An Enterprise by Us – Ashtar and Master Lanto

An Enterprise by Us

ASHTAR and Master Lanto


Channel article march 14th 2021 – Anja Tjelpa


Salut, dear beloved Ones,
Greeting, our dear Ones,

Today we are concerned with a specific enterprise.
One of our contemporary cosmic vehicles is part of the enterprise through the sphere layers of the alien cosmic intercelestial freedom of movement to the outer sphere layer of the Earth to travel further in it to the protective part called by you, ozone layer.
Accompanied, surrounded by a chain of protective supervisor means of transport of less recent interpretation of travel modality. In which took place for this enterprise brothers and sisters of various Galactic natures of the Command, which perform various service tasks.

As Commander I have taken place for this, in the most modern means of transport to a special guest of the family, to assist Master Lanto and to make him travel, who has taken on an assignment for this specific enterprise.
The necessary and arrangements have been made and now we are in transit to perform this enterprise with deeds and experiences and reporting it for sharing (our Galactic corporate media), the archive and the helping hand.
All this in conjunction with some recurring activities of the Ashtar Command regarding regularities and irregularities.

Intercelestial coordinates in relation to Earth and this part of the Universe with Earth terms;
The Sun, this Solar System, the Moon and main planets and countless surrounding sub-universal inhabiting “beings” such as, for example, asteroids, other moons and comets, belong to a coordinate system.
The stars are a coordinate system. Zenit and Nadir. Crystalline spheres.
Ecliptic, equator, horizon, poles, axes, meridians what you call longitudinal circles are also involved. The concepts of timelines, ley lines and portals.
The surrounding galaxies belong to coordinates. Sounds, voices, colors and light and darkness effects are part of it. The spheres of magnetism, radiation and gravity. Frequency potentials. Centrifugal and periphery.
And the Central Source / Sun, the pivot of All.
In collaboration with all kinds of arrangements, juxtapositions, interrelating with each other, goals, behavior and so it came about and still does.
Everything is happening all the time at the same time.

We know and understand that you envision this (in many cases) with levels of consciousness of your present existence and current images and data available to you on Earth. For more specific missions;
Have some brought higher consciousness / memory residue on the journey to Earth and for Earth, those may have true facts and images of what is in the Universe. Some have more bonded and maintained contact with the higher fragments of the Self and can experience and reflect clear memories / experiences as a human being. And others can specifically recall events from their “sleeping life” (dreams are not intended) or of other timelines or those we are involved with on this enterprise and are so to speak “present” or at other enterprises.

This enterprise as described above has entered via facti coordinate system, via exosphere, the troposphere. The Earth is surrounded by spheres of qualities, quantities of dilutions. The means of transport adapt, in a way they breathe, they have rhythmic energies as construction material.
(Most contemporary ones are super-fast and more flexible with it.)
Like the Earth breathes and has a heartbeat, that is why the Earth is not a round globe by nature.

The next thing is that Master Lanto is going to explain to you about his assignment through which the enterprise has been (partly) brought together and in operation.

Master Lanto:
Dear Ones, addressing me to you again with love, purity of natural light existence and beautiful bestowal radiance.
The assignment I have accepted to perform has to do with prevailing relationships of interests in all kinds of forms and engagements from east, west, north and south, through all meridians.
And all the population that has to do with this and how life relates to it in operations, which means, what is in the improvement.
Come closer to Earth to observe and register from this stand point location, the situations with Higher perceiving’s and influences from Earth itself.
In relation to how you use the Violet Fire.
In relation to that, as a recovery transformation, it is getting closer together.

Many have already been provided to you about the Violet Fire, hereby an abbreviated content;
The Violet Fire (Flames) are from the Seventh Ray, it is a gift and a blessed ray for transmutation into the New Time.
Created from the energy of the Fatherly Divine Will – from dynamic blue, mixed with the energy of the Motherly Divine of love and compassion, radiant pink. Result alchemy Violet – Fire – Seven – Over luminous – Supreme Transmuting.
Archangel Zadkiël and Lady Amethyst are the carriers of this, amplifying all that is associated with this through your heart speaking.
You can ask Saint-Germain, he has introduced the Violet Fire, to assist with situations, such as to envelop and help others.
You can appeal to each of these three to assist with burdens and to leave behind and transmute everything that is no longer of use into reusable neutral energies. It also works via the inner, in your heart spark it is present, violet energy and powerful through color and flame (flames) radiation.
To appeal to inwardly. And for uniting with the True Self or Christ Self.


Ashtar has just talked about travel, it is inseparable from consciousness and everything at the same time.
You have now received more / different “time” spending on Earth which has been offered to change the direction of your often over-busy, driven, stressful lives. A gesture through reaching out to open more receptivity in your Self through the heart center for the true and the essentials of Life and the original plan for humanity on Earth along with dear creatures of other realms and in remaining relationship connection with those in the Higher Realms.
For that you need sincere willpower, willingness to step into it, to undertake and to continue and with educational Earth experiences of all kind.
This is an effort that can run smoothly such as adapting the cosmic modes of transport to the spheres around and closer to Earth or a struggle, “see which way the cat jumps”, or feeling what it is with a finger or with a toe and then over and over again. Or through the in-between, which is more the flow of larger groups of commonality and more gradually.
Everything is on the lift – Heavenly Lift – see this extraordinary opportunity, opening and revelations and an increasingly connecting support from us, how clarifying, expanding in all directions, loving and helpful this is.
You are already in it.

The “Ozone layer” is what can be called a test zone.
You are making the choices for life on Earth and how to use everything.
Possibilities, potentials are the playground for life, the impetus for the renewal for the New Era.

I would like to give you some help. For meditation or contemplation and visualizations in silence. For when you fold your hands and want to give it this content. When you just don’t know it anymore.

My Divine Self and all that is before that and with that in fragments, in all the presence, as far as it is comprehensible, allow me to know it fully with pleasure. Allow me the pleasure, joy and comfort to be steering and guiding Light with everything I experience, with everything I perceive and what I do.
I am the radiance of the Divine and the glory is in me, there it has resided since origination. My breath and the steps that I take, going through the tests and tribulations, with every attempt, these are making it appear more and more.
And let it be known more and more that Divine radiance healing colors and that this is eternally active everywhere and for everything.


Ashtar and Master Lanto:
For the crystalline of your bodies the necessary has been put into operation.
We wish to draw your attention to snow that is falling, here in the now, wherever. Snow contains high value of the crystalline and if the snow covers anywhere the Earth, has covered, and especially when the Sun’s play of light is on it. This is a stimulus for your inner Star tetrahedron, it is particularly fueled by this. So do dew drops and raindrops that stick to plants green.
Patterns in water by currents of air. Orbs that are already appearing in nature or look at certain shots via photography and film, etc. When you make the choice to accept this and to deepen yourselves, you will perceive that the aforementioned has to do with the subtle of the layers of the various dimensions.

Life is full of vistas and avenues to it. Radiation you can see as beaming with a form of magnetism to attract and this allows us to share more of the Love and the Light and the Warmth, health of the natural Being.
The Radiation illuminates the avenues, like special lanterns.
We wish to convey the closeness with which we assist you and make you start or continue the palpating of the beautiful feelings of what comes after the chaos and what will remain.

With our mutual constant flow of Love,
Blessings and Support for you Beloved Ones.

Ashtar and Master Lanto


Posted on website: March 15th, 2021.
Edited by Anja, with support of Michael.



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