Last Quartel 2020


Already introduced in advance the visit from Father Earth as a contribution for several ongoing what is occurring on planet Earth.

Nowadays there is nearly always interaction communication on forehand for invitations for channelings, it has been explained it has to do with the progress we are making with telepathic transmission, the development of our consciousness leading to more openness for the spiritual world, doing the ongoing cleaning or processing of all that is uprooted and digging into and exploring the memory and to place the real in our solar power / heart center.

The agreement for the intended communication is:


Sunday morning October 25, 2020

Internet posting date: November 1st 2020.


We say we are ready and say Father Earth you are so beloved and we welcome him wholeheartedly.

And awaits a little while… And…


It was asked to describe this encounter with Father Earth as he shows himself in another attendance.

Father Earth is like a real Father type, as we see father types.

Somehow like a Santa, such a jovial father.

Kindhearted and with this special sense of humor, that makes you fall in love with immediately.

He has his own kind of garment, it expresses the nature, elements where Earth is made from and were all life consists of on Earth and in etheric way.

He has a very friendly facial expression and a clothing of a lot of greens, like patches and/ or veils. Moving all the time, but tiny, like it is making tones of colour and sounds available to perceive. The chosen form is like this clothing is like a cape from head till toes, arms and legs underneath, face is clear.

Green colours in variety as we can see it with physical eyes on Earth’s surface.

From below this ‘cape in green tones’ there is radiating a bright and sparkling light, and that makes you experience as multiple lights.

And you can feel that he is taken a seat in a kind of chair, something to sit on.

And we have to mention this time it is different from previous meetings; they were more in expressed form.

We asked why, also for all the ones who are wondering. Answer:

-The previous was more like a passport photo, captured image, now he is expressing and showing his changeability and it can vary. –

Father Earth:

Goodday dear Ones all of you! Present now and maybe some later, for the ones who’ll meet this message by choice later.


Already October of this year 2020. We are pleased it is climbing with this tempo to New Earth. 
But it is not only tempo, musicality is involved too.

For instance, if you would (already) be able to hear the speaking and singing of the whales and dolphins, the natural, and there are human persons able to do, especially many young ones, young ones among you on Earth, who came to Earth and able to hear higher tones and of different higher dimensional frequencies. Some of the older awakening ones who developed, are developing this from memories.
Some among you with more older dates of birth in the last century have this high tone hearing ability.

Of course, available for everybody and now I am returning to the word tempo, it’s personal.


I, myself, like to play, make music on all kinds of flutes, but at the moment there is less opportunity, but still enough to support the development of the human qualities to hear higher frequencies of tones.

It is not the only thing I am occupied with; a major job/service is to assist Mother Earth and to be partner in the Council of Inner Earth.

The Council of Inner Earth has regular meetings, required meetings, involved with the great importance of this event in and on planet Earth and what is circling around it.

And, another and, like there is the Ashtar Command (Galactic Working Group Unit) of the Galactic Federations, there is a Command in Inner Earth and I am also a partner there.

Which means more meetings and consultations, also with councils from outside the Earth.

Dear Ones, I am using a lot of and, and life existence also at the family, relation table with Mother Earth.

There is one huge benefit with our communion meetings, we are using a language without words.

This language goes speedy! Like time on Earth is gaining tempo.

Are you already talk faster, by the way?

I forget to pay attention to it lately, let me see…… pause


Yes, yes, yes…there is certainly progress with telepathic feelings, thought transmission and the use of other or less words to communicate, icons!

Ha ha ha, symbols! And, oh yes, metaphors! And more friendly!

But also tempered qua expressing…and more lightened up! Good!


There was a question in the preparatory, I have heard it.

The question concerns overview through the labyrinth.

Where is Inner Earth when you chose to overview via the labyrinth?

Inner is Inner also in a labyrinth overview.

I love this kind of Creative magic!

Dear Ones, don’t see it as separated.

And Inner Earth does not take a kind of coat off for that.

It is High Dimensional safely, protected indoors, Earth’s home.

Inner Earth is refined, less firm matter, more movable in/with all its elements, also the Element Earth itself.

It is already in the midst strengths, is this deception to the eye? No!

Higher dimensions are more moveable, flexible, different with raster’s and frequencies, colours, tones and some more.

Here comes an IF, if you are able to vision with inner sense eye/ear as primary, you might be aware and we know it needs practicing because in more dense Earth it is different, it is all interweaving, connected, with a lot of very fine, firm, solid threads, spun from Great Source.

It might be clearer, when one explains it, we are as Inner Earth are ahead, it is a magical reversal.
As and when some among you who are more ‘trained’, with all respect for all, one can perceive that what is of the lowest 3D and lower 4D

as properly used clothing, a used coat/layer which will soon be transformed.

There is importance involvement, one can say, it depends on how the Given Well-Intentioned Light, becomes absorbed, taken in, accepted, used, to leave this used layer of lower dimensions behind to change.

What will happen with it is still in consideration with all the Counsils from all over the Universe.

I am, as Father Earth have the love hearted intention to permeate the used words, with a kind of uplifting light accompanying it.


It has to deal with dependence on the reaction, behavior, decisions from you as beloved family as humans on Earth, but there is more to it, that is an experiencing learning issue, there is percentage involved, it has to do with 51%, the non-awaken Ones as yet, has to reach this percentage and exceed where possible.


There is sufficient Light Love from the awakened Ones on sufficient level, who are still making progress and contribute greatly with their radiating.

It is a Light Love growing process.

It is all about LOVE because we are family!




As you tumbled with all the boisterous, clamorous, because that is what it is, into the last three months of this year 2020, containing most certainly Given Light with solutions, is it of high importance how you’ll be handling and acting, deal with the Love Gifts/Miracles of Great Light Source and on what level you are willingly to step out of all certain comfort zones, they are also subject to change, also on personal level, it is very individual, anyway to reach this certain level for a great deal.

The random and involuntary moments, everyone does their best depending on available data and there is a media flow connected to it and certainly a spiritual flow.


The Universe is experiencing any kind of resistance, like with electricity, all that lands in the ether charged with antipathy and sympathy.

Experiencing this huge duality of all the thoughts, the yes’s and no’s and the alternations.

That is Universal balancing, to attract and repel.

The Universum applies the laws that cannot be infringed.


Tumbling means as a human it might be your rolling from the one reaction to the other and the total conditional state on Earth and this is most certainly still fed with it.

To make Earth Beloved Planet undone, as a constellation, it cannot be done, because it is written in the Stars, what is Supreme WRITING, there is written the course, the reason to BE for this planet, it is meant to go on as one of the Seven Main Planets of this part if the Universe, the system, the Creation, because of the Seven.

The Universe will respond according to the Universal laws.


I am as Father of this planet Earth call upon your memory, memories, the true Inner ones, read, listen feel them, the true inner memories, stories, picture stories, the stories of the melodies and tunes, colour stories, star stories, and this is a special part of the awakening process. Step into the memory challenges, do the discoveries. How many did help to create this Seven Planet existence, including beautiful Planet Earth and the truly concerned realms?

Then look around on it as a plane scape, view it like a bird, or as an angel, or on a meditative or a sleepland trip on one of the spaceships or another kind of flight to view!

You’ll discover Love and wondrous Creation is all around!

And if you see ‘spots’ ‘darker places’, like measles, it might appear like that (labyrinth wise).
That one can consider as a disease, there are many healers of all kind, that are sincerely helping to heal, many came and are here for it and also many on higher planes, according to the construction, intention and laws of the Supreme Plan.

Help is in a huge move. Absolute resistance meets Utter Love.

Anyone is welcome to join any real Command, also the Healing One.


Do your true inner beloved best dear Ones!

Love for All, see you soon!

I do travel in spiritual ways too, omnipresent, if you need help, ask for it.

I AM Father Earth.


Posted on the website: November 1st 2020. 
Support from Michael. 

Put into work and edited by Anja.


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