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It starts with telling that in the period from the last posted channeling, April 24th 2020 and to this day in May 2020, we have received several communications on several moments or days.

And the Higher Self is secretary again. And on this day, we made in cooperation a summary to be posted on the website, internet.

The communication took place with God, Christ, Archangel Michael, our team and comrades, Samuel and Merlin, a lot of Family.


To explain this, because it might be a bit less easy to comprehend, the Universe and this part where planet Earth is residing is like a great, a huge public room, with a very supreme communication system based on supreme skills of the Light. And in this constellation of stars and also others, the Sun as great harmonizer and the Moon is the Mirror of the Sunlight and everything that the Moon can impinge with radiation of all in the Universe.

Mirror means return is involved, it is there too, the Moon radiate being this Mirror, imagining, as images all what is received, to all sides of the Universe.

What comes from the Sun is the most powerful, very mighty, with depth forces.

Explaining the nature of mirror; one can see that what is outside of the (human) being in front of the mirror, one does not see what is behind it.

Behind is the non-written, secrets, the mysteries.

Actually, it is a double; first as it is revealing concerning Earth and surroundings. Second is the return mirroring of the Moon. Two pictures.

To come back to communication, this is a part of it!

As humans you might say, they talk all the time, chatter, chatter, very noisy or like whispering and what is in between. But the Family as Beings who life in a Higher State, creatures of a very variegated kinds are not like humans, we also mean planets and stars. Guttural sounds are not.

Not like humans with larynx vocal cord function and the involved other physical systems. It comes from and via the Light, the super, extraordinary fast Light. This telling does not mean it cannot be heard, because there are possibilities that are making it able.

But it needs a very refined State of Being to be able to hear, to listen to it.

We are talking about absolute character. These refined Family Beings in the Higher Dimensions are skilled with pantomimic, based on Light, colours, sound, weaving <> moving and the easy and safe to share higher ways of Thinking, having the thoughts for this huge public room. That is how the communion communicates.


We know and we are with you on Earth, you are experiencing a period with a certain distancing.

Already much have been communicated about this issue.

But you are on Earth able to continue to communicate.

And we are perceiving there is most certainly a change ongoing.

You are lifting up in great numbers.

You probably know and understand you are all connected with a nice Light tapestry, believe it is true, trust it is. For the lifting up, you are changing ‘sight’ and will be able to aware of it in due time.

Among you beloved Ones on Earth, there are a number of way showers, first liners, who are able to see this, but also them, for them it might be very fluctuating and even fluidics, again because of the great changes.

We will call it art; the art is to start feeling this and then pick up the good moments.

So, attempting to indicate in this way, ‘language’ there is not like language on planet Earth.

There are not words as on Earth to explain this in a short way.

But we can “bend it” from one to another, it is not a translation computer, there is a kind of in between base with beings that mediate bending / converting. Translations Angel agencies.

Also, to speak to your loved ones who have allegedly died and returned to this side.


Let’s continue, as it is on Earth, it is invented, figured out by humanity.

Like writing and reading in less refined ways.

Even symbols are symbolic > referring to behind the mirror.

This drawing, writing, figuring out of letters and numbers and all kind types of script characters have led your existence, it appeared to be a severe influence part to where it has come.

Why do we use this title STAR WORLD > ARITHMETIC WORLD > STAR WORLD?

It is the road you were able to take, as a choice, mission and many did.

Explaining that the world full of script and calculations is very Earth bound, lower dimensional bound.

And the Event is the return to the world of the Stars, seen or not seen yet, like just explained via ‘Moon’ and the communication as explained (so far), both sides.

About arithmetic, it is one of the seven liberal arts. Liberal landed quiet to overstate.


This ‘transferring’ is of course a stimulus, but there is so much manipulations still possible with communication, it makes it very confusing, but also, it is like a kind of trinity, and the Ego Cleaner.


We propose, imagine this as in a circle, it might be of a size as large as you are able to or very little, but when you do, you may notice, that larger gives more breathing capacity for the ongoing situations.

Your auric field will function more flexible, comforting, leading to ease, grace, peace and Love.

We talked about stretch before, it is an eminent part of the Creation. Flexible, think about soap bubbles, but then the ones that cannot break up, the bubble remains the bubble, and you as beloved human on Earth are in it, each in a bubble as a beautiful Soul Star.

Or might try imagining like a membrane as in an egg or as embryo in a mammal, but that is already more compacted. With interaction there is this flexibility and to continue with the soap bubble, this shows coloring and transparency > visibility. That is so kind and has not to do with hurt.

Positive sense atmosphere. It is possible to open, make an opening in the bubble, maybe you like a porthole or patio doors and click with other(s) or not and just communicate and behold how beautiful each of your star is, even with a human garment in this nice and fun bubble.

How about that for what is to come?

Please keep in mind, for the imagining, to combine your auric field/ bubble with the gossamer lines of the tapestry or the all-around reticuli.

And to tell more about what is to come, it is more like gliding to a next cog.

What if, this is leading to, on this path, to a non-overused, an art of arithmetic as it was meant to be?

Maybe this is helpful, for instance, your bank account, if there is enough to handle certain costs… or to transform the manipulating of the prices for needs, like food, clothes, care products, rent and mortgage etcetera, that is a point for what has to come too, the etcetera …beside overcoming manipulations.


We like to invite you to consider simplism! That is eminent to as a part of the Creation. This is quite a subject, simplism, and quite a lot of telling to do, actually to put it in words, but we’re working on it in corporation with many of the dear beloved Ones on Earth. Let’s say, as a first step, or perhaps a next or next one, we know this is happening, to perform consideration.


The human body.

Your cells have what you would call, intellect.

They await on a certain level for instruction, the body elemental is a mediator. The beautiful part of this is, they > cells, will obey automatically the last instructions and will replace negative by the positive suggestion, instructions. It means it can also be in the other way around.

It is a reflecting process. There is still a lot unknown (veiled memory) and this is a part of it, but referring to the mirroring and especially from SUN<>Moon combination of this constellation, what Light is able to bring into the Light, from Star to Star. The beautiful existence of the Absolute and always on paths to learn and experience with journeys of the Soul.


We have been asked to post the following:

Natural Hygiene. Plenty of literature, the love side of letters in every form.

Some explanation:

The word hygiene means cleanliness.

The word natural implies a process that is not hindered by artificial forces.

Base of this is: the constant striving of man in his body for health, which it achieves by constantly stripping himself, cleaning from harmful things.


Some tips:

⭐️   Evaluate daily and do it as objective as possible and practice it.

⭐️    Maybe you prefer role play in mind as a help.

⭐️    Peel the bulb or onion.

⭐️    Hippocrates: “Your food will be your healer”

⭐️    Laughing is healthy.


With communication it is of high importance, the highest importance, to “say” the things that really mean.


You, dear beloved Ones on Earth, are meeting with serious problems, it means Earth is INcluded, all on earth and the relations.  You have the nature or art to solve, have ideas like Gyro Gearloose, smile and make it fun, every step, every sliding. Remember Joy!

And to encourage to go on with Joy, just know, you do, deep inside, nothing is ever complete.

There is always as duality the state of growth and decay.

To quote a well-meant fact, there is no stagnation.

When you think it is so, it is always seemingly on Earth, so far or high….


From all of us who are involved with this, most love and greetings and constant support from our hearts and state of Being.

Actually, many more say the same to you on Earth!

So, from all of THEM.


About the image:

Cygnus – from the Uranometria by Johan Bayer from 1603, from the internet.

Why Cygnus? This is from Aquarius; it belongs to it as guidance created.

The Cygni, star 61, is one of the most beautiful stars in the whole sky, in this star constellation.

A double star, two turning around each other, but with an ongoing, for both stars, natural movement.

Cygnus means Swan, and what a beauty it is as Bird on Earth.

But representing, repeating, emphasizing, and affirming the lovely truth, fly to behind the mirroring.


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Love and gratitude for All.


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