Impulses for the mending version of Earth from the heart and womb of Godmother.

De Ladies of the Quinquepartite;

Lady Faith, Lady Isobel, Lady Athena, Lady Maria Magdalena,

Lady Vesta.

Last part with attendance of Mother Mary and Christ.

Impulses for the mending version of Earth from the heart and womb of Godmother.

 Anja Tjelpa – December 15th, 2020.

Dear beloved Ones,

Inducement comes from the Divine female with all of you, man or woman.

This first part of the message comes from us together.

We wish to give you, as a start, a visually physical image as an indication for the circle of Life.
An indication as an example in matter, with all respect for the origin.


The pivot as Source, spokes as possible divisions with all kinds of options and the large circle frame around it, the expression of the infinite, holding it together. Actually, this is one of the sheets of the pivot, in fact a beautiful made composition. All the sheets coincide but every essence, particles of it, nuances continue to exist separately as fully-fledged worthy beings remaining in this innated created Divine richness.
What this physical, densified, for the physical eye motionless art construction has no expression of is the always moving reality, comparable to inhalation and exhalation, magnetism, radiating and repel or attraction, in relation to nature processes for development and acceptation. The Self, you I am presence has an inner landscape, areas who represent this. We suppose that your thoughts about this may well up; yes, it is an extended cosmic landscape and with this, this time you are with it on Earth.

And this might be for many one of the numerous repeats, but also the opposite, your first time on Earth and lots of variations in between.

Life is as all the workings and utterances of water on Earth, especially oceans and seas are a beautiful and powerful, full of character example.

There is Light, there is darkness, playful with each other, this is a constant, beloved ones for life in relative experience circumstances.

The Light applies considerable pressure, this is noticeable in the course of the revealing and years of awakening. You have already been informed about this worldwide through various messengers during a certain previous period.

The most perceiving-catching is; something is happening with me, in all kinds of parts of my human existence as being. Small addition; bodily sensitivity is triggered by temperature differences and shifts of energy frequencies; we propose you consider this and try to make in first instance a personal overview. Then place it in the context of this pandemic and become aware of what becomes used to intentionally earthly influencing. Anywhere and through all kinds of possibilities it is one huge source of reflections.
The reflection process for revealing’s, this is in the hands of the highest Divinity and it is teamwork of Oneness.

Lady Faith

In this period of the Evolution in the Now, Earth, humanity and other species are in a dramatic part as spoken of before and very much noticed and becoming aware like a constant stream in knowing, stimulating consciousness, in many directions, more than from one point of view. This also implicates the understanding that there are others as beings in variations in the cosmos, they can take on the shape alike human.
I have to emphasize they live, exist more as one, but are able to step into a personality. In relation to your human health issues, also of all kinds and especially related to the current pandemonium, your Universal family of several star constellations are very optimum high dimensional involved. I wish with this message to place a view in the Light, a spotlight, the ones with a female plus nature.

Andromeda, Coma, Lyra, Pegasus, Cassiopeia, Sagitta and the Pleiadians.

They have a very representative character for special tasks. They each one, in their own personality way represent the fulness of Love, Compassion, Creativity and Wisdom, there is also meant all the members of the concerning star constellation. They have a special powerful content to reach every facet of the Creation. You all came out of the heart center of Godmother from there on you went into the relative realms, outward Home

These seven ones put into the spotlight, specialized by the Seven Sisters of the Pleiadians, because they are main issue. Actually, it is seven-seven, they became special created to be the lead to equalize the surplus male behavior.

And also supported by their belonging populations, of High Important Impact for what is happening on Earth and population present there.

Much already passed on via channeling about Andromedans and Pleiadians.

Some explanation with emphasis, to explain it from androgyn nature, for the most part prominent female surplus, even with what you call a male exterior, that is just the taken on chosen exterior.
About the other five star constellations mentioned and the population, there has been less conversation about them, so it was decided. For the evolutionary event on Earth, they are very exclusive special, in words for human understanding.

And I, Lady Faith has been given the assignment to do this little message which has been coded with THEIR influence, to call upon you with their special Starry Lights, to knock on inner doors, windows, gates, deep inside your beautiful inner landscape even with housings where it is involved with, where your true ancient memory has housing and knows exactly where and what it is all about. Sofar my solo part with all the Love from my Lady Faith heart.

Lady Isobel

When one is existing in the Universe and in this case in this part of the Universe, this Galaxy and its worlds and now I am addressing to myself pertaining the relation with the Sun and Quinquepartite and totality involved with it. This is a beautiful communion especially directed to Earth. From many points of view for the most Sun lit permeating workings for all of you on Earth and the other Beings in their Being and existences within the district dimensions of this Main Sun. For the ones who have interest in the exploring of this part of the Universe surrounding planet Earth, maybe some have already heard about it and so here with for some maybe a repeat and for others to inform. Investigators on Earth discovered a while ago huge quantities of Gold substance (like dust) in the nearest surrounding of the Earth as it is a great miracle. Please, allow me Isobel to refresh your memory. The quantity of Gold or Aurum is present in unheard sophistication and presence. The Sun of this Solar system is a representative of this noble substance Gold.

The Sun is, you are aware of in daytime, a spreader power Solar station for this. There is some help from Elemental beings. Involvement of sublunary.

It is the working on and for humans and specially the heart organ but also working on any heart of any creature present within the intended range.

There are senses (working inwardly) that can perceive this so special golden activity and everything what is going on through it, how it is working in the inner with its substantiality also as a metal. It is carrying all hearts and it makes any kind of consciousness and keeps it standing up, in particular during daytime, the Sun lit in all stages, all day needed consciousness. It, I am talking about Gold like dust in the Universe, has the Divine character of service to harmonize, equalize on the inner human being on all present levels. Leveling. Out of this beautiful golden heart substance transport, there is a great healing factor for humans while they are in the human embodiment, mostly when you go inside, and use inner imagination.
And when you call upon, meet and take on the inner impulses, take an imaginary step further to concentrate on your own solar system with all the cells of your bodily constitution, for instance like now during December month, Christmas period, many of you like to lit lots of lights, much in an material way, to lit up as many of your bodily cells and the content as you are able to and shine along with and converge, because that can be done, maybe not for a start but to indicate, with all this refined gold countless particles in any being and shine together. It has meaning, one of them, is to stimulate the intensity of transformation.
I have to inform you about something that has to do with it, it is about accompaniment, this has to do with interlude of other substances, it has a meaning also, but the Gold is the principal as a metal substance and harmonize a lot of the harmonies that has to do with tones and tunes. This has great value even to the most limited life situation, every little thing, trifle, tiniest trifle has a meaning of his own for existence for the eternal evolution. Dear beloved all, get trusted with this, make the decision to settle it in a routine suited for your life in the Now.

Like eating. And from this side, there are a number, and from my side, with the Love and trust of God in us, serving to support you. Make room in your beautiful hearts for miracles. Isobel.

Lady Athena (with her Beautiful smile of Victory)

The great confusion that is ongoing … let me continue in other words.

The upper, of the so-called top and it is of an icy construction, the spiritual, cosmic warmth from all sides around the Earth, is melting this away.
The strength of the Universal is connected with this. It means that this occurring has no observation for physical perception. It does have influences for reflection, also extremely powerful. And it makes the icy, what is water, dissolve, this icy compactness gets lost and the drip is the development of the settlements, which are certainly influenced by beings of higher level, double sided, good-natured and alienated.

They combat each other already for a while. One might think the alienated hotheads, pay attention to the word ‘hot’. From a kind of principle, they are moving in a trap by performing the combatting.
This urges warmth and the drops are flowing and thus make a reverse to the neuter, flowing in the arm flames of the Violet Fire.

The trap is a construction of the metal iron and Archangel Michael and Ashtar commando of the federation of Light, have this, so to speak, in their iron grip.

Protected and assisted by legions of all kinds of nature and also by Angelic powers with spiritual swords, all servants of the Universal laws.

It concerns the effects of arbitrary deeds pertinent a certain worldview.

What are the Ladies doing with this? What is their service?

We, the five main Ladies involved with the Sun, cooperate for the time being in the Now, with the Sun and residents and inhabitants of this splendid Solar construction and its sceneries. I can explain it with your word ‘domestic science’; take care of, feed, keep clean, arrange, keep everything running smoothly, with sincere communication and a full dose of Love.

This is a force of high-quality female nature. It is my wish to encourage you to look inside your treasury with open heart and inner eye, to rediscover, to find again, perhaps already done, how this power of primal love, because that is what meant, as essentially primal naturel LOVE is protecting, it is supreme mighty, super high quality. Place yourself in position as example, make the step, steps inside and you are able to come to the point in the treasury, where you know it again and are feeling it. What is meant, love is carrying out there safely its efficacy, in a kind of armor, persistently. Many of you do subconscious deeply love this, deep down in your omniscience and this period most certainly, sincere love and cherish is taken place there and you are monitoring and protecting IT. What ‘we’ perceive with our observations is, that this so beautifully embedded core of Love Power, by some of you, in varying numbers and occasions, make it work from inward outwards.

And I, Athena, I can tell you this, from our side, is it a sincere sight of spectacle in these rebelled experiences and special life lessons. Do you understand, do you know, what is so very treatable and useful this is for us?

The ‘us’, your family, who are so involved in this event, we stake it through the Sun in relation with the Moon, the feminine mirroring of the Moon and her special lunar constellation memory. Infinitesimally.
With full female capacity, combat of will for sincerity, righteousness, protection, redemption for Earth, for the ALL as One, for Victory! From my Love preciousness point I am contributing metaphorically. Athena.

Lady Maria Magdalena

What an extraordinary lifetimes are there in performance on Earth.

All learned from former is enriching life and existence on beautiful planet Earth. And not alone precious humanity but also the other combined charming natures of all kind and great motherly leadership of Gaia.

How this becomes executed and performed and exposed is stylish in all processing. Me, Maria Magdalena and ‘us’, we all in higher-level existence are able to see it in a different way, there is this I wish to share with you on the subject of surveying. To see it as ‘clear’ as it is, you have to survey it from the opposite.
That is to experience it with serenity and imperturbality.

To express your emotions and survivals is like stamping, making an imprint in your aura, etheric body in relation with the astral body and your subconsciousness and all kind of reactions, actions and creation shoot up from it. I wish to stimulate to make these stamps, -actually it is printing your truth of this life permeated with memory-, from your heart. As told by Lady Isobel, this is a leading organ and area, it is also about heart energy, gold based, so please consider the following what can result, if many among you on Earth are adopting and using this what this glorious combined golden shine will contribute, for the mending version of Earth. Many of you are aware or still become aware of ‘them’ with another worldview, and their comrade circulations for whatever reason, they have a type of editing and manipulating you, scalded from time bound allow, one can address as subliminal advertising. Smart psychological determining on many public and secret manners. Question: “Where are you grateful for?”

I have an emphasis wish, TRUST in the strength of authentic, so many is scattered on Earth.
Become aware in growing measure that bringing the pieces, facets of the scattering together again, is a serious task, authentic task for you to execute. This mending processing on Earth in relation with surrounding Universe and this sub-universe as the most intimate encompassing, the processing is high graded female, from all what has to do with woman from the heart and womb of Godmother, in line up from Main Source via the original scattering of Godchildren who leave the nest to relative existence, permeated with Her blessing Ray, filled with Her wondrous characteristics and abilities to make this sub-universe work, this newer part of the Universe, to make it work so perfect and encompassing.

From Her Heart to the Heart of Gaia with this golden substance shining, radiating, accompanying the way of the Ray. One can call the Gold, the relative fuel for this Divine Ray Power station.

Dear beloved ones, become able to hug again life itself and all your personal gifts, blessings, miracles and truth experiences, the huge combined family, the exposing karmic able to become solved, all what can be left behind and what does not suit no longer and most certainly not more as quantity, in your luggage bag or rack.

And also, the huge size of the Being of Gratitude and Forgiveness and Trust. With the voice of my heart, I am singing beautiful ancient love hymns for you and many are singing along as a choir as it suited. In your heart room with the treasures is the auditorium settled to listen! With all the Love from my heart, you are so welcome there and also with the hugging, it makes impossible days for you possible and desirable.
Maria Magdalena.

Lady Vesta speaking

You’re not just a solar plane but a microcosmos solar system in relation to Christ. Light becomes transferred from Great Central Sun via this solar system, systems. This is line or cord work, the threads of the huge, great Cosmic tapestry or weaving. What is meant to emphasize, is that every child/spark/point/star of God has a connection with God The Source.

Not all of them have a sufficiently opened line or cord. As a comparison I would like to use the valves of the venous system. Admittedly, this has a specific function for the human embodiment, but it is about the valve system, or veils, in the cord/line connection with Great Source. There are big differences in the number in which valves are open per beloved individual.

It has relation to development on evolutionary common level, awakening processes and consciousness. How many valves do you have? Here comes some complexity. It is mission bound. And related to what we want to explain as what has already been lived, how and where and so. And what is going on with the incarnation the reaction, the creation on Earth.

You have to deal with the one phenomenon after or next to the other.

I am speaking about the observable on Earth and the invisible, in the larger part of the Universe.
They are all special and belong to The Design of the Supreme Creator. A nice understandable name for this is interlacing’s.

The splendid of this interwoven tapestry is the used strength of repeating.

It means that each phenomenon is a Being essentially alive with many facets, like how crystals appear on Earth, in great variety. It has been created to be able to jingle, like bells during Christmas time and with other music expressions on Earth, and also reflect with special colours, they are very quick, like the Light itself, with inner activity and performing, maintaining their part of the with light threads woven tapestry.
Also, the Sun of this sub-part of the Universe with its Golden Nature, as a Being it serves these many dimensional facets-interacting-associating working tapestry of life. Authentic Nature is All the time/Now present and it All has a voice, they are a primal principle for transference from the one to another, it concerns and affects quite a number of paradigms. All acts of lovingly handling and acting they are natural, there is nothing more natural than Love. Love lines flow from the essence of All the Beings, also from humans.
Dear Ones, perform your life in glory for Truth and Trust and your own Divine rights. I am representing as Vesta the Hearth for this to cooperate of course, but the main is the Sun Self. The flow of eternity, flux through Solar system essence for the Essence. Please imagine the togetherness of All the Suns and the ever-flowing utmost huge River of Love and Life and the multitude distributaries, like split silk.
I am with my love with you in this interchangeable Essence of Love and Life. Vesta.

Lady Faith, Lady Isobel, Lady Athena, Lady Maria Magdalena, Lady Vesta, with attendance of Mother Mary and Christ.

We are now with seven, a choir with seven voices to speak to you with a little humming, it is Yule.
Essence has been talked about and we wish to say a few more words about it. In the flow of the Essences, you are in the flux to the Yule days and change of the year and the essence of the coming year.

Regarding words; Circumstances of divers’ nature and its occurrences are in the Melting Pot. Transference as itself has a mighty task accommodate with Divine Support. Revolution is on the menu in more than one sense and signification. There are layers involved of refining, you will start to see the world around you differently, there will come in usable appearances output from higher existences, penetrability will reach a next level, there are by Sun influenced layers to support the balancing of complex and very entwined relations, there will be support on the needed levels from star-born wisdom.

People will see each other with a different light in their eyes.

The symbiosis (of human/plant/animal/mineral, disparate organisms) will undergo a striking change.
All lies seemingly so swift and nimble in expression, TRUTH has greater speed to find out faster, everlasting faster.


Dear beloved Ones, it is heartwarming for us to see your heartfelt Christmas feelings and mending future intentional wishes blossom. We wish to offer you a special gift, seekers and those on the Path, the conditions of the cord do not matter, we offer you a branch of the Tree of Life, imagination is needed for the meet and transferal. The gift itself will unfold by itself, by your child of God inner.

Christ, I am spreading my arms to bless you in this way.

B L E S S I N G S!

From all of us much love and hugs and constant support from our hearts and our State of Being. Amen.





Posted on the website: 12/15/2020
Support from Michael. Processed and edited through Anja.
With Love and Gratitude and blessings to All for a mending future in the Now.


Information: This message has been received in parts during the period from the last week of November 2020 till December 12th 2020, the last two days there has been the collaboration to make this total, especially the last part yesterday.


Picture wheel: Sun temple Kanarak India (Hindu)


Picture angel: by Anja recent November and December.

The angel is made from little pieces of paper and the collection of this kind of artworks will soon be added to the portfolio, you are welcome to glance


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