Noblest Wish Image

Pentecost 2020 channeling with God – Anja Tjelpa

Noblest Wish Image

We heard, so I am going to take a seat. No not on a cloud, but a very comfortable one! A Divine one.
I know you want to know how this looks like?
Like an armchair, a lounger, or chaise longue or a stool, a seat or perhaps like a throne? Divine means a combination of it, created from refined matter, so this what I call now My chair has it all. (Smile)
Are you able to imagine how this is? What a challenge to start with, is it not beloved Ones and a good now to you?
(we smile)
Diversity, alternate, imagining is different from dreams.

Let me start with telling the story of the donkeys of the Castle Carisbrooke on the Island of Wight.
How they have been serving humans (and livestock) for a long period by drawing up water from a well via a wheel. They moved the wheel by making their steps in the inner circle from a bottom point. Nowadays it is done for tourists, some of you might have seen it, one way or the other, now or even in former days, another lifetime or not seen yet.
But now, these very clever animals, and their name was (is) used as a scolding, to express as humans are able to, as a kind of judgment, but these dear donkeys know exactly what there has to be done.
They know how many steps to take to complete the rounds of the wheel to fill the bucket with water for the tourists. There serving situations have bettered over time and they are taken well cared for and are loved by many, the castle is also loved.
But a castle is a castle and a donkey is a donkey, but once they came together and still are, by human actions, children of Me, all included.
What if I tell you, dear beloved ones, that their donkey wish image came through! It bettered there!
I know that you are ready to accept and understand with this example with the donkeys, they ‘talk’ to me too.
All of Nature as it is on Earth. All the Realms are capable of it.
And beautiful Planet Earth also. Me, referring again to the huge Universal conversation room, it is existing because it is My Will, My shared Will, shared with you All. Dear beloved sense the gentleness, make it replace the sharp and hard edges of the dense matter.

Let me talk about which is created as curtains, just like the chair story.
To continue the challenge, what do you think this veil that the real world is behind looks like?
Is it like a plain curtain, blinds, glass curtain or like glass, because that is in a way a curtain too?
And how do you think this can be opened?
Am I going to pull a cord, or with curtain sticks, or with electricity pushing a button, or any other technical skill, or moved by hand, My hand or ….?
And is refined veil tangible, or can you look at it, sensory perception?
Or is it like theater curtains or can it be broken like glass?
Or can it be blown away by wind/ the element of air?
That involves a lot of thinking and is it combined with imagination or…?
Just with head and brains or do you switch on your heart- and solar center, or your beautiful inner light, or your Soul, or your Star, your highest level of consciousness …or the connection with Me?
What a lot of choices, possibilities? Or is this order correct? When it all is ON, the actual opening?

I love to share with you, I am enjoying your choices, it is all leads for the revealing. Are you able, no, let me invite you to use your sensory perception from your hearts to sense the Goodness of it, the gentle Nature!
And the more turned ON as possible, the better. I have to mention the essence of your choices, it is base. Choice(s) > Will > to do > to have > to be,
It will become clearer. The Celestial Vault of Safety.

I know you are dealing on regular base with doubts, stubborn recurring thoughts, meeting experiences, forgetting of the real true essence of all, coming and going and going to come back again. It has similarity with the wheel and the donkey, but let your confidence SHINE in the story, the history.
The wheel can turn with different exalted capacities and intentions.
How noble Life can be!

There are all kinds of abundance, the one bridging to others.
A Divine advice, place things into its original proportion.
I am aware of your possible response, easier said than done.
My next advice, make to do as easy as to say!
The Logos as it started was and still is a very easy way.
How? Some more advice.
The order or choice does not matter, firstly or secondly, speak it out, listen to the words, listen to your own voice or write down your inner reflection in words, at any appropriate time. Consider the options to stand in front of a mirror or to make recordings of it and listen again. Consider to make it well up from deep within. Perhaps you have already arrived on the path at the Hathor Material in book form by Tom Kenyon & Virginia Essene, Chapter 10, “Sound as Key”? Also works very well.

It are seeds for the Geometric pattern, template, the blue print of the Creation. Seeds need care, necessary attention and intention based on Love.
I am speaking of spiritual seeds. Including the ones available for you on Earth
to provide you with nutrition, because they are a Given to the Ones who need this on beautiful Planet Earth, who does take care of that from her loving Mother Earth Planet Heart with huge support of a huge number of Nature Beings and influences from the Universe. A Given as effect of the cause of the choice of humans for seclusion. Circumstances are making the path accessible to cancel seclusion, in stages, due to the cosmic clock.

You, as My children are equipped with the key to enter, down to the smallest detail, it means cell level, inner cell level.

Imagine fairies’ powder (seeds), this super refined matter, to assist with your creation your NOBLEST WISH IMAGE for life in togetherness on beloved Planet Earth and the whole.
Involved is the more powerful shining of the Sun of this Solar system, you are all experiencing, on any level of consciousness concerned, that it is changing.
In other words, the Sun is also a participant of the switch ON of his Sun being celestial body.

And to provide more explanation with the chemical elements involved, your bodies are changing from carbon based to silicon based and this means crystalline and the beauty of this is, it contains as light the colours of the rainbow.
Connected to the mentioned smallest inner level of any cell.
The chain of manifestation and activation. Can you imagine the rainbow-colored radiation?
Do you recognize the quest for renewed connection? Another challenge, suggestion or partner of it.
The conceptual?

Another reminder as explanation.
There is a route involved for the ‘seeds’, from Central Source to Central Source. Let me call it platforms (raster’s, tapestry), it is usually areas, in between from Central Source to Central Source this means from Galactic to Solar, to Earth raster and former cycles in the on going present one.
That means there is disorder involved that changes systematically through My system responsibility, it is always changing. This circulation is base for life, like the story of the well for drinking water in the castle, with wheel and donkeys, for life circulation on Earth. And I am creating it and there is co-creation assistance, again and again and again according to cosmic clock, countless times already.
Don’t worry, chance after chance for choices will wheel their way to you.

But also remember, you walk with Me and the Son and We walk with You.
We are coursing according a creative process together to succeed for harmony, glory, victory, triumph and overwhelming good health, with love, peace and Joy and laughter.
In togetherness something great Is Happening!

In Love and Oneness. Amen.


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