Trust is a Pillar

April 24th 2020 – Anja Tjelpa – CHANNELING




Dear beloved Ones,

In a more opened circuit of the Evolutionary Event, it is my wish to bring you vision and insight also via channel messages for it is needed so much I am using several and often.

On Earth there is the sphere of “Easter” event. One might imagine that the total of Earth development all realms involved and development of humanity, it needed a great number of years to come to this central moment, that I, Christ descended in a physical human vessel, died like humans en after three days overcame dead. It means it gave a new content, a strength, an ability, it is in the shape of a germ (seed) and it still is.

And it is there from 0 – 2020 in years on Earth, cosmic counting differs, it also contains the ability to connect with it, this is in everyone’s heart.

To be more specific, from there on it started with the elaboration.

It’s gardening in a way for the New Garden of Earth.

I descended as a cosmic World Spirit and became Christ, Son of God and became Lord of the Earth.

A lot of history is involved with the cause and effect of the fall, of animosity, and the maintaining and leading to damaging the planet Earth as it is now. Salvation became of high importance. It also created the polarities, for instance good<>bad. We, you are and everyone are more becoming aware, awake of Oneness.
But this words also implies to tell, that One(s) from the Absolute with all the Love we are made off and with, had to step into the relativity and to experience Divine Dichotomy.

In words as a very short line, there was the start point till the Now, facing Easter spheres.
What is different in this year 2020 with it?
I am using the word portal to make it better understandable for the results of Easter Event(s) of the Mystery of Gogoltha, this is becoming clearer, near and dear. Beautiful planet Earth is already in Higher Circulations of Electric Magnetic force fields and this ‘portal’ is involved -Christ Easter Portal- upright, beneficial, powerful, but above all full of trust, actually manifested from Gogoltha Event on.

During these periods of days involved with Easter in relation with celestial bodies (quite involved with calculations) it is with more empowerment.

And magnificent and extensively is its working more than years before and still ahead too. What is a portal? It is an opening, entry. But it is more than that in this case, it is a pillar too. Pillar support for upright, upright concerned with reflection, for immediacy, it is proxy, not circuitous, it is a pillar of Trust.

A huge very bright pillar filled with trust, trustworthy love. It is one of the pillars build to place the vault of Heaven on in its Creation.

To continue with Creation, cause and effect but replicate creation. Seen in their proper perspective without distortion or/and fear, they re-establish Heaven. Place cause and effect in their true sequence in one respect and the learning will generalize and transform the world. But present cause needs correction.
Let us continue with a question? How can you start not to lose focus and stop outshining? Remind again that everything is an energy.

Consider for a moment, or as much as needed (when it is welcome) Love without Trust.

One will discover it is impossible, also when doubts are involved, one will see there is no co-existence between doubt and trust. So, what upsets the balance? What is all that of maybe? Can one avoid perception of order of difficulty? One might see conflicts in it.

Dear beloved, please consider a borderland of thought, one might call it an interval, energies in between salvation. You might see it as an area around the Pillar of Trust. And there stands this more open, empowering you with special grace, healing and a gradation of brightness, Pillar with Trust and Trustworthy Love to change your mind, who maybe does still the thinking instead of your hearts. It is a beautiful, open invitation, with an underlying invitation, to rearrange your focus on God. To stimulate to free your Selves from causes that result in unkind effects, to stimulate open-mindedness, releasing mindfulness, and old stuffed behavior, attached behavior, also involved with Ego influences.

Maybe you wondered why Merlin is my companion herewith?
That has a nice cause, it has to do with the awakening of other realms.
Spoken about via other messages already. There are well known like flora and fauna, minerals, nature beings, elemental being. But there are more, the supernatural Ones, some are very small.

I am telling you dear beloved Ones over Merlin. Merlin is the Supreme Expert concerning this kind of Realms of Creation. He loves to be with you as humans too and have herewith some words for you.


Welcome beloved Ones! Thank you for your presence Christ!

I will talk about a few things; it is to support the message of Christ.
I can start to tell, I love to slip and sail through portals, because this actually can be done. But that’s for later, also about the lovely creatures that are circling, living around one and another of other realms, which are seen here and there.

Christ spoke about a certain start. Thoughts are a tool for creating.

Involved with start and continuation. On Earth in human form and being, one start to act of what becomes learned, educated, acquired by experience, the theory of knowledge, concepts of understanding and once one started to use words instead of gestures, guttural, throat sounds, once one started to use the throat area/constellation. To use the same line like Christ from then to the now, it became expended and used on several polarity levels.

Words are less reliable, most certainly compared with Light language, but it is in The Change.

Tapestry of the shadow side which became exposed and maintained the needs at expense of others, whatever the ones who made this have/had in mind bij doing so, it is not made of pure source Light structure for Oneness of High Goods, it means it is unraveling and you are certainly aware of that Now.
In this shadow tapestry are “things” enclosed and it is from High Hand decided to keep a part of it silenced forever. The other part has been put in the open for revelation, it has started a while ago and will go on a while longer. It means it is not really bright, but is huge guided.

It also means the Universe did not choose for the very worse.

In line with as it is now in the openness, there must remain “openings” for Love and Joy, Grace and Gratitude.

Via Light from Supreme and countless Lightworkers with several tasks, for instance to keep planet Earth in the position where it is in now and for the progress, it is going on too. These beloved Ones, they know what they are and what they are doing. There is a kind of balance in the happening; the Light Work and the unraveling of Shadowland Tapestry. To explain a bit more with the choice of words, it is not meant to be more turbulent see saw.

The Way of Newness. The value and the miracle of the doing – deeds as sequence of “thinking” – now “Trust Thinking” > words > deeds to do.
It is already given, the magic to do is to find it where it is on the wheel of Creation for manifestation.
Alchemy lies in Pillar. No need to say there is more then one. Also, this one from Trust.
And during the days a great help to remove what better can be removed and transformed of negative vibrations is: Joy Love, to be Grateful.

It are keys for solving doubt, fear, worry and negatives.

Some from music now made on Earth. I Merlin, love music, it is great, joyful, happy, lovingly to make music with nature beings, supernatural beings and Angelic Ones and other Ones too, more about it later.

A song has been chosen, to repeat for you a few lines from the lyrics, to support the uplifting openness.
It is the song Joy from Soul II Soul, 1992, songwriters Beresford Romeo, Will Mowat.

-Life is the answer to all the questions

 Take one at a time

 ‘Cause there are too many to mention

 That’s the way of life, come on now

Joy, it’s a new sensation

New vibration, rocking the nation –


Of course, there is an underlying intention to invite you to listen to the song.
On media it can be found or maybe you have the CD!
And please pay attention to the rhythm!

Christ will join for the remain of the course of this message.



In my words (Anja):
They showed a beautiful white Lotus flower just with some out of the button petals beginning to open, there were rays of Light connected to the opened petals. They said this is the part already unveiled.
More rays will engage with the pedals and the blossoming revealing procedure continues.

This were their last words of the channel course:

What has influence on you?

Where do you have influence on?
Small compliments like a nice smile or a joyful gesture or say something heartfelt nice have miraculous outcome.
Call upon your harmlessness!
Never stop trying in the name of Love!


With touches of our love and trust with every breath you take!
Grace and Blessings!



Posted on website: April 24th, 2020
Support from Michael with channeling.
For website edited by: Anja
With Love and Gratitude for all.
Message taken in on several dates, a great deal on the 20th last Monday.


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