is becoming more with visibility as it is and it works fulfilling from the fifth dimensional level and that is giving inner a very happy and more loving, let’s call it a feeling, but that is not really the good word. Maybe sensation?

To explain, after this channeling with Merlin in February 2020 (just before Full Moon) and writing this for internet, we spoke about the so many different channelings with several from there from the Higher’s, the explanation is about there are so many, we also learned after a while, not to be wondered about who or why is coming, I think it is already said before, and adjusting to the energies of the One(s) you are communicating with that can have prodigious phases. From easy flow to real adjusting. When it is not from that side, you’ll notice and how? The inner to be with open heart is via the Kundalini tube, to explain it, filled with beautiful streaming Light from Source and Earth, streaming also for communication, your Godcel is in it, your Lightbody. For many in a very state of beginning, with respect for the levels already there, this streaming depends on how far and how much you are with it. The more progress, you feel yourself in this Kundalini tube, but there develops a tube with golden/white Light around it, like a second skin, also that can variate, depending on how far you are.

And anything that is unkind or not of the right source or without good intentions, you’ll notice it, because it is so opposite. Careful is good, but do not have fear, shame or unworthy, that are a kind of magnets for the naughtiness. There are still going around energies and in certain thoughtforms and movements which are not yet transformed to neutral light substance and you have to be alert for that with higher communication and with healings at all distances. Any state of being as human that is not sincere is like a kind of nice bite, like an insect bite. Said with all respect for any one of our family on Earth in their state, place on the path of Being and doing.

We wish to say in this way, Thank You One who created us, that there is already so very much well on the Way.

Merlin, anni currentis February 7th 2020

We and also me, perceive you wondering about Kundalini and the Line to Source. And when we watch you imagine it, about 8 milliard cords, streams to Source from a planet, beautiful Earth as a spaceship, it shows representations of a tangle that gets confused. Or your own connection neatly presented as imagination and then what about the others?

That’s is some THING is not it? Happening?

Let me give you a kind of start. Let use for it this ball/globe of White Opal High Precious Matter (with colour speckles), with this transparency.

What if I say, that is IT.

It is all in there and start the imagination as small as you are able to.

From inside of you Being human. There is not this matter dense as on Earth. As everything is One and in the flow of the Creator from Source, that will give relief for confusion. It is an entrance. And then, the advice is carefully do some stretching and you will probably understand and perceive that this Ball as residence has enormous, huge flexibility. That is where one can starts to perceive some of the magic. And I spoke about a Spiritual Book for Alchemy, part I, this is a huge magic box, spoken in words as symbols.

And the more stretch, the more complexity. I consider and suggest, is to do some fun exercising, to blow bubbles from soap water.

And to look with more awareness, studying to all the movements of any kind of water. Some of you wrote, made some nice books with photos about it.

Also are films made, video’s, what became more recent digital.

Is not internet a kind of like this White Opal ball?

I want to emphasize it all are all gifts!

I love to emphasize the incredible progress!


Now I will make a magic jump to the clouds, which are appearing just like that on the Blue Sky. Morning, Noon, Night Sky. Heavenly sky.

I will ask you now a kind of funny question?

What kind of want, do you think or imagine is used for that?

And what a diversity belongs to it!

Sometimes it seems a parade, a huge blanket, or like storybook telling, sometimes it seems to make shapes, you are recognizing or compare as shapes seen on Earth or like higher up beings of existence.

Are they protecting?

They are carrying water. You all know what that does, physical.

When they seem to impinge, it hardly seems to hurt.

When you want to climb up to it, that is an exciting project, even from the highest mountain on Earth.

And when you jump with parachute from a plane, if they are there, you go through it. Falling with your heaviness back to Earth.

With means of air transport made on Earth, it goes through it.

But still it are creatures. Let me name it etheric, but close to Earth.

And maybe you’ll recognize this one, when you experience something very very happy on Earth of any kind, it makes you feel in a cloud, like a cloud and even over the Moon.

Next again about internet, how much is there already 2020 in the Cloud?

And you dear beloved ones, have begun to see what you thought to be hidden space ships in it.


Merlin, I am telling you there is always something in it and with it.

From elements to angels made with love and….

With all these changes, the one after the other and in higher tempo the last few years and bringing so much for the better.

We are in the Cloud subject. There are appearing clouds in the Sky that seems to have a certain content. And it differs from the ones, you thought it might be with Spaceships. This content is radiating the inside presence.

We perceive you say hello to them and saying, we are here, hello to what is there, some reach out their hands or make jumps with joy.

I, Merlin and I have some assistance here from Archangel Michael, tell you that is has to do with what is known as you are creating pyramids of Light and Strength, personal or in combination and they are really becoming like little cities, fifth dimensional.

They are able to reside in clouds and it is happening, the higher parts of you with guides, beloved family at the wheel. It had to start somewhere and it did and it is going on, we say Hip Hurray! So, look with different, even physical eyes to that kind of cloud appearances. They will perceive your waving and greetings. In due time, you will able to perceive reaction.


What a beautiful anni currentis and it will shine more and more, like two Suns.

When you want to do a special entry, you are, mighty, to knock on a Higher Dimensional door, because we know it might feel like it.

Think about all the veils and structures like your buildings on Earth with doors and windows and so and the more nature simple ones, what I am here want to explain is, you might have the feeling, awareness, I have to do a knock on a door. Knock your soul rhythm. It is an inner drum, how beautiful!

Sounds, colours are becoming more aware to use, I guess you understand, the next page(s) of the Book.

I, Merlin, repeating it too, we are very close and always there and you are never alone.

You can call in several ways, many are given, honor this and live in experiencing it with great respect.

It is magical lifting up! With a magic touch of one of my wants……


Love YOU, Merlin.


Received: Friday February 7th 2020, the latest message, others previous.
Michael was present with the previous messages and partly with the recent one.
Posted on website: 8th February 2020
For website edited by: Anja

Information: Image of Merlin, it is a work of a kind of copper material as a kind of engraving.
I bought it at least 15 years ago on a secondhand market.

For me it is Merlin 🙃. Thank you, dear Ones, thank you All.


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