Via Anja Tjelpa – Sunday september 27th  2020 Introduction: Clouds of all kinds painted in the blue sky, permeated with very bright Light of our Sun. Creating patches of Light in between all kinds of clouds in shades of white and grey. When we look at the Sun all kinds of higher dimensional colours appear around the Sun and are giving us afterimages in our human being, a lot of them are orbs. We looked for a while and don’t watch the clock for it. In a moment the cloud cover is moving to one mix of these white and grey tones and there seem to be a pause. We guess, nice prepare for the following, not to be looked at yet. We know Archangel Michael is with us, we’ve already done the greeting and he guides us with this looking at the Sun for some information. Dear beloved Ones, this Sun is like a magic ball and very high uplifted with Sun pulsations. It produces this colour expressions, you are able to see with physical eyes and inner eyes also. And it radiates the expressions to the as far as meant surroundings, what a bright, nice prelude for what is there to come. No cinema can be compared with it, it is Divine Intention for the Interest of the Total, to prepare you, get you used and trusted to Higher Dimensional Vibrational colours, among others. Because that is what you will meet in for what has to come, for 24/7. A prelude to instill the interest, in your heart chamber, your beautiful heart center, with an intention to brighten, to colour your inner, your consciousness soul, the intention of the thinking, your total human being in all its creation. There’s quite a lot involved at the season moment of autumn, the one after the other, moment after moment, they will be filled with revelations, inner activity and parts to make public, also that side. (News) Also meant to move your inner to remember the infinite languages, the sounds, they belong to the Divine Design. We are stimulating you, we have the tools, to desire to know it, to nudge a kind of curiosity, the kind that makes you step outside the too many system lines, framework. To herald in your inner colors, sounds, languages, the true ones. There is a lot surrounding you, even overwhelming, you better make no comprises with. Look at what is above the scene of the chaos and confusion, New Earth is a bit higher up, there is no big distance between dimensions. What is working like magnetizing, is your attachment to what seems to be secure, familiar, it is a pretense with a joke character, mystifying in many ways because the high number of effects from all the causes. Another thing to instill in your sacred heart chamber; nothing, nearly nothing, a part is real on its Earth’s ways, is what it seems, now this period of the Evolution is explaining to you, showing where the real Divinity is present and how, the unspeakable treasure. You are precious to us and very loved, allow me to repeat it again, the way to remember is Divine meant, a gentle one, you’ve been through enough unpleasant with Earth lives. Archangel Metatron has recently explained what is happening as a tableau, this tableau is just out and below the center, one might understand it as just below the equator of the tableau, right above it are strengths of the midst, transcendental, higher in dimension, they contain the rhythm of the meant developing, again among others. To experience and work with this rhythm means to collaborate with real life, it is of the utmost interest. When you become now aware, more conscious in your inner, your exploring genes, because they are there, each one got the right dose for this journey to Earth, it is a WoW to explore colours, sounds, languages and rhythms with this overlay of developing strengths in this special midst. But there is more to explore, rediscover and to instill in your precious room of your hearts. Nothing is gentler than nature, the whole of it. The Creation is meant to cooperate, associate, for communion. Also; with the Spirit of Nature and all the creatures involved, also all the species of the Elementary Realms. Humanity, I am deliberately using the word humanity, each human has part in it, let’s put it under the chapter ‘the Arc of the Proces of the law of cause and effect in the experiences of the empiric realms’, (empirical is feeling experiences) it is a Divine fact. In a circulation of a large number of years, humanity separated itself from the cooperation with Elementary Beings and started to neglect Nature on Earth. I am suggesting with my Light Being Archangel Heart that we will baptize this with a huge content of forgiveness, in a repeating rhythm and focus with the intention to instill, the future, the steps forwarding in a as much brighter enlightened now. It is me allowed to assure you, the restoration, the up healed, the upgraded existence of this cooperation communion will bring JOY to you, it will please and pleasure you, JOY lies in the Creation! And I am suggesting to welcome it with open arms and heart. It will help you to arise above the present condition of the World on Earth. Versus elementary reality has life with a joke character and mystifying none strengths. We have our great Divine desire and we are mirroring in the overlay on the tableau and wit the impulses of expressions of the Sun, our loving support intention, that you WILL ENTER with a large number this midst strengths dimension to contribute the bettering of Mother Earth’s World and the interest of the Total, including Father Earth and beloved family inhabitants of Inner Earth. DOES IT GET TO YOU, DO YOU HEAR, FEEL, SENSE IT in your inner space! MOTHER EARTH DESERVES IT! WE ALLE BELONG TO THIS! INSTILL THE INTEREST!   What is desired is to take it in, to know it, inner knowing, the process will guide you further and we are ALL in The Process. Some Archangel Michael quotes: Relaxing is a Conqueror. If your case is good enough, you’ll get your resources. Every attack is a call for help. Sensationalism obscured what matters. The art is to let go of it; the real observer is the artist. We differ from each other to realize how much we need each other. It already has its start, that what has to come, THIS IS THE TIME, REUNION.   I have asked to post the following quote of Novalis: The wondrous strength of the faith All the faith is wondrous and wonderful and does wonders God is then present, when I believe in Him.   The relation with planet Earth, your being in a body as humans, the new strengths and associations are plenty in the innovations. Mother Earth is delighted! Feel the beating of your hearts, tune in to the rhythm of THIS TIME, you as microcosmos and with the heart of the Cosmos <> Macro. There will be those who hold back themselves, say, adjustment obstacles, we understand that, each for himself / herself at his / her relationship level, wants to assist these loved ones to come along. This helping is part of the missionary journey to Earth. The power of faith assists you in this and feel the warmth, love en liveliness of the many auras of those surrounding you, they have an expanse, helpfulness and willingly effect beyond your comprehension. WE ARE CLOSE! and cherish and love you deeply.   I AM Archangel Michael Dear Ones coming in contact with this message, Archangel Michael has asked us to add a P.S.   Man is interwoven with nature’s existence throughout a life, in it. A kind of nature consciousness is experienced throughout the 4 seasons. This also expands nature consciousness and strengthens Self-consciousness. The observer, who is the artist, he/she who experiences the right findings, feels them, that one meets the weaving nature as an objective spiritualization (immaterial). The view, resulting in movement in height above the current scene, in the midst strengths dimension, there is this expanding cosmic luminous intelligence, all together. Cosmic luminous intelligence reveals itself in this living nature, there is expression in refined, diluted shapes, forms as beings. Light Thickness. Light weaving. Also, elementary beings. The seasons have their Light Beings representatives in relation with circumstances and Light Weaving and thus fulfill the necessary natural work, deeds and actions. This involves attraction and repulsion; attracting and repelling is a natural love process. Mother of Matter – Silver < SON > Father of Spirit – Gold. Interwoven in this vintage of the cosmic luminous intelligence are moral principles. The interweaving brings with it tones, colors, light effects. (a.o.) About as above, so below, also in our present earthly density, more rigid existence there is this cosmic light-weaving force and power. About the leadership of Archangels in the seasons known to us (one of the tasks): Autumn – Archangel Michael; he guides what decays in nature, after he has protected harvest, basically it has to do with resurrection of the spirit. Winter – Archangel Gabriel, Christmas angel, announcing and guiding, what has to do with the birth of the child Jesus. Spring – Archangel Raphael, Spring Angel, the Healer, keeper for the awakening of Nature and guardian of the Easter Event. Summer – Archangel Uriel, the keeper for us in the summer months, keeper for not to lose ourselves on the pleasures of Earth.   Information about Novalis: Period on Earth > 1772 till 1801. German, officially Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg. Novalis is pseudonym. He had a short lifetime but did during that period amazing things. Writing is one of them. There is so much to tell, advise is look it up on the internet.   Our closing words: We deliberately chose the stained-glass image and the crystal background of the other image. The key has to do with diaphanous. In the part of existence where Archangel Michel has existence is everything like that and very colored and Christal lined. The so many others on that side are the same. So many others in Inner Earth and surrounding us are the same. We are on our way to that too.   Dear beloved Archangel Michael, have a nice Michael day tomorrow on the 29th. That many may enjoy your so special supporting presence! Many thanks loaded with gratitude, love again for your nice message and great ongoing support for us the Ones of humanity and All in One.   Posted on the website: September 28th 2020 Support from Michael. Put into work and edited by Anja.   Copyright 2017-2020, Anja Tjelpa. All rights reserved. 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