Archangel MICHAEL

Anja Tjelpa, June 19th Friday, 2020

Dear family of Light Beings as human beings on Earth, allow me to pass on the following to you, some things is worth repeating.

I am allocating great value and Archangel assistance to this form of encounter with a veil of love.

Take some of the moments for our meeting, provide your Self with a quiet place, the ideal place for you in life on Earth.

There is plenty of documentation to support and with explanation, by giving over to via inspiration, intuition to many through the ages to the present, in the Now this continues. You are being helped by us, basically as Soul Star next to Soul Star, triggered via an image, word (s), a specific text, a song, a movie, a vision, number(s), an unexpected moment, for example, there is guidance to the bookshelf, or cupboard or what can be called angel fingers that operate on a keyboard or perform touchscreen operation.

Advice, don’t ignore this, do what it takes, watch, read or both or do.
It can mean anything, THAT is meant for you, or you (as a group or couple, etc.), for the mission or the steps on the path.

Also note, beautiful steps have been taken by predecessors on the path to follow.

Fulfill the mission, awareness increases from moment to moment, open the look and insight that every mission of a life on Earth is important, especially if you are allowed to step forward in this event, be dear and bold, leave fearfulness transformed behind.

All life, total life on planet Earth is subject to extraordinary transformations, one after the other, with every second, with every breath, this also means extraordinary tempo / rhythm (time) changes.
This becomes increasingly clear, noticeable in its expression. Other behavioral patterns for all kinds of activities, works to do, preferences, food, noticeable other reactions of the physical body in combination with the other bodies, such as the etheric body and even patterns of sleeping and being awake.

The Light via the Sunlight in this part of the Universe, what is fragmented in a way is also subject to intense changes, very noticeable, this means that everything is / is present in a changing Light and comes into a “different kind” of Light from the Great Light System. This event involves various phase of the Big Event.

The stages of the Event include a multitude of fragments for the overall restoration and purification of everything and everyone involved at various levels with Mother Earth and Father Earth down to the grids and vibrations of the constellation and to the Source. Any origin that is not of the Light will be removed, is part of the plan of the Event, it is what as FOREseen and for this there is a Heavenly solution which LATER also in this changing Light, of this an image will appear.

The Sun you see from beloved planet Earth is like a Great Father who directs the Light with Heavenly Wisdom and technology, gives it with unconditional intentions of Love to the ones concerned in dimensional directions and alignments. Father Sun is assisted by many Beings of Light, dear ones of all, to let everything live and be on the right “wavelength” for all and everything.

This is an immensity that you are as human beings, difficult to understand, or not able to understand at all or remember. But, because of your individuality (basically in Oneness) every exposure of light is unique, which results in, let me explain it like this, that every cell in a human body acts like a glow bulb, some people do this faster than others and the other way around, yes, here too there is diversity.
The memory cells also light up, so one beloved human being can then move out of the illusion more than the other, this will also become noticeable, stand out because of the Event.

To return to memory, your imprinted energies, taken on for this mission and most likely supplemented by what is experienced on Earth, possibly remembered. Energies that you print in a lifetime, as it were, where it is possible. Is all about consciousness. You become more aware of it and that negative energies are counterproductive for general well-being for people but also for the other things that live, also dear Gaia. Hereby a help method to remedy that and master it for big change.

When your day begins, give thanks for what has been given as blessings. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Live that day in joy and expectation, through the inner child, or as a child, who enjoys gifts and encouragement in various packages. Invoke the joy of the Creator after giving thanks at the beginning of the day. You have your attention as a tool, direct it to what is good in your world and the people and nature involved with it, so that you reinforce the positive instead of all of a negative nature also as energies.

Tip, there is the option to choose a positive keyword or thought for the day.

Examples: devotion, sincerity, joy, happiness, love, patience, compassion, self-control, self-confidence, courage, determination, helpfulness, etc.

When you keep drawing attention to this positive word or thought with empowerment, then you are living soul-oriented and in the moment.

That means that your soul understands this, assists you in what you are doing and hereby emits vibrations via the chosen keyword or thought, what the soul does has a radiant effect.

With a positive character to become aware in a more intense way of how this WORKS on your reality.
So, thoughts can influence; Positivity has a healing, empowering effect. Negative acts as toxicity. If there is turbulence in life and there certainly is, there is a beautiful core within, a powerful Center that is very supportive.

It’s a little bit different on Earth now with what you know as vacation or a day trip and all that.
You can give your Self a beautiful gift as a replace.

A journey, a tour or trip through your inner self!

We want and will gladly be your companions from within or at a meeting place via inside and sharing, passing on what is necessary, individually, in a group context, as a commitment, relationship, or the whole family/household, as said, for what is so urgently needed.

Helping is about sharing life experiences and life wisdom in love.

All beloved beings of Love and Light from family from all around the Omniverse, applaud and honor you, this will become increasingly clear.

Raise a hand or two in the air and notice our helping, loving hands. Ask for help! Say thanks!

This can happen for anything that can be undertaken, fall to the share.

Beloveds, stay in the conscious and more increasingly conscious and attuned to the inner of your Higher Self, this is no more preparing, this is doing to be.
Allow us to dissolve forever what is not of the Light in loving togetherness forever, every nook and cranny.
Our energy fields of love and protection also envelop you.
I am bringing this to you with the Sun forces of the Father Sun and the unconditional love.

I am Archangel Michael and on behalf of many other loved ones!!


Received: Friday, June 19, 2020
Posted on website: ditto date.
For website edited by: Anja, with Michael’s assistance.
With love and blessings to all.


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