A throw of a Spear Mother Mary Archangel Metatron



 Mother Mary and Archangel Metatron

 APRIL ’21 – 11 and 12 – via Anja Tjelpa


Welcome with a loving greeting from the heart of our being!

We together represent the transmission of a message to you, loved ones on Earth. The Universe speaks, those of the Universe that which sustains a collective heart to heart, needed to assist you, with an inner powerful, vibrant love touch from the Absolute Master of Source.


The first is of an encouragement to open, or further open, your hearts to allow in, insert the heightened and exalted Love in a natural essential way in life on Earth. Therein lies a challenge, an opportunity that is challenging to more accurately define and express Love as a human being and to give it a broader meaning than before and to experience the unconditional in it as the radiance of the Great Source. With a modern word by allowing more stretch through the Self, through obvious changes in all that is together, lives and does together on planet Earth. There are influences from all sides, the movements of mood, level or direction of love that makes life like ebb and flow, with a calm character or stormy or something in between.

It can evoke the feeling of walking on tiptoe on all levels of being human.

That is already somewhat higher, dear all, start of stretch or continuation.


Bewildered by the speed and multiplicity of all that arrives, also of the distance and forms of overview from which the Light seems to come, which honestly illuminate the innovative unusual Earth landscape.

The opening of the heart and its center is intended and means (partly) that you enter into that which you have always known and its acceptance.

Each individual carries their own potential and combining through recognition, acknowledgement is a wonderful part of the infinite ways this combining entails for the genuinely renewing landscape through all of elementary existence, for beautiful loving planet Earth.

The greater, the more intensive forces of the cosmic and cosmological Aquarian energy need this combination, these forces can only act in expression and use in combined, belonging individuals as human and as human in relation to beings of the Higher or Deva beings.

This collaboration brings beautiful shining energies back together.


Where is the Earth healthy?

And where is planet Gaia in the correct force fields and in balance or properly balancing? There, too, the combination is underway and required.

The truth of the Earth will invite you to do this, this can be very surprising, for that is not what is perceived and absorbed by physical eyes and ears, shall we say “still quite often”.

In fact, that requires an off button and the carte blanche of Self, the I am presence. There are many combined realities presence on Earth, many souls have connected with humanity as human beings and have stepped in and tapped into in Gaia’s dramatic evolutionary program.

Many have gone from height to the lower on Earth and each experience in his / her reality the healing event on Earth and deliver, do the execution through their senses vision, consciousness and nature Self, the mission.

The resonance area of the total collective consciousness, it is like a tower or skyscraper, stacked and please realize, look into your inner source, the collective is designed to help each other climb the stacked gridwork.

The collective consciousness carries numerous powerful intentions, which are divided in an exceptional way into the smaller ones, every human being on Earth carries them. Synchronization based on configuration and magnetism.

The basis is direct cooperation through consciousness, which, as it were, can also be seen stacked, to carry out the work of love in this renewing phase of activity through the weaving lines of light and love that is imprinted on all human beings. In harmony with all Realms and Earth and the Universe.


This is being worked on frequently and on various levels and these energies, by quantum assigned loving Light already have glorious influence and intention and highly support responsibility.
In particular, combining and connecting the just mentioned with the others and the other, the line builders of the upper currents <> upper tones in relation to undercurrents <> undertones.

As Divine Fire spreads from the Supreme, so do the tones or sounds.


Of course, this can take place on a physical level, certainly a participant.

In this period a lot via digital level, property of electronic technologies.

The technology of the two possible values, states, conditions.

Levels other than the denser physical, which are other participants, are also fully active, of very important importance is the stimulation and effect of higher ways of communication.

Vibration communication. Telepathy. Crystalline Light Wave Technology.

The language before the Tower of Babel. The primal language, Light language from unconditional Love from the true Heart – God cell core.

Through higher communication techniques, much less misunderstanding is possible through interpretation. Via original language entirely not.



The cosmic, the cosmology that is the teaching of the universe, has an infinite intelligence, as a human being on Earth this can be explained or indicated as being the invisible source for and of the infinite provisions of all life.

From Star seed to human being on Earth with billions of cells, each of which in itself is a very minuscule cosmos. Cells as building components of macrocosmic existence, grandiose designed and manifested brimming with Heavenly devotion, brought about for human life on Earth. Specified with character, shape, structures and activity for the various functions, the roles to be fulfilled on Earth. As it were busy like ants and bees.

Dear people, breathe in truth. Respiration is transmission to every cell of the human body and sheaths.


Cells are a very complex situation of Life. Cells have a life cycle, the DNA (molecule) contains genes with genetic codes that bring about differentiations in this, directing the specification, displaying it to fulfill a life cycle.

DNA holds great responsibility for the multidimensional being, the being of child God (in fragments). DNA contains access codes for this always known, also Star codes. They are stores for what is needed for the incarnation on Earth through this intercellular level. What comes out of this, this extremely finely coded, programmed, complicated DNA, also called codes of Life, is individually very personal to a person. (In this case we are talking about humans as humans on Earth). For example, blood is a specially coded body fluid.

A part of DNA is already active before birth, at birth this is switched on for Earth, through breathing. As is known, at least to many, DNA has strands / cords, with what can be called circuits (these are substantially specific and sequence specific, as intended for DNA), forming a connection with each other, like bridges, mini lemniscates. The sequences are related to codes, codes that determine the process for the formation of proteins. Protein is a name for long rows, sequences of amino acids, there are twenty amino acids.

The fragment of DNA that carries a code for protein, that is a gene, which in turn may consist of other sequences of various numbers of substances intended for gene. Mutual communication is essential, as constant signaling is involved, with which duplication splitting off what is needed is carried out.

The split-off, the formal pattern for the new row to be formed (concatenation) and that is the RNA chain. RNA is the information conveyor, which is a mirror image (negative and positive involved) of the original, with the detail that one nitrogen base has been exchanged. The messenger RNA that detaches from the formal pattern in the nucleus contains codons and travels through an opening or pore to cell fluid. That’s where the complex process of protein synthesis takes place.


We have chosen to explain this complicated process very simply and in part to indicate that reflection and finesse are highly involved in Creation.

Reflection of the perfection of Creation and the finesse, the refined particularity. That is why it was decided to explain the cell and the innumerable number of divisions. Essential nature is a great provider, sustainer, with immense force fields constantly active for the continuation of all life forms.

The DNA to be influenced; through vibrations of all kinds, positive and negative. Man nourishes his cell structures and contents.

We expect you beloved ones, through all that has taken place in the past decades, you have come to see through experience and finding out that especially the negative influences, are not a reflection of the perfection and subtleties of Creation. You, each individual, unique human being, consisting of the so beautiful cellular structure in the visible physical, are also experiencing positive life experiences of Love and Light and Warmth, Care and Compassion, Peace and Being Together. (Among others)

And that these influences, consciously or unconsciously, can make changes to the cells and codes involved in an extremely loving and benevolent way.

The waves (various cycles) of increased energies; about spending too much time with technologies, certain physical challenges, perhaps with a complaint pattern, can have a relationship with this, to realize is that nature sends out a call to spend more in / with nature in order to restore balance and harmony with it. Really be on Gaia. Gaia represents a point in the human vehicle, at the center of the Sacred Higher Heart and the Solar Plexus System.

The Soul, also in a human body, is involved in a re-weaving to the depths of the cellular level, it is a process of calibration to the Higher Light Body.

Cosmological alignments continue, there are many stars in the firmament of the Universe.


Beloveds, out of all your choices, choose only situations that lead to love and see, then view the life of what unfolds out of them as a form of magic.

Choose how to respond to any situation that arises in life. The opportunities are there to move on and change the things that keep us from being happy at every moment. All that is needed is within your Self anyway.

View through inner gaze as through a magnifying glass and, as it were, do controls with the help of the Higher Self, your way of carrying out the choices.

And the following to be of further assistance to you.

Perhaps it has already reached you through the possibilities, there are many Councils in the Higher Realms. Please remember that you have left the Great Source, Mansion and before this happened, you were assigned a Council or several Councils of wise high Light Beings (family), these are the Twelve representing the Twelve rays and the many attributes etc. of the Creator.

These are Sages guiding what to assume for an incarnation, this includes everything down to DNA. Accept this truth regardless of what you have accepted this time, remember it is your own choice and intended as a contribution to the great Plan, whatever the content of the contributions is concerned. It can be called your personal Council of Light; it can be consulted anytime and anywhere. Search and find contact and ask. Start with I am …

The Council of Light has several “members” from all angles, so to speak.

We have talked about multiple Councils, this also happens, this can best be seen as sub-Councils, like a Sub-Universe. Some of you have even hired personal teams, in addition to the Council, sub-councils for this special event.

Making a clear distinction is highly recommended, life encompasses several cycles, in this period there is a cycle of coming together of old and new, that means that there is a center, a point of view, a stand point, of utmost importance for the sequel. We have already talked about the multiple realities. Every reality is involved in the healing, restoration and revelation processes. Obviously, there are combinations. The Supreme Light that contributes to this, Light that is energy, which also has offshoots, is the transfer through the Master Plan and the Master Hand, in quantum, neuter, as much as desirable.

Light explosions are part of it, which means that reflection is triggered.

There are a number of intrigues and discoveries about to erupt.

A stir is in sight, there is an orderly sequence. We are here optimally ready and prepared to assist this.


The Throw of a Spear;

The spear has been in use for a long time. The spear needs a maker, inspiration, insight, strength, fire, materials: wood, stone, metal.

The spear for use (utility) and user. There are traces on Earth from more than 100 centuries ago, hunting and defense, research and discovery, resource.

Another example is the ancient Chinese martial art and the opposite with kinematics for self-improvement, defense of health and well-being of the total human being. Spear as an object for ritual function. As a function in a game.
At later dates it will appear as a sports attribute.

We suggest here that man may have taken over this by having seen “shooting” stars (spearheads) and from closer than today.

To arrange the Universe for goals, order, ritual healing with dance or on a war path? Tension – Relaxation. Combine of everything!

The object occurs in many historical histories.


Knowing that many people have thrown a stick, the simplest thing.

That many have memories of other lives on Earth and have been in contact with spear. Spear maker, carrier / attendant or pitcher / possessor or whoever made it unusable.


What are we after?

To offer it to you, to imagine it as a tool for the better, to change it for the better. Are you going to make the spear yourself or… with imagination that might be a great challenge to do? The long piece of wood, painted with colors, characters and motifs, for example. With a golden point or … plenty of choices.

Most likely this is related to the purpose that can be attributed to it.

And then the body, realize what it takes to throw properly!

Deepening, what kind of opening is needed to take it out and have it represented in the spear and where to and for what?

Does motivation come from the opened and more opening heart center?

To transmit purposeful power, which resistances can be encountered?

Does Archangel Michael come to mind killing the dragon with a spear?

Or the story of Wodan and Siegfried? Or Mars as a symbol of battle?

Or the old cave drawings? Or ritual dance of Indians? Or the sport, exercise, dance? Are you going to release the spear with a throw or do you plant the point close and hold the spear? We expect that all kinds of things can take place in your imaginations to use it at your choice, there are some possibilities offered.


But dear ones, think of the span, the elemental involved, far or near, letting go or holding, sound is there and it goes through something.

Span can be experienced as glorious silence with content.

There IS what you can break through! We assist, ask!


Beloved Ones, we have addressed you from and through The Blue Ray, the First Ray, it can reach all layers of the dimensions, the total image of the human being in expression, in all the weaving, the great togetherness.

To remind you that each of you is a magnificent human being.

Greet each day with new eyes to the huge family.

Have the courage and dare to break through any obstacles that hinder change for the better.

The Conductorship, by the Conductor from the Silence.

In trust, entrust your Self to the strength and power of the Spirit of Love that conducts. The appearance of Light in Gloss from the Mansion as the intermediary.

The radiance of light in which you can bathe (e.g., cells, aura), with becoming more and more aware of love through the opening heart center.

Say goodbye to blocking emotions and ego behavior of all kinds, causes and consequences. Do things that make a difference, however minuscule or grand this may be. Forgiveness in Peace, the absolute God Shift.

The water element, essence via Aquarius in relation to our Divine Mother is optimally functioning and provides the necessary services for all missions in relation to the created cosmos. Harmonic codes are involved from the cosmic Mother Matrix. Enrich the God cell and your cells, bathe and dance in harmony and shine and starry splendor and power and unconditional Love.

LOVE from all for all. Joy!


Mother Mary and Archangel Metatron



April ’21 – 11-12.
Posted on the website: April 12th 2021
Edited for website by Anja, with incentive and support from Michael and others.
And with:
Thanks, so much thanks, so much as love is everywhere for and to everyone!


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