Anja Tjelpa August 3rd 2020

Channeling with Samuel as spokesman for the message from the Quinquepartite, V/M God of this part of the Universe and the Supreme Creator.

Anja: First welcome from the heart to everybody. This time the beginning is as follows; It started on July 27th, we receive a huge input, in mornings we sit from behind the glass window, always aligned with the Sun, no matter what the weather conditions are and this beloved Ones who are forming the Quinquepartite, actually the base for this period. And each following day this input influences went on and on, informing us about the mightiness of what is reaching Earth via this system Source, Stars, Solar system, till yesterday August 2nd, when Samuel announced himself to channel the message. But the mightiness is persistent.

Hello beloved Ones,
Me prophet Samuel, for this occasion, I am the spokesman for a message from the Quinquepartite, Father/Mother God of this Universe and the Supreme Divine of All, for you beloved ones on Earth.
This is given in words to make you easier and clearer as possible, words as it were small pictures, of the occurrences in the higher regions, the Crown Constellations. (Celestial Chandeliers)
Above it has been talked about Source, Stars, Solar system, but dear beloved ones,
every sun, every moon, every star, every comet, every asteroid, every planetoid, every equator, also the Heavenly, every eclipse, every turn of seasons, every tropic, every ax, every tide, every eruption, every ascendant, every horizon, every dawn, every conjunction, every magnetism, electro-magnetism, every radiation, every gravity, every cycle, every hierarchy, every dimension, every move, movements, every course, traverse, every ecliptic, every direction (North, East, West, South), every milky way, every pole, every meteor shower, every zenith, every nadir, every element, molecule, atom, every phase, every rhythm, every sphere, every tone, colour, every consciousness, every breath, every connection, every chaos, every corona (wreath, crown), every coronium and chronology has a function.
The Supreme Creator wrote books, with Divine Logos, three Celestial Books, for the Divine Plan, the explaining part of the message refers to this. It may be clear that The Supreme One, have created, wrote other ‘scriptions’ and not all in trilogy and also inspired many to write and still continues this with imagination.
Reminder: reading this Books or Scriptions in that Divine Logos, any Logos, the cosmic library, light language, that has been veiled for you because you took on a mission, an incarnation to Earth as human being. Veils for several meanings, mission reasons (number of veils) and you do or did know this and accepted it before the traverse to Earth. We will return later to this subject in this message.

During the months July and August there is movement via the Zodiac to the (Crown) constellation Leo.
It always supplies a boost of energy, especially because of the Lionsgate. Referring to the Celestial Books, Leo is the last in the annual Zodiac cycle. And that means quite a lot for this period of the evolution in the macrocosmos and event concerning all that has to do with planet Earth, where microcosmos is involved.
Each of the twelve Zodiac signs is like a crown (Celestial Chandeliers) and the corresponding stars are the jewels.
Each Sign is a different crown/chandelier, as creation.
So, dear beloved family on Earth, I am saying it with the following words, but we do know some of you are able to, if you could only “see” what an impact the Supreme waves and winds have on the ‘crown’ constellations, the different quality of the instreaming Light, you would be awesome overwhelmed.
So, Leo is making its steps, firm Leo the Lion steps, with various intentions, we like to explain with the following, most important for you. Among this Celestial Chandelier inhabits a star sign named hydra, animal type snake (collector of disgust), with a stretch, length from underneath the signs Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

Of course, it is an annual returning happening, but this time it is different, also later in the message, Leo steps land on the Hydra and are destroying everything what is possible from disgust and this time with special support from the Quinquepartite, so with simple words, more steps and more powerful and effective. Offering the next Sign, for the next round Virgo, a lot of cleaned, unburdened Chandelier space. Virgo, the sign that carries in left and right hand, in a way representing the dichotomy, right hand a branch and left hand with ears of corn, with seeds. Promised seed. And herewith is the refer to the Golden Promise.
The Golden Promise, the explanation, was given via channeling from Archangel Michael to Ronna Herman, around the change of the millennium. (a short summary later)
And another special Zodiac and Star corporation is underway, in the ears of corn of Virgo is the sublime star ‘Al Zimach’ or the modern name ‘Spica’, on the one side and from the other side in length, from Canis Major, Sirius, powerful beautiful aligned with each other, over lightening this, extra voltage. This message has the intention, invitation, you build the pictures and attempt to feel the real meaning of it and the mighty impulse and use your microcosmos being as human, on Earth to join this in the macro and bring it together for doing the Good for Earth and All.

About the annual returning’s, one of them is the harvesting and gathering of your beloved ones on Earth the input via your abilities to do so. We are collecting all your input and investment, so that is a huge collection of communication on any level and possibilities. And we also communicate with the ones who passed over. And add it together with from former years and add it all together. And this time is different because of the ongoing so called ‘virus’, it changed and changes communication/energy levels, words, colours, tones and intentions.
And actually, we have harvest earlier because Earth is in Higher tempo.
There is consultation with the Supreme One and All of the Sparks, the Children, wherever they are and who they are. It means nothing becomes excluded.
The outcome is of influence on the steps of Leo, the shining of the Zodiac Chandeliers in total, because they are all involved annually, already for a long time.

And even more special because 3rd of August is Full Moon in Aquarius, carrying and pouring out ‘water’ lifeforce water/substance, Aquarius’s contribution in the mightiness. This all together is creating a lot of cosmic Warmth, love based cosmic Warmth, the aim is to spread, that’s why there is spoken about all the functions. And the Sun, in this case special for the Sub-universe is a major spreader. That will become noticed. It is opening warmth sources in relation with portals, but please don’t compare it with physical warmth. Then much earlier would have been a lot burned. Warmth knows its function; it is the cause and has the wisdom to know of its love-based pervasive. Just like naturally the other elements.
Also accompanied by Elementary Beings, with the same intentions and origin. Because that is the Divine aim of the effect. Healthy collaboration as meant as Creation level.
So, the Sun will perform Warmth expressions, vibrations, flames, intensity, spreading of course, in and for the surroundings, again different than before, it might cause effects, disturbances on technology that should not be in existence, more than before. And occurrences in the space continuum where Earth resides in, which can be called stand out.
And so much Love based warmth is very helpful for stimulation doing the changing on Earth for certain situations of a certain form and kind of loveless effects.

The Bridge lies there to be crossed over and some call it the rainbow bridge, there may be some smaller bridges to go and get there, but it will certainly live up to this name, it might be windy, aqueous and with this warmth as explained, but all very from Divine Source ‘Given’ and WORLD EARTH WIDE.

Next are summary words of the Golden Promise.
All the ones, with all love and respect who decided to go and were chosen to go and did went to Earth, you knew what it would be about. And then comes veiling around the corner.
One of the reasons is, memories repeating as it was, it might be too much, too painful, too much working against the aim, veiling, intended as a kind of reducing, because of the intention to be healed and harmonized.
I am talking about the past now, it is also still movable en flexible like what has to come, and can be made suitable again, rewoven again, like Leo is doing with his steps, that presses out of the collection of disgust of Hydra, all that is imperfect and suited for elimination or transformation.
Of course, this is all already ongoing for a certain number of years.
The slumbering because all of this is done, because this and destroying is no option.
That is why any opportunity is utilized, that is why we keep on nudging you,
And keep on informing you about to become more and more awake and conscious of all what is ongoing. Also, the beauty of the opportunity as a Given thing from the Supreme One for this Transformation.
The essence of fulfilling the Golden Promise is as follows:
Be diligent to bring balance and harmony to all your systems of embodiment.
This includes to magnetize, take in the proper radiation and via you, radiate it, to share with what is surrounding.
To respect your body, to bring it in balance again via pure, full of love thoughts and via profound, lifeforce bringing breathing and energy giving moves and activity, that is how you create a perfect surrounding for your Divine Essence, the spark of the Creator, the I am presence, to fully settle in your physical body.

The Golden Promise will then be fulfilled.
The promise was given, that you, in this one life would have the opportunity to get entrance and to permeate in full strength to the Cosmic Lifeforce Substance which is stored and lies awaiting in the heart of your Divine I Am Presence. And this is quite a thing and indicates why the path can be bumpy and bridges (sidings) to The Bridge to traverse.

Brave and Beloved Ones, when you feel insecure and troubled by unkind, put one hand in the air to Light and the other on your heart, or both hands on your heart area and look up to the Sun, Moon and Stars and so in the surroundings, the neighborhood of the Earth. A world of light has been laid over the dark and all to do is to reach for Light. Insight is Within. We live in this, bring it to revive, but don’t forget roots are needed to earthen on Gaia. Feel our full of love support. Keep on communication and meditating and asking, pronounce it, go on and hold on to the inside work. And the balancing with what is far out.
Anyway, there is no right or wrong about how. We DO hear, receive you, and listen all the time,

Being there for you all, busy as bees, we mentioned it before, remember it. When one is ready for this stage, you will hear the buzzing, buzz buzz, hum hum, recognize the harmony and melody. Bringing these needs for the healing, rewoven, calmness, balance, so you can come to The Bridge with ease and grace and togetherness, we are with you. As Being a forerunner, example, leading Ones, Supporting Ones, for the followers, it is meant that they do follow, that is The Plan, All will reach The Bridge.
Keep doing because: Love Changes Everything with Truth to Truth and Joy.

With all surrounding love, power, warmth, assistance and compassion from
The Creator, Father/Mother God of this Universe, Christ and Lady Maria Magdalena, Helios and Vesta, Archangel Michael and Lady Faith. Ashtar and Lady Athena Pallas, Merlin and Lady Isobel and me, prophet Samuel and so many others.


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