Master Lanto Equinox


From a little earlier than September 5, 2019, of the day’s hunches.


The annual movement of the Zodiac is a reflection of the annual movement of the Sun.

The Sun participate the daily movement of the entire starry sky through the zodiac.

This concerns certain purpose of the daytime movement from East to West, the annual movement of the Sun from West to East, it is about dissolving / transitioning into a spiral of 365-day circles, half of which is ascending and the other half descending again.

So, there is a highest position and a deepest position.

The larger the day arc, that is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and vice versa in the Southern Hemisphere. There is balancing at work here, shifts in the degrees or points from East to West and from West to East, with North and South.

The Moon makes the movements like the Sun, the Moon is slightly faster, which saves a few days per “month”. The Moon has a different course than the Earth, a different position of orbits, the orbits to be made. The World All has rhythms; divisions are there for the Heavenly bodies. Because the Sun passes the equator of Heaven twice a year at the annual course, that is at the beginning of spring and autumn, this causes the day to be equal to the night, if only for a moment. This has been called the equinox.


Every year is different, there is always a shift that leads to change.


What we feel more intensely is the rhythms, movements and life of the beings in the Universe as planets, stars, suns and moons is underway and all along with Earth.

For example, now in this month of September from the New Moon of the first day taking the day steps to the Full Moon and taking day steps to the Autumn Equinox 2019.

The alternation of the life paths involved in this, according to Maya, in the new cycle, especially the 13-year cycle. It is more intense again, but also more together, in other words the Earth closer to the Higher Domains, the beautiful planet Earth Itself with the thoughts of the planet itself, the words, (we think we can listen to this even better) and the actions, the deeds.


We have a favorite invocation for the Autumnal equinox, we now use it daily and because (also) we feel this so from within, those who gave it, in September 2014, Fran Zepeda, Master Lanto, asked us to share this again with a message.


Master Lanto – Claudio Gianfardoni

Thursday, September 5th, 2019.


Master Lanto:

Greetings dear ones, it is another pleasure to communicate with you through illuminating Lights, and through the more clearer Heart Currents. To remind you of the embrace and welcome with glow. The glow that is partly represented by the Sun that you see with physical eyes, but also by many other suns. And many Brothers, Sisters, the Beings of Light who have already gone through the Earthly ascension process through different lives on / with their moments on Earth and the “life in and life out”, who are now assisting you, some familiar with names on Earth and some who have chosen to assist in a Light-being way.


You are also a magnet to the true cosmic and the true origin of your form, the elements, and when I speak of glow, the element that it most represents, the Fire, has been deployed from the Great Source for the great cosmic evolutionary event.

But as much has been created with building blocks for this Universe, triads, or foursomes, but also other numbers have been used together, the elements consist of four, but actually with a fifth, the ether, the etheric, that is the Christ with the ethereal wings of Metatron. That’s one of the collaborations.


And these September moments especially through the equinox portal are again of a purer nature. Every portal, every opportunity from the Starry Sky has meaning, some different from others, it all has pure nature as the highest quality. That is why so many are encouraged to learn about and participate. I, master Lanto, communicate with all Love for you as humanity, once again about welcoming the true, your soul and the essence.

Because this is getting stronger and more enlightened by the incoming light and love workings. That this glow has a high value for smoothing the path and reminding you of the loveliness of your soul. And I would like to recommend that you repeat this invocation deeply and intensely and that you feel that this glow and loveliness of the soul is great love. And when you imagine that you see the element of fire, as with flames, as on Earth, that there is reflection, radiating reflection, pure reflection, and in abundance, of who you really are, of what we are! You are on an experiment, my message is an invitation to participate even more with this invocation in the experiment of all the experiences, back to the Light.


Hereby repeating this invocation, with all my Love and Support for the return journey,

“I embrace my pure soul, my pure essence, my connection with Source as it illuminates everything around me with the pure Truth of my existence.”

“I leave behind all remnants of what used to define me, as only experiments and distortions of my true self.”

“I welcome my pure essence to illuminate all around me with Love. And I embrace my pure soul as who I AM.”

“I welcome the transformation that is allowing my true essence to shine through more and more as I embrace the pure energies coming in in the Equinox portal, and subsequent portals as I refine my energy increasingly and permanently, showing me the way to connect fully with Source.”

“I welcome my true essence, my I Am Presence as my only Reality, illuminating the purity of my Soul as my guiding force.”

“I welcome the purity of these incoming energies without resistance and thank them for their assistance in guiding me home.”


Holy greetings and Light Being blessings.

I am Master Lanto



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