Omnidirectional – Archangel Metatron



Metatron via Anja Tjelpa

November 2021 from New Moon to Full Moon

Lovingly greetings, dear ones on Earth.

Contacting as a representative with message from the Highest Light Regions.

All the vortices in the Omnial and the all-encompassing of all of the Global. The constellation in which planet Earth is located is stirring greatly because of this and for ‘the Supreme Purpose’, on a transcendent level.
Detections via various levels take place there.

Levels associated with all scales, for example the creation of scales in certain animal species or the three skin layers of a human being, dear people, because it is or is close to each other, with the intersections required for each phase, with all the moments.

Thin lines of various higher substantial proportions.

Interstadiums, where is a lot to be arranged and communicated about.

Mainly with orbs of light, particles of light and rays of light, causing a grand spectacle, which are also undergoing a journey in/into stellations, and into especially what is taking place and experiencing.

Like the tour de force with planet Earth. Striking for man, animal, plant, crystal, celestial bodies, the interstellar, many creatures from large to small, all-encompassing through all lines.

And the greatest, most exalted and most beautiful line is the Aura of the Creator.


Personifications omnipresent.

As points in and on what the lines comprise.


Meeting expectations. What is or are the answers.

Is there an upper limit for humanity? Lower limit?

Is there such a thing as boundary conditions, as a word used on Earth?

Is there a motion equation taking place?


About expectations; Every human being on Earth has a human life and for many in repetition, there are sufficient reasons for this.

In the ‘structure’ of being human, say, the full package, are woven in, because it is a great weaving, what is needed.

And every soul has contributed to this as a Soul Itself.

We like to speak of abundance, for it is certainly available, inescapable to deny that there is an abundance of Souls, descended to Earth with a whole range of intentions. It is obvious, on this side, what matters and, on your side, as far as achieved, you are becoming more and more attentive.
As an answer: that’s really, really good.


About answers, we answer questions, now we use the word appropriateness to deal with it. For so many questions, there are just as many answers.
But many are woven into the ‘structure’ and we are making you more and more aware, attentive of that.

But we here, are under a different ‘status’ of influence from the Universal Laws and Natural Laws than you as humans on Earth. For you It is like a hive, which has been given shape/structure of a hive for around a being created by God. The beautiful thing is, as a beautiful answer, the hives are movable in all their capacity. This responds to what the Light is doing with its operations through Celestial stellations, meaning purposeful openings of density.
And there is ‘a very good way going on’.
And you do that, the hives (wrapping) respond to your widenings and clearings.
That’s going really well.


Lower Limit – Upper Limit;
“As above so below; as below, so above.”

The consistency perceived as such by most of humanity provides, that is part of the Plan, a certain tendency for cadres (image cutout), context, it is a form of a resting situation. The created phenomena of any status of creative substance are always in flux, regardless of the degree of density. It is always everywhere and no restrictions.

This includes also the answer to ‘boundary conditions’.

The Creation Process is an eternally uttered, present and operative Divine “Word”.


In between; with hypersensitivity to the word ‘God’ and words derived from it. Options.

The Creator, the Maker, Source, Great Source, the Absolute, the Great Sun of Central Sun, the Clarity, the Ground of All Things, the Imperishable, the great and sacred Universe, Heaven, Tao, the Ultimate Reality, the Primordial Beginning, the Almighty, Our Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, the Ubiquitous Representative, Deus, Dominus, YHVH, the Light, the Lord, the Solid Fortress, the Bowl of Light. (Among Others)


Motion equation; The Supreme Observer, also an option.

Certainly, a comparison of movements is observed.

The performers, Omnia present, have all been given the innate removability to perform.


Are you on the right track to superposition through the interplay of energy vibrations with all kinds of dexterity and removability of the required level?


Super, in the sense of, more than what there is on Earth, in this case and also in this part of the Universe, as already indicated, given the abundance of Souls in embodiment on Earth, as well as in Inner Earth, but certainly partly influenced by incarnations already done for centuries, has come to be that this position has come more into view than ever before. The stimulus sequences that are generated from the All-knowing are Omnia directional. Untouchable.

For us here, who are you too, the ranks on this side and for you there on Earth, physical side, who are also us, all equipped to receive the signals.
Naturally there is sequence pertaining to it.

Adoption Internship, elaboration, application and continuation and … experience!!!


Our intention, the way this has been put into words, to keep you awake, attentive, courageous, unshakable and steady, in all its mobility, from here this side, and continuously supply this and guide your impact. In particular, “puns” require a great deal of attention, body language, what is not spoken or typed or touch screen communication and the human responsiveness.


Here are some hints:

Mobility has rhythm, which is owned and unique to each being.

Love has a natural expression; therefore, the great revelation of nature also takes place.

With natural sounds, melodies, murmuring in the beginning, hearing to the ears, it cannot be dispelled.

Everyday life goes into replacement and dear precious people on Earth, there is always new when the old has to be said goodbye.


Sound of Silence is Omnia and contains all opportunities!

Sound of a Laughter is far reaching and contains all the possibilities!


We are together and in addition to all that has been mentioned here, we are together to make migration happen with ease and grace, comfortably. Although chaos also has layers, compartments, these can be disconnected by the large-scale motility of all together.

And that is now through diversity of not words, but deeds and actions, also inner work, heart crafted moments of thought, it moves on the good vibrations.


Love is a bunch of keys, with lots of keys.

The Highest Home has optimal space.

Meet and Believe!


LOVE from all for all. Goodness!

Ik am Archangel Metatron



Posted on the website: November 20th, 2021
For website edited by Anja with support from Michael.

And you never do it alone and for that:

Gratitude in great measure surrounded by Love.


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