The Call for Salvation

The Call for Salvation

In association with God

Dear beloved Ones.

Cooperation with the growth as is now occurring with you, beloved Ones on Earth, is giving us in the Spiritual World and Heaven, throughout the total created Realm of God, joy and zest for work, encouragement, gratitude and appreciation to continue to assist you in the journey of creating.


Listen and listen with attention to Me, and eat what is good and make this good food provide the soul by far, lighten and cheer up, saturate.

Let your ear be inclined and come to Me, listen and your soul will live; for I have made an everlasting covenant with you.


The first encouragement concerns, go into the fresh air, in nature, if not right next door, make a plan to make the best of it in this period on Earth.

When you are in nature, then witness the beauty that surrounds you, right down to the smallest detail and the usefulness for existence on Earth, everything has a purpose, a directed function.

It is the part of the journey where metaphors are found in guises of all kinds.


Consciousness is in a relevant development period for this, it’s like turning on, switching on, for more detail of nature, the all-surrounding nature.

I’m telling you a fact now, you all know it, in all sorts of ways, It is also important that nature comes into your developing consciousness, things that you (more and more) consciously draw attention to, notice and accept differently. The same goes for the consciousness that can focus on negative, annoying, bad things that might happen, observation, thoughts, conversations will reflect this. And vice versa, that this consciousness focuses on joy, happiness, peace and goodness, beauty, truth all such present experiences, this reflects ditto and those who do this are less likely to be loaded when the opposite occurs.

Those who take it as it comes to find the good in and about it, to see it, they know that the good is in all things. Everyone gives as they are received, but there must be chosen what it will be that is received.

The next encouragement is to think carefully about how you would like to look at this, goodness in all things is a gift, because as you look at it, the gift itself will appear to be.


Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts, let them turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on them, and to our God, for he will freely pardon. God speaks about, there are many thoughts, but not all are mine, roads are being taken that represent imaginary illusions.

Heaven, the Spiritual World has a different altitude than Earth, this world on Earth has descended thoughts and ways that are chosen to be committed of an illusionary nature.


About your true inner being as a human being, about ancient natural life forces.

This is about I, I am, the real essence of man in his center, this is the starting point for the following explanation. The explanation is about enveloping’s that are not visible (as a form imaginable through inner vision) and about the one who is visible with human eyes. Seen open-minded from real life, this core of being is covered with bodies or enveloping’s, three pieces, to the I, these enveloping’s are astral, ethereal and physical.

Man has made a climb as a being of ordinary belief (comparable to childhood) until now, one has to know everything, just believing isn’t everything, sort of done. Im am not speaking here about religions.
Let me explain this belief as heritage of ancestors and for on Earth it is so. This heritage has been diluted too much, I use this expression for the thinning of it, because it is related to loneliness, dehydration and withering, such as leaves of trees in autumn time.

This belief which is now spoken of, what is the meaning for you with human nature?
As a human being some things can be done with this. It can be pushed aside; I don’t want to wear something like that old coat anymore.

When one does not put the ‘coat’ the body of faith with the rags but with the other heritage of ancestors then one builds on the soul of the ancient life forces naturally held together. But the following is also true, this ‘faith’ has a sum of forces that all belong to the life forces of the soul.

Faith is a ‘word concept’ in essence it does not matter whether people believe or not, these are the forces expressed by this word, which the soul must possess as life forces, for the soul becomes lonely, dehydrates and withers when the soul cannot believe anything.

Resulting in: A human being can live like this for a while, but then it doesn’t work anymore. When this loss would actually happen, the meaning of this can be seen in the next decades. If people were to lose faith forces, they would have to live on in such a way that no one would know exactly, what to do with oneself to find one’s way in life, in fact nobody holds out in the world without it, there would be fear, anxiety and worries of all kinds. Your human soul is like a source that should be bubbling with life, this can only be given through the forces of faith. They are the right forces of the astral body.


About the second as forces, so hidden in the depths of the being as a human being, this is expressed by the word ‘love’.

Love is something what every human needs.

A human being who cannot develop a loving power, gets lonely and withers in his being.
There are human beings who cannot love, for example because of fullness with selfishness, there are examples of this on Earth. Very sad in fact.

Human beings who spend an incarnation without being able to create this vivid warmth inside them, that can only be generated, if we love one thing or another, or a lot on Earth. What happens then?
As already mentioned, this is a very sad event, they get lonely and shrink. As you on Earth tend to say, Thank God, man cannot completely remove this from his being, not even the worst cases of selfishness, because the pursuit of a selfish person can contain love.

And with as an obvious example for this period, if someone can’t love anything else, they often start to love money and also, for example, power.

In other words, for those, it is a pleasurable power of love, which is put in its place out of selfishness.
This still maintains the intended enveloping.

If there would be no love at all present in a human being, simply because of being missing, then will follow this shrivel and dying.

The love forces belong to the ether body. These forces initially come from the depths of our being from the ether body, that express themselves because a human being can love and this can exist in all sorts of areas.


About the third as forces, these have a highly elevated meaning, they are activating forces, captured in the word ‘hope’, confidence in the future.

For life on Earth in the physical, this means that man cannot take a step without hope. Many of you want to know nothing or know little about life between death and birth, another incarnation. What happens where there are those you call dead. Why do we need to know that? We don’t even know what’s going on the next day. Do we wake up where we went to sleep?

There is something you do know, that are also three things, the next day has a morning, an afternoon and an evening, as far as you are in physical life and awake. In the things you make one day, some examples, homework, clean clothes, repair flat tire, or potatoes are planted and seeds sown, then you know it is necessary for the future. If this is not the case, it will be known in advance that events would take place in a hopeful and rhythmic manner, then living in a physical world would not be possible. Would man do all these things if there were no suspicion that it would be necessary for the next day, week, month or year?
Just for physical life you need hope, this ‘hope’ holds physical life on Earth together and maintains it.
As the word ‘physical’ indicates, these forces have to do with the physical envelopment. What is the consequence when the possibility of hope is absent and doubt is a consequence?  A life without hope expresses itself in deep wrinkles, in killing forces of the physical human body. Let me emphasize a truth here, the physical body has no external physical attraction or repulsion forces, that is a materialistic view, but it is what you have on Earth by your notions as hopeful forces, present in your physical body, this builds up the physical body, maintains it.


So, there is embedded, in a kind of peace in your human body, the I in these three envelopes, these three very prominent and important life forces, Faith, Love, Hope. Pay particular attention to the order, which is extremely important. And I know it can seem complicated, but I mean, again, simply as an explanation, that the I in itself is the most essential, the core and being enveloped as a human being with enveloping’s that contain primal forces, surrendered, inherited from ancestors, the firstlings as humans on Earth and who should be activated or put into use at every incarnation.

The soul needs this; it contributes to understanding and looking up to the Higher Heaven and World.


“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend money on what is not bread, and income by your labor on what does not satisfy?


Dear children of God on Earth there can be given, also to yourself.

There is a lot to do and to be left. There is to behold and to contemplate.

Look around you and see in your brother (brother is meant to be everyone) what has been given as a gift from God that you would receive and may have received, but with what awareness and perception?

The beautiful reflection of the gift. And gift as a word is again meant as a comprehensive ‘donation inter vivos’. The following encouragement, give salvation to each other, another comprehensive word and share it. Overlook misconceptions, thoughts, like dreams, images that are not original, let them go.

I know your holiness, and condemnation of any kind does not fit.


The waters like rain, hail and snow and even water vapors descend on the Earth, with a sacred purpose, this does not return as this creation, it feeds the Earth, makes the Earth moist, so that the Earth can produce and carry out the processes of nature. Seed is given to the sower and bread to the eater.

In other words, the one who gives the seed to the sower, also gives what bread means to the edible.

Seeds have a relationship with righteousness and aim to multiply.


Let Me tell you once more about what has been given to you for sure and truly, these are the benevolences of David. I have given him a world Lord as a witness for the nations, the one who glorified you.
The world Lord has brought the gift of the Holy Spirit. It leads the world Lord, the Lord of the Earth and you together, us together, that we here in the now, in and on the Holy Earth, we might meet and make the same decision. See brother as I look at you and remember that all of you are the same, are one. You are now there on the Holy Earth in the park of gardens of attack and death.Shall we now prepare the way in an increasing degree of growth in togetherness and create resurrection for the revival of the joyful memory of the Source of the Father and Mother?


What you had or still have faith in is still loyal and watching over you with this faith, the primordial forces of faith, gentle yet very strong, and it will lift you beyond the veil and safely take you to the Son of God within the unquestionable protection of the Father/Mother.

Here you will find the peace, quiet and tranquility you seek.

Let your conviction go, in the world as it is experienced today on Earth, that there is no goal, that everything is good like this and keeps your content.


You and Brother stand together, yet it is given to you, it belongs to the benevolences of David, to see this purpose in the Lord of the world, your Holy Friend and how you yourselves are dealing with this.

There is nothing in Creation to stand in the way of this decision.

Every human being, individually and as a whole, have come this far because you have made the choice to undertake the journey.


You, children of God, have happily set off into the distance, into the created relative realms, to experience for Me and with Me and guided by My Peace.

There will be the sound of mountains and hills, this is cheerful singing before you and it will be accompanied by all the trees of the field clapping together.

It with thorns will transform into juniper and myrtle.

These are eternal and imperishable signs and this is how God and the Lord shows glory and praise.
And no one created by Me undertakes anything to have, to do, to be believed to have no meaning.


The vocation is that you will also call upon a people, this people you do not know yet, a people on the move, for My Will and the Holy Place, the New City.

The Lord is to be found, seek! He is always near for everyone, make invocation!


Remember and don’t forget, have faith, you are a child of God, perfect in every way.
Go to continue the journey and have a nice futurum, knowing that you are immensely loved by love and filled and built with hope.

This is like the beginning; -In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was and is with God, and this is God-.

Thus, shall this Word that emanates from My mouth, Be!

And this will not return to Me empty of content, it will be done for the enchantment of the Divine Plan, which has a favorable and flourishing course, because I have aired and spread the word and accompany with My eternal shining Star.




Anja: How this came together.

When translating one of the recently translated Heavenletters, which is always accompanied by God and helpful dear ones from the Higher, I asked God the question: “What would you have me write, now, what can I do?”
Knowing that every day, so to speak, I study or read in certain books.

Dear child, make a document of the following, from there on we go to work.

Bible: Isaiah 55. John 1, small part.
Course in Miracles – Lifting up the Veil.
Mayan messages Theresa Crabtree.
Rudolf Steiner: book GA 130, first lecture, dat 12-2-1911. Faith, Love and Hope.
Three stages of mankind’s life.
Picture: Isaiah by Raphael, source Scala/Art New York.

From each was indicated what to take over and the order and what to add.
Also, the title. A few days in a row, one day more hours than the other.

Started on December 27, 2020. Completed 30 December 2020.
Posted on website 31 December 2020 on the Blog as Study, to share.
Anja with support from Michael and a beautiful team association.


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