Quinquepartite in Position


Statement and Channeling – Anja Tjelpa July 7th 2020

This channeling took place over a specific period of time.

Throughout the Moon in the positions from secondary shadow to secondary shadow (June and July) and the Solstice – Annular Sun clips and the Full Moon of July 5th. With moving up vibrations of month energies and Zodiac energies, the energy of the summer season, transitions in an ordered turbulence for the specific changes involved. Energies that have a persistent impact on this evolutionary special event. Influenced by Jupiter and Saturn still close together. With Draco in striking constellation positions and movement all the way to the top, putting the planet Mars into action.

But Draco’s natural opponents are also active, represented in the constellation of Lyra, the beautiful star Vega shines her amazing star shine with the help of other bright, helping stars in Lyra and surroundings and the mutual healing and spreading play of sound.


It has been requested to present it in this way.

The Quinquepartite has been adopted as a starting point for a period of time,

represented by five pairs of our Star Brothers and Sisters or Solar Children of the Sacred Marriage, of which the aggregate number is 10. The number five is the number of human, with counting, 10.

Five pairs in position, with all due respect.

Christ, the Savior.

With Lady Mary Magdalene, the first apostle with seven initiations.


Helios, the God who guides our Sun around the firmament, who takes care of the shining of the Sun.

With Lady Vesta, who takes care of the Hearth of the Sun for services and circulations.


Archangel Michael, messenger of Christ and the Sun (system), with his special task for evolution through the Star World.

With Lady Faith, female archangel of the First Ray, for strength and protection.


Ashtar, Commander under the direct command of Christ, of the fleet and associates of the fleet of Light Brotherhood, Interplanetary Confederation.

With Lady Athena Pallas, Goddess of Wisdom, the waking warrior Goddess, helper of heroes, guardian of crafts, manual labor.


Merlin, tutor of King Arthur, the timeless King, wizard.

Commander under the direct guidance of Christ for the Etheric Kingdom and all Kingdoms of Nature and the associated beings.

With Lady Isobel, child of God, devoted to God and committed to caring for His Creation.


The Sun comes via that beautiful system of Suns from the Great Central Sun.

There is a certain amount of movement that the Sun makes from a point on Earth, through the rotation of the axis. (Help picture three)

The Sun is like an axis around which the Quinquepartite revolves. Positions.

(Help picture two)

Help image one chosen for the distribution as an example for Quinquepartite.

This image is a pentagram to demonstrate that it can divide and multiply.

This beautiful, loving, placed in this prime position as children of the Creator,

moving with and among each other, on the motion schedule of the Quinquepartite is up to ten of the pentagrams.


In this part of the Universe accomplished where the Earth is in this important event for Earth in relation to this part of the Universe and the entire Universe. All they represent, the radiance and energies and properties, that are constantly moving over our heads, about our beings, all beings on Earth and the Earth itself to where it reaches in the core.

It can be explained if every degree in latitude and longitude is a step in a Now Moment. The Sun in itself is steadfast, but Helios is a major mover, who skims the grid ways of the Sun and around the Sun, in the pentagram too, in its chariot and chariot means triumphal carriage. (Help picture four)

Sunny, faithful and caring guardian for this event to maintain, move and control the Light of the Sun.


(help image 1 top left, help image 2 top right, help image 3 bottom left, help image 4 bottom right)




What follows are channelings with each one of these couples. Ladies First.

Lady Isobel:

I speak, don’t work as much through channeling with words, more through other levels. Being caring works in many ways, but sometimes a small gesture can give strength to move mountains and being less on your own benefit can awaken kindness and togetherness and lead to deeper love.

From my heart all love for you. Isobel.


Lady Athena Pallas:

A channeling conversation can change your mind. Whether you are alone or together or with several, we as children of the Creator are much closer than is realized on Earth. Make room for it and fill it with the things that you can establish as truth. The knowledge brings joy and persists there in shadow land. Arm yourself with words and thoughts of Love and the circumstances will change. I am Athena and always alert and ready to assist you with all love.


Lady Faith:

The road is unfolding and you are traveling side by side, with each other and for each other. You travel together from the Darkness and veils and oblivion to the Land and Home of Light. The stars point to the horizon.

Some of you have no horizon to go to, but we can call this the ones that are staying behind, go slowly, to ensure that they can continue walking.

That eases the transformation process for a changed 3D and lower 4D presence. On Earth there are shadows, sometimes there is a game in the movement of the Sun, the Moon and planets, as you course through this part of the Universe, you call them eclipses, various of nature.

There is a position or there are always positions from which you can perceive the light source, even if there are eclipses, secondary shadow, shadows.

Go forward with love and Happiness and my blessings. Faith.


Lady Vesta:

When you are so active with the element of Fire and Warmth and Light and spreading, with which cycles are connected that circulate continuously and continuously and on and with this Sun and the whole solar system, that is a warming, love-spreading activity. It is grateful to fulfill because it is doing so much for existence as it can be done on Gaia, on Earth. And now full of love and grateful taking a position for all to help on Earth and the whole and there has already been talk of fill or filling in, this beautiful being, which is the Sun in this part of the Universe has also made space, as an imagination, the Hearth has expanded, we here together the inhabitants of the Sun, have made way for more interpretation for Central Sunlight to pass on to you.

I lovingly fulfill the task of being head of this Hearth household.

Hereby an envelope with my Vesta arms full of Sun warmth love.


Lady Maria Magdalena:

Love is the start. Welcome the changing of each other and especially of your Self. That is the to do, for to be in the Light of Homeland.

That is where you belong. Where are you going? Home!

There is the Heavenly Vault of Security with many pleasures.

It is not about struggle, but it did originate on Earth.

This Quinquepartite is there to assist you in helping you enter the true nature of your truth and the Great Source. To free your Self from, that is for everyone personally, through your unique individuality, but everyone is experiencing this, experiencing as a human child of God on Earth, to recognize, remember, accept and appreciate this, by having positivity in energies being of influence and being awake. That there is essence that reveals itself time after time, for everyone and make feel comfortable.

I propose to you to summon the thought of unlimited release and then, that is also individual, but the more togetherness with this, it affects the comfortable, from the inside, to be liberated the inner world, which no doubt radiates to what is outside. And to use it in larger groups and reunions for greater overall well-being. With heart love from me, I am Mary Magdalene.



You are people to experience, you are attempting.

Lady Maria Magdalena has just spoken about letting go, which is wonderful advice. You as humans have produced some things to Earth’s heritage.

Among it is also a legacy of virtues and goodness. Then you can do a little magic, by putting them in the Sun. I am here to assist; a question is always answered. I can imagine the question: “But Merlin how do I do that?”

If they are clogged, how or in any way however, you must take them out and let them stay. Now if I’m going to talk about inner room and there is, in a way, you can furnish it with that, tidy inner room, illuminate it with it!

Real Light that no longer have casts of shadows. Yes, that’s interior art with a touch of magic! Wink from me, because that makes happy too! Love Merlin.



The Federation of Light with many of your relatives or your fragments as representatives, moving mountains of universal, sub-universal work.

So much is happening and about to happen on the planet that the more cosmic consciousness can be used as a unit, the better.

The communication from dimension to dimension has flow which is of course subject to revelations and noticeable to everyone who is tuned in and going about it, every level. What the intention of this Quinquepartite in this position is, among other things, that you our beloved ones as humans, but it is not just about people, will making other efforts away from materialistic ideas, outdated ways and shapes of thinking. True Life is abundant expiring throughout the Universe. True Life communicates with all of the creation of our Great Creator. This is also intended for planet Earth. There is cosmic, Divine reliability in the process, the processes, may I advise you from my Ashtar heart to accept this and with the help of each other, ours too, just ask, to go to see the resonance, recognize the positivity that has been sown with seeds for what is to come. It is approaching! Salute! Love! I am Ashtar.


Archangel Michael:

Among you there are still some who trip or fall over the same hurdle, perhaps more than one before booking forward. How can you more easily overcome the obstacles or move around them without falling again?

To navigate the Path with more grace and cheerfulness and ease?

Now I’m going to talk about a tool belt (imaginary), which the tools can be in.

Tools have been passed on to you for a period of time, at least we have strived for it. As an individual you have filled your own belt. (Inwardly)

And then, do you want to wear the belt or occasionally, and are you going over the same hurdle again, in some cases it may be necessary.

But the difference is partly based on conscious and unconscious living.

Consciously deploying the tools at every level or continuing to stumble in this way. You may need to supplement the belt with other tools. It is a choice, every time, the choice determines the event to be taken of any kind.

That’s the impact. The insight into effectiveness. I will say that this may be necessary several times. Underlying inner work must also be performed.

The Earth is filled to a certain extent with habits, I use one word for it this time, they are binding on it. Similarly, a little Light Magic. You can shine your Light on it and rise above it! I assist you and along with the Quinquepartite and many other helping beings for success. I am bringing this to you with the Sun powers of the Father Sun and the unconditional love.

I am Archangel Michael.



Hello dear people and others who are present! I love the speed of Light through Love and I am in a position to make the most of it. Assisted by a team of Sun residents and others from a bit further away. This Divine structure and grid road plan need maintenance, it is always and ever moving. So high above the Earth and a little further away, the Sun illuminates its luminous work with my helpfulness and it is beauty. The Sunrays are embracing, loving, unconditional, and have the intention and power to reach Earth through the bond of Love. What you see are physical rays that warm you and provide you with light. But it includes much more, the whole ether is involved. This Quinquepartite represents that, if you want to pay attention to the Help image number 1, one thing leads to another, it can expand and collapse to explain it in this way. Movement, transmission, cooperation, Unity. Fantastic beautiful! I am Helios and represent this with unconditional Love and dedication. Sun filled Love!



It has been heard that it has been said:

“I am barely scratching the surface and I need more information. The people of the world need this Knowledge, the Knowing”.

Is life on Earth turbulent, scratching and unexpected or ……?

We are, yes also we in the other dimensions, the children of the Creator who are participants in this course of evolution, which course is particularly focused in the momentum, on this part of Creation and especially beautiful planet Earth. The principle of Creation is Nature, the nature of the whole.

What is Nature? Everything to which the Creator has given his Love and Light for existence in a system of sorts (with respect), in a whole. There are no separations, species means that there are elements with love and light, which exist as a principle when tiny minuscule particles, particles in a continuum, forms of existence are created with it. Like, for example, Heavenly Primal Man. But there are variations, innumerable. There is also a Primal Plant, Primal Animal, Primal Angel, Primal Microbeings, et cetera.

Gaia is an exclusive planet with destination, because there are many created kinds of the system meant for to exist, meant to have, to be able to have existence. Let me use as a parable, a knot, a ganglion, a beautiful labyrinth of origin, then a new part is entirely created for existence in the Universe, the labyrinth is placed in the energy course, a labyrinth being, which is filled with a considerable variation of the types of system. By nature, a sincere enterprise of the Creator. This labyrinth was and becomes through the influences related to the development of the human being with an individual consciousness, implicated in a knot in a knot in a knot. The labyrinth, the paradise Creation, has become upset. It is not the intention to tell the whole history, but NOW the disentanglement is underway and clearly noticeable for you and for us. The disentanglement is not a contest on your own, it is not a step, it is no steps to glory and victory. And the One, the Creator, Father, who created us, see through us in detail. He knows best what contractions are for revelations of denouement. The together, the whole. And yes, that is a lot according to earthly concepts for being in humanity and one with Nature. Merlin spoke about the Inner Room, that is your fragment of the Great Mansion, a room through which the Creator hears and uses His Divine senses to guide and help His children, with the dynamics of the cosmos.

Dynamics as is currently the case with this Quinquepartite, pentagram, a Divine Extraordinary beautiful creation to go on and on and hold on, encouragement to persevere. And we, these couples and through our countless helpers, are there for you through that from the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, fellows in the contest. It is in progress, a radiant passage full of Love, Light and for ease and grace. Shadows have been talked about, is expression of the physical part. Our Creator residing in the Great House with giant wings where you all, everything belongs underneath, does not cast any shadow, just Love. Wings that move like the speed of Lightness in beautiful unimaginable patterns, I am, Christ is also under the wings, I reach out my hands to you so that one day you will find and touch my hand and hear God say, welcome back to paradise under My wings. Amen.



From all of us most love and greetings and constant support from our hearts and our State of Being.


Posted on the website: 7/7/2020
Support from Michael. Processed and edited through Anja
With Love and Gratitude and blessings to Al.


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