From New Moon to Full Moon
December 2021


Hello, hello, hello beautiful lovely people on Earth and hello, hello, hello to all the other beautiful, precious creatures on Earth, here Merlin.

You there in the energy fields, on, in and around the Earth, experiencing that much does not seem in order at all, erratic, hidden, all mixed up, not with good systems, quite confusing and messy and all that.
Obviously so much looking for other positions and life experiences that are more compatible.
A percentage of the energy field happenings come through intriguing to the Universe. Which brings about the necessary effects.
Energy fields have behavioral patterns and some are ambivalent.
The Light stimuli reacts and acts.
The Lead and the Range are in loving, constant readiness.

The power of the moon-spheres, the inner activity.
These awaken in the present interior what can be termed nature workings to bring more of the human Being closer to Nature in relation to Nature.

These natural workings deviate from the earthly worldly cultural standardizations. Can be described with words such as special, extraordinary and even magical.
It is hereby indicated that the development takes place from within, through the inner supporting moon workings, the consciousness that is changing and makes man an explorer of the realms beyond the physical body.

This has a strong effect on the metabolism at all levels involved. This is rich in influence for the elaboration of development of the dream world. In beautiful words: “the spiritual moonlight weaving and live work, a magical illumination”
As an incentive, just think of all those lights you love to light during the Christmas season. Magical enlightenment as necessary for discernment, concepts of power of the spiritual worlds.
To go over the threads, paths, lines that connect the material visible with what is less material and then appears more insightful.

The Moon a helpful element in the expanse above and around beautiful planet Earth, in a blessed, natural, essential cycles cooperation according to the highest standards, with the rest of the habitation of this constellation and neighborhood communities as constellations.

The great reflection of Nature. The Great Teacher.
What it tells about Life, the living reality and the gigantic diversity and the encounters, sharing and to be a partner.
The constant narrations in all possible applications with that grand, noble, unconditional affection.
The tendency of the Pearl of Nature. Law-abiding language.
The power of Love for ALL, all things and all beings.

Codes? So much, codes have to do with Universal laws, including the Natural Law or True Law, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, All is Love, and some others.
To communicate in special ways?
To make clear the great Relationship?
Riddle language? Using symbols, signals from Light or Electric or Magnetic or a mix of them?
How to pack a data and with what and how can it be unpacked?

It’s a matter of remembering.
Nothing escapes these laws.
The Light and the Power of the Moon Spheres help with that, among others.
INSIGHT is your memory quest.
Inside, welcome, come Inside!
Meaning that the outside world, as you know it as human beings now, needs to be moderated.
You are constantly working on this, day and night.
Form of tug of war, or perhaps as some use blinds in the home, with a cord system, electric or manual operation.
Nice, not nice. Difficult, well, sometimes yes and then suddenly no.
Never mind… that turns out to be, in the meantime, still difficult…
Tension field, yes…!

I come again with the Moon, what a beautiful celestial sphere, so full … beautiful present and what a propagation of white tones splendor.
The coming Full Moon is here with one of the longest nights of this year and shortest days. (Northern Hemisphere)
Ideally suited for loosening, letting go, distancing, moderating, especially what appears to be less appropriate in the outside world, but the inner world may also need a clean-up.
For those in the other hemisphere, the moon actions are also on shorter nights and longer days.
We are always there to help with solutions to whatever is going on, that is our Soul, our Universal Heart, looking forward to help each other.
Questions do not have to be in code language. Language of the Heart works excellently. Everyone knows what is and lives in the Heart.

The Earth has a maternal rock, a main component of the crust, this is called quartz or pebble. There are many quartz-containing rocks. Granite is one of them. Quartz itself is transparent, accessible to Light, loves the play of Light. Quartz can be very fine-grained, or tiny crystals. Sand from beaches contains large amounts of quartz.
Rocks, pebbles, gravel. Building blocks of buildings and churches. Etc.
Seen as a whole this is a large-scale medium for Light and Light workings. It has atomic grate which shows scalar properties.
Just a small list of some varieties; rose quartz, rock crystal, citrine, smoky quartz, falcon’s eye, but also jasper and carnelian, onyx.
And others. It is available.

Now I come to the title of this post, sensitize. Sensitizing the senses.

The human sensors. Also, a process that is involved.
They are there to see, feel, hear, smell and touch, more focused on what comes to you from the outside.
You people are moving more towards the Inner World, let’s call it the first Inner World, which actually turns out to be very real.
You will notice this more and more by sensitizing the senses that are created and present for this, part of the awakening process.
Where is these higher level ‘senses’?
That concerns the Soul Core and the Chakra System.
Later in this process there is integration of the more outwardly oriented senses and with those for the worlds of expanding consciousness.
To permeate, the quartz group of minerals is a ubiquitous aid to that from the outside.
When you will come IN more, this will work as an aid for inwardly, all what is happening there. You will experience that as very nice.

Merlin says to all of you dear ones on Earth, everything and everyone has their own rhythm, in time and space, but also outside of it, beyond time and space.

What is already observable, via higher sense spheres, is that this crystal world, on Earth, with the quartz group as its main basis, for a while this from the crystal world, it is making ‘bridges’, I’m using the word ‘bridges’ that makes it the most explainable for now.
Connections with that of the ‘world’ of the next level of consciousness.

From everywhere, what is still in nature, but also, for example, in private collection, storage places, etc.
For some of you this is already quite clear and people are already working with it on all kinds of fronts.
It is very beautiful as imaginative perceptible; it comes from further away cosmic realms.

Moon Actions and Quartz Actions both greatly involved in sensitization, the return to communication with Nature and all the species and beings involved and present and the mighty power of the ethereal Christ impulses.

This is not magic craziness, every blade of grass is approachable, conversation with concrete is possible, the smartphone essentially contains beings of diverse natures. Silence is a very reliable interlocutor and the blue sky is a powerful listening ear.
In other words, there is life in everything, even if it seems very lifeless.

Everything belonging to Sacra, i.e., Sacred Things, which manifest as Spirit of Nature, from all kinds of Realms, from deeper layers of Reality, to represent, to render (reflect) in energy, in a form, a creation of all kinds. With which every individual person living on Earth can ‘feel’ a great affinity with, is very aware of it and it is noticeable and perceptible on higher levels.
What is experienced as a helpful, communicative partner in human life.
Some examples of what happens on Earth:
Totem -animal-, something from Flora, -star- (celestial being), -colour-, -number-, mythical figure, -precious stone-, -melody-, -shelf-, -feather-, elementary being, nature being, galactic being, -fairytale character-, -trinket-, -jewelry-, -angel-, religious personality, historic personality, dear deceased(s).

The developments of consciousness and the senses low and higher, the crystalline, the sensitization, brings more openness and revelations also in this ‘plane’, ‘area’. The deeper shows a different depth, the archetypal in a different light effect, communication gets into a different day and night light effect. Nature observes, communicates, perceives and sees you as humans in ‘changes’ and is unparalleled in usefulness in multiplicity and receptive to a renewed citizenship together on Earth. Dear all on Earth, ‘there is more between Heaven and Earth’. The area of experience appears to be much less limited.

You all experience water on Earth. Earth is a water planet.
Due to the expansions, there has also been a shift in the water processes for rain, hail, fog and snow.
In particular there is observable and this will take place more and more, that a curtain of rain like a kind of water screen emerges from the atmospheres and appears on Earth, descends to Earth, like a kind of curtain, with beautiful rainbow-like color appearances, displays.

Sensitize, what do you think?
Do you step into thought – word – deed?
The supply is large-scale, up to certain scalar heights.
And you are never alone. You may experience it as, there is a “parting glass” in between. This ‘glass’ is not like the water/rain curtain.
The glass is not as made on Earth, there is quartz involved, but in a different capacity. This ‘glass’ is not substantial, you can just pass through it and you will not get wet or hurt. The water of Aquarius.
There are many who want to reach out to you, let your heart speak the question!

Science or rather knowledge as people, that there is ‘something’ that is with you with loving energy, that gives a ‘feeling’ of protection.
The dust of old chapters has been blown up by all the vortices from various directions, cleaned, sown for the renewal and process of blooming and maintaining for New Earth.
Next year is a real year for bringing more balance in relation to cosmic HEART level. You don’t need la la sim sim ba ba for that.
The necessary is flawless indicated, it is a matter of seeing and understanding, the human sensory working from heart and soul, from Earth and Heaven, and then to take what is best for phase and step back, to give up what no longer serves life on Earth.
Look in the mirror and use the bascule for thoughts and deeds.

I would like to emphasize that it is about giving and receiving.
With all my Love I have contributed in my own way with this post to accentuate the incredible Love process.

I LOVE you, Merlin.

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