PERSPECTIVISM – Samuel and Master Lanto



This message has come about through various moments over a number of days, actually a series, but not consecutively.

Because the memory and what is associated with it is a bit different than before, it was a bit difficult to record everything in one day (part of a day).
And a form of fatigue also plays tricks.

As you may know, what is called spiritual memory is lost once man enters planet Earth. In the course of our development, we have understood through what is being inspired and remembered that this kind of, what can be termed ‘a thing as designed for forgetting’ is somewhere in what we are as human beings.

We have indicated that there is clearly something going on with memory, remembering.

Question: What is it and where is it?

Answer: They are points of light, similar to a CCD chip, which are sensitive to infrared light, working with the high spiritual of the etheric and inner heart centered intent. Tiny light stores with programming, reacting for a high percentage to Earth influences.
Base in various places of brain cells, intracellular, the third brain ventricle.

Question: Are these ‘light stores and workings’ influenced by cosmic changes and influences that are taking place or have taken place.

Answer: Indeed, from macrocosm in relation to microcosm. Double sided.

Question: Is this the same for everyone?

Answer: As a goal, yes, but this takes place individually and with diversity.

Question: Tiredness?

Answer: It is a specific transformation process, physical, mental, etheric, astral and for the Self, the I Am in a total Being.

It has started step by step, little steps, individually, and through the flourishing progress, say, many blooms or open, this gives more impulse to the whole. Through which more can be set in motion and released and built up and that is an effort in the work world of Earth for the entire human being in all Being. Some people experience and perform this with more perspective than others, but certain missions assumed for Earth are also of significant and momentous meaning.

In other words, the defining predestination.

See further the message.


Message via Samuel in conjunction with Master Lanto.

In these extremely changing times in relation to the thought world, unfolding consciousness, individually and in groups of all sizes, for the necessary actions with the right willpower, new reference points have been and are being created, this is also a constant in the processes concerning this transformation period. This is related to the high level of volition and acceptance.
After which realization and compliance will be addressed and possibly simultaneously and will experience a necessary circulation in all together.

Life encompasses a lot and that is part of the goal.

Substantially new forms of existence are sprouting, this has already reached various stages. We could compare it with feelers that time after time and again, feel this and, as it were, give it a place in the transforming human body. This also means that dot, spot or space must be cleared. It is not just a spring cleaning, these waves of energies from the Great Central Sun, through the magnificent system constellation creation, are present and active 24/7. Possible representations that arise from thinking through impressions and experiences of the outside world and nowadays have more of a relationship and cooperation with that of the Inside, that is a major point of attention because many events take place in a cross-border way and work through to All that is living outside the Earth and that is also a lot. You probably know the word chosen set of course, you can compare it with that. Sailing around something or think I’ll take a detour, then you just take more time for it. Please understand, you cannot skip it and it is necessary.

It is repeated: Sooner or later, do you now want to achieve what you came for or…


All the topics explained here for this post are involved.


Dichotomy; division into two equal parts, each with a specific intention.

Darkness: Structures of warmth that have come into existence in an endless darkness, through content like love, warmth and a fundamental force that produces attraction, commonality (flow) was introduced because this endless darkness is a constant giver, based on this fundamental force which is an expression of concordance of feeling through kinship of souls.

Darkness is the most important primordial principle for creation and therefore supremely powerful as the primary giver of impulse.

For goodness, to carry, to protect and to keep in good condition and to give out of love.



The commonality comes (came) from a source. The Cosmic Light Home.

The cool side, like a diamond has the ability to cut, with a certain chill, which contains the impulse to start giving shape to something, however minuscule this may be. Through the loving concordance of feeling Darkness moves towards the Light, wants to absorb it into the Being of its own Being, at least it makes an effort. As soon as the Light shines in this Darkness there is great movement, one can call it a kind of game, because it goes on continuously.

Away from the Light and towards it again. In waves, spirals and other many movements, this carries the Darkness within its Self.

Light appears in a very different capacity, it is not even inert, it does have a certain side of going away from the source, which makes as being Light, replaced. Quality is point (bushel, measure of volume has to do with the mathematical nature of God) > rod > and another example to represent it is, a sheaf of grain.


The Light within man, among other things, knows how to proceed, in relation to extracellular and intracellular and the Light Star Being of the Soul.

As the Light has come out of the Cosmic Source and entered the Darkness, to experience the dichotomy, among others in the relative possibility as on Earth.

The Source has waves of codes, flows – what does this mean for matter, the material world, in this case on Earth.



Let’s start like this.

Codex – ancient writing, manuscript, law book of nature.
Coding – putting information in order and perspective, images, signals, signs/symbols, elements, geometry, alchemy, sound, color, light. Sensory, motorial. Spheric and dimensional oriented. Panoramic.

With formulas/behavior’s for activation, stabilization and renewal > attraction and repulsion/build-up and breakdown. In all the brevity required with differentiation and specialization.


DNA – When you look at a picture of a DNA strand and DNA, there are many available to the physical eye. Then the high complexity comes to the fore.

This is also with regard to the encodings and codes, which dwell in the invisible, but also live and work in what has been made visible to this day in physical and materialistic technology.

DNA > Molecules > Atoms> Subatomic particles/hadrons>quarks.

And dear loved ones on Earth, particles can always be smaller and more specified. Smaller means that it can also be very large.


Biocatalysts – are enzymes and enzymes are proteins.

Specific to affect one response. So many reactions required, so many enzymes. Targeted at a specific temperature. For the human body around 37°. At a low temperature, enzymes become inert, they become inertial, at too high a temperature they lose their intended effect. Targeted at specific pH value.
This is balancing, too high or too low slows the effectiveness. Enzymes do not need to be recycled, they can always be reused in terms of design and use.
Some enzymes need a co-helper called a coenzyme. For example, certain vitamins or a small particle loaded with something that is needed from a type of metal, minerals, ingredients of a plant or herb.


Spectrum- vision, image, shadow image, appearance, color range <> light (prism), afterimage, range, range of components, as in a wave(s) and emanations, scale, diversity of energies.


Quadrant – is ¼ part of a circle. Surface – circumference.
A quarter of a sphere > vertical, horizontal (cross) from center.
Quarter of wheel of life.


Alpha – Bèta – Gamma – Delta –

Population on Earth and language.

There are various Realms that populate the Earth, over the course of the existence of the beautiful planet, changes have taken place with diversity.
The following pertains to man. Also related to this is the development of sound/language/speech and, somewhat further in the development, writing (printing), symbols, letters and numbers.

It also took a while before humans started uttering sounds to communicate, to speak. A lot of images (language) have preceded this. Sound itself is an ethereal element, an element that weaves in the element of air, air vibrations. As humans you perceive it, as it were, as if air were the carrier of sound, air only fulfills the task of intermediary for sharing what lives in the sound ether.
To communicate. And man has called it sound. It has been designed and come into existence to be perceived by you. One could say a sea of sound harmony where soul and spirit come together, making melody, e.g., Song of the soul. The own human etheric body is of essential importance here. The etheric body is a very active part of the human body. It lives and weaves in man in the aqueous organism. (Liquid)

What is the sound basis for the sound ether, penetrates in and out from all sides. An Activity of the etheric body consists of the formation of thoughts in the organism of the element water.


Then came the period to give the sounds, the language, expression by drawing signs, later this is called writing, in the present the letters are often typed via a keyboard or by voice. Then, of course, there is the matter of converting listening into seeing, reading, understanding what is written down. It is understood by you that this originated in a primitive way for you in the now. But with far-reaching consequences, including for the use of letters that started to shape a so-called letter alphabet. Thus, in the course of the development of speech and writing, the Greek alphabet also came into existence and became as it is used today. Such as the first four letters of the Greek alphabet indicated above. A.o. for indicating order and arrangement, expression for physical phenomena, in astronomy, mathematics and money and stock market. Each sign in itself is not an isolated presence, it is part of the bigger picture. Intended for understanding (remembering) and using structure, system and relationships.

Associated with this is historical development value, experiences and insights through all your lifetimes as a human being on planet Earth.

Brief indication of what it is related to; joint forces from the spiritual and the astral that can be seen as the World Word, stars are a kind of musical beings that sound, consonants are related to forces of the zodiac, vowels are related to planets.



This comes from the mathematical of God, of the Creator, the coordinator who arranges things together in relation to each other.
System of lines and/or planes, which determine the location of a Point, the Points in the cosmographic, cosmographia. Divine Geography.



Also, of the mathematical of God, the Creator.
Belonging to Arithmetic > Art to calculate > Numeracy.
Division, multiplication, addition, subtraction. Extraction of roots and exponentiation. Symbols/signs/letters/shapes/figures are involved, see above. We also refer here to the following: The greatest common divisor and the least common multiple.



It is so named after its discovery through an experiment by a temperature differences were observed and recorded with thermometers in the light path of the individual colors, by an astronomer, through a color experiment in the ‘visible’ spectrum, it was no coincidence that a measurement was taken just beyond the extremity of the visible red zone. The temperature there was even higher. Infra actually means below a dignity. That is reason we use the word perspectivism.


It is energy in radiations, invisible to the human eye, but can be sensed as warmth, sense organization. The perceiving and functioning of this belong to the awakening process and has already been set in motion for integration, adjustment and use from Within, in first instance for the individual human being. There is relationship with the expanding chakra system and the sound rods involved.

Activation occurs as the Earth is lifted by joint, unified forces with increased magnetic influence and changing gravity from above and below and elastic bouncing is involved, intended for suppleness.

Required for the electrobiological. (Elect > choose – RO > take care of cosmic [spatial] development and ordering) (Arranged biologically according to the primal nature with regard to Life)

One can see this as a heat/cold process, temperature process, division is needed, as described in Dichotomy – Darkness and Light.

Infrared occurs in the cosmos as a common property, spreading generally from the pulses through diversity of types of radiation, from the concerned hearths/sources. Which in great harmony, shape perfect organization for what it is needed for.



Transition, ascent to that which is beyond the ‘normal’ sensory perceptibility.
To that of a higher degree of completeness, planes of experience, spheres independent of materialism and what is higher in consciousness and ‘higher’ than what is now (still) seen and understood as reality on Earth.



Original proposal of laws laying down the designs for what is necessary for ALL life as a basis. The elaborated plan.

We would like to point out that it is involved that copies have been made according to existing example, which copies are all in ‘copy conform’, certified copies. This is because Creation is always in flux and expanding, but also minimizing, for the operational, functional, motivating and illustrative of the Divine Plan. And the huge genetic variations. The blueprint includes several sections.



Aquarius as a zodiac constellation has many more stars, radiation openings than the zodiac sign Pisces. Rays, radiation are an important tool for creation, as more “principal rays” are activated on the galactic level, this has significant effect in supporting several perspectives of the Age of Aquarius. In particular, the seventh ray, which is called the ray of the Aquarian age, has great influence.

The seventh ray represented by Archangel Zadkiël and Lady Amethyst and introduced by Saint-Germain, who has accomplished many incarnations on Earth. The Violet Fire (Flames) are of the Seventh Ray, it is a gift and a blessed ray for transmutation into the New Age.

Created from the energy of the Fatherly Divine will – of dynamic blue, mingled with the energy of the Maternal Divine of love and compassion, radiant pink. Result alchemy Violet – Fire – Seven – Over lighting – Supreme Transmuting. There are so-called ‘keys’ built into the mysticism and dynamics of Aquarius which provide this transmutation of negativity, including karma with over-lighting and flowing impulses. Everyone is a chosen one, everyone has been sent the call.


Aquarius, the water pourer represents glory, glory of the Higher Realms. Glory which is reflected by Water and stimulates the opening and flowering of the Conscious Being, encourages the specific clearing work.

The imposing turning point for the humane on Earth planetary level and Universal level. With a brilliant accompaniment from Saturn which represents this in its capacity as one of the main planets. To align this, we encourage you to focus on the beautiful rings and special moons of Saturn from within on occasion. No less brilliant guidance from Uranus in a generally benign positioning for inventiveness and a form of drive for deeds to carry out what is offered through the awakening and staying awake Self.

The seed needs the light of life and the watery of the Spiritual Being ‘Water’.

Thought takes place in the etheric body and think of what percentage the human body consists of this element (moisture, liquid).

Christ the Great representative of the Etheric all-encompassing, all the Spirit beings and all the Realms and other creations belonging to it.

Ethereal which is just as much an element as Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

Great Spirit Beings. Ether which has an optimal relationship with the Solar Systems and a certain representative of radiation.

Which represents Christ and thereby fuels and sustains our consciousness as human beings with Solar warmth.

The logic of the Blueprint is connected to this, the logic of so outside, so inside and vice versa, the orb circulation.


The World Ether, for the whole world in the widest possible perspective, from there the newer codes have been developed, information transferors via encoding’s in seed or points of light. All of which are housed in your human body. And in bodies of other creations of other Realms where necessary for life on planet Earth. Characterized for the directions, which replace older directions and devices, encodings. The topics explained for this message play an important role and emphasize in a way that waking up, the search for innovative life forms is necessary. The ‘blueprint’ is also of great importance for this and the opening of the seeds, points of light, which takes place partly through infrared light, through Light, warmth (Solar), sound/chemistry, life forces.


The base, or rather the waters or floods for the thoughts, circulates constantly through the human body. Therefore, this message offers the possibilities to change the perspective, to view the view from other Points.

We suggest that as a helper may function, the silhouette of a city, a panorama nearby or a little further away, the cobweb of inner images present, ‘now I go to that part, now I go to that other part’ and so on. This can “naturally” include many Points, that is decision of the Self, also the time frame, the spending of one’s personal life. This will affect the way of thinking and get thoughts under control through practice. Dear family on Earth, thoughts determine outward overt, public display for life, the observable. That is why this message has been made with this explanation and there has been talk about the possibility for change and that this can take place on a larger scale. Insights through perspectivism. The inner prayer.


Master Lanto:

Recently, I have undertaken a venture and have noted findings and communicated with various loved ones in the Higher Realms. A.o. Samuel.

In particular, it looked at how the creative impulse(s) manifests the placed intention (thoughts) and ultimately on the Earth grid, in all directions, quadrants. That means it becomes reality for you for life on Earth, in sub-reality. And how this interacts through the reality of deeds with the Universal life. This message is after consultation in the Higher, one of our choices to assist you, actually very close to you.



Of great importance is, of course, that all the newly created reference points can experience stability, provide clarity, things can be finalized for what follows as circulation. More clarity can arise and be given for contemplating more content from other visions, changing perceptions and thus thinking processes are influenced by ‘blueprint’ cycles.


Samuel and Master Lanto:

And as the “world” goes on and on and on, life, the light and the love, the Divine dichotomy, show the true face. These are the special ‘quiet’ moments, which are looming more and more in your perception and giving proper shine to the ‘appearance’ of what surrounds you. It makes the Soul buzz in an extremely fragile way; it recognizes the connection with the Heavenly collective sound sphere, in relation to the power, the true content of water-carrying conducted from the luminescence of the Highest Home.


Of all of us involved, here on this side of life that is becoming more and more discernible, all love and greetings and constant support from our hearts and our State of Being.


Samuel and Master Lanto


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