The Waking Up


Anja Tjelpa – September 7th 2020

Dear beloved Ones, it is very nice to be closer to you again and in this way in the presence of our vibrations of our Light beings, for contact and a message of me, Metatron for the beloved ones on planet Earth.

Welcome dear Metatron.

We have had a form of preliminary discussion, because we (also) on Earth are in a kind of situation, what is it all, hesitant, but attentive and now and then a sigh, moments of awe and respect.

Metatron: that is why I did come.

We say: there are so many daily ongoing issues, circus of the media/news, internet activities of all kind of participants, the play behind the screen, the inner work, for us there comes no question, just astounding in many directions.

But there is one question: “How can we be of assistance with your very much appreciated presence?”

Metatron: That’s a good question!

We perceive and notice, so know, that your wonderings, awaiting’s, experiences are in a labyrinth.
Let me start with this.

We suggest, see it as a plane, because it is so, but a real flat plane, square, rectangular.
There is something underneath – old, ancient, past.
There is something above – renewed, modernized, adjusted, new.

This labyrinth plane (tableau) is the midst area.This trio with the belonging strength’s, powers, light forces, forces of countless celestial bodies, systems, processes, forces of supernatural’s and elementals, forces of the origin of All in this part of the Universe, this has a beautiful structure and Oneness for us.

For your understanding is the plane quite shaky, most of you are in the midst.
Because, something under is still working. Something above is there that really wants to work and want to be.
This trio with all the inhabitants as beautiful creatures of the Creator.
We do sincerely support you’ll get with the wakefulness, in there is love, beauty and togetherness of quite a quantum.

A labyrinth plane with circa 7 billion humans, individuals, but also One.
Including all your streaming with all kinds of flow of the thinking, quite colored, Licht-Colour-Darkness, Positive-Negative, influences of mass consciousness, opinions, individual truth, personal consciousness, mission involvements.

That’s why I am explaining it as a plane, we can take it in better. Overview.

And what an observation is this of all what is still interacting, one can say threefold and what is guiding and protecting all of you!

And yes, that is on personal level, family, work situations in all variations, neighborhood’s in villages, towns and countryside, on mountains and in dales, in caves and tunnels, skyscrapers, schools, types of housing, schools.
Science, art, the medical and care, politic, and economy is involved and space travelling and exploring.

This plane is the overview of your Divine Souls of Light, it is beyond your comprehension as humans to understand at its widest, the beauty of all that ‘Lights’ that you are with various kinds of watts.
And the overlay of the Blueprint with a review for the revision.
And the supervision because of the importance of the event.
And it shows when you are asleep and awake and at what level. Then we get to the topic.

Awake; to wake from sleep, cease sleeping, to become consciousness of or alive of something, for instance for the lighting up, to become active or alert of something, to arouse from sleep to a sense , to arouse from lethargy or inaction, to excite to action or new life, not asleep, also waken from coma or anesthetic, awake for inspiration, imagination, the phoenix from the ashes.

The Light is always awake, sleep has been created for the empiric relative realms.
To be asleep is does not mean your true Inner Light turns off, like a light bulb for electric light as it might be in your houses f.i.

The involved consciousness of the Soul of Light exists during sleep in another state.
The Divine Origin Spark within has quite a remarkable content.
Archangel Michael recently made a message as review with information about it.
I am inviting you, when you are reading this and when you are ready, to start to attempt to realize that this superb magnificent creation (Spark of the Soul of Light), the best to explain it is as a crystal ball (orb) within your quadruple human body, as you are able to imagine and/or remember.

This is your eternal precious Spark of the Soul of Light, it is carrying and experiencing embodiment after embodiment, lifetime after lifetime, no matter duration and type.
You might start wondering about the size?

There is no materialistic device on Earth that can detect it. (Zeta sizing)
It does Shine, it is a Light of the LIGHT and LOVE.

Continuing with the topic. We assume that a growing number of you understand that you are the creator of your life, life experiences, lifetimes, journeys in the relative realms of the Universe.

Each lifetime/journey as it were you wrap your Self Being as a child of God in an outfit, form, shape, expression and what a countless of choices there are in the Creation and some have longer duration than another.

I now set myself as an example, I am being Metatron, choose to be this and am this for quite a run in the existence.
Do I like/love variety or…?

I did have my exploring experiences, adventures also for experiencing especially consciousness referring sleep – awake.
It is a very special gifted experience to do it in human form en the levels of Soul consciousness.

Briefly; the form of humanity human shape has been throughout a series of remarkable changes and this process is an ongoing one, in this stage of evolution as human on Earth, you are able to become a light being with a kind of memory print of former human embodiment stages in it.

And as you are all aware of and becoming more awake of in all the stages involved, this is a tremendous process.
Is also means you can make the choice to take more lifetimes to fulfill the process on Earth.

Some among of you on Earth already went through this process have now come to Earth for this so-called special event.
To be here in the chosen presence as Licht Being to assist the Oneness in certain needed positions.

Every being, also human being, has her/his own awake of state being, it is the expression of where and with what life takes place.
We can say, none is the same, you are a unique Being of the Creation.

We are able to ‘read’ the labyrinth tableau, it has a very high tempo of light knowledge reading and it is the language that is everlasting and has been used since the birth of All Gods children.
It does not mean that you are incapable of that kind of ‘reading’. We can declare that some stages of awake are matching, meaning equal types of energies, magnetizing.

We are observing energy as sizes representing ongoing diversity, permeating or not, or attempting to enter, interacting or not et cetera, we have to mention, this may seem unkind, that is making life experiences on Earth and has great influences on the process of the state of awakening.
It starts with thinking, next are words, following are actions.

We suppose it is understandable that your incarnation as a picture is involved, a persisting picture caused by experiences and effect.

If you would be able to ‘see’ (remember) your cord of life as a mouse steps (as made from 2 strips of paper, fun creativity and to play with) connected with your facets and true Soul Star Being and Source and what you are on Earth as a being in quadruple with aura (and it is possible) it would be very revealing and informative and an assist to realize the stage of the wakefulness.

We wish to address to you an invitation, preferable daily, maybe you are able to fit in daily routine, to examine the state of wakefulness, inside.

Where am I awake and how. How much is based on what is coming from outside and what is the condition from inside?
To examine potential interactions and the present state of balance? Is there ego gaming?
What quality of truth is involved? And how often are there shifts and why?
And on what level of being awake are you awake aware of it?

In your Light House Crystal Orb where are the facets lightened and stay lightened? And does this maintain? Or is there change of intensity?
On what moments do you feel the most awake? And keep on wondering and ask yourself questions why? For the ones among you who like to register, on paper, or digital, welcome this and act.
And of course, if there is need to share, please do, there all kinds of possibilities, you are the creator.

Purpose; inner<>outer, to explore, recognize, memorize, accept, reuse, find and sense, positioning the lumps, waves, trails and strings, clouds, dots, colors, tones, moves of energy of all kind of types, in this huge fields of energies.
And please beloved ones, don’t undervalue the size in the inner.

Example; One goes for a walk, aim can be divers, then one is entering a part of a street or somewhere in the greens, nature or combined, and already approaching one sense somehow it differs there as energy, still with distance, in a certain amount.
Of course, there are options, e.g. to observe it, to wonder can I transform it, do I want to do it e.g. with Violet Fire, Love Orb or a positive flow? Avoiding? Whatever?
I will see what will happen, just going in and watch the occurrence, learning from it.
This example with the walk is a slow example, in the world on Earth in the concerning fields of energies it is also at greater speed and tangle.

Why do we speak about this here and now in this message?

Life on planet Earth is really changing with speed and tangle and certainty, this kind of encounters will stay for quite a while, but also will become more obvious, depending on the state of wakefulness.
There is an option in this state, you are become awake aware, you are carrying duality.
There might rise elections in your intent (routine) on several occasions.
Even like, I am not going to do that at all.

The Process, we can address to it as more than one or as combinations, are based on experiences, the empirical in the relative realms and on Earth still illusionary.
We wish to give a well-meant advice, be the good cause for a sublime effect.
Reminding you again, you are a magnetic forcefield and are living in vibrational patterns from all directions.
You might have help to think about a compass. This is part of the big change interpretation of stage of becoming awake and stay and be it.

The changes are possible, you dear beloved Ones, are the performers on Earth.

To change the outer from within and change a lot of unpleasant existences.

Vision – Envision is of high importance, it is already in a state of awakening.

The inner path, open the gates, jump over the gates, sit on them for a while and keep going, and when the lock is on, use the magic key or your powerful strength of envisioning to open, so if there are grilles etc., don’t be put off.

Another point of overview; there is a platform in the awakening process you are able to reach the point of the overview of the cord (in facets) when working in the inner field.
You will remember the why’s and get the chance/choice to solve it forever.
The mouse steps (easy to make paper toys) might be a nice tool for this.
You will experience that the one step or climb is easier than the other.
You might get curious what is that on this plane, there in the corner on the ceiling?
And explore and step into a remembering for a while and become waken up from it, transform it and you can make the choice to go on.
But let’s imagine you have done 10, 10 planes of awakening, what a sight and facets with brightened light and there is more to climb!
You might discover there is a curve in the cord/stair because Alpha and Omega are very close together.

Let me speak to you about the Light I am representing and where it has effect now in this stage.
Metatronic Light – from Source streaming, flowing into the Solar systems, Star systems, lightening the labyrinth tableau, the Solar system of this part of the Universe Earth exist in, assisting the Quinquepartite, assisting Sanat Kumara, assisting 9th level of quantum and many in between “stations’ where a lot of the Universal family Beings also are busy with supporting work.
This special Light flow taking care of spectacle above the labyrinth tableau and permeating it, but under it cannot escape from such Light forces.

Beloved Ones as humans and among each other with other inhabitants of the planet, for the ones among you who wonder how is it possible to picture globe planet Earth on a flat tableau?

Yes, we are able to, also because we have the Might. What does it mean? Transparency!
Every corner, edge, plane, curve, cavern, den, every single element, inhabitant got lightened and due time is involved.
And it can better not be done to illuminate as a unit, as One, the line/cord for the All.
Here, in the Higher, is the overview of the cords and there is the One who directs the cords and pas through imaginations, initiatives, inspirations, the thoughts, words needed to be spoken and the actions!
Knowing the content of the labyrinth tableau and the surroundings.

The tableau as it is, also have awakening stages, like, let’s take a well-known object as an aid to compare, the Sacre Coeur Paris, the stairs.

How it becomes done in words for your understanding; Imagine a cord wind instrument, organ like, huge, in the highest place of all.
The One blows in the wind (air), Light, wrapped in Love/Warmth through the lines/cords > sound(s) and the co-conductors are Divine Angelic Ones from direct surrounding of Source and further from Source are Angelic transporters.

If it is your tone(s) or combined in a couple, family or group et cetera it will catch you, you receive it and act upon it, that’s how it is done.

You are precious, the Process is precious, this Event is precious, our togetherness is precious, the outcome delicate precious it has to be performed with the highest skills, also yours!

That’s why we speak about and that is why this is called: The Waking Up.

Your wake-up sound may ring more than once!
Your inner rooster may crow more than one morning!
Listen well and choose!

As always, we are at your side, communicate!
Keep in mind and associate with your very lovely and loyal guardian angels!

We LOVE you! Engage in any stage! And with what is matching from the real.
I am enveloping you with Love and Light of my Being Metatron and engage via this with you every nano, reticuli moment in the now.

And if needed I’ll carry you with my Light from the Light throughout the difficulty steps of this loving precious Process.

I am Metatron and I am presence like this on behalf of many.


P.S. from us Anja and Michael:

It took several morning moments of the week from August 30th till September 6thto take in this communication. Relax it obviously all takes the needed time as it is on Earth.

About the picture with the fences, I made it 18 years ago, it might be a choice to imagine the colors as the awakening sounds.
Count the fences, we haven’t passed them all yet, relax, still something to be, to do! Go for it! Call into appearance what is in the upper of the tableau.

Love for All!

And so many thanks and gratitude beloved Metatron and the behalf you’re representing.


Posted on the website: September 7th 2020
Support from Michael. Put into work and edited by Anja.

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