With help and a message from Archangel Michael.

Anja Tjelpa – July 2020

Let me start with Earth, the mother planet for humanity, the people of humanity.
Mother planet and let me not leave Father Earth out of this account, but by involving Father in it, however, the main role has been assigned to Mother Earth. In the first sentence I am only talking about humanity, but the Earth has been assigned other realms by the Great Creator to be allowed to have a lifetime on the planet or more.
And in this way to be allowed to contribute to the evolution in this part of the Universe.
The other Realms can be divided into visible through our physical equipment and invisible, which can be perceived through spiritual senses, through the inner world.
And this is written in 2020.
I myself have no doubt that this is changing.

The Earth originates from primal movements through influences of the Supreme Creation Forces, say by willingly and knowingly.
Assisted by beings from Higher Hierarchies, by beings from the Great Elemental Kingdom, by Family in other dimensions, the Celestial Dome and countless stars, suns, moons, planets, comets and asteroids and universal systems. The masculine and feminine. Magnetization and radiation.
And then one already ends up in the duality and polarity, which also has to do with the foundations.
And Love, unconditional Love.

People, animals, plants, minerals/ crystals, and numerous elemental beings and supernatural beings. Mother Earth always moves in all directions and in relation to all realms, this Solar System, this Milky Way and the Milky Way families and the Great Source.
Many processes of all kinds, duration and intentions have already passed.

In my early years I was quite fond of paper dolls to dress up, which I drew myself for which I drew clothing and related items very varied, and cut this out and played with it for hours. Now I want to use this in a way to use the dressing of the Earth, actually a form of explanation, which I hope appeals to the imagination and evokes inner reality as the beginning of truth.
We are so scientifically filled with how this could or even should be.
I understand that not everyone can just get out of there, like you get out of water after taking a bath.

Of course, there is a heart and heart core which is so lively that there are hardly any words for it.
This is an attempt, think of the five elements, all together as in a kind of beautiful, super beautiful enclosure and filling up, casing based on crystals, which one? Of all things that suit everyone and that is Mother Earth’s Nature. Everything that lives on Earth, lives in this heart (core) from the primal shape principle, with the most beautiful babbling brook you have ever seen, to the big waterfalls to explain the water element, but it does not look like the outside as we still see on Earth, it is the true being that lives and moves there.
And also, of the other elements and everything that has been created with them by forces of form and forces of will. Also fragments of all the creatures involved, just as it is with us, humanity on Earth is a fragment.
And Mother Earth and Father Earth the true being, the largest fragment is here in the Heart of the Earth.
Magnificent, beautiful, awesome splendid and incredible.
Now you can probably imagine that this has a huge protective layer, it is so, as what we call the largest organ of humanity, our skin, which also consists of several layers.
Around it there are spaces as a kind of organs for the Inner Earth and there is habitation in diversity.
Those “organs” also have such “skin”.
Clothing layer after clothing layer is there, some dressed with beautiful resonating crystals with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, groups of crystals pulsing with Higher frequencies responding to the cosmic influences for the New Blueprint and the particularly large crystal groups of Amethyst which are now functioning again in repair. The main constituent of the earth’s crust is siliceous stones, lots and lots!
Very well-known is granite, which is essentially also composed of others and is widely used in our houses, among others.

Crystals have a function created by High Light, down to the earth’s crust and for which people have started using it.
But the clothing layer of the outer physical clothing, visible to us, can also be described according to physical concepts of the skeleton, veins and arteries, chakras, senses and navel.

Where also takes place life of the so varied natures. The mountains and valleys, waters and skies, clouds, atmospheres, on the parts of the planet various of climate, the habitation of diverse nature and peoples, cultures, flora, fauna, minerals, and the combinations of flora, fauna and minerals / metals / ores and other combinations formed by the test of time. A sturdy covering with all kinds of effects, fed by energies through the thought world in principle of everyone and all, let me put it this way, the concept of principle everyone and all has started to wander in the land of darkness.
And around it the beautiful honey-comb like Light Robe completely in the recovery phase.
And it is always and all moving and connected.
From top to bottom and back again. East, South, West, North. Circling around.
What a strength and power that is and if you are ready to go in it, even if only for a moment, you will feel the connection, from there to there in all the love, brilliance, shine and glory. Immense support for our willpower from our true hearts, to make the heart-head connection and to do good.
And abundance of support does not harm, abundance benefits, great benefit because that radiates into the cosmic and it are seeds for what is to come.
It takes awakening to make the contents of the seeds.

The title was indicated as Sword and I think you can understand that it does not mean a sword as forged on Earth (still) from materials of the physical Earth. As a symbol, image Sword, appears to be correct, it is explained as to handle, it can be caught, grabbed and moved, used.
Of course, it is made of something, as in the Higher Highest it is made of crystals / minerals / precious stones from that Realm.

There are characteristics: chemical composition which is supernatural, color, the shape / intermediate shapes of the precious stones or crystals used and the essence for use. Pure Light-Forming Forces of the Creator for the Crystallization Form or the Formation of the Sword. In the Higher, the relationships, the intense inner relationship of Beings – Crystals are much closer to each other than to humanity on Earth.
The world of form of the Light is much closer. In principle, we are at home in the world of light.
In other words, the Light conveys something in relation to shaping, without clouding, the purest form for that Sword. (A.o.)
In this case it is about this Sword.
There is much to “read” about magical swords, the impulses have indicated that it has no intention of elaborating on this.

This Sword is the Sword which has been called via messages Excalibur or Sword of Truth and it has been indicated to display it like this.
The highest can be used for the events on the lower physical plane, where also are crystals in other density, condition.

Archangel Michael:

Beloved Ones, you have been given tools of various nature and sources for the incarnation and you got it handed over too in other ways and as diversity is on Earth, it has been used.
This Sword has been presented several times, reminded and explained and deployed.
Why it is being repeated here is to help you optimally in these times with energetic tools and we sense that such a Sword can be held and used in your hand or both hands, or together with me or, for example, the Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizedek.
Or with the help of your guardian angels, mentor(s), guides or higher fragments of your Self.
In some periods this appears to be urgently needed.
I, Archangel Michael deploy it with great dedication at high frequency.
In other words: Here in Higher Realms it is used by “miscellaneous” for what happens on Earth and everything that has to do with it.
We can imagine the question: “Can we with several on Earth and so together use this with you?”
One for all, all for one! It concerns unification, making uniform.

There are also other intentions and possibilities involved.

Because it is important to start with your Self, this is recommended as a first instance, if it has not been used yet or can be used even more.

This Sword also works as a mirror or as a shape of a crystal ball.
It shows the Divine truth on and for all kinds of issues and matters.
There is a mirror / ball on one side and a mirror / ball on the other.

It may happen that for the course of a truth, several times are asked to turn the sword.
That are turns for insight. The cutting edge where it is needed for, if it is necessary, you can feel that turn in the hand (s) and then it can be used if there is supposed to be something to loosen / cut.
It can also be waved, it brings a blue Light, this is a wave of blue Light of Truth, sometimes this is perceived as flames this produces a representation/reflection of what is truth.
This happens from within your own heart, that is your own truth.
When you use the sword, it is from the inside out of your true heart, sincere and honest.
When many do this, many truths come to light through this Sword through the Blue Light in the Light.
Light from the World of Light, the world of Truth from Divine Love.
This can be shared, united, these truths revealed by Blue Sword Light are very recognizable.
Incorrect use and intention (s) have no truth destiny, Divine Will and heroism of the First Ray is the origin of this sword, along with Truth.

Some time ago a meditation was transferred to you in which the Sword Excalibur or Sword of Truth can be used to break commitments, contract, covenant, disruptions that can no longer apply or are disruptive.

With this a repeat, with update.

Go to the appropriate place for the meditation.
Ask your Higher Self to guide this.
You need to go to your work pyramid (pyramid of strength and love), there is a table and a chair or several chairs if desired, all crystal, there is a big crystal above the table, and spreads it like a kind of rocking Light through the room in the work pyramid. Sit at the head of the table. Under the table there is always the hearth of the Violet Flame that brings the flames up to that on the table and around it.

The intention is to “something that disturbs” (which you know very well) with a certain person and ask via communication via Higher Self who makes contact with the Higher Self of the other person if the involved one wants to sit on the chair on the other side of the table. Ask the Higher Self of both to stand behind you. Visualize, is seeing from the inside, that the Higher Self of each of you are connecting.
If communication proves necessary or desirable due to any difficulty, you can wish for this and if you convey this with love, objectivity and sincerity, puts forward this notion. It can be described as a sincere statement for understanding the situation, no hackling of criticizing.
Take several deep breaths and focus lovingly on those one’s heart / soul center, from your heart / soul center. And indicate that it is your wish that it be resolved, use the words/thoughts for this that well up from within or what was sincerely thought in advance and partly to indicate that the outcome at that time had no intention in that way. That it contributed to improvements for you and that wrong feelings and behaviors have now changed.
Full of love and sincerely visualize and stay focused and make the statement:
“I forgive you and myself for what happened through these energies, effects and whatever, in this reality or in any other reality, I forgive for what did not resonate with unconditional love because of this, I hereby break that which is connected to it, from the past, in the present and for the future and the realities involved.
I have chosen to live now with what serves the Highest Good for myself and everyone. ”

Visualize the cord or all cords attached to your Solar Plexus and the other person’s Solar Plexus.
Then see the Sword and the Sword is Flaming with energetic flames that intersects the cord (s) and see how the cord (s) go back to Solar Plexus from both.

If desired / necessary, this can be done with several people.

This event can be supplemented with a follow-up.
Ask your Higher Self to scan your body to conduct an examination if there are still energetic tears in your aura area. Where most energetic tears occur is in the chakra regions of the three lower chakras.
This is partly because the ego wish body uses this as a kind of work area. The other common area is the heart region that you may have placed energetic shields around, from the shoulder across to the lower ribs, front and back, due to trauma of various kinds. Symptoms are: unworthiness, guilt, tension in the heart area, sadness, intense sorrow, feeling of a loss, usually a loss of feeling loved, feelings of hatred, or pain.
If this is determined by your Higher Self and you are able to visualize that this occurs in your aura area, all to do is to explain, “I am, asking now and forever to be healed from every and all energetic tears.”
And it will be done. I, Archangel Michael will put seals on the tears with this Sword with special Light and your aura area will be clean and whole again.

Ask your Higher Self to guide you back to where you are on Earth and say thanks for the event.

It may happen that only one is needed and not the other. My recommendation is to at least do the scan for energetic tears, then you start with yourself.

May your energetic tears and disturbances abound with the help of this beautiful Sword and through my actions or others who are asked to be remedied. Time has to do with Essence as we, for each other and with each other, become moved in the dance of the evolution of planet Earth, with Mother and Father as being, they are for many and the system of the Sun and this Milky Way and beyond.
The following statement is a repetition, it is NOW the time that our forces come together and to get more ready for the further march across and along this part as planet Earth, and much more from the Universe and from further on. To re-establish the domain and dominion and power of all the legions of Light and the powers of God. With our constant faithful guidance and infinite love for you, dear beloved ones, on Earth.
With these of the three M’s;

I am Archangel Michael, representative of the Will of God.
From Archangel Metatron, representative of the Light of God.
From Lord Melchizedek, representative of the Wisdom of God.

And many others.


Explanation by Anja;

Dear everyone who meets this. If you are invited to do this, it is a long walk from reading books, information on the Internet, channel messages and channel communication with consultation, inner perception and remembering, that lasts for days, not all day, in the physical day consciousness, but in the higher consciousness too and with the Higher Self, this is an ongoing meditation.
That’s why this document is in Blog under study.

Below some source information, because sometimes you only read 1 sentence from a book or you hold it in your hands, is also possible. Whether you study, oversee the cloud formation at some point. Is all part of it.

Rudolf Steiner: GA 13, GA 92 en GA 158.
Messages from Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman, various dates.
Information from channelings via Ashtar on the Road.
Astronomy and Astrology Elisabeth Vreede.
To the 21st Century, Bernard Lievegoed.
Bible, New Translation.
Image found on Pinterest.



Posted on the website: 7/22/2020.
With the help of wingman friend Michael. (Also called Michael)
With Love and Gratitude and blessings to Al.


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