Point of View – about Gaia, Evolution, with help of Beloved Ones from H, Dim.


Written august 2015, revised may 2021

Gaia, Earth, for so long that Divine plan for this beautiful blue water planet.

The Earth as sacred space with The One and The Many, The Whole.

Everything is in Divine (Creator’s) order and guidance, there is no compulsion to recognize this, for man freedom is meant to discover it, understand it, see it.

Macrocosm <> Microcosm.

Rhythms (movements) of Galaxies with courses, stars and planets in a universe, great diversity of systems, a beautiful construction in the Universe and all the habitation.

And what about the laws; Divine Laws, Cosmic Laws, Universal Laws, Natural Laws, Law of Attraction, Rhythmic Laws and … what we do not yet know and / or understand or are discovering and remembering …


Gaia did not just come about as it is now, a lot has happened before.

Earth cycles and eras have already been there and then NOW, a special one,
I experience it as a very special, Divine special evolutionary period.

NOW, according to Rudolf Steiner and that is anthroposophy, we are in the Western culture period, part of the Culture period.

The fifth period, of seven, everything is with seven, of the Earth condition itself. The Earth itself as a planet of existence, is the fourth of very great cycles, which is indicated as seven great eras, again subdivided into 7 smaller eras and then again, a seven division into periods. 7-7-7.


EARTH: polar age (1), hyperborese age (2) and then comes Lemuria (3) and then Atlantis (4) and then the culture periods (5) and then two more, in this cycle of Earth. If you take the option of looking at it this way, then we’re over half way from the standpoint, all in the 7-part Earth period.


I think many know what imagination is or strength to depict.

The song Imagine by Beatles member John Lennon is well known to many.

I am inviting everyone to “Imagine” or imagination.


Not much is communicated about the polar and hyperborese era, often it is about Lemuria and Atlantis and afterwards.

As a Divine being in embodiment, you did not yet have your physical expression in Lemuria and Atlantis as we have now here in this period, nor what soul development is present now.

Each period has its qualities, intentions. Lemuria (7 periods, which is quite a long time or perspective – ± 2160 years each, depending on the constellations in the firmament, it all works in geometric accuracy, I am convinced that this is not yet exactly recognizable or understandable for many, but there are some incarnates on Gaia with wider and broader wisdom):


Lemuria: I M A G I N E….>

The continents were not as we know them now. For example, air and water were in different consistency. And so also our physical human being and animals and plants and the Earth layer and crust, everything was different, softer, less hardened. The remarkable thing: no memory, but imaginings, with very special forces that influenced and influenced the living environment of that time, the instinct to sense everything in terms of life forces and possibilities to use it, not language but a form of reading thoughts, much more one with the realms beyond the illusion, Heavenly messengers, (less veils) as a subdued Divine secret, towards religion, very important the enormous willpower, effort of will to do and achieve much, as a kind of wizard. According to our current understanding, an event like of a graduate school.
Origin of wanting to know. Let’s not forget to mention tones and rhythms.

People lived in nature with what was there, they took advantage of that.

Later, seeds for memory were created in the Lemurian period.

There were levels of existence (spiritual development), from the bottom of the stairs (with all due respect) and further up.

Soul life was evolving, just as it is now.

In Lemuria the division of the sexes occurs, partly due to the influence of the Luciferic beings, (are called light bringers, but they are fallen beings, a kind of form of laggards in development). Good and evil made its entry.

To continue positively, also love, flowing love, then made its appearance, that had to do with revealing, perceiving, from the inside out, getting to know, that is meant to be in your incarnation on Earth.

The origin of the sensual love to get that in (can be seen as an introduction) and that is intended by Creation, that is what the progress of mankind rests on. Love is ALL, but it has also evolved in incarnations on Earth.


From the one comes the other, or comes from it, also from this Lemurian period, through all the developments there the Atlantean period originated from, but not from the whole, but in part of it, to explain, something like what we now call values to go on with.


Atlantis: I M A G I N E > …….

Thinking and experiencing in images, optimally visually, with a fantastic memory,cannot be compared with our current memory, with us logic seems to work better and combination ability and we think from concepts, so more logical thinking power, this does not apply to everyone. Memory is much closer to the deeper natural disposition of man than the power of mind.

That was used there in this Atlantis, that had to do with life forces.

They could convert natural forces into technical forces.

Air and water and earth and warmth were still different then.

Think of thinner water, that had other working powers and the Atlanteans knew how to use it because of the enormous memory, also for use of the physical form. There was really a very remarkable relativity of the elements and all that was used with them, according to our current understanding.

In a way, “housings” were constructed, quite a structure.

Well, as a creative thought for reforming our new Earth (do it more together again): the then home was one with a garden. (Not your garden behind your house, no combined). But in the meantime, what we call time, distorted, changed all sorts of things, movement, rhythms and the connected energies.

Colour and sound are also of great importance.

And as a combination with each other memory and sound, language arose and that started to create another bond among each other.

These sounds had power, as we no longer remember. (Not yet)

A lot developed throughout this Atlantean period, also something like administrative a.o.

The steps to arise of the to be as a human being on Earth, and had a lot to do with initiations and worship, then abuse came into play, initiating some sort of downfall. That was “restored” in a way by developing thinking powers and being able to compare, that is where the capacity of judgment arose …

But what increased in power for thinking diminished the control of the life forces. Thinking and understanding/mind developed and started to determine more of life. This affected living conditions, the urge to innovate.

These are just a few sentences with explanations for a very long period, but abuse arose, because of all these developments, there was no wilful realization that the forces are / were of Divine origin, the Earth got quite moving because of this, Gaia as a living planetary being already took this in and started processing and there was doom, destruction, great turmoil.

Just like in the Lemurian period, from part of this Atlantis and everything that may have existed there, from it arose the continuation of humanity and other realms as well. It doesn’t sound friendly, but not everything was suitable.

That does not mean that there is no resit.


The transition to the culture period (s). (Number 5)

It was a west to east movement, the lion’s share of where you could reside on Earth, that was on the Western side of our planet.

The group that could continue, selected ones, that is what it comes down to, this group moved to the East and from there the following periods arose:


Indian, Persian, Egyptian-Mesopotamian, Greco-Roman, Western (European) that is NOW, number 5 of 7.

(Period indication 7227 – 5067 BC Indies, 5067 – 2907 BC Persian, 2907-747 BC Egyptian Mesopotamian, 747 BC by O – 1413 AD Greco-Roman, from 1413 AD (Western)

Years and eras have passed with this, and planet Earth descended more into the veils.

Gaining experiences, experiences and even more experiences in phases and developments with us as a Divine being, as a child of God and relations with those of the great family in the other realms. Illuminated realms in the Universe, in the wonderful Universes.


I can now start using words about how we got into and with the Dark, because we are, much has been communicated about it, for me (I hope many with me) is the supreme essence to get out.

I do, I am, it is – We do – we are – it is.


Type of summary; if you are going to quote people, places or concepts, why do you mention them, because this comes to my mind or there is still more to it than just that.

Kahlil Gibran, Lao Tzu, Charlie Chaplin, John Lennon, Charles Dickens, Kepler, Hildegard von Bingen, Goethe, Desmond Tutu, apostle Paul, Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra, Dalai Lama, Chopin, Aboriginals, Zen, Sankofa bird, Yellowstone park, Toon Hermans (Dutch),Donald Duck, river Nile, planet Pluto, pinguïns, whales, Grandma Chandra, BBC or CNN, midsummer night celebration, all the ones called John, Maria, all the ones called Smith, the baker on the corner of the street, the car wash employee… you can fill many A4s with that.


It is all connected with each other, we are now growing and learning in this consciousness with our consciousness soul, which is so sweetly assisted by Divine Light and energies and all those dear ones who are not physically on Earth, but being multidimensional in many forms and qualities, together with us. Surely this is indescribable WOW.

There is already so much going on and fortunately, the current ways of communicating have their advantages.

Quote Ashtar: In 2012 the ascension process really started well.

Applying a broader and longer field of view over a longer period, I also think of the 19th century, that can be very broadening and revealing, you expand yourself in the life perspective in terms of the ascension of Gaia and us all.

It is and was not only now in the 21st century, preliminary work has been done in the 19th and 20th centuries and… maybe even earlier… we are going to experience and remember it.

Thinking from the law of one, the totality.


Deception and seduction> greatest veils and stuck, limiting thoughts and outward appearances.

Our ego is not allowed to be a dominant force.


Love the great transformer, Love of the primal mother, Love light that continues to shine brighter, Love and Joy.

Love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude.

Discipline from the heart, without judgment and rejection.

Inner attitude.


And this way is also very important, the way of peace, forgiveness makes free, forgiveness cleanses, empowers through Love.


Pulses from the heart center of the Great Source.

Everything in Creation is a continuous Creation process with constant changes and has various names: The cosmic network or weaving, the continuation of century after century, the Photon Belt, star gate portals or openings, the melting pot of the Divine potential, the second coming of Christ.


Very very fast light quantum’s, super small, extremely minute light particles (no density – no charge), I will mention, it comes from the magic of the Higher. It is also about points and lines from within yourself, now as a human being (the I am that I am) and with what else there is, inside <> outside // outside <> inside.

It is possible and necessary, a horizontal structure> connection and a vertical one. What is built up by one, breaks down the other. Cross energies.
They make a point, points, with increasing, lifting possibilities.

These very small light particles (photons) are extremely helpful in this, they can (also) accompany the geometric, the geometric creations. Color also has an influence. Colors is a creative world; higher beings are connected to it.

Color is what lifts man from the material and leads to the Higher (Spiritual).


Stepwise activations take place and certain Higher beings are connected to it.

Has to do with circles. It’s all geometry.

These two workings are very closely related.

Seed of life (points)> living organs. (Circles) requires creation.

And sound ether or chemical ether, there are four ether types involved.


Zero-point energy; creation from scratch, but as you could understand, there are many and many everywhere, various messages, great teachers are talking about this, have been spoken of it. It is the connection that the human being, as an earth dweller, can now make in matter, but because so much has changed, it is quite chaotic, at all levels of the existence of our earthly community. The option is to use the geometry to always create a zero-point (of yourself) related to the (oneness) connection, a larger point.

The real way of connecting.

Zero-point oneness dissolves fear.

It does not mean that this is all happening at once, it is a consciousness activity, everything is always in motion and especially now in these changing times in evolution. Mother Gaia, with the help of Father Earth, also indicates that Oneness (Collective) Consciousness is one of the forces, pillars, to create the renewing reality.


This is how you create your position. It is about doing the “good”, it is also indicated by my higher company, to process this in this message.

-But in order for the good to become reality it must not only lead to an understanding of what good is, but the good must be able to be done –

That’s one point, the positions or standpoints.

The light particles from the very highest are also helpful in this as reflective for the transitions, of letting go, of clinging to the 3D matrix and lower 4D matrix, to continue and change the known life in 3D and lower 4D (from the mind), and with other norms and values (from consciousness).


There is another phenomenon involved, that is sound.

And the combination of sound and color, timbre. Intervals.

The Earth has started to spin differently, I find that so beautifully expressed, with the help of full moons and new moon resonance.

Tones of the old Earth and tones of the new Earth, change in phases of octaves. Macrocosm and microcosm, if the Earth has entered a different plane cosmic, and different color energies, that means that sound resonance also participates in them. It is all and always vibrating; the Stillness is the eternal very special point of vibration.


I’ll come back to: I M A G I NE, the melody, harmony, rhythm and measure (geometric) and color …… and light in the cosmic darkness.

And we have the freedom and choice to move with it and what can and may we do with it… The Good from a Oneness Consciousness point of view with unconditional love.


It’s quite a story and a lot more explanations are available, but to give a simple start, we are given the capabilities and energies to move out of this 3rd dimension and lower 4th dimension, which we needed (need) to evolve.

The more we grow in consciousness from the head, into consciousness from the heart, the more we grow in the higher 4th dimension.

Combinations must always be entered into and done.


But dear Gaia residents, we are actually supposed to love all kingdoms of the Earth, plants, animals, minerals, people, elementaries, nature beings, elements and Gaia herself in its entirety and the surrounding, the great total Being.


Planets have voices, sun, moon and stars spread sounds.

Nature can speak, has sound.

Watch and listen to the trees.

Listen and look at the sea, what is there ……

The whole cosmos is music and that has been since …… when it started and that year after year, century after century and every period, second, mini-second has its notes. The crystals also sing.

To learn to understand phenomena and to look within them.

There is more in the flower, tree, shell, wasp, stone, moss, cloud and man, and so on. The message from the Heavens. There is a lot of documentation on what is briefly used here, but do, feel, experience and listen.


And then the next thing came, I was pointed to the image below of the precession of the Earth.

And on the signs of the zodiac, where does one begin to read, after all, a circle has neither beginning nor an end.

What is the order? And the author quoted here says:

Consider the riddle of the sphinx, this word comes from the Greek sphingoo and means to string together.

The sphinx with a woman’s head and a lion’s body.

Images have been found / seen / taken over in the Egyptian temple of Esneh.

Here is a small part of what is called the three Heaven books.

Each zodiac sign is accompanied by three other constellations full of signs.

Total 48.


The First Book – The Redeemer. Virgo or Virgin, the beginning.

Chapter 1 – The Prophecy of the Promised Seed of the Woman.

VIRGO (Virgin) A woman carries a branch in her right hand and an ear of wheat in her left hand.

Accompanying constellations: 1. Coma (the Coveted), 2. Centaurus (Horse Man) and 3. Boötes (He Comes) or the Ox herder or Arcturus.


Chapter 2: The atoning work of the redeemer.

Chapter 3: The Savior’s Battle.

Chapter 4: The Savior’s Triumph


The second book: The Redeemed.

Chapter 1: The scapegoat slaughtered for the redeemed.

Chapter 2: Their Blessings Assured.

Chapter 3: Expecting the Blessings of the Redeemed.

Chapter 4: The blessings of the redeemed fulfilled and enjoyed.


The third book: The Redeemer.

Chapter 1: Messiah, the coming judge over all the earth

Chapter 2: The Reign of the Messiah as the Prince of Peace

Chapter 3: The Redeemed Possessions of the Messiah

Chapter 4: The Completed Triumph of the Messiah.


Shutter is LEO (Lion). The lion of the tribe of Judah awakens to tear the enemy apart.

Accompanying constellations:

  1. Hydra (Serpent) The old serpent, the devil is destroyed,
  2. Crater (Cup) of Divine wrath is poured over him,
  3. Corvus (Crow or Raven) These predatory or scavenger birds devour him.

(Not all accompanying star constellations are mentioned, only from the beginning and closing of this circle)


There is of course a lot going on according to the Heavenly Books, no denial possible. In the book concerned, explanations are given according to Biblical names, quotes and numbers, with all due respect.

What is the point that (through me), the attention is drawn to it?

I really feel like a communicator of what is written here, that’s it for now, I expect other additions, by …….

It is true that it is indicated, to express to those who read this and resonate with it, the request to combine with the other… what has been given and will still be given.


The ecliptic or path of the Sun and the Equator of the Heavens, the twelve constellations as mentioned for the zodiac, all have twelve points of contact with these two circles. Others have a position within its circles and still others have a position outside it. With an innumerable variety of stars and required presences. That is what these Heaven books are about in relation to the Divine plan.


Movements, constant creation that is being made by the increasing number of Light particles and reaching us on Earth as well, through this beautiful Lightwork system. Spectacular solar energy phenomena and lunar energies phenomena and the restoring axis of the Earth and lines and motion (s) what a combination with profound significance and no doubt planets will make their contributions.

The coming Golden Age and what I have experienced, there is already a flash every now and then, certainly has to do with this already.


Through that of anthroposophy there is talk of a 100-year division in 3x 331/3, written by Christ in the Earth. Related to the number of years(months) from birth in Bethlehem to Easter in Gogoltha. This is intended as a rhythm for the work in the working world of Earth for the modern human being as an Earth inhabitant in a society. Rhythm for the development of all that is supernatural truth, inexplicable and complicated, development in relation to Love, because what if Love did not exist.


Seen from this cycle, according to the Christian era, the following is selected from so many to mention, globally;

In 1900, Paris opening fifth world fair, novelties electricity and film. First metro in Paris. Test flight Zeppelin. Max Planck writes and publishes an important work that is believed to be the beginning of the development of quantum physics.

In 1933, the light from the star Arcturus (alpha Boötes or Herdsman or Bear Keeper) was used to open the Chicago World’s Fair. Reichstag fire – NSDAP victory and enabling law of 1933 Germany. US recognizes the Soviet Union and diplomatic relations are established. Global economic crisis.

In 1966, the first successful landing on the Moon and other space ventures. The international treaty on civil and political rights (ICCPR or BUPO) was signed by 76 countries, although later rectifications followed, but then was the start. Pop music, Flower Power, make Love No War.

In 2000, changes in currency. US election Bush versus Gore, outcome to be later determined by supreme court. Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Computer virus ILOVEYOU.
Kim Dae Jung winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.


But dear ones, the gates of Camelot are wide open and the sword of Excalibur has been handed out by Archangel Michael.

Quote from the channel: If you have any doubts about which way to go, what to do, or what something is really about, I want to offer you Excalibur.

With Excalibur, shining the blue light of Truth by waving it on whatever it is that we want to see more clearly.


Love and joy. Celebrate love with joy.

Send out the message and reinforce it, support it.

Remember your mission and don’t give up.


Love, Truth, Joy and Graditude,

AnjA and dear Company from Higher Dimensions.


Source credit, outside of Loving support from Companions from Higher Dimensions.


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